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Have you seen Lemonade? Did you cry (sob)? Have you been thirsty ever since? Here’s our Lemonade-inspired (in no way extensive) reading list. We love these brave, strong, smart, ever-inspiring queens. 

Warsan Shire’s Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth forthcoming.


You can be like Sif
You can be like Black Widow
You can be like Jane Foster
You can be like Darcy
And you can be like Pepper Potts

But I suggest being like Mjolnir, and allow only worthy people to pick you up.

- Growth - (a Stony fanfic)

(“Soulmate"AU where you get a tattoo for every person you fall in love with)

Pepper’s tattoo is on her hip. Well, the one that isn’t faded yet. 

There are five dull, grey ones scattered across her body, seemingly random and different in shape and size, but what do they matter? They’re done.  It’s over. The only one she looks at these days are the sunglasses on her hip. They’re big. Obnoxiously big and shiny and she knows who they’re for, of course she knows. Tony has a little stiletto to match, right there on his ankle, bright blue and sparkly and the first time he showed her, she nearly apologized. It’s hideous and the both know, but it means love, so who’s gonna complain? 

Understandably, no one is happy when the sunglasses start losing colour. At first, it isn’t even visible, the fade from black to grey barely noticeable, but then the grey becomes off-white and the glass loses its shine and Tony leaves, a bright blue stiletto still sparkling on his skin.

But Tony is fine, he said. Its fine, he’s fine - he’s always fine.

And Pepper sighs and strokes the steering wheel on the back of her hand that just appeared the day before.

Tony is fine.

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Best COMPLETED Avengers Fics!

Okay all you fic lovers, I have some new hw for you. I want to know what the best COMPLETED Avengers fics are out there. The pairings I enjoy the most are: an Avenger/Loki x OC, an Avenger/Loki x Darcy Lewis, Cap x Tony, Bucky x Tony, and Bucky x Tony x Cap. But I’m open to expanding my horizons. In return for your suggestions, I have listed all the best fanfics I have found so far below. All have a pairing except one, “Extended Family”.

”Ghost” by @the-ice-goddess
“Amaryllis and Peonies” by @reioka
“Featherbrain” by @reioka
“Upon a Hill Across a Blue Lake” by @i-mushi
“Love All of Me” by @samptra
“Knowing” by TheNotSoMutantTurtles
“Of Wedding Vows and Pink Champagne” by @sarcasticfina
“My, What Red Lips You Have” by @sarcasticfina
“That’s Our Song on the Radio” by @sarcasticfina
“I don’t Wanna be in Love” by Kiragirl17
“Hey There, Stranger” by @sarcasticfina
“Red Lips and Green Rage” by boaterV
“What Has Been Done” by @tahlreth
“All the Broken Pieces” by Shi-Toyu
“Lyria Stark” by DJFireHawk
“In Caring for Scientists” by astarte-lydianna
“Saving the Hero” by keelhaulrose
“Sniff” by Shi-Toyu
“Don’t Say a Word” by Artemis Day
“Some Nights” by @jadziabear
“A Fighter by his Trade” by innocent-vessel
“Life is the Dance” by @psalm-fic
“If You Were My Love” by @latessitrice
“Out of the Shadows” by @cognizantcatastrophe
“I Climbed the Tree to See the World” @sarcasticfina
“Dark Matter” by innocent-vessel
“We Fell in Love in a Hopeless Place” by S.H.I.E.L.D.1
“Dear Mr. Hawkeye” by ladygris
”The Ghost of Calcutta” by @the-ice-goddess
”Silent Love” by @the-ice-goddess
“Strangeness and Charm” by LelliiTheSnake
“A Banner Year” by emptyonideas
“Extended Family” by dare-to-do-our-duty (this is the one with no main pairing)
“When Lightning Strikes” by Ellabee15
“Arrows and Apples” by Scotch
“Born to Die” by lalala777
“Change my Heart” by NavyWriterChic
“Time Off” by torchestogether
“Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune” by Ellabee15
“A Second Chance” by melissawtf
“Vital Signs” by Star_trekkin_across_theuniverse
“Work With Me” by RachWarMachine
“Sorrow’s Pain” by Small Black Kitten
“Symbiosis” by @teaandbiscuitsforall
“Seraphim” by Angelbaby1231
“Through a Glass Darkly” @ozhawkauthor

So, have fun looking through my favorites, but please be sure to leave your own suggestions about COMPLETED fics! Please leave the title, author, and site where I can find it!


libbyangelofthelord  asked:

Can you do one where tony and Steve are bickering like usual only for tony to get really mad and say a real nasty thing to Steve which makes steve leave the room tears in his eyes before he ends up crying in front of his whole team

Steve didn’t remember what started the fight or what he’d said to set Tony off, but he knew what ended it. 

“Christ, Rogers, no wonder they stopped looking for you.” 

Tony said it as if it was an offhanded comment and not a knife to the gut, but that was how Tony ended arguments he didn’t want to have. Steve knew that, knew that he didn’t really mean half the things he said, but that didn’t stop the emotional onslaught that came with those words. He’d left the room shortly after that, the familiar burning at the back of his eyes egging him forward. The hallways blurred together as the faces of his friends and family filled his head. All the people who had accepted his death and moved on with their lives. Moved on from him. By the time he was chest deep in self-loathing he was sitting against a wall with his head buried in his arms, his shoulder shaking with each sob. 


His head shot up and a rush of embarrassment went through him when he saw the others looking at him over the back of the couch. “H-hey guys,” he gasped out, looking away to wipe at the tears. “Watcha watching?” 

Concerned looks were passed around before they all got up from the couch. 

“What happened, Steve?” Natasha demanded, crouching down in front of him with a look that couldn’t be compromised with. 

For a split second Steve actually considered telling them what had happened. “It’s nothing,” he said, attempting to wave them off. “Just, uh, just allergies.” 

“Pretty sure that’s impossibly,” Bruce mused with a pointed look. 

“C’mon, Cap,” Clint pressed, a reassuring smile on his face. “We could hear the yelling from here. What’d he say?” 

He shook his head with a sniff. “I’m just overreacting.” 

“Friend Steve,” Thor started, an unexpected softness to his voice, “there is no shame in crying. There have been many a time when my brother’s words have brought me to tears.” 

Steve swallowed hard and ducked his head to glare down at his hands. “He brought up something I hadn’t thought about in a while.” 

Bruce let out a frustrated sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose. “What did he say?” 

The words ran through his head again and he felt the tears spring up again. “I-I know it’s not true- he knows it’s not true- but it just brought up a lot of things I’ve been avoiding.” 

There was a beat of silence before Natasha spoke up. 

“Stark’s lashing out, Bruce isn’t talking, Thor’s not eating, and Clint and I aren’t sleeping,” she listed off. “We’ve all been avoiding things. It’s not healthy.” 

Bruce cocked an eyebrow. “So….what? Group therapy?” 

“Yes, actually,” she answered, straightening herself up slightly. “Therapy and a psych evaluation was mandatory after every mission. To make sure that we didn’t come back more damaged than we left.” 

Clint let out a snort of laughter. “Damaged is putting it nicely.” 

She shot him a glare. “Not the point, Clinton.” 

He held his hands up in defense. 

“Therapy is where you speak of your feelings, yes?” Thor asked, his brows furrowed as he thought. “Lady Darcy explained it to me once. She attends it once a week to ‘keep from strangling Jane in her sleep’. Which I don’t understand for my Lady Jane is a delight.” 

Natasha shrugged with a smirk. “I want to strange Clint sometimes but that doesn’t mean I like him any less.” 

She let out a choked laugh and shook his head. silently wondering how he’d gotten himself into this conversation. “I don’t know, guys. I talked to a head skrinker after I came out of the ice. Didn’t help all that much.” 

“That’s because you have to find one yourself,” Bruce stated with a knowing look. “I saw a lot when I was a kid, all picked by a social worker, and they never helped anything. But, I found one when I was in college that got me through a lot. I probably wouldn’t have made it to graduation if it hadn’t of been for her.” 

The argument they’d had in the Helicarrier’s lab came back to them and a sobering feeling settled over them. 

“After what happened, especially to Clint and Tony,” Bruce continued, “we probably should have done it a long time ago.” 

The all nodded in agreement. 


“I have already begun compiling a list of doctors.” 

  • Darcy Lewis: Rhodie gets a suit, Pepper gets a suit, Spidy gets a suit, Sam gets wings, Widow gets a suit Why don't I get a suit? Do you not love me?
  • Tony Stark, busy reading his kiddy fan mail: You got a taser.
  • Darcy Lewis: A taser is not a suit.
  • Tony Stark, looking up and wearing the Daddest face you have ever seen: You throw up on rollercoasters. Every fricken time. You /hate/ rollercoasters. Do you know how many G's you pull in a suit? It's worse than a fighter jet.
  • Even with the buffers and the repulser tech. Throwing up on your face plate is pretty gross, if you ask me.
  • Tony Stark: I like to think your super powers are better suited behind a desk. Like Pepper. Or Fury. But with more Political Science and subtle manipulation of the press.
  • Darcy Lewis:
  • .... I do really hate rollercoasters.
  • Stark: I'll make you some fancy new tasers who fly like that Blue Guys Arrows when you whistle. How's that, sweetums?
  • Darcy Lewis, still wanting a suit in a lovely shade of blue with lightning bolts on it, but accepting this as a fair trade: Sounds good.
  • Loki: Can I just bury the capital in snow for the next four years? Surely that will spare us.
  • Thor: Brother, Lady Darcy is hitting her forehead.
  • Steve: And that punishes the honest people who are just as stuck as we are.
  • Loki: Can I transform him into an exotic creature and leave it at the zoo?
  • Darcy: UGH!
  • Tony: If that gets approved can I pick the creature?
  • Loki & Tony: *brainstorming animals they can turn the leader of the new world into*
  • Thor: Man of Iron, your woman's face is red.
of wedding gowns and topless models

For @pegasusdragontiger. Based on your prompt and that FRIENDS gif post you tagged me on. :)

After a tiring day filled with a normal amount of explosions in the lab, Tony dragged his feet up to his penthouse to find Pepper, Darcy and Jane lounging on the couch, bonding over a magazine of suspicious content. They were dressed in wedding gowns and Tony could only blink as he paused to let his gaze wander over all three of them in surprise. Darcy was wearing a veil, and a tiara sat lopsided on Pepper’s head.

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