toni kitten

concept: t'challa and bucky get into a fight because they find out that both of them have given tony the pet name of ‘kitten’

Steve gifts Tony with a kitten for Christmas. 

This happens when Steve has to travel out of New York for a convention because his artwork is doing incredibly well. While this is amazing, it means that Tony has to be left alone for the next four days and Steve won’t be back until the day after Christmas. They’ve never spent a Christmas apart since they got together and Tony wasn’t looking forward to it. 

Steve feels terrible for having to leave Tony by himself but he does remember Tony casually saying that they’d love if they got a pet. It has been mentioned more than a few times and Steve knows that Tony has been hinting towards this. Hoping that Steve would pick up on it and then they’d discuss about it to see if it’s possible or not. 

Well, Steve has been doing some thinking. 

They bid each other a warm and affectionate farewell, holding onto each other for a little bit too long before Sam actually has to drag Steve out the door. 

Then Tony’s alone. 

Come Christmas day, Tony has settled himself on the couch and has tuned into Home Alone when he receives at a knock at the door. 

Steve receives a request for Face Time from Tony and grins when he sees a happy and grinning Tony, holding a little black kitten to his chest. The kitten mewls before nuzzling into Tony’s neck and he just melts, cooing down at the little one and Steve has never missed home so much in his life. 

But he’ll be home soon and this is the last Christmas that they’ll spend apart, he’ll make sure of it. 


T’Tony fic in which Tony is under the impression T’challa hates him, and T’challa is under the impression that they’ve been dating for a month. 

“Why on earth are you crying?” Rhodey asks when he finds Tony attempting to tie his tie through bleary eyes. Tony punches his shoulder, careful not to make the man lose his balance in the process.

“I am not crying. I was just thinking about T’challa. He’s just so damn pretty dude, like have you seen him? He’s so damn pretty.” Tony explains, wrangling his tie into submission under Rhodey’s unimpressed gaze.

“Which explains the tears how?” Rhodey asks, thinning his lips slightly when Tony opens his mouth fully prepared to bullshit his way out of the room.

“What like nobody ever cries staring at beautiful art?” Tony defends, crossing his arms over his chest and attempting to slip around Rhodey. “Even if he hates me I can still look.” Tony shoots back, accidently showing his hand. Rhodey’s eyes widen in realization and Tony barely stops himself from backpeddling.

“Two things Tones. One, comparing a person to art is a little offensive. Just Saying. Like King T’challa is a person he’s not just there for your viewing pleasure.” Rhodey starts, and Tony blushes sheepish at the gentle scolding. “Two, he doesn’t hate you, why would you think that?”

“I have a list!” Tony defends, choosing to ignore the valid point that his attempt at bullshit was mildly offensive to focus on the invalid point that T’challa doesn’t hate him. Because he does. Tony knows this for a fact.

“Of course, you do.” Rhodey mumbles, as Tony scrambles about for his Stark phone to apparently pull up a list.

“Okay well first, there’s the fact that he’s housing Cap and Squad. Like they have to be talking shit about me all the time, and if they’re friends with him he’s gonna hate me.” Tony explains, adamant. Rhodey shakes his head, and pats Tony’s shoulder comfortingly. “Then there’s the fact that they probably told him I’d try to buy his affection because he doesn’t trust me to pay for anything.” Tony scowls at the memory of their last meeting to talk about the accords. T’challa had absolutely refused to allow him to pick up the tab and it stung.

“Or maybe he has more money than you and can pay for his own stuff.” Rhodey mumbles, unimpressed by Tony’s logic.

“And, and, and, every time we meet for the Accords he always stares at me like I’m going to do something wrong Rhodey. I know they probably told him I was a backstabber.” Tony says, and his mind flashes back to Clint’s jab. “He doesn’t trust me.” Tony mutters, and Rhodey’s heart breaks for the ridiculous sad sack of a man in front of him.

“And here I thought I was staring at you because you’re so beautiful.” T’challa purrs from the door. The door which Rhodey would have been able to see that bastard. Tony shoots his friend a betrayed look. Rhodey looks away and whistles innocently rocking forward in the braces. “After all, why wouldn’t I focus on my date?” T’challa asks before Tony can decide whether or not to tackle Rhodey.

“Date?” Tony absolutely does not squeak, he is manly and he asks the question with dignity thank you very much Rhodey.

“Well of course, we’ve been dating for a month now, today’s our anniversary.” T’challa explains, and Tony’s jaw drops. They were dating? This whole time? He thought T’challa just wanted to meet about the accords.

“Oh gosh, I didn’t get you a gift.” Tony blurts, embarrassment flushing his cheeks. T’challa laughs beautifully, and Tony’s stomach drops out at the sight.

“That’s okay love, seeing as how you didn’t know we were dating I won’t hold it against you.” T’challa assures. Tony is weirdly relieved at the assurance that he hasn’t managed to ruin the relationship he didn’t know he was in. “I did however get you a gift.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” Tony replies, blushing when T’challa strides forward to kiss his cheek and pushes a small bundle of black fur into Tony’s arms. Which Tony definitely noticed prior to that moment. He just didn’t think it was important okay. The cat king carried a cat it wasn’t that weird, and it’s not like Tony was distracted by the fact that he was dating a king or anything.

“Of course, I did, as King, if I want to court you properly I have to provide you with gifts, and there is no greater honor than that which a cat can give.” T’challa informs Tony, who is stroking the little ball of fur with a shocked look on his face. The cat purrs. “She likes you.” Rhodey quietly exits the rooms, leaving them to their moment.

“Does she have a name, or do I get to name her?” Tony asks, rubbing the kitten’s ears gently. The kitten paws at his tie, and Tony pulls it loose so she can better play with it.

“She’s yours to name love.” T’challa assures him. Tony blushes bright red, and T’challa leans in bold in the face of Tony being adorable, and presses a soft kiss to his cheek. The kitten makes a swipe for his tie and Tony turns an even brighter red.

“Pantera.” Tony whispers. “It’s Italian for panther, to remind me of both you and my madre.” Tony explains, turning towards T’challa with a soft smile on his face.

“A beautiful name.” T’challa replies, and Tony leans up onto his toes, kitten held gently in his arms, and presses a kiss to T’challa’s lips.

  • steve calling tony ‘sweetheart’: ಥ‿ಥ
  • t’challa calling tony ‘kitten’: ( ´∀`)☆
  • bucky calling tony ‘doll’: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Steve, Bucky and T’Challa being petty to each other by taking their nicknames for Tony because of the smallest things. Steve and Bucky calling Tony kitten when T’Challa ends up getting the first morning kiss. T’Challa and Steve calling Tony doll because Bucky got to hold Tony’s hand during a meeting. Bucky and T’Challa calling Tony sweetheart because Steve got the first slice of Tony’s cake. And not just things involving Tony. There ended up being a full out war because someone ate Bucky’s leftovers and he’s pretty sure it was Steve or T’Challa but neither of them are admitting it so he takes Steve’s favorite dish and T’Challa’s dinner share in retaliation. None of them ever realize it was Tony who took it during his zombie walk after working for hours.

Imagine Tony smuggling kittens into his dorm by hiding them underneath a huge sweatshirt. 


“Tony, what was that?” Rhodey asked, turning his attention away from his work and towards Tony who had his arms crossed over his stomach. “Nothing.” Tony responded, his voice quick as he glanced around the room. Rhodey eyed him for a moment before shrugging as Tony did have the tendency to be odd sometimes. 

Tony said it was all part of being a genius. 

Rhodey said that he was just odd. 


“There it is again!” Rhodey exclaimed as he looked towards Tony again who had made his way over to his side of the room. “What again?” Tony questioned, eyes narrowed as he gazed at his best friend. “Are you sure you’re not losing it, sugarplum?” 

Rhodey thought about it for a second before shaking his head with a slight frown. “I would know if I would but I wouldn’t be surprised since I live with you.” He replied, grinning when Tony gasped and placed a hand over his heart. “I’m hurt.” Tony stated, trying not to smile but he was slowly failing. 

“Good.” Rhodey said with a slight laugh and was about to go back to his work when he realized something. “Tony…since when did you have a lump on your stomach?” He questioned and Tony stayed quiet for a moment before saying, “Since 6 PM?” 

Rhodey sighed before resting his chin in the palm of his hand. “It’s another kitten, isn’t it?” He said, giving a light smile when Tony nodded happily before lifting up his sweatshirt to reveal a light brown kitten with green eyes. It was completely adorable but from the looks of it, Rhodey could tell it was another abandoned kitten. 

That was the fifth one that Tony had found in two weeks. 

Rhodey didn’t even have to say anything as he stood up from his chair and began to help Tony take care of this little one.

Tony always found them good homes.

Ok ok ok…

Y’all know, that T’Challa knows Tony lost practically everyone on the accords, right? So what if the new King of Wakanda sent Tony a kitten? A fierce fluffly kitten to make sure Tony has company. And when the kitty arrives, Tony about cries over the cute and looks at Rhodey and says: “I’m not crying, you’re crying! Shut up, Rhodey!” even if Rhodes hadn’t said anything.

But see, cats are capricious and Tony thinks the kitty is not gonna like him all that much, but you know what? That fucking baby cat follows Tony around the facility and sleeps with Tony and sits dutifully besides the coffeemaker in the mornings and adores the shit out of Tony Stark, perhaps that’s why baby fierce Wakandan cat takes one look at Ross and hisses and when Ross doesn’t back off -maybe chiding Tony,- baby cat catapults off the desk and swipes at Ross’s cheek with a vengeance.

That night Tony makes sure kitty gets fresh salmon for dinner and sends T’Challa a text that simply reads: “Thanks.”

Just imagine Tony nuzzling his nose against a kitten’s with a warm smile on his face. Imagine the kitten meowing happily before pressing its paws against his cheeks before licking the tip of Tony’s nose. Imagine Tony scrunching up his nose adorably with a giggle before pressing soft kisses into its fur, the kitten purring as it rubs its head against Tony’s neck.

Imagine Steve, in the background, trying not to die from all the cuteness going on in front of him.

Ironpanther prompt 1

One day Tony sends a text to his bf, who is in Wakanda for whatever business, it says “congratulations, you’re a father!”. To say the truth, it almost gives T’challa a heart attack and when he gets back to Tony’s place he founds he’s now the father of the two itty bitty kittens Tony found on the street.

To tell the truth, T’challa’s a very doting, dedicated, proud father. Letting the kittens walk all over him, fall asleep on his face and nibble on his fingers.

And Tony has an endless collection of photos of the man with the kittens, and many of them have been taken without T’challa noticing.

Stony Prompt #35

@arwenxs said: Tony and Steve have just started dating when he finds some animal he wants to keep? Except Tony doesn’t want animals in the tower. So Steve is trying to subtly convince him about the benefits of having a pet while keeping the pet secret on his floor.

//sobs quietly// This sucks a lot, but I wanted to post SOMETHING at least- So here is Steve + cats the second. Thanks for the Prompt, my friend! I hope it isn’t too bad ;7;)

Steve paces in his room, chewing on his bottom lip and trying not to panic. He has a dozen good arguments at the ready and he knows Tony is not unreasonable, just… a little stubborn sometimes.

A noise comes from the window and Steve stops, glaring.

“Don’t complain. You’re the reason I’m in this mess”, he says strictly – but the golden eyes stare back at him completely unimpressed. Steve sighs deeply, then walks over and carefully extends his hand. One moment later, soft black fur rubs against his skin and he can’t fight the smile that stretches his lips.

“Alright, buddy… I’m not angry”, Steve mutters quietly. The cat purrs loudly, happily – a noise that makes its lean body vibrate. It’s soothing to listen to and the blond sighs again. Steve found the cat on the streets a while ago; a thin little thing that meowed pitifully when he crouched down to pet it. It’s a tom cat with jet-black fur, vibrant yellow eyes – and a single white patch on the chest.

Really, it was that white spot that made Steve take him with him.

He’s named him Tonio, because somehow the cat reminds him of his boyfriend. Perhaps it’s the expression; one of sheer determination, which is something that Steve can often read in Tony’s face. He admires that sort of strength and it’s only one of many reasons why he fell for the genius.

But, as lovely as Tonio is, he’s also causing some troubles.

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For my darling @mrsstark-rogers! You wanted Steve, Tony, Bucky and kittens? Well, love, I’m about to give it to ya! Hopefully this will help you through the afternoon!

”So you got us all a kitten?” Bucky repeated again, almost in disbelief as he eyed all the cute little fur balls that mewled up at him. Steve looked absolutely overjoyed as he gave a nod before placing the box down and kneeling on the floor. 

Bucky had known allowing Steve to go to those animal shelters was a bad idea. 

It wasn’t that he was against helping animals as everyone knew that Bucky was always one of the first to respond when it had anything to do with animals. But he knew Steve and Steve had a weakness for adorable things that purred and nuzzled into him when they were cuddled. 

Like Tony, for example. 

“I couldn’t resist.” Steve explained with a shrug as he gazed down at the kittens with a sort of fondness that made Bucky’s heart wrench because the cuteness was beginning to get to critical level. “I wanted the team to feel like they had a companion. Even if we can never be there for each other at all times.”

It made sense.

“But why kittens?” Bucky asked curiously as he knelt down in front of the box, his sharp blue eyes landing on a particular brown furred kitten that was missing a front leg. 

Steve gave another shrug but he was already giving the answer as he began to carefully pull the tiny creatures out one by one. “Kittens were easier than puppies. Plus I’m pretty sure Natasha wouldn’t appreciate the constant barking that would happen.” He responded and Bucky nodded in agreement as he did have a valid point. The little kittens were soon all free and they were now wandering about the living room. mewls filling the air as they bumped into each other and pawed away with their soft paws. A soft smile curled at Bucky’s lips as he watched them, his eyes constantly darting back to the brown furred one who was stumbling about, meow softly at a particular black and white kitten. 

He then felt Steve’s gaze on him and he couldn’t stop the soft flush that decorated his cheek bones when he blinked at him. “What?” He questioned and Steve simply shook his head before grinning happily, leaning forward to coo and play with the kittens who returned the attention with full joy.

“Yeah so I was saying-” Bucky turned around to see Tony entering the living area, his words halted as his brown eyes widened at the sight in front of him. Steve turned to look as well before holding up the black and white kitten with a knowing smile and it was like Tony was won over instantly.

The brunet quickly ended his call before placing his phone in his back pocket and making his way over to the carpet, immediately taking the kitten from Steve’s hands. “Aren’t you precious?” Tony cooed and the kitten mewled back happily before nuzzling against his cheek, the genius awing as he held the animal so close.

“Lemme guess, Steve and animal shelter?” He asked and Bucky nodded as Steve rolled his eyes and picked up the kitten missing a leg and handing it over to Bucky. With slight surprise, he accepted it before holding the kitten securely in his arms, his eyes wide as he stared at Steve. 

“Figured you could use someone who understood you better than we do.” The blond said, smiling softly as the kitten pawed at Bucky’s shirt with its front paw. Bucky stared down at it for a moment before letting his emotions rush over him and he gave him, cooing at the kitten as he picked him, careful not to hurt him. 

Tony relaxed against Steve’s side as he continued to pamper the kittens, allowing the black and white one down so he could run away and play with its friends, smiling happily and laughing as they tripped, mewled and tumbled. Steve wrapped an arm around his waist and leaned forward bring his best friend closer, his arm going securely across his back.

Bucky relaxed against him as well and smile fondly at the kittens, all of them approaching him at times, curious of this man and his strange arm.

Soon, the rest of the team gathered and Clint shouted his thanks as he dove for the kitten that was perched on the coffee table, its fur a dirty blond. Natasha chose an elegant red furred kitten, the female resting within the gentle hold of Natasha’s arms. Bruce had gone for the light brown kitten who was shy to approach him and it was understood why Bruce had chosen him.

Thor went for the kitten that was adventurous as he with the brightest blond fur, the two of them hitting it off immediately. The only ones left were black and white cat, a white furred cat and a dark brown cat with one leg missing.

Those cats already had their owners and they sat respectively by their sides.

I always love a good animal fic with these dorks.