tonight alive amelia


This is seriously the most amazing performance of Amelia I’ve ever watched, omg.

@softellie tagged me in a 10 facts meme (tHANK U!!) but i’m super lazy rn to think of any soooo…… i’m gonna switch it up a bit bc em recently did a music meme as well so i’m gonna be a butt and switch up memes loL (i hope this is okay!! <333)

put ur music on shuffle for 10 tracks and then tag 10 ppl

you got spirit kid - coheed and cambria

yours again - red

this vicious place  the dear hunter

this one goes out to… - streetlight manifesto 

if i were - nothing more

alveron - wolf gang

rock bottom - hailee steinfield

walls - stars

amelia - tonight alive

hear the bells  porter robinson

i tag @conscious-void @cockbiteproductions @a-breton @lapiso @turneyhaus @pastelmoose @jessakaldwin @srrybabe