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Vampires of Color in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2:

Mary, portrayed by Toni Trucks.

Mary is a North American nomadic vampire. She was born in Nova Scotia around 1890 and transformed just after her twenty-eighth birthday, in 1918.

Other than her dark red eyes, Mary’s physical description was never explored in the books. In the movie, she is dark-skinned and has thick brown curls.

Mary, one of the nomads. 

No offense to the actress in the slightest, but would anyone have even noticed if they cut out Mary and Randall?  I think they each had like one line in the book and they didn’t do anything at the final confrontation.  #justsaying

Now we just need official headshots of Randall, Peter, Charlotte, and Alistair to round out the vamp witnesses.

If you are judging by the movie than they would make wonderful parents. I mean, they have a fierce group of friends who will protect them and their baby! So I think they would be good with kids.
—  Toni Trucks, who played Mary (member of the American Nomadic Vampire coven) in BDP2 - speaking about Rob & Kristen as parents at the 22nd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards.
Poop Movies Explained...

Guessing all of you saw Noel’s tweets earlier.

So Toni Trucks’ brother made up the game. Toni took it to the set of Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn and they played it during downtime on set.

Rules: take a movie NAME (the plot of the movie is wholly irrelevant) which, when you think about it in terms of poop makes it hysterically funny.

For example:

There Will Be Blood
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Seven Pounds
The Sting

etc… etc…

Breaking Dawn actress Toni Trucks just tweeted a lovely picture of herself posing with little Mackenzie Foy and Casey LaBow at the Breaking Dawn part 1 Premiere in LA. You can tell it’s an After Party pic from the reception lights hanging on the background. It’s such an adorable photo! Thanks fo sharing, Toni!

“Sweet Mackenzie Foy just emailed me this great picture of us with Casey LaBow at the BD1 premiere. Thanks Mackenzie!”