Niall’s full interview on the Zach Sang Show

It’s mah weekend! Whoo! And I’m two away from a follower Milestone.  So, I’d like to say thanks to you all, who are incredibly generous with your kind words and likes and reblogs and general support…none of which you have to do and yet? You do!  Thank you!  So, to say thank you I’m doing a prompt raffle. 

Rules: 1.) No elaborate backgrounds or “scenes” (Ie: Drawing a scene of all the SMH playing roller derby or Lardo leading an army of baby ducks to make performance art on the lawn of the Lax bro house   is kind of an elaborate deal.  Keep it simple. 

2.) No original characters

3.) No more NSFW than my art usually gets. So. Nothing explicit. I like sweet things, you know how I roll.

4.) I won’t draw Bitty or Jack paired with someone else…sorry, I’m a creature of habit!

5.) I have the right to veto prompts, and ask you to pick a different idea. 

To enter just comment on this post (anything’s fine) and I’ll assign you a number and then I’ll use a random number generator.   I will pick THREE numbers, and subsequently do three prompts.  Those peeps have till Friday night to respond or I pick another number. Okay, go!

Oh…and I’ll give this post…..say…till 9:30 am MST tomorrow.  Sorry, I know that’s not long but I’ll be doing them this weekend so…


                                       You’re something of an open book.
                                                    You and I. We understand each other.