toni kitten

just… imagine tony with a kitten -

like a tiny soft ball of fluff kitten with huge blue eyes and the most sweet lil face,

and when no one’s watching tony plays with it for hours and he’s soft and smiley and laughing quietly at the kitten chasing a string

and dum-e and the other bots also start getting used to it and playing with it. like dum-e will dangle a string for it to play with. and skritch it very very gently on the head with his claw.

anyhow one day steve comes down while tony’s rolling on the floor playing with it. tony doesn’t notice that steve’s there, and he’s just smiling softly and cuddling this tiny purry kit and rubbing his cheek gently against its soft head, his eyes closed, peaceful and happy. and steve catches his breath because it’s just so beautiful.

and he comes and kneels down and puts his arms around both of them, and nuzzles tony’s curls. and tony and the kitten both purr happily, warm and safe and held by the people they love the most in the world.

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marvelouswhovianfairytales  asked:

More fluffy headcanons this one courtesy of my cat: Tony adopts a kitten and falls in love. His kitten would have all the best toys.

Technically it’s still bitter Sunday, I know, but since I already posted a lot of mixed stuff today and am in desperate need of some fluff here we go. Also I’m sorry you had to wait so long for this response but thank you so much for this beautiful headcanon!! 

(I just noticed that one kitten became five, oops? But I hope you like it!)

I think I’ve mentioned it before but I headcanon Tony as someone who is terrified of having a pet, of the responsibilities that come with caring for a small animal. He never has a pet, not as a child because of his parents, and later because he can barely keep himself alive and in one (more or less complete) piece. Until he’s accidentally stumbles upon a cartoon of abandoned kittens.

And he knows he should give them up, they’re young, they’ll surely find another, better home but he’s just broken things off with Pepper and one of those tiny fur balls is rubbing it’s head against his hand and making a sound like it’s trying to purr but hasn’t quite figured out how yet and Tony’s in love.

He gets JARVIS to order whatever it is young kittens need. It takes him a while, but he figures they are around twelve weeks old which is good because they should be able to survive without their mother. After that JARVIS, sweet, beautiful AI that he is, projects some information sheets onto the nearest surface–which somehow leads to Tony shopping cat toys, and boy are there a lot of cat toys, online. Also food because his kitties–there are five of them–deserve the best food. And something warm, comfy to sleep in. (He orders seventeen different models and lets them try all of them until they make a decision. Their favourite is placed in Tony’s private suite, the others are evenly distributed thorough his personal floors.

It only occurs to him that he’s supposed to name the kittens after one of them breaks his Captain America mug and he wants to yell but there’s no name forthcoming.

And well, that’s how Mithril, Phrik, Scrith, Dilitihium and Adamant move into the Stark Tower.

(”You named your kittens after metals?”

Fictional metals.”)

And yes, they are possibly the most spoiled cats in the Marvel universe. Mithril and Scrith are incredibly affectionate by the way, and always rub against Tony’s legs and jump on his lap or try to clim up his body. Dilithium prefers to watch them from afar and generally stroll through her territory on her own. Adamant is incredibly wary of strangers and Phrik just keeps miraculously appearing out of thin air whenever Tony so much as reaches for the cat food.

Also, just to end this on a beautifully fluffy note: Imagine the other Avengers coming back home from a long mission, only to find a sleeping Tony on the couch, four warm, purring kittens draped all over him, and one pair of glowing eyes watching them from high up on a cat tree they are 85% certain wasn’t there when they left, and one of the kittens turns its head to look at them, yawns, stretches and buries itself further against Tony’s neck.

(Everyone takes pictures. They assure each other that it’s just for blackmail purposes but really, the sight is too cute to resist.)

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I have a cat that is obsessed with all things electronic. All of them. Anytime we use something he immediately shows up to investigate. Print something? Cat is there. Turn on DVD player? Game console? Tv? Cat is there. Vacuum? Hair dryer? CAT IS THERE. He's even learned how to turn some things on/off. He has no fear. And I can't help but wonder what would happen if tony had a pet with a similar disposition

Yay I finally finished one of the 29 prompts currently in my inbox. :O I’ve been in a bit of a slump, but have Tony with a tech loving kitten named Mittens (Steve’s choice) 

The cat is not Tony’s he didn’t pick it out, he didn’t agree to having it in his house, just because it follows him around like a duckling does not mean that it is his cat. Steve named the cat. Steve bought the cat. It’s Steve’s cat, not his, and Steve needs to get Mittens out of Tony’s lab before the stupid cat hurts himself. 

He tries to pull up a video call, only for mittens to place his face through the screen and meow at him. He narrows his eyes, attempting to manipulate the hologram around the cat shaped obstacle, somehow the cat manages to open a game of minesweeper. He doesn’t even have minesweeper. 

“Mittens, dude, I’m going to level with you.” Tony informs the cat, crouching slightly so he can make eye contact. The cat meows in response. “You need to get out of my lab.” Tony tells him. The cat makes a sad noise and Tony reaches out to pet him, promptly losing the game of minesweeper he wasn’t playing. 

The cat purrs in response, arching into Tony’s hands happily. There’s a snorting sound from the doorway. 

“Get Steve to come take his stupid cat.” Tony requests, without sparing Clint a glance. Clint just laughs louder as Mitten rubs his head under Tony’s chin. 

“Doesn’t look like the cat wants to go see Steve.” Clint teases, Tony groans, Mitten paws at his face in response. 

“Just turn on a hairdryer or something before Mittens crawls into the fabricator and gets hurt.” Tony grumbles. “Did you hear that Mitten? He’s going to turn on a hair dryer. I know how much you like hairdryer’s.” Tony coos, shooting a glare at Clint before he can respond. 

“Tony dude, just carry him upstairs.” Clint says, pressing the elevator button, Mittens runs over excitedly at the whirring sounds and meows pitifully at Tony when he doesn’t follow. 

“Ugh, I can’t believe old man Steve got the most tech friendly Cat I’ve ever met.” Tony grumbles, Clint snorts a laugh when the cat jumps into Tony’s arms, nosing at the arc reactor excitedly. 

“Still doesn’t seem like Steve’s cat.” Clint says. Tony glares at him. 

“I love Mittens, but Mittens is not my responsibility. Steve named him, and bought him, he’s Steve’s problem. It’s not my fault I’m more likeable than Captain Computers are stupid.” Tony grumbles as the cat purrs in his arms. 

“You know it’s not just the tech dude, the cat just likes you.” Clint informs him, Mittens licks his arm in agreement.  

Asexual Tony Stark.

Asexual Tony Stark who started to have sex because it was expected of him.

Asexual Tony Stark who has sex because it was the only way he could have intimacy with another person without having to open up to them emotionally.

Asexual Tony Stark who hides his feelings of being broken behind a playboy persona.

Asexual Tony Stark who has a reputation he feels he needs to keep up.

Asexual Tony Stark (and the rest of the Avengers) who accompany Steve to a pride parade (in Tony’s opinion Steve looks adorable in pink, purple, and blue) when suddenly he comes across a small group of people with gray triangles on their shirts trying to pass out flyers, trying being the key word because everybody is avoiding them like the plague. So he gets closer (inconspicuously of couse) and finds out they’re Asexual and they don’t feel sexual attraction.

Asexual Tony Stark who suddenly has his whole world flipped upside down.

Asexual Tony Stark who charges up to the kids and demands to be told more about this ‘asexuality’ and at first they think Tony’s just being one of those assholes who don’t believe asexuality exists but they soon recognize the look of dawning understanding on his face and start in on their spiel. And after an hour of looking for Tony the other Avengers finally find him decked out in black, gray, purple, and white; talking animatedly with similarly clad people while stuffing his face with cake.

Asexual Tony Stark who is very proud about his sexuality and works very hard to bring it the visibility it deserves despite the hundreds of people trying to identity police him because he’s had so much sex in the past.

Asexual Tony Stark.


T’Tony fic in which Tony is under the impression T’challa hates him, and T’challa is under the impression that they’ve been dating for a month. 

“Why on earth are you crying?” Rhodey asks when he finds Tony attempting to tie his tie through bleary eyes. Tony punches his shoulder, careful not to make the man lose his balance in the process.

“I am not crying. I was just thinking about T’challa. He’s just so damn pretty dude, like have you seen him? He’s so damn pretty.” Tony explains, wrangling his tie into submission under Rhodey’s unimpressed gaze.

“Which explains the tears how?” Rhodey asks, thinning his lips slightly when Tony opens his mouth fully prepared to bullshit his way out of the room.

“What like nobody ever cries staring at beautiful art?” Tony defends, crossing his arms over his chest and attempting to slip around Rhodey. “Even if he hates me I can still look.” Tony shoots back, accidently showing his hand. Rhodey’s eyes widen in realization and Tony barely stops himself from backpeddling.

“Two things Tones. One, comparing a person to art is a little offensive. Just Saying. Like King T’challa is a person he’s not just there for your viewing pleasure.” Rhodey starts, and Tony blushes sheepish at the gentle scolding. “Two, he doesn’t hate you, why would you think that?”

“I have a list!” Tony defends, choosing to ignore the valid point that his attempt at bullshit was mildly offensive to focus on the invalid point that T’challa doesn’t hate him. Because he does. Tony knows this for a fact.

“Of course, you do.” Rhodey mumbles, as Tony scrambles about for his Stark phone to apparently pull up a list.

“Okay well first, there’s the fact that he’s housing Cap and Squad. Like they have to be talking shit about me all the time, and if they’re friends with him he’s gonna hate me.” Tony explains, adamant. Rhodey shakes his head, and pats Tony’s shoulder comfortingly. “Then there’s the fact that they probably told him I’d try to buy his affection because he doesn’t trust me to pay for anything.” Tony scowls at the memory of their last meeting to talk about the accords. T’challa had absolutely refused to allow him to pick up the tab and it stung.

“Or maybe he has more money than you and can pay for his own stuff.” Rhodey mumbles, unimpressed by Tony’s logic.

“And, and, and, every time we meet for the Accords he always stares at me like I’m going to do something wrong Rhodey. I know they probably told him I was a backstabber.” Tony says, and his mind flashes back to Clint’s jab. “He doesn’t trust me.” Tony mutters, and Rhodey’s heart breaks for the ridiculous sad sack of a man in front of him.

“And here I thought I was staring at you because you’re so beautiful.” T’challa purrs from the door. The door which Rhodey would have been able to see that bastard. Tony shoots his friend a betrayed look. Rhodey looks away and whistles innocently rocking forward in the braces. “After all, why wouldn’t I focus on my date?” T’challa asks before Tony can decide whether or not to tackle Rhodey.

“Date?” Tony absolutely does not squeak, he is manly and he asks the question with dignity thank you very much Rhodey.

“Well of course, we’ve been dating for a month now, today’s our anniversary.” T’challa explains, and Tony’s jaw drops. They were dating? This whole time? He thought T’challa just wanted to meet about the accords.

“Oh gosh, I didn’t get you a gift.” Tony blurts, embarrassment flushing his cheeks. T’challa laughs beautifully, and Tony’s stomach drops out at the sight.

“That’s okay love, seeing as how you didn’t know we were dating I won’t hold it against you.” T’challa assures. Tony is weirdly relieved at the assurance that he hasn’t managed to ruin the relationship he didn’t know he was in. “I did however get you a gift.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” Tony replies, blushing when T’challa strides forward to kiss his cheek and pushes a small bundle of black fur into Tony’s arms. Which Tony definitely noticed prior to that moment. He just didn’t think it was important okay. The cat king carried a cat it wasn’t that weird, and it’s not like Tony was distracted by the fact that he was dating a king or anything.

“Of course, I did, as King, if I want to court you properly I have to provide you with gifts, and there is no greater honor than that which a cat can give.” T’challa informs Tony, who is stroking the little ball of fur with a shocked look on his face. The cat purrs. “She likes you.” Rhodey quietly exits the rooms, leaving them to their moment.

“Does she have a name, or do I get to name her?” Tony asks, rubbing the kitten’s ears gently. The kitten paws at his tie, and Tony pulls it loose so she can better play with it.

“She’s yours to name love.” T’challa assures him. Tony blushes bright red, and T’challa leans in bold in the face of Tony being adorable, and presses a soft kiss to his cheek. The kitten makes a swipe for his tie and Tony turns an even brighter red.

“Pantera.” Tony whispers. “It’s Italian for panther, to remind me of both you and my madre.” Tony explains, turning towards T’challa with a soft smile on his face.

“A beautiful name.” T’challa replies, and Tony leans up onto his toes, kitten held gently in his arms, and presses a kiss to T’challa’s lips.

concept: t'challa and bucky get into a fight because they find out that both of them have given tony the pet name of ‘kitten’

Fic Masterlist!

What? A complete list of all the nonsense I write? All in one place?? YES!

Welcome to my Fic Masterlist, so all my new readers (and readers who have been around since the beginning, I love you so much) can find all my bits of writing without having to slog through all the other shenanigans on my blog!

Note: I’m not going to put a rating on these, just the main pairing. Believe me, when I write it is always safe to assume there is at least a tiny bit of sexy happenings. :)

Prompt Fills- From my Ask Box, little bits of fic just for fun



Wonder Woman/ Tony

Wade Wilson/ Tony

Quick Fics- Not related to any longer story, just little scenes and plots with our favorite characters! 2000 words or less

5x Bruce Told Tony to be Quite, and 1x He Didn’t”– Bruce/Tony

Jenga” –Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson

Massage Therapy”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson

Debriefing” –Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers

Battle Lust” – Steve Rogers/ Thor

Spilling Coffee”– Steve Rogers/ Thor

Smol”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson

Excuses for Kissing (1)– Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers

Excuses for Kissing (2)– Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers

Budapest”– Clint Barton/ Natasha Romanov

“Breaking Things”– Thor/Steve Rogers

Halloween”– Thor/ Steve Rogers

Mine”– Dean Winchester/Castiel

Space Cowboys and Walkmans”–Peter Quill/ Tony Stark

StarkQuill” –Peter Quill/ Tony Stark

“#WinterIron #Pride Fic”– Tony Stark/ Bucky Barnes


Completed, Full Length Fics- most of these average about 15-20k words so buckle up :)

Loki’s Song”–Tony Stark/ Loki–Soulmate AU

Movies” – Natasha/ James “Bucky” Barnes

Lost Boy”– Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers–College!Steve/ Punk!Tony AU

Letters to Bucky”– Tony Stark/ James “Bucky” Barnes– Pre Iron-Man Tony/ Soldier Bucky

Appointment with Loki”– Loki/ Reader– Tailor Shop AU

Rules for Dating Tony”– Tony/ Avengers Team– Post CACW  (Note: this is not an orgy fic in case that’s not anyones thing. Just Mature Rating)

Bad Ideas”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson– Alpha/Beta/Omega AU

“Dance Therapy”– Tony Stark/ Clint Barton; Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers/ James “Bucky” Barnes– Stripper AU

Tattoo Parlor Love Story”– Steve Rogers/ James “Bucky” Barnes; Clint Barton/ Natasha Romanov– Tattoo Shop AU (This is a Trilogy!)

IronHawk” –Tony Stark/ Clint Barton– Alpha/Beta/Omega AU

Looking at You”– Tony Stark’ James “Bucky” Barnes– Post CACW

Lord of Thorns”–Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson- Beauty and the Beast AU

Smitten Kitten”–Tony Stark/Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers– shifter!stuckony!fic

I will be updating this list as I finish fics, add more quick fics :)

I love all my readers, you guys are the best!!


anonymous asked:

What do you think would happen if all of the main characters of all of your AUs met each other? (Ex. Tony, Howard and Maria from the Werewolf AU, all the avengers for Anthro, Mob Boss, and Monster)

Oh boy. Ooooh boy.

MB Tony would be so frightened of Howard and Maria, would beg the others not to let slip that he is… what he is, and his Avengers would be so sad and angry all at once. Monster AU Tony would be so jealous that he got a shit Howard and this one dotes on his little boy, why couldn’t he have that, why couldn’t his Howard be good too? Anthro Tony is aloof but cordial to Howard and Maria because Cats but he is keeping this tiny Tony. (Maria thinks this is hilarious because Cats; she knows that Anthro Tony will cede to her when push comes to shove and she can tell he’s just trying to be a little shit and aggravate his mates anyway, who look jittery but also excited because apparently this is going to be the door to asking about pups that they’ve been waiting for. Howard is confused and clings to his Tony in terror because he thinks Anthro Tony might mean it.)

Anthro and MB Natasha are kind of in love with Monster Natasha. She’s beautiful and terrifying and at one point she says “I have literally eaten a man” and it’s very hard not to squeal excitedly because holy shit they’re badass and terrifying in every universe but this universe is way cooler. “Tony bribed me not to eat him with soup,” Monster Natasha adds, and in the background Howard clutches his Tony tighter, but MB and Anthro Natasha just… need to take a moment to process this, why is Tony like this, why–

MB Bruce looks at the Hulk and then at Anthro Bruce and he is just… “WHAT IS THIS,” he says, loudly, with feeling. Hulk thinks this is hilarious and pulls them both into a hug. Anthro Bruce looks pained. “I would have to move heaven and earth to find an answer for you.”

Monster, Anthro, and MB Thor shake hands and slap each other on the back and then MB Thor leans in and wiggles his eyebrows and says something in Norwegian and Monster and Anthro Thor roar with laughter. They don’t explain no matter who asks or how insistently.

Anthro and MB Clint are kind of intimidated by how big Monster Clint is and how obviously his trauma is still affecting him. Monster Clint looks at Anthro Clint and is so very confused. “What the hell are you.” Anthro Clint is no longer intimidated HE WANTS TO FITE and MB Clint just sorta climbs on his back to keep him from doing so. Monster Clint herds all of the Tonys together (and Howard, because he’s not letting go for anything) and curls his wings around them and just… kinda roosts. With all the Tonys. “What the fuck,” MB Clint whispers.

All the Steves and Buckys are sticking in their pairs, but they’re sizing each other up, too. All of the Buckys even growl at each other a little. Then MB Steve blurts out “Does your Tony purr?” and Anthro Steve is like “HELL YEAH HE PURRS especially when we XXX–” (Howard screams and covers his Tony’s ears in the background but Tony is too busy playing with Clint’s feathers to notice). Monster Steve jumps in to add that his Tony doesn’t purr but he does sometimes mewl like a cat and can he touch Anthro Tony’s ears??? (”Yes,” Anthro Tony says. “NO,” Anthro Stucky growls.) All the Steves and Buckys are happy to talk about what their Tony likes in bed and the tension between Buckys fades the more secrets they trade about what they’ve found Tony really likes (MB Bucky and Steve do so quietly, in whispers, and tell the others not to say anything to Howard and Maria, and the others nod solemnly).

The happy scene is broken when MB Tony clambers out of the circle of Monster Clint’s wings to stand with shaking hands in front of Maria and ask, “Can–May I hug you? I didn’t, the last time I saw my mother, and I–I think about that a lot, I can’t–I should have hugged her. I should have hugged Howard, too.” Maria doesn’t ask questions, just pulls this grown ass man down into a gentle hug, and then he feels another pair of arms wrap around him and it’s Howard, and he can’t help the tears welling up in his eyes, especially when he feels a pair of little hands wrapping around one of his own and he looks down and sees this tiny version of himself looking up at him with concern.

Monster Tony wants a hug too but isn’t brave enough to ask for one, but Clint–Clint has always been good at hugs, once he realized what hugs were. This is fine. He yelps when Monster Natasha plucks him up and sets him by this alternate version of his parents, but they gladly draw him into a hug as well, so he sniffles into MB Tony’s sleeve.

“…Do you want a hug, Tony?” Anthro Steve asks him gently.

Anthro Tony makes a ‘meh’ sound before saying, “No. They don’t smell right. And cats aren’t like that with their parents anyway.” He looks down at Werewolf Tony when the boy pads over to him and holds his hands up, wordlessly asking to be picked up. “This is a lovely dress,” he tells Werewolf Tony. “If you stay with me I will supply you with endless dresses.” And Werewolf Tony giggles and shakes his head and then politely asks “May I play with your ears?” And HNG Tony wants kittens so bad in this very moment. He puts a little more oomph in his purr just for this pup.

(”There are three adult Tonys,” Monster Steve whispers to Monster Bucky later. “Oh my God Bucky the sex we could have–”

“Right?!” Anthro and MB Steve exclaim.

Steve,” all three Buckys sigh, and then give each other suspicious looks because it’s not like they’re not thinking about a giant Tony sandwich but they were going to wait until they had some privacy to mention it.)

anonymous asked:

Steve leaves tony and Tony learns he's pregnant

Seeee, now I had this wonderful angsty idea swimming in my head for a while about pregnant Tony being left behind for reasons I haven’t decided yet and now I have the perfect opportunity to show this part that I’ve really wanted to show peeps. So here’s some past-stony with endgame ironpanther and some small blink-and-you-miss ironhusbands, if you want to see that. 

a/b/o au where it’s frowned upon for a child not to have at least one alpha parent claim them as their own. Doesn’t necessarily mean they have to have an alpha be their parent by blood, just that an alpha (family friend, uncle, cousin, brother/sister-in law, anyone close really) takes them under their wing. All nothing but titles. 

There were many painful things Tony had gone through in his life, physically and emotionally that would’ve left many throw in the towel and give up on everything, but none of those painful experiences had been as rewarding as the moment he first held his baby son and daughter. Labor be damned.

The lungs on the pair were strong and their cries powerful. Too young for their orientation to be known yet but Tony knew for sure they would grow up to be well respected and stand tall with nothing to hold them back. 

At least they would until their unfortunate circumstance Tony had placed them under was revealed and their status would greatly plummet. Not even an alpha would be able to recover from the taint of being unclaimed, to be raised without the influence of an alpha prime. Even with the progress done in modern society the belief that a child raised without an alpha prime in their name would grow up to be a nuisance with no possible future or benefit. That was all bullshit and the mentality of old traditionalist, but the opinions of many did cause a stir and lowered their chances to even have equal footing to the rest fortunate enough to have an alpha prime take them under their wing. 

Tony had doomed his own children even before they were born. 

As he held them with such happiness and pride, the wrongs of the world unable to touch them at the moment, he couldn’t ignore the shadow that loomed over them. The soft eyes of pity from the nurses and the doctor as they watched the single omega hold his children alone without an alpha prime present to claim them was a reminder that his most precious and joyous moment wouldn’t last long. The reality of society would soon bring it’s ugly head in and not even the children of Tony Stark could escape it’s harshness. 

“I’m sorry, little ones. I can’t do more.” 

His beautiful children didn’t respond, naturally. They were oblivious of the disgraceful life they were brought into and had no idea what was waiting for them. For now all Tony could do was hold them and pray his love was enough for now. And the resentment wouldn’t nearly kill him. 

“Mister Stark?” the doctor came forth, looking uncomfortable with a birth certificate in hand. “Is there anyone to claim them?” 

Shame prevented Tony from looking at the doctor straight in her eyes. “No. No one. Just me.” 

Thankfully she didn’t say anything. There was no need to. Everyone was well aware of what the future would bring for the newborns and there was nothing to be done about it. 

(break, for mobile users) 

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Smitten Kitten (Chapter Two)

I’m so glad everyone liked the first chapter! I am still a little nervous about this fic, shifter-verse is not something I’m familiar with so I’m kind of making things up as I go lol

Trying to tag everyone who liked/commented/reblogged, but if I missed you on the list let me know!
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Check out Concept Art for this fic HERE by the lovely @striving-artist


“Now guys.” Colonel Rhodes sat in front of them on the couch, his hands clasped loosely in his lap. “Tony would like to stress that making fun of him in his shifted form is unacceptable. He can’t help that while you, Steve, are a Lion, and you, Bucky, are a Wolf, he is nothing quite as scary. Tony would also like to calmly emphasize that–”

“If either of you fuckers calls me a pretty kitty again I will end you!” Tony shouted from the doorway. “I swear to—”

“Tony would like to calmly emphasize–” Rhodes repeated louder. “That calling him kitty is a very fast way to piss him off, so please don’t do that anymore. Showing you his shifted form was not something he had necessarily wanted to do, even though he has agreed that it was necessary to facilitate his healing. That being said, he is understandably nervous about showing it to you again, based off your reaction this time.”

The colonel was speaking with all the tact and diplomacy of someone who had been explaining Tony’s shenanigans to the press for years, and both the soldiers were having a hard time not laughing.

“Tony, is there something you would like to add, or have I covered the basics?” Rhodes asked politely, and Tony just huffed and turned on his heel, slamming the door behind him.

“Yikes.” Bucky murmured. “Made him angry, didn’t we?”

“Goddamn it, you two.” Rhodes dropped his head into his hands, all diplomacy gone now that Tony had left the room. “I cannot believe you reacted like that. Giant bastards that you are reduced to cooing and squealing over a damn cat!”

“We weren’t squeal–” Steve started to protest and Rhodes sent him a look.

“I saw the video feed. Never in my life have I seen two soldiers go from protective mode to adorable mode so quickly in my life.”

“Okay. We did get a little ridiculous.” Steve conceded. “But come on. Have you seen his animal form?”

“He is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And I used to bring home orphaned kitties all the time.” Bucky said with a sigh and Steve rolled his eyes.

“Excuse him. The Winter Soldier is completely helpless against kittens, fluffy dogs and babies.”

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Black and White

 Requested by @weirdnewbie Hello. I would like to request and imagine with Tony Stark. Tony would be out on a mission and when he gets back the reader, his fiance, has adopted a kitten and puppy. Tony’s reluctant but finally agrees, plus the kitten takes a liking to him. Thanks💕

 Pairing: Tony Stark X Reader

 Word count: 475

 You hear someone downstairs and quickly locks the door. Keeping them locked up breaks your heart, but you need to talk to Tony first. He never liked pets. And now you kinda have two. They start crying and you whisper through the door, hoping they’ll be quiet for at least five minutes.

 “(Y/N)?” He calls you, his voice echoing. “Are you there?”

 “Yes, Tony. I’m coming!” Opening the door a bit, you take a look at the pets and both come running to you. “No, no. Go inside.”

 “What?” You turn around abruptly, facing your fiance with a smile.

 “Hello, handsome! Let me do the talking and…”

 “(Y/N), what the hell is this?” Too late. Tony looks at your feet, while the little animals are trying to get your attention. “Who’s paying you to take care of it?”

 “Nobody!” You carefully pick them up, the white, blue-eyed dog and the black kitten with green eyes. “They’re our babies now. I named the puppy White and the kitten Black.”

 “Not very creative.” Tony keeps staring at them, confusion all over his face. “What happened? I’m out for two weeks and then, boom, two pets. Did I miss something?”

 “Well, I was feeling lonely. I decided to adopt a puppy but I couldn’t decide…”

 “You didn’t even give me a welcome kiss. I’m getting jealous already.”

 A small laugh escapes your lips but you lean in to softly kiss his lips. “I missed you, babe.”

 “I missed you too. That’s why we’re having a romantic dinner tonight.” Tony notices Black tugging on his sleeve. “What is this cat doing?”

 “Awn, Tony, he likes you.” You slowly give Tony the kitten, but he pushes it back. “He likes you, c'mon, please.” Rolling his eyes dramatically, he takes Black in his arms.

 “I don’t like pets.”

 “I know.”

 “They’ll get all your attention.”

 “Stop it. They’re just babies.” You bounce a bit, White almost falling asleep in your arms.

 “They’re not babies because they’re not human.” Tony plays with the kitten, a smile coming to his lips.

 “Well, they’re our babies now. End of story.”

 “Fine. But go get ready. Our car will be here in two hours.”

 “Oh, I’m going to call Thor or Steve to babysit.” Walking back to the pet’s bedroom, you put White down on his bed.

 “I think they’ll be fine.” Tony does the same, but the kitten grabs his leg. “(Y/N), help me. This little monster won’t let me take a shower.” Laughing, you pick it up, kissing his forehead.

 “Go now before the monster is free again.”

 “Funny.” Tony pulls you into his arms, giving you another kiss. “Go get ready.” He whispers and leaves the room as you put Black down.

 “Meet you in the shower! In two minutes!” You yell, grabbing your phone to call Steve.

 “Can’t wait, babe!”