Weeeelll :’x

Well, I can’t post my animations …. Thank you very much for all of your help but nothing works :8

So I have to make a video instead of putting the gifs together –’

3 long hours to try to post these gifs making like 20 different gifs for nothing, but I keep going =)

I’ll try to add the video then, sorry for all of these posts and deletations, I hate doing this but Tumblr can’t load big files (1 MO is big it seems x’) )

So sorry if you put these gifs to your favs, they will be back on the video.

watching sailor moon is like


Watch Rebel Wilson & Jimmy Fallon’s “Booty Slap”-Worthy Jam About Single Life

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day can seem like a vapid soul suck. Don’t fret, though. Rebel Wilson and Jimmy Fallon’s alter ego, Fallonia, are selling the benefits of the single life, which includes drinking more cranberry juice for your UTIs and an unconventional, vaguely offensive solution for horniness.

Gifs: The Tonight Show