toni pepperoni


which means this will be my last post on here, ever. i am not coming back. i am not staying on any other blogs. i’m off tumblr. i was supposed to leave in august but since lately i haven’t had much inspo for it anyways, i don’t need to prolong this. that being said, um, what a cool experience. i brought an oc into the indie community without expecting anything and got so much in return. i got partners, friends, experiences, and improvement. i’ll be sure to take all this to my writing classes and i’m grateful for the time i spent here. you can, of course, unfollow.

to the community — i am gone but that doesn’t mean i want anyone here to be treated poorly in my absence. be kind to your fellow rper, never send anon hate, and love a lot. bye. ♥

why the fuck is it that tv-show writers seem to think a ship can’t be interesting without a lot of break ups and drama like??? no! give me that healthy, long lasting relationship that is always there but not in the center of attention or the main storyline. i totally dig that, burry those nasty love-triangles deep deep down where nobody can find them ever again. please and thank you.

What I hope happens in Infinity War:
  • Steve: So are you and Pepper back together?
  • Tony: We never broke up...
  • Steve: But two years ago you said-
  • Tony: That we were on a break. She runs my company, Rogers, we're together all the time. We literally just needed to not be together 24/7 for a bit.
  • Steve: ...Makes sense
  • Tony: Why on earth would she dump me after everything we've been through together?
  • Steve: ...Good question