tonight aaaah


heheee I got too tired to really finish it. Oh weeeeell.

Ringleader and their developing harpy romance got me thinking about male harpies and how absolutely extravagant and pampered shits I bet most of them would be.

Head canon time!!: Males, since they don’t battle and are forced into studying arts and lore, are often decorated with garments and jewelry, some of which has had their cultural significance lost to the war with dragons, but its still created and worn anyways. Some males get fat from sitting around, others find exercise in keeping away from their female counterparts or fall into studying old dance rituals. Although any rituals involving flight are strictly forbidden, since they are mostly forced to stay grounded and hidden at all times.

I really want there to be a really rare harpy male familiar when like… adventuring comes out or something so I can write so many stories about my clan dealing with a spoiled rotten prisoner of war.