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[ At The Dinner Table ]

Clint: Random question. Who would you guys marry?

Bucky: …/silently points his fork at Tony/

Loki: The dwarf would make for a pretty pet.

T’Challa: Be careful with that muffin, Tony. You might bite into some gold.

Quill: /whips out a lighter/ Let me just burn that muffin real quick-

Steve: You guys can’t be serious.

Thor: The Man of Iron does make a suitable bride…

Nat: /turns to Tony/ And how about you, kitten?

Tony: I like this Tony fella too.

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Tony and kittens, many fluffy, tiny cute kittens, that's the prompt.


Steve heard them before he saw them. The elevator door opened and he curiously looked down to see what made the noise. In front of him were three tiny kittens; two of them play fighting with each other, while the third was staring at him, meowing pretty loudly for such a tiny body.

“Tony?” The super soldier called out, hoping his husband was somewhere near.

“In the living room babe.” Picking up the kittens in front of him, Steve walked to the living room ready to question Tony about the three kittens, only to find his husband sprawled out on the floor, covered in kittens. Steve couldn’t quiet count how many of them there actually were, as they were all kind of blending together and moving around, but he was sure that there were no less than ten kittens surrounding Tony, not including the three in his hands.


“Yes?” Tony looked up for the first time to see Steve standing over him, holding the runaways.

“Hey, how did you three escape?” Tony asked as he reached his hands up for Steve to hand them back to him.

“Do I really need to ask or am I going to have to ask the obvious question?” Steve asked. The genius looked at the kittens really fast before looking back up at his husband.

“There’s sixteen of them.” Tony stated simply, making the super soldier sigh.

“I meant more along the lines of what are they doing here?”

“Does it really matter?” Tony started, “I have sixteen kittens I’m cuddling with and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.”

Steve looked at his husband and wanted to laugh. There was a handful of the kittens that were sleeping either on Tony’s chest or by his side. The rest were using him as there own personal jungle gym, climbing over and under his legs and chasing each other. One was even nibbling on Tony’s short brown hair. It really was a sight to see.

“What if we moved you and all kittens to our bed. Maybe you guys would be a bit more comfortable? And then maybe I can join in on the fun,” Steve suggested. Tony smiled even bigger than he had been, a new sparkle in his eye.

“That sounds like the best idea I have ever heard.”

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Let’s be real here there is a 100% chance one of the Avengers would walk in on Steve dancing around the kitchen in sweatpants and fluffy socks at some ungodly hour in the morning whilst using a spatula to mime the words to some horrible generic pop song. It’s just a thing that happens. Canon.

just… imagine tony with a kitten -

like a tiny soft ball of fluff kitten with huge blue eyes and the most sweet lil face,

and when no one’s watching tony plays with it for hours and he’s soft and smiley and laughing quietly at the kitten chasing a string

and dum-e and the other bots also start getting used to it and playing with it. like dum-e will dangle a string for it to play with. and skritch it very very gently on the head with his claw.

anyhow one day steve comes down while tony’s rolling on the floor playing with it. tony doesn’t notice that steve’s there, and he’s just smiling softly and cuddling this tiny purry kit and rubbing his cheek gently against its soft head, his eyes closed, peaceful and happy. and steve catches his breath because it’s just so beautiful.

and he comes and kneels down and puts his arms around both of them, and nuzzles tony’s curls. and tony and the kitten both purr happily, warm and safe and held by the people they love the most in the world.

(more ficlets under the ‘stevetony ficlet’ tag on my blog)

#NCTS--Fic Masterlist!

What? A complete list of all the nonsense I write? All in one place?? YES!

Welcome to my Fic Masterlist, so all my new readers (and readers who have been around since the beginning, I love you so much) can find all my bits of writing without having to slog through all the other shenanigans on my blog!

Note: I’m not going to put a rating on these, just the main pairing. Believe me, when I write it is always safe to assume there is at least a tiny bit of sexy happenings. :)

Quick Fics– Not related to any longer story, just little scenes and plots with our favorite characters! 2000 words or less


Wonder Woman/ Tony

Wade Wilson/ Tony


Tony/Sam Wilson


Fun To Kiss” –Steve/Tony

Predictable”–Post CACW

Pick Up Lines”–Spideypool

5x Bruce Told Tony to be Quite, and 1x He Didn’t”– Bruce/Tony

Jenga” –Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson

Massage Therapy”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson

Debriefing” –Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers

Battle Lust” – Steve Rogers/ Thor

Spilling Coffee”– Steve Rogers/ Thor

Smol”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson

Excuses for Kissing (1)– Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers

Excuses for Kissing (2)– Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers

Budapest”– Clint Barton/ Natasha Romanov

“Breaking Things”– Thor/Steve Rogers

Halloween”– Thor/ Steve Rogers

Mine”– Dean Winchester/Castiel

Space Cowboys and Walkmans”–Peter Quill/ Tony Stark

StarkQuill” –Peter Quill/ Tony Stark

“#WinterIron #Pride Fic”– Tony Stark/ Bucky Barnes

Father Day for Tony

Sleepy”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson

Villain” –Tony Stark/ Loki

Summer” –Tony/ Bucky Barnes

Moment”– Tony Stark Post CACW

Cookie Day”– Tony Stark/ Bucky Barnes

Secrets Part One”– Trans Peter Parker (SMHC)

Secrets Part Two”– Trans Peter Parker (SMHC)

Queen”– Tony Stark/ Thor

Warm”– Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers– ABO AU

Once Bitten”– Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers- Vampire AU

Captain and the Syren” –Non Fandom Related Mermaid Tale

WinterIron Movie Night”– Tony Stark/ Bucky Barnes

StarkQuill Soulmate”– Tony Stark/ Peter Quill- Soulmate AU

Bucky’s Therapy”– Tony Stark/ Bucky Barnes

Spideypool HS AU”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson

Dressing Room”– Steve Rogers/ Reader

You Found Me”– Steve Rogers/ Bucky Barnes– Soulmate AU

Skateboarding” Clint Barton & Steve Rogers (Platonic)

“Happy”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson

Fight Me”– Tony Stark/ Sam Wilson

All for Me” – Tony Stark/ Bucky Barnes

Tattoos and Trucks” – Tony Stark/ Clint Barton

Hang Up” – Tony Stark/ Bucky Barnes/ Steve Rogers

Bad Days”– Tony Stark/ Bucky Barnes

Date Night”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson

BarberShop”– Tony Stark/ Wade Wilson

Someone I Used To Know”– Tony Stark/ Bucky Barnes

Fried Chicken”– Tony Stark/ Sam Wilson

Ducks in a Row”– Tony Stark/Bucky Barnes

Sundays with Spideypool”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson (Collection of Short Stories)

Costume Ideas”– Spideypool Halloween

Professional Cuddles”– Tony Stark/ Bucky Barnes

Hurt” – Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers (Post CACW Angst)

Not Yet” – Tony Stark/James “Bucky” Barnes


Completed, Full Length Fics- most of these average about 35k words so buckle up :)

Loki’s Song”–Tony Stark/ Loki–Soulmate AU

Movies” – Natasha/ James “Bucky” Barnes

Lost Boy”– Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers–College!Steve/ Punk!Tony AU

Letters to Bucky”– Tony Stark/ James “Bucky” Barnes– Pre Iron-Man Tony/ Soldier Bucky

Appointment with Loki”– Loki/ Reader– Tailor Shop AU

Rules for Dating Tony”– Tony/ Avengers Team– Post CACW  (Note: this is not an orgy fic in case that’s not anyones thing. Just Mature Rating)

Bad Ideas”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson– Alpha/Beta/Omega AU

“Dance Therapy”– Tony Stark/ Clint Barton; Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers/ James “Bucky” Barnes– Stripper AU

Tattoo Parlor Love Story”– Steve Rogers/ James “Bucky” Barnes; Clint Barton/ Natasha Romanov– Tattoo Shop AU (This is a Trilogy!)

IronHawk” –Tony Stark/ Clint Barton– Alpha/Beta/Omega AU

Looking at You”– Tony Stark’ James “Bucky” Barnes– Post CACW

Lord of Thorns”–Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson- Beauty and the Beast AU

Smitten Kitten”–Tony Stark/Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers– shifter!stuckony!fic

Another”– Steve Rogers/Thor

Flags”– Spideypool #Pride Month #Pride Fic (AO3 link)

Waiting”– Tony Stark/Steve Rogers Soulmate AU

Storms”– Tony Stark/Thor– Post CACW

“Frost”– Storms Part Two– Tony/Loki/Thor

TEASE”– Tony Stark/Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers– 1000 follower fic!

Long Distance”– Tony Stark/ Bucky Barnes/ Steve Rogers- Non Powered AU

Better This Way”– Peter Parker/ Wade Wilson ABO AU

“Buried”– Tony Stark/ Steve Rogers– Indiana Jones AU

“Broken”– Poly-Avengers– Wings! ABO! AU with Alpha! Tony

Coming Home”– Broken Part Two- Wings!ABO!AU with Poly Avengers

Offline”– James Bond/ Q– 00Q 

I will be updating this list as I finish fics, add more quick fics :)

I love all my readers, you guys are the best!!

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More fluffy headcanons this one courtesy of my cat: Tony adopts a kitten and falls in love. His kitten would have all the best toys.

Technically it’s still bitter Sunday, I know, but since I already posted a lot of mixed stuff today and am in desperate need of some fluff here we go. Also I’m sorry you had to wait so long for this response but thank you so much for this beautiful headcanon!! 

(I just noticed that one kitten became five, oops? But I hope you like it!)

I think I’ve mentioned it before but I headcanon Tony as someone who is terrified of having a pet, of the responsibilities that come with caring for a small animal. He never has a pet, not as a child because of his parents, and later because he can barely keep himself alive and in one (more or less complete) piece. Until he’s accidentally stumbles upon a cartoon of abandoned kittens.

And he knows he should give them up, they’re young, they’ll surely find another, better home but he’s just broken things off with Pepper and one of those tiny fur balls is rubbing it’s head against his hand and making a sound like it’s trying to purr but hasn’t quite figured out how yet and Tony’s in love.

He gets JARVIS to order whatever it is young kittens need. It takes him a while, but he figures they are around twelve weeks old which is good because they should be able to survive without their mother. After that JARVIS, sweet, beautiful AI that he is, projects some information sheets onto the nearest surface–which somehow leads to Tony shopping cat toys, and boy are there a lot of cat toys, online. Also food because his kitties–there are five of them–deserve the best food. And something warm, comfy to sleep in. (He orders seventeen different models and lets them try all of them until they make a decision. Their favourite is placed in Tony’s private suite, the others are evenly distributed thorough his personal floors.

It only occurs to him that he’s supposed to name the kittens after one of them breaks his Captain America mug and he wants to yell but there’s no name forthcoming.

And well, that’s how Mithril, Phrik, Scrith, Dilitihium and Adamant move into the Stark Tower.

(”You named your kittens after metals?”

Fictional metals.”)

And yes, they are possibly the most spoiled cats in the Marvel universe. Mithril and Scrith are incredibly affectionate by the way, and always rub against Tony’s legs and jump on his lap or try to clim up his body. Dilithium prefers to watch them from afar and generally stroll through her territory on her own. Adamant is incredibly wary of strangers and Phrik just keeps miraculously appearing out of thin air whenever Tony so much as reaches for the cat food.

Also, just to end this on a beautifully fluffy note: Imagine the other Avengers coming back home from a long mission, only to find a sleeping Tony on the couch, four warm, purring kittens draped all over him, and one pair of glowing eyes watching them from high up on a cat tree they are 85% certain wasn’t there when they left, and one of the kittens turns its head to look at them, yawns, stretches and buries itself further against Tony’s neck.

(Everyone takes pictures. They assure each other that it’s just for blackmail purposes but really, the sight is too cute to resist.)

Asexual Tony Stark.

Asexual Tony Stark who started to have sex because it was expected of him.

Asexual Tony Stark who has sex because it was the only way he could have intimacy with another person without having to open up to them emotionally.

Asexual Tony Stark who hides his feelings of being broken behind a playboy persona.

Asexual Tony Stark who has a reputation he feels he needs to keep up.

Asexual Tony Stark (and the rest of the Avengers) who accompany Steve to a pride parade (in Tony’s opinion Steve looks adorable in pink, purple, and blue) when suddenly he comes across a small group of people with gray triangles on their shirts trying to pass out flyers, trying being the key word because everybody is avoiding them like the plague. So he gets closer (inconspicuously of couse) and finds out they’re Asexual and they don’t feel sexual attraction.

Asexual Tony Stark who suddenly has his whole world flipped upside down.

Asexual Tony Stark who charges up to the kids and demands to be told more about this ‘asexuality’ and at first they think Tony’s just being one of those assholes who don’t believe asexuality exists but they soon recognize the look of dawning understanding on his face and start in on their spiel. And after an hour of looking for Tony the other Avengers finally find him decked out in black, gray, purple, and white; talking animatedly with similarly clad people while stuffing his face with cake.

Asexual Tony Stark who is very proud about his sexuality and works very hard to bring it the visibility it deserves despite the hundreds of people trying to identity police him because he’s had so much sex in the past.

Asexual Tony Stark.


@just-marvel-at-them I am so very sorry that I took this long to get back to you with this. I have some serious thoughts on Tonys and cats. But also I’ve been pretty distracted and I kept opening up the drawing and then forgetting about it. 

Also, I only now have come to a thought that maybe you were not talking about Tony being a cat, but maybe Tony with cat ears. If so, sorry to have bombarded you with Cat Tony images. But considering how you have said: “Tony’d probably be shy because he feels more vulnerable as usual” and “can’t use his words to protect himself” and “comes out from underneath the couch” I hope I wasn’t too far off. 

MY head canons are under Read More! And also his (better) interactions with Pepper!

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I have a cat that is obsessed with all things electronic. All of them. Anytime we use something he immediately shows up to investigate. Print something? Cat is there. Turn on DVD player? Game console? Tv? Cat is there. Vacuum? Hair dryer? CAT IS THERE. He's even learned how to turn some things on/off. He has no fear. And I can't help but wonder what would happen if tony had a pet with a similar disposition

Yay I finally finished one of the 29 prompts currently in my inbox. :O I’ve been in a bit of a slump, but have Tony with a tech loving kitten named Mittens (Steve’s choice) 

The cat is not Tony’s he didn’t pick it out, he didn’t agree to having it in his house, just because it follows him around like a duckling does not mean that it is his cat. Steve named the cat. Steve bought the cat. It’s Steve’s cat, not his, and Steve needs to get Mittens out of Tony’s lab before the stupid cat hurts himself. 

He tries to pull up a video call, only for mittens to place his face through the screen and meow at him. He narrows his eyes, attempting to manipulate the hologram around the cat shaped obstacle, somehow the cat manages to open a game of minesweeper. He doesn’t even have minesweeper. 

“Mittens, dude, I’m going to level with you.” Tony informs the cat, crouching slightly so he can make eye contact. The cat meows in response. “You need to get out of my lab.” Tony tells him. The cat makes a sad noise and Tony reaches out to pet him, promptly losing the game of minesweeper he wasn’t playing. 

The cat purrs in response, arching into Tony’s hands happily. There’s a snorting sound from the doorway. 

“Get Steve to come take his stupid cat.” Tony requests, without sparing Clint a glance. Clint just laughs louder as Mitten rubs his head under Tony’s chin. 

“Doesn’t look like the cat wants to go see Steve.” Clint teases, Tony groans, Mitten paws at his face in response. 

“Just turn on a hairdryer or something before Mittens crawls into the fabricator and gets hurt.” Tony grumbles. “Did you hear that Mitten? He’s going to turn on a hair dryer. I know how much you like hairdryer’s.” Tony coos, shooting a glare at Clint before he can respond. 

“Tony dude, just carry him upstairs.” Clint says, pressing the elevator button, Mittens runs over excitedly at the whirring sounds and meows pitifully at Tony when he doesn’t follow. 

“Ugh, I can’t believe old man Steve got the most tech friendly Cat I’ve ever met.” Tony grumbles, Clint snorts a laugh when the cat jumps into Tony’s arms, nosing at the arc reactor excitedly. 

“Still doesn’t seem like Steve’s cat.” Clint says. Tony glares at him. 

“I love Mittens, but Mittens is not my responsibility. Steve named him, and bought him, he’s Steve’s problem. It’s not my fault I’m more likeable than Captain Computers are stupid.” Tony grumbles as the cat purrs in his arms. 

“You know it’s not just the tech dude, the cat just likes you.” Clint informs him, Mittens licks his arm in agreement.  

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Hi! I just want to say that I love your art!! It's amazing so keep it up! Oh and what does tony think of kittens? I recently got one and all it does is shove its butt in my face

hello, thank you! Tony would act very annoyed and bothered but also suspiciously not remove himself from the kitten in any way. What could it mean

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I wanted to ask!!! What makes Anthony Stark, Iron Man. So appealing to you? I love him too, but why do you think hes great?

  • he cares sooooooooooo much. idk how he does it, he cares too much even to people he doesn’t even know very well. he’s affectionate and caring in the ways you can’t even begin to imagine (it’s a big bunny, relax about it) and he remembers everything important (and unimportant) details no one thought to take the time to notice. HE CARES A LOT IT IS A FACT
  • HE’S A BIG DORK AND THERE’S NO DENYING IT. he’s just the cutest bitch from the block ok :’)
  • he is a dynamic character. not a vanilla cliche problematique rich white boi. he has deep rooted emotional scars that makes him even more lovable to my eyes and while what h*ward was a shitty father and never deserved tony, thank god for maria’s never wavering love for our son anthony nedward edward stark
  • i aspire to be as sarcastic as him tbh
  • he is so strong. he’s endured so much and to this day, i don’t know how he stayed. he could’ve left, but he decided to help people. he stayed in an environment that didn’t deserve him. he sheltered, provided for those who hurt him. when will your fave ever?
  • now this ask did also say why i find him appealing, so uhhhh, i guess his ass is great