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Just Get Together Already! Jughead X Reader

“I swear they go out” Veronica stated as she watched her two friends laugh together. She gazed upon Jugheads and (Y/N)’s faces as their button-like noses scrunched up as they laughed and the crinkles appeared by their eyes. You could see the clear enjoyment that they both shared and just the mere happiness of being in each others company.

“It’s a possibility but, you know they are just close mates…they’re closest out of all of us, if you think about it” Betty spoke up as she too noticed her friends happiness and laughter that was spreading around the student lounge.

“Have you ever tried asking them?” Archie who has now followed the two hormonal teenage glares the pair was giving the two young friends.

“It’s not that easy, Archikins” Veronica announced as she prayed her eyes away from the young couple.

“Sure it is” Archie laughed. He almost kicked the wide smile and crinkled eyes that (Y/N) and Jughead had.

“No it isn’t Archibald” Veronica replied as she had now turned her focus back to the same couple that were leaning against the counters in the student lounge. She could see the lips of the two figures moving but yet the words were not audible, it was kind of like the two were in their one little bubble, their own little world.

“Hey guys, what we talking about” Kevin interrupted and seen as the gang were too oblivious to even notice that the brown haired boy had in fact walked over and sat down. “Obviously something juicy, since you haven’t even acknowledged my presence it must be good!” He beamed.

“Ronnie and Betty were on about the friendship of Jughead and (Y/N)” Archie replied, skipping out the most important details and keeping it short and simple.

“Oh they are so banging!” He yelled as he noticed that (Y/N) had just touched Jugs face but what he failed to realise was that, that touch was a playful slap around the face, not slap but merely a tap.

- Your POV -

You tapped Jughead around the face for some sarcastic comment he made about the pointless subject you were discussing. You and Jug have been friends for so long now, you basically grew up with him and watched the raven haired boy grow up and turn into a brooding, angsty teenager.

“Oh, Detective Jones what’s in the books for today?” You rolled your eyes as you sarcastically spoke.

“Bit of sleuthing, then pops! How about you Madam (Y/L/N)?” He fired back. You see, you and Juggie have always had flirtatious banter, as well as sarcasm and being quiet oblivious to any other thing that wasn't  friendship.

“Ahh, my master detective at it again, I’m gonna join you at pops if I fail at my attempt to do work…yeah looks, already, like I’m going to be there” you joked, your warm smile illuminated the room as you showed your pearl whites.

“Sounds like a plan, I’ll text you (Y/N/N” Jughead said but was interrupted by Kevin Keller shouting;

“Oh they are so banging!”

Of course.

You and Jug walked on over to the teenage outlanders that were all randomly sprawled out over the mass amount of sofas that, littered a section of the student lounge.

“What you guys on about?” You said as you fell back from the arm rest, placing your head on Jugheads lap that was a few inches away from where your head landed. His hands instantly found your hair as he started to untangle and play with the mass amount of (Y/H/C) hair.

“Oh, just Reggie and Veronica” Kevin tried covering up the actual truth, laughing nervously as he finished his sentence.

“Oh yeah?” You shifted your head up slightly to look over at an upside down Veronica that sat there bewildered and dumbfounded.

“Yeah, totally girl” she too played it off, as normal. “I’m going to ask him out on a date” she lied, but you see, Veronica was good at lying, it cam naturally…so you believed her.

“Alright. hey Jug, I’ll see you later, I’ve gotta get to English early to discuss something” you looked up and stared into his eyes; Jughead just mindlessly played with your hair until, you pulled yourself up and grabbed your backpack that was on the floor near the sofa.

“Alright, (Y/N/N) I’ll see you later” he replied as you waltzed on over to the door and ventured out to the English class.

- No ones POV -

The rest of the teenage Scooby gang just gawked at what they had just witnessed between the top gushing teens.

“Oh Juggie, you need to ask her out! Especially before someone else snatches her up!” Veronica beamed as she had just witnessed that special, romantic and intimate moment shared between her two pals.

“Why do I have to? We are fine the way we are, so butt out!” Juggle scoffed as he fixed his beanie covered hair, fixing some of the tuffs of hair that whisked out his signature grey beanie.

“Alright, chill Jug. It was a simple statement” Archie defended Veronica.

“Yeah sure…” Jughead scoffed again. His eyes traveled around the room, avoiding his friends glares. He in fact did like (Y/N), very much so! It was a possible love that Jughead was feeling for the unique and mysterious girl, he had been lucky to befriend and be best friends with.

Jughead most certainly did not want to ruin the whole friendship, not for selfish reasons. He was a man for evidence, he loved analysing everything but somehow he had nothing to analyse with (Y/N)… a woman of your type was an open book, a kinda of, what you see is what you get girl.

“Come on Jug, just a simple date! You can so see she is head over heels for you” Betty chimed in as her face lit up, all she wanted was her two friends happiness and if that meant that they were together, well she would push!

“Fine” Jughead gave in, much better than fighting the teenage gang.

“Yaaay! So tonight when you are at Pops dress nicely, and remember flowers! What are (Y/N) favourite flower?” Betty beamed as she nudged a shocked and excited Veronica.

“They are (Y/F/F) and you know (Y/N) won’t be dressed nicely” Jughead stated matter of factly.

“She always dresses nice!” Kevin joined in the conversation, while Archie sat there rolling his eyes at the thought of girl clothes, finally deciding to up and leave, heading to football practice. “I mean have you seen the off the shoulder tops she wears and her ripped jeans! Her style slays my existence” Kevin enthused.

“Fine, I will admit she looks beautiful on a daily basis, but maybe today she will not put effort in” Jug tried to reason.

“Of course she will! When a girl likes a guy they clean up well” Veronica stated as she picked up a can of pop (Soda) from the table that sat in front of the gang.

-Your POV-

You walked down the RiverDale streets, passing numerous houses with big porches and gardens to small parks and a mass amount of different coloured cars, that were all parked along the sides of the road.

The crisp autumn air chilled, sending shivers down your back as you walked. You only really acknowledged where you were when you heard the bing of your phone.


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