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Preference 146-Alone with the Kids


Niall: The eerie quietness that he heard was scary. The kids had been nonstop out of control since the minute you had stepped out of the house. It was that he didn’t know how to take care of them alone, it was just that they saw him more as a fun parent. You had gone away for a girl’s weekend with your friends, after much reassurance that he would be fine with them alone. it had been two days, one more day left before you came back, and he was handling it as best as he could. He loved his kids, both little boys, to death, but they were definitely a handful. He had seen a lot of him in them and he knew that it was karma for what he had put his parents through. “Where are you boys?” he asked, walking into their play room. He took a couple of steps in before he stopped and looked around, it was quiet but only for a second before they were jumping out and screaming. “There you guys are!” he chuckled, easily lifting both of them into his arms. “Daddy, we play hide and seek,” the younger son said as he wiggled in Niall’s arms. “I see. We need to go eat dinner,” he chuckled, putting them both down. And as soon as they were on their own feet, they were speeding out of the room and he was following close behind.

Zayn:  “Daddy.” He knew that once that word came out of her mouth, he would be giving into her. You had been gone for just over a day and he was already letting them talk him into giving them whatever they wanted. He had tried to say no countless times, but it just hadn’t worked. He was a sucker for the puppy dog eyes. He had been relaxing on the couch, watching some movie while they had been down for a nap. Well, the nap had just began and your daughter was sneakily climbing up the couch to sit next to her dad. He looked over at her, trying to throw a stern look, but he knew it wasn’t going to last too long. “Why are you up, princess?” he asked, scooting over and opening his arms for her to crawl into. Her small body obliged, her head resting against him as he tiny arm fell on his stomach. “I don’t wanna take a nap, daddy,” she mumbled, looking up at him. “Why not?” he asked, rubbing her arm with his fingers as he held her. “Cause I don’t wanna. Can I just stay up with you?” she asked, holding onto him tightly. “Please,” she begged, looking up at him. His eyes softened as he looked down at her, “Just this once.”

Louis: He was never really one to cook, whenever he tried, he had always destroyed his meal. You were the one who was counted on to feed the family because you had been taught a lot of amazing recipes as you grew up. He depended on you, if not it would be a takeout or eat whatever night. So when you were away to see your sick mother, he had been struggling to come up with easy things to make him and the kids. The first night, he had thrown a frozen pizza in the oven and managed to have it cooked right. After that, his cooking skills went downhill and the kids were constantly wanting food. He had grown frustrated getting asked, once again, ‘what are we going to eat?’ He had looked down at your three little kids, all a good combination of the both of you. They were still in their pajamas with messy hair and sleepy eyes. He smiled and realized that there was a diner they absolutely loved to go to for breakfast. “We’re going out to eat,” he smiled, quickly rushing to the door as the kids cheered behind him. “Come on, hop to,” he said, putting his shoes on and getting theirs on for them.

Harry: The routine that you had the kids on was something that he was so keen keeping while you were away. You had to go on a long business trip and, obviously, he and the kids couldn’t go. It wasn’t really the first time you had left him alone with them, but it was the longest period of time that you were leaving them alone. He had been so adamant on making sure you knew that everything was going to be alright while you were gone, but you already knew it would be. Every morning, he woke the kids up and got them ready, making sure they ate and brushed their teeth. He was so involved with getting them to school, only after making them lunch. After school, he would pick them up and wait for them outside of the car. “How was your day, loves?” he would ask as he would pull out of the school lot. They would ramble on about their school day and he would drive, humming along and going along with what they were saying. He always did well with them.

Liam: He was nervous and scared that he was going to do something wrong, he was nervous that you weren’t going to be there to fix whatever mistakes he was going to make. He had never really been alone with the baby for more than a few hours, but now he was going to be. He had wanted to try things on his own, but he also didn’t want his child to suffer from his learning. He had been calling you non-stop since you had left to help your sister out for a couple of days. Every other half hour, he was calling about something that he was worried about and you had helped him as best as you could over the phone. But then, all of a sudden he wasn’t calling and it was worrying you. You had let I be, but he had been home doing perfectly fine. He had gotten the baby bathed, changed, and fed. Another hour passed and you found yourself calling him. “What’s up?” he asked so casually, laughing at something over the phone. “Is everything okay? You haven’t called me in a long time,” you said, listening to the sounds on the other side of the phone. “Everything is good. I think I got a handle on this,” he said, making you smile.

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Another cool thing about Ravenclaw is that our people are the most individual – some might even call them eccentrics. But geniuses are often out of step with ordinary folk, we think you’ve got the right to wear what you like, believe what you want, and say what you feel. We aren’t put off by people who march to a different tune; on the contrary, we value them.

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