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This Is War [10]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1558

Warnings: It’s a little angsty.. And there is bad language!

A/N: Sorry this took so long, I’ve been very sick!! Thank you everybody who has been reading this!! The amount of feedback has been incredible and amazing and I’m so thankful!! xo

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Ghost Story [Pt 5]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were designed to disappear. What happens when you’re caught?

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1965

A/N: The calm before the storm. Prepare yo self. P.S. I would really appreciate feedback. Dialogue is one of the hardest things for me to write, and I would love to know what y’all think of this.

Series Masterlist // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6

Originally posted by crappr

You and Nat were sparring when FRIDAY called you to the conference room for an impromptu meeting.

You furrowed your brow and looked at Nat. “Who would call a meeting on a Saturday morning?”

Nat shrugged her shoulders and tossed you a water bottle. “People who don’t respect the meaning of weekend,” she chuckled as the two of you made your way to the elevator. “FRIDAY, can you give us any details on the meeting?”

“Captain Rogers and Mr. Wilson have returned to the compound. They requested an immediate, full team meeting.”

“Typical,” Nat mumbled.

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Revelation (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N: Hey, my babies. Mama is home!! I just want to thank you all once again (WE HIT 1K) and remind y’all of the AskHam happening tomorrow. You can hit my inbox up with asks starting tonight and I’ll get started tomorrow (or tonight if I get too excited to wait). I have been working on this request for the LONGEST TIME…I am excited to share it. I do think it could be better but…here it is anyway! Let me know what you think?

Warning(s): Cursing; A bit of sauciness; A bit of Google translated French

WC: 2265+

Relevant Fact: The Alvin Ailey School of Dance (located in New York) was founded by choreogrpaher Alvin Ailey in 1969 and their dance numbers are heavily influenced by African-American spirituals, sermons and gospel. 

Links: These videos were used as inspiration and are not mine: Fix Me Jesus and Needed Me

I stand in the wings of the stage, my nerves all over the place. It’s almost time for my duet with Tony and I am about to panic. It’s the first part of the show, “Pilgrim of Sorrow”, and Tony and I are doing the “Fix Me Jesus” portion of the song. I don’t doubt that he and I can successfully execute this duet with minimal error, we’ve been practicing for weeks. I’m just afraid of what my boys will think.

This is their first time seeing me dance. They know that I do dance heavily influenced by African-American spirituals, sermons, gospel and things of that nature, but they don’t know what all of that exactly entails. Besides…I didn’t exactly tell them that I was doing a duet. Knowing them, this may not end well.

The song before ours ends and the stage goes black, giving us just enough time to get into position. The lights go up and the song begins. Luckily, the house is dark so I can’t see into the audience. My mind goes completely blank and I focus on Tony and I’s movements.

The dance itself is slow. Not in a sensual way, but in a way that is technical but graceful. Our bodies seem to depend on each other for each movement we make. The dance is an act of teamwork so there has to be some level of chemistry and comfort. For the message of this song to resonate, it must be as if we are one. The different moves we make carry an emotion that we have to focus to get across.

When it gets to the part I am sure the boys will hate, I don’t hesitate in executing it fully. When Tony hinges backward I do the same and he walks backward on his hands, guiding me into a sitting position. I reach upward, as if trying to grasp at something, then Tony pushes me upward. My right leg is on relevé and the left is extended upward.

Tony spins me around slowly until I am facing him and he lays back, suspending me in the air with his arms still on my waist and his legs holding mine up. I contract into him twice before rising up and kicking backward. After that, the rest of the song goes by fairly quickly for me, as does the rest of the show, and the next thing I know I am being shoved into a yellow dress and hat for the last three numbers.

We breeze through them and the final bows are taken. When the curtains close we all file off the stage and pack for home. We congratulate each other and tease each other and say farewell until practice next week. Upon exiting the backstage area and entering the lobby, a few people linger to ask for autographs.

One woman in particular says–

“Oh! The chemistry was visible, honey! I loved it! Is there anything going on between you and that young man,” she gushes. “I could swear there is! So much chemistry! I loved it, I really did.”

I smile at her kindly and sign her program. “I’m glad you enjoyed the show, ma’am. That means so much.”

She gives me a quick hug before running over to Keiley, the umbrella bearer for “Wade in the Water” and talking her ear off. I send her a small smile and shrug when she looks over to me with wide eyes. When I turn around, my boys are standing there. I give them a tired smile.

“Hey, guys. You ready to–”

I am cut off by Tony jumping on my back.

“I know good and damn well you weren’t leaving without telling me bye were you?”

I shove him off of me, chuckling. “Piss off, Tony. I see you every day. But hey, let me introduce you.”

He throws an arm over my shoulder as I introduce him to my boys.

“This Hercules, John, Alex, and Lafayette,” I say, smiling. “They’re my boyfriends.”

“Nice to meet you all,” Tony says, stretching his hand out. However, the boys just stare at him menacingly. Silent hostility rolls off of them in waves. Tony awkwardly places his hand at his side. “Tough crowd.”

I frown. “Yeah…well, you better get back to Sasha,” I say, pulling him into a hug. “See you next week.”

“Sure thing, sugar,” He says, hugging me back quickly before skipping off.

I turn back to the boys, my face turned up in confusion and annoyance.

“What’s with you guys? That was so rude,” I say, placing a hand on my hip. “Tony is a cool guy.”

“Let’s go,” Alexander grits out, taking my dance bag. I scowl, taking the bag back.

“What the hell is up with you,” I say. I glance at the boys. Their faces are stone cold. “What the hell is up with all of you?”

“Let’s go,” Alex says sharply, snatching the bag from me. He turns on his heel and exits the building, then John takes the other bag and follows him. Hercules and Lafayette escort me out of the dance hall behind them. I am placed in the backseat between Herc and Laf as John and Alex put my things away. When everyone is in the car, I immediately start trying to defuse the situation.


“Save it,” John snaps. I roll my eyes, crossing my arms.

“You guys are being childish.”

“Childish? No,” Alex says, starting the car and peeling out of the parking lot. “We’re pissed, sweetheart. Fucking pissed.”

“Over what? I come off of the stage after a performance and you guys don’t even tell me if it was good or not. You just snap at me. If anyone should be pissed, it’s me,” I retort.

“How would you feel if some girl were all me at one of my shows,” Lafayette snaps. “And then sauntered up right in front of you after the show and was all over me then too?”

“So you guys are jealous. Oh my fucking–”

“Why would we be jealous? Just because some attractive guy was all over our girlfriend? Nah, we aren’t jealous,” John says sarcastically.

“Oh my God, guys! Come on. It isn’t that big of a deal! It was just a duet.”

“So why didn’t you tell that woman that there was nothing going on? When she asked, why didn’t you tell her that it was ‘just a duet’,” Hercules asks. His voice is low and steady. He is fucking livid.

“I don’t have to answer to some woman I barely know. Besides, if you were paying attention, the woman was talking a mile a minute.”

“No excuse. You should’ve said something! We came out to support you tonight, not to see you cuddled up with some dancer dude,” Alex nearly shouts.

“Don’t you dare fucking yell at me, Alexander Hamilton. I did nothing wrong,” I say, my anger rising. “It’s you all flying off of the handle over nothing. If you would let me explain–”

“Ne pas. There is no need,” Laf cuts in. “We know what we know.”


“Leave it alone,” Herc says sternly. “You’ve done enough.”

I look up to him in disbelief. If anyone were to be on my side, I thought it would be Hercules. I glare at him before staring down at my lap in anger.

The rest of the car ride is silent.

When we get home, the boys file into the house with me behind them. Once inside, however, I storm past them and head for my room. Alexander grabs my arm.

“Where are you going? We need to talk.”

I snatch my arm from him. “Don’t grab me like that, Alexander. Besides, now you wanna hear what I have to say?”

“Yes,” Laf chimes in. “We want to know what’s going on with you and the danseur. Vous deux avez la chimie. Why is that?”

“It doesn’t matter why we have chemistry. What matters is that you guys don’t trust me,” I snap. “I tried to tell you what was up in the car but you weren’t hearing it. I’m done.”

“Baby, please,” John says, his voice seeimgly calm.

“Don’t ‘baby’ me. I wasn’t your baby when you were talking at me in the car now was I,” I say, crossing my arms. “All I wanted was for you all to see me do what I do and be proud!”

Each of them hung their heads, hopefully feeling properly chastised. I sigh.

“Don’t worry about coming to the next show,” I say, turning around and exiting the room.

When I wake up the next day, it’s to the sound of our house bumping with music.

“What the hell,” I mutter as I slip on some pants and a bra and pad into the living room. I nearly die when I see the boys dancing to “Pon De Replay” with none other than Tony leading them through a simple routine. I shake my head, chuckling at the sight before me.

Hercules notices me first and grins, pausing the music.

“Why the fuck did you pause the music in my rehearsal, Mr. Mulligan,” Tony says, turning around. Noticing me, he smiles. “Oh, hey, girl. What’s good?”

“You tell me,” I say with a small smile. “What is this, guys?”

John steps forward. “Well…we felt bad about last night…,” He starts.

“So we got a hold of Tony and asked him to teach us some moves to make it up to you,” Lafayette finishes.

“We’re really sorry, baby,” Hercules adds.

“Really. We were acting like jackasses last night,” Alex says. “Mostly me.”

“I see…well. Make it up to me. Show me what you’ve got boys,” I say, taking a seat on the couch. Tony switches the song to “Can We Dance”.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but their routine is absolutely wonderful! The moves aren’t complicated but they are certainly more advanced than I would’ve thought they could handle. Tony taught them well! During one part of the song, the boys got a chance to showcase their own moves. It was clear that John was the most comfortable up there dancing but the others were great as well.

By the end of their mini-performance, I was grinning from ear to ear.

“So,” Alex says breathlessly. “What did you think?”

I look between each of the boys, watching their nerves build as I form my next words.

“I loved it,” I squeal. “Oh my gosh! It was so freaking cute!”

“Hold on, cute? My choreography was cute? I know not,” Tony complains, giving me bitch face.

“Lose the ‘tude, peasant,” I say, standing. “Yeah, it was cute.”

Tony purses his lips. “‘Ight. Since my shit was cute, why don’t you show your boys something hot?”

“Sit down, boys,” I say, glaring playfully at Tony.

They scramble to the couch. Tony smirks, changing the song.  “Needed Me” starts blaring through the speakers. I smirk back, turning to my boys as I start the number. I won’t lie, I did way more than what Tony taught in class a while back. But what can I say? I wanted to make them squirm in their seats.

Let’s just say that by the end of the song, the boys were in a rush to get Tony out of the front door.

“I am going! I’m going damn! I get all of you laid and fix your relationship and this is the thanks I get,” Tony shouts as he’s shoved to the door. “Oh my! Herc you’ve got quite the p–”

John slams the door in his face before he can finish that sentence.

“Well. I’m gonna go shower,” I say walking away.

“Oh no, Princess. You’re not going anywhere,” Hercules says, stalking towards me. The others follow suit, their eyes lustful. My eyes widen and I take off down the hallway.

“Get her!”

I turn the corner, hoping to make it to the bathroom before–


“Aw man,” I whine, as John drags me back into the living room. He flops me on the couch and my boys gather in front of it, looking down at me.

“Tell us where you learned to dance like that, kitten,” Alex says.

My eyes flit between the four of them, not sure if I should answer or not.

“Speak up, babygirl,” John says. “He asked a question. We know you didn’t learn that at Alvin Ailey.”

I bite my lip. “Tony taught me the routine,” I say quietly. Laf looks confused.


“Yeah…he and his boyfriend, Sasha, choreograph almost all of our hip hop routines. I do some and Keiley does some. We have another dance team outside of Ailey.”

“Hold on, Princess, you mean to tell me that Tony was gay this entire time?”

“I knew he was checking me out,” John exclaims. I laugh.

“Oh yeah, Tony is hella gay. I was the first person he came out to.  That’s why we’re so close.”

“Ohh,” They all say, their eyes widening with realization. They murmur amongst themselves about the turn of events and I try to slip away quietly. I almost make it around the corner but alas, the universe is against me today.

“Not so fast, little girl,” Laf says, pulling me to the middle of the floor before returning to the couch. Hercules flips on the stereo and takes a seat by Alex. John saunters over to me, a smirk playing at his lips.  

“Let’s give them another show, babygirl. Dance with me,” he whispers.

This is my first Male!Reader fic so I hope it’s okay. I took inspiration from my Pony fics and hoped for the best (as @imagine-that-marvel herself recommended). It got a little suggestive at the end and Tony is just a big bashful puppy. Natasha gives no shits. Thank you for the challenge, @anime-dillon88. I missed out the reader having powers unfortunately - you can just presume they’re a techie or something - and the most plotting that the others did was Tony and Nat pushing Steve right into the reader’s arms and then locking the door. That counts, right? Ah well, enjoy!

Prompt: Do you take request that are gay? like StevexReader(male) if so could you do one where the reader (with powers (your choice)) has just joined the team and the reader and Steve have feelings for each other ( and it is painfully obvious to the rest of the team) but neither of them know how to express their feelings so the team starts to plot. You can take it from there I’m sure, please and thank you.

“A Lesson in Temperament”

“Can you…” Steve dug his fingers into his temples, “Can you not touch those please?” He asked.

“I just need to borrow this one thing.” You muttered, rifling through the files that were organised on the table.
“Okay but there’s a system-”
“Never mind, I’ve found it,” You declared. “Honestly, how do you find anything in this mess?” You chuckled, nudging Steve with your elbow before skipping away. Steve was positively fuming. It had taken him a good few hours to organise those files and now they were mixed up again.

Red in the face, he stormed after you, snatching the paperwork out of your hands before you could leave with it.
“Can you not take anything seriously?”
“Oh, calm down, cupcake. You’re overreacting.”
“Overreacting?” Steve yelled. You rolled your eyes, provoking him further. “Overre- There was a system.”

“You and your systems!” You shouted back. Natasha, who was sat nearby, looked up from her tablet at the sound of the ensuing argument. “Cap, you need to lighten up a little bit. Maybe get a hobby.”
“Reading files is my hobby. Not that you’d know. All you ever do is sit in your room and slack off.” You gritted your teeth and folded your arms. “Maybe if you attended a training session once in a while you’d respect what I do more.”

“Listen, time capsule.” You snapped, jabbing a finger in Steve’s face. “The only respect you’re getting from me is that I’d give the elderly. Let me know if you ever need help crossing the road or using a computer.”

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[fic] kiss me (for science!)

Author: wartransmission [a.k.a. me]

Fandom: Avengers Academy

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark


Steve blinks. For a moment, all he does is stare, because that can’t be right. His ears are definitely misleading him, because Tony can’t seriously be asking him for a kiss just to prove that his lip balm is working well. As though to prove how surreal it is to himself, he says, “So you want me to kiss you to prove that your lips are, actually, soft.”

[AO3 Link]

“-kiss me.

For a moment, Steve thinks he’s misheard Tony’s words, because there is no way Tony would ask that of him. Flirty as Tony is, he’s never been that direct (even when Steve kind of wants him to be, because it’s kind of hard to make a move when he can’t tell if Tony is being serious with any of it).

“What?” he asks.

“You’re not deaf, super-soldier,” Tony tuts, hands on his hips as he squints up at him. Steve struggles not to smile at the obvious height difference, even though he kind of wants to because an annoyed Tony is an adorable Tony.

“I’m not,” he agrees, though he dons an unsure look when Tony keeps staring expectantly at him. “But I’m not sure I heard you right.”

“I said you should kiss me!” Tony says, hands flying up for emphasis. “For science!

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Triggers: Bucky x Fem.Reader

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: While on a mission, Bucky gets triggered. He starts to fight you and the Avengers, but halfway through the fight you realise something: He’s not trying to hurt you…He’s trying to protect you.

Everyone is finishing their final preparations for the raid on the Hydra base. Steve buckles his helmet and puts in his earpiece as he gives out the orders.

“Romanoff and Barton: you’re with me, we’ll clear the perimeter. Tony: kill the power and their comms, then help us. Sam, Vision, Wanda: take out the big guns. Y/N: I want you and Bucky to head down to the lower levels; that’s where our inside says the weapon plans are. We’ll all finish up top and come down after you.”

“Think you can keep up, James?” You tease Bucky, loading the magazine into your machine gun and slipping it into your tactical vest. You were the only one on the team not to call him Bucky. The first time you’d called him James, he’d actually blushed a little, earning some playful teasing from Steve and Sam. But he never said he didn’t like it, so you’d stuck with it.

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So I need to just say a few things and it may be ramblings but here goes....


A few things:


Dear god thank you. they are so beautiful i could cry. yes the sexy times were so hot i thought i was going to combust but it was other moments that were much more poignant to me. WEARING HIS NAVY T SHIRT. This right here was breathtaking. They were so beautiful and comfortable and at ease with each other. Even holding hands when she is on the phone. YESSSSSSSSSSS.

Their lovers quarrel in the oval. I just loved the fact that they just went for it and Liz and David were like ermmmm….

“I want you” - Truman balcony this is so so so fricking important i cant. She is fighting for them, she wants to fix them so they can be great together. It was such an intense scene. I feel like Fitz needed to be brought down to that level to realise what they needed. Liv obviously saw it with the princess and the parallels were second to none. But this was so important and it made me so happy. The old Olivia would have run away and chosen to ignore the problems, she is facing them because she wants to be with him and grow with him. THIS IS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT PEOPLE. Obviously Sally Langston has to go shit all over them and it will be tough for them but she is willing to fight, and so is he.

They made me so mushy this episode, i thought my heart would burst.


I felt sorry for her, I really did. A part of me cant wait for Liv and Abby to talk about girlie stuff together but this is all so new for Olivia and she needs time to just be “them” (her and fitz) and i get that. Abby looked pissed at the end, but I think it is more to do with the fact that it makes her look incompetent in front of other staff. She knows Olivia, she knew inside that something wasn’t right there. They’ll work things out.

I always have time for Abby, out of all the gladiators, im always here for her. She will have a very interesting role this season with her ties to the WH and her loyalty and friendship to Liv. Itll be interesting and I am excited to see where it goes.

Fitz (& Mellie)

This should probably mentioned with the Olitz stuff but I like to think that Olivia doesn’t have to fall within their drama and it is their mess on their own. FITZ SERVED HER AND DID IT SO BRILLIANTLY. I wanted to slap Mellie’s pathetic fake “i regret what i did face” the minute I saw it. Fitz didn’t take her shit either. This Mutually Assured Destruction thing is interesting, its good. Fitz knows Mellie wants power more than anything and she may not go without a fight but when you’re as obtuse as Mellie is, it is easy to predict where she’ll go with this.  In Fitz’s eyes he has nothing to lose with his Presidency, he has ticked all the boxes and now he has the one thing that will finally make him the happiest man in the world.. He is still willing to go to the ends of the earth for her… BUT…this divorce is not about Olivia and that’s what is so important as well. She was not involved at all. She is just his light and air and life.

I loved how EVERYONE shot Mellie down this episode. Seeing her crumble and realise that she has fucked everyone around brought me slight happiness. She had it coming. Do i think it will change the way she behaves? No. When a spoiled little brat doesn’t get her way, she throws a temper tantrum until things happen…. just this time, the things she wants to happen wont. 


Quinn - It was nice to see you, but nothing really happened. She comes when Olivia needs and thats it. I don’t know where they’re going to go with Quinn this season but she was just a pleasant addition this week. Not offensive, just there.

Huck - That scene with Olivia was great, they do have GREAT scenes together. The thing is with Huck is its still the same shit and I get that he will never be a normal person but he is still in this B613 bubble and everyone else has moved on. Olivia needs to know what he did but I also think she’s is past it. She wants the truth so she can help him. I also LOVED how she had to point out that she is not able to change the person. She had to remind Huck, for her sanity, that it is NOT ON HER to fix him. THAT WAS BIG FOR OLIVIA AS WELL.

(Side Note: Livvie still hasnt been home cos that couch cushion is missing and shes been preoccupied).

FISH FACE (JAKE for the slow people) - It was a blessing not see you on my screen for 99% of the episode and the 10 seconds you did appear you still manage to stand there like a wooden spoon. Seriously, awards for the worst acting ever have to go to Scott Foley. Even I could have done better. But that’s where they’re putting him. Huck’s babysitter. So he’s gone from being Olivia’s babysitter/stalker to Huck’s babysitter… at least we know what he is good for. This is where the B613 will never fully disappear because Jake Ballard is around and he has to be kept relevant and Huck will never not be B613. I’d be happy to see them both go, maybe not Huck as much cos he is good for Olivia at times. But ye. FISH FACE. Keep your appearances to 10 second cameos and we will be ok - within limits..

Random Thoughts

Lizzie - I smell her shit from a mile off. As soon as she realised Olivia was influencing Fitz and was around she was planning. It is obviously her who leaked all that shit to Sally, tell me if you think otherwise.

Cyrus - I would’ve thought initially that he leaked the shit to Sally, but he wants back in the White House and he wouldn’t have access to all those images. He wants back on Fitz’s side. Shonda could pull a 180 and have him be the leak after all once he is back in business, cos lets face it i dont think Cyrus is going anywhere.

Could it be Joke? another way to keep him relevant?

FINALLY - DID THIS PRINCESS STORY LINE NOT SCREAM OUT TO PEOPLE “PRINCESS DIANA CONSIPRACY” - Maybe it is me as a British person but that is what i thought as soon as I saw the tunnel and camera men - “The peoples princess” ??? COME ONE- ANYONE ELSE?

Fic: Intimidating

I have this really vivid mental image of badboy!Kurt being best friends with Rachel, and then Blaine came into the picture, too, of course, because Klainchel rules.

(Literally if I could draw, I’d doodle them hanging out like in this post, but beggars can’t be choosers.

~2500 words, PG-13, teeth-rotting fluff.

Kurt slid into his usual spot in the lunchroom, stowing his beat-up messenger bag on the floor by his booted feet and thanking whatever might be out there that the knuckledraggers at McKinley were so fooled by his appearance that they gave his table a wide berth. Space was at a premium in the overcrowded building, but the prospect of having to sit by Hummel and either getting beaten up or “catching the gay” left him and Rachel with a whole table to themselves everyday.

Thinking about Rachel must have made her attention radar go off, because just then Kurt’s best friend entered the cafeteria, dragging a boy behind her who looked so eerily like her twin brother that Kurt nearly choked on his flavorless school sandwich.

“Kurt! You know how I go to that theater camp every summer?” Rachel squealed as she and the surprisingly cute boy plopped down across from him.

“Yes?” Kurt said, raising a pierced eyebrow and wondering how this was relevant.

“This is my friend Blaine! You know, the Tony to my Maria from our revue? He’s transferred here now!” Rachel said, all in one breath. Kurt would never understand how such a tiny human had that kind of lung capacity.

“Um…hi,” Blaine said, looking scared. “You’re Rachel’s best friend Kurt?”

“I take it Rachel didn’t tell you about my personal style?” Kurt asked, trying to stifle his laughter. Blaine looked like he was considering hiding under the table, and it was just adorable. “It’s just a couple of piercings and some hair dye, it’s not contagious, I promise.”

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skibreaux  asked:

Dude, I normally don't appeal to anyone I follow on tumblr. Especially celebrities. Especially about stuff that wouldn't normally be directly relevant to them. But my country, Australia, has been reported to the UN for breaching the convention AGAINST TORTURE. The response from our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was "I think Australians are sick of being lectured to by the United Nations". I am sick, and I am sad, and I want the world to be enraged by this. Please share any information you can <3

From everything I can glean here in America, Tony Abbot is a real shit. He’d be right at home in our Republican party.

anonymous asked:

Is they being online at the same time on SM something relevant? some people say they are doing it for PR or that it's just a coincidence, what do you think about?

Sam: We need to synchronize our online SM activity while we are on vacation Cait. We need to make it look like we are away somewhere together or Starz is going to be pissed.
Cait:  Okay Heughan  where are you going?

Sam: Abbie and I are going to Ibiza with her parents, who are going to be here in a little over an hour to pick us up. We’re all heading to Heathrow together.

Cait: Well Tony and I are going to be at mum and dads for Christmas Day , and we might go galavanting after that. This will be easy Ibizas only an hour ahead of Ireland.

Sam: Why don’t we just make sure we are both on at 7:00am and 8:00 pm every day? Don’t forget to factor in the time difference. And Cait , it’s important so no matter what we’re doing we drop it to go online at those times. I already told Abbie we can’t have sex at those times , we have to make this believable. She’s not happy but she’ll come around.She knows how much you and the show mean to me .
Cait: I know, don’t worry I already told Tony the same thing. He was totally fine with it. He’s so understanding, he’s really supportive of my career . He knows how much you mean to me and he said any fake boyfriend of mine that is as important to the success of my career as you are is important to him too.

Sam: Good , glad that’s sorted and if you guys take off somewhere after Christmas day  , don’t forget to let me know so we can resynchronize the schedule .

Cait : Sounds good , no problem. I’ll FaceTime ya!  Hey Heughan, question for you. Why Ibiza? Isn’t it miserable there this time of year? Rainy and the temps pretty close to Scotland . Why not somewhere tropical? Maybe Australia or hey ever been to Thailand? I love it there it’s gorgeous. You should really go there someday.

Sam: Yeah I know, ibizas  not my first choice  either. Abbie really wanted to go there. She said if I’m going to be busy faking a relationship with my gorgeous sexy costar, then she wanted to be someplace with a working fully stocked kitchen , so she can make her famous gluten free mincemeat tarts. She says baking relaxes her. 

Cait: Yum I’ll have to get her recipe. I’ll trade her my Raw Banoffee Pie recipe for it.

They are really together , it’s not an act for PR , it’s two people in love with each other online at the same time because they are together in the same place and timezone.

anonymous asked:

Now that Tony Abbott is losing relevance I HAVE to take this opportunity to tell this - my dad was doing his phd I think at oxford at the same time Abbott was doing his undergrad, and once while extremely drunk, vomited all over him. As someone entirely unaffected by any of his choices I am rather sad to see him go just because I can no longer say my father threw up on the Australian prime minister. Anyway, I thought you'd appreciate the imagery. I think it went in his ear. Have a nice day!

It went in his EAR. God BLESS you, Nonnie. GOD BLESS YOU.

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There is some stuff I don't really want to get into a discuss about the movie until I seen it a second time, but Tony Stark not getting in trouble/arrested yet is something I just can't hold back. Really. How is he allowed to roam free.

Oh, yay, accountability in movies.

It’s a hell of a topic. Sometimes literally.

So there are a couple reasons. First off is that he’s an audience favorite, that the movie is already really long, and that he’s visibly sorry about it. Those are the reasons that people will give you if they like the movie and don’t think too hard on things.

Now let’s get into the actually relevant/slightly deeper stuff:

For general purposes:
Tony Stark is a very rich, very white man. He’s one of the cornerstones of potential world peace and planetary defense as far as a lot of the world is/was concerned, and has a very large amount of weaponry and money at his disposal. He owns a very large company that, without him, would likely drop stock a lot, and most people don’t trust Pepper to run it (we know better, but movie-verse), and assume that if Tony is arrested or brought to trial again, Stark Industries would collapse and take a large part of the market with it, possibly triggering another recession. He’s a threat, and one that most people want to keep happy. He’s also likely to be able to escape any arrest attempts, especially since he has invisibility tech and has probably included it in his suits, which makes tracking him difficult. He also finances and supplies the Avengers and keeps their tech ahead of HYDRA’s and to make taking out aliens easier.

TL;DR he’s worth a lot, very useful, and they’re scared of him.

For Ultron:
No one except the Avengers and a handful of other people know that he was responsible for Ultron. They like him and need him (see above), so they’re keeping it quiet. SHIELD probably took care of the media, telling them he was a rogue HYDRA experiment that was reactivated before Tony and Bruce could figure out what it was for.

For Seoul:
Part and parcel of Ultron. SHIELD brushed it under a rug.

South Africa:
Partly isolated to a scrap yard, which no one cares about. The rest was a Hulk Incident. There’s a good chance they’re putting the blame on Bruce for that, or even just lumping it into Ultron.

Sokovia (current):
Again: blaming Ultron. It’s a decent strategy, and mostly true.

Sokovia (past):

Okay, a bit longer and less angry and with a little more history:

The Balkans are a historically messy area. Because of the location, a lot of the world’s old trade routes would pass through whenever they needed to go by land between Asia, Africa, and Europe. This means that people really liked conquering it for a really long time. The Ottoman Empire was one of these places (and their takeover is the reason there’s such a high population of Muslims in this part of Europe), and held the place for five centuries, doing the usual oppression schtick that conquerors tend to do. They weren’t the first or the last.

Now, most of the Balkans were merged into Yugoslavia for most of the twentieth century, first as a provisional thing under the Austro-Hungarians, and then as a country in its own right as a cousin government to the USSR during/after World War Two (they tried to make us part of their actual puppet countries but it only sort of worked). While Tito was in charge, everything was more or less stable, but when he died, it caused political upheaval (1980s) and a couple of wars (1990s), which started mostly because some countries wanted to stop being all one country and others did not. Then religion and ethnicity got involved and people started committing atrocities on all sides and everything was awful.

During those wars, the US got involved, for differing reasons each time. There were two major bombings by NATO, mostly carried out by the US: one during the Bosnia conflict in 1995, where they hit Sarajevo to get at some Serbs, and one during the Kosovo conflict, where they hit Belgrade and other Serbian cities like Novi Sad for several months in 1999, also to get to some Serbs.

They got a slap on the wrist from the UN Security Council for killing a couple hundred civilians and causing untold amounts of long-term damage with that second one, but that’s about it.

So there’s a precedent for the US bombing cities in the Balkans, often without understanding whatever’s at play, and not getting held accountable for it. It’s a shitty situation, but that’s what it is. A lot of the movie-goers are acting as though there must have been a terrorist group that got some Stark Tech or whatever, but given the approximate date of the bombings (assuming the twins are about the same age as their actors, and thus twenty-five, those bombings would have been circa 2000), I’d bet those bombings were by NATO.

Which means that as far as most of the world was concerned, Tony did jackshit wrong in that particular situation. As far as the Balkans are concerned… well, most of them are probably more concerned with blaming Clinton or Bush and NATO than Stark. But the twins kind of associate him with the worst time of their lives due to staring at one of his bombs for three days under rubble, so yeah. That’s a thing.

Ask if you need clarification on anything.


Alright, I don’t read Ults so much, so this is going to be pretty short and sweet. I DID read the last 2 arcs that were happening, so I pretty much think I’ve got a general handle on what’s going on. Enough to update you on superhusbands, at least.

Tony gets his brain cut open by Reed Richards because his tumor is an Infinity gem or something fucking weird like that IDK

But then he got better

I guess. He backed up his brain, bc duh, that’s the first thing any good futurist would do. And then somehow the body is good for use because infinity gems something something shhhh.

Oh did I mention Steve is the President? That’s kind of relevant

SO THEN GALACTUS 616-version invades the Ultimate universe!!! This is CRAZY because Ultimates universe ALREADY has their OWN Galactus that they defeated! But now there’s this oTHER Galactus from our main 616 universe they have to defeat! Whaaaaaa…

Okay so they do beat it, but Thor and Steve die in the meantime.

Then there’s a funeral issue and Tony drinks (he’s an alcoholic but not on the wagon in Ultimates) and cries at Steve’s funeral:

So that’s about it! That’s Ults right now. Steve was President and Reed cut open Tony’s brain and killed him but then Tony got better and then Galactus invaded and President Cap died and Tony cried at his funeral.

At the moment, it would APPEAR that Steve is perma-dead? Like, he won’t be coming back the very NEXT issue (I’m not as sure about Thor being “dead”, for comparison). Of course he could come back in a year or two, duh, comics. But for now, I would avoid Ultimates for your superhusbands needs. 

Note: the funeral issue was a stand alone one-shot called “Survival” which came out last week. If you’re interested.

Ults! \o/

616 parts 1 and 2 can be found under my superhusbands supercanon tag

You know, for all the guff folks want to give Civil War for having a bunch of “unnecessary” fight scenes, I can’t think of a single one less plot-relevant than Tony vs. Thor in Avengers. Like. Neither of them even make a grab for Loki? They fly around hither and yon as though it’s a given that Loki’s gonna stick around? It’s so obviously gratuitous and yet The Airport Scene in Civil War is the one that’s a waste of time even though it at least makes sense within the context of the movie?????

But. The Avengers scene gave us Tony calling Thor “Point Break,” so I guess it’s not COMPLETELY useless. Just……..mostly.

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Why do you think Tony and Bellamy have been all up on eachother?

I haven’t seen them all up on each other. I will say that Bellamy isn’t stupid. She knows Tony is a big fan magnet so she places herself in close proximity to the limelight. She does what’s necessarily to keep herself seen and relevant.