Throughout my life I’ve always had my hair at least past my shoulders, except for when I was a kid and was forced to have short hair back then. 

So recently, I’ve started to contemplate about cutting my hair short… And as we all know, a woman’s hair is her pride and glory. So for me to get it cut this short is a very big deal for me. Until I decided and told myself that hair grows, and either way my hair can grow again. 

So yep. I finally did it. 

And now I can’t wait to grow it back out again. Haha.

Also, thanks to that hairdresser from Toni & Guy for giving me such a great discount. Mehehe.

My free hair cut went well! It’s the fucking weirdest thing getting your hair washed by somebody else for the first time since you were little. So weird, but it smells all minty and nice. The dude cutting my hair was a Brummy too so we had a chat about my dad being one and such haha. Fucking funny guy man, everyone was. Everyone was either camp as fuck AND funny as fuck or amazingly hot. 

ESPECIALLY THE ASIAN. Omggg, you do not understand. 

Im going to cut my long hair..

OMW to Library:

me walking.. doing the old stuff when its windy outside.. yeah.. fix the hair everytime the wind blows..

Girl went straight to me holding some magazine and papers.

Girl: Excuse me..
Me: yeah? (thinking that she is new and just asking for some directions)
Girl: im looking around in the campus and i always get my models here and if u r willing to cut ur hair blah blah blah..
Me: hmm.. ( i was about to cut my hair for my birthday.. good idea) SURE! :D

and then she showed me my future hairstyle, i was like.. ohh cool.. i can do that.. :)

-I aint gonna chicken out anymore.. last yr i chicken out to go to the audition for modeling thingy.. i was like.. im fat.. so embarrassing. i won’t call them back. LOL! this time.. only face and hair is involve.. hahah! i can do that! hahah! ♥ no big deal.. :( :) so far, my schedule next week is almost booked.. :D its my birthday next week! yay! spring break!


the buddies Kieran, Anthony, London & i went to the Toni&Guy show presented by Miss Naomi Campbell

after a great show we left with a goodie bag of T&G products (which i won’t use but definitely give to a special friend)  

headed to the after party at covent garden’s Hospital Club…where they were serving FREE ICE CREAM! & it was MAGNUMS of every kind! there was a free bar too, but i’m not big drinker. put a magnum in front of me, it’ll vanish instantly!