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Hi Mr. Badge! I don't know how to send links but I saw an article in the Telegraph about a workman's cafe accidentally being awarded a Michelin star and I couldn't help but think of your Foodieverse (not that War on Hunger's star was anything but well-deserved!)

I do think War on Hunger’s star was probably an accident. 

See, the thing is, one of the reasons Steve does so well parking in TOBRU’s parking lot in the evenings is that TOBRU is – it’s about food, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also about THEATRICALITY, and Tony did the “How much pizza can we sell someone for $8.99″ thing for years, so now he’s interested in how much experience they can sell someone. And Bruce probably does not actually like people eating his food. Food is too pure to be eaten, Tony! 

The result is that when you leave TOBRU you have had an amazing time and your wallet is a few hundred lighter and you feel satisfied but not…satiated. You have not eaten the kind of calories per meal we are used to getting. I mean, that flavored foam was good but it was foam, y’know? 

And then as you are reaching into your pocket for your BMW keys, you look up and you see Steve Rogers, an Adonis in suspenders, handing someone an entire sandwich. They walk past you, pastrami straggling from the corner of their mouth, and before you understand what’s happening you are standing in front of the service window saying, “What kind of mustard do you put on that pastrami?” and he says “wholegrain apple mustard” and you look at your spouse and say “we want two please.” 

So I still haven’t decided who the Michelin judge was, but I am well aware that they walked out of TOBRU mentally writing the glowing review they’re gonna give it and saw War On Hunger. They saw the people who were at the table next to them heading for War On Hunger like, “Oh Jeff, look, the truck’s here again, remember his onion sandwich roll?” and that’s how a Michelin judge full of TOBRU food ended up eating second dinner at War On Hunger and being like “I could legit give a food truck a Michelin Star, holy shit Steve Rogers the Old Missing Luke Skywalker of Manhattan actually made a Michelin Star food truck.” 


“The future,” he said, looking down at his open hands, “begins here.”
  - Iron Man #325

the post in question

steve rogers: the usa would see him as the sweet cinnamon roll who’s just too good to be true, while the rest of the world, especially ones not immediately allied with the usa would be more hesitant to like him because just the idea of someone calling themselves captain america and running around into foreign borders gives a lot of people a bad taste in their mouths. people are also worried that he’s clinging to his 40s values (and we never really see him participate in press conferences either but thats me being picky). but he seems a nice enough bloke, especially with his fervent belief in helping everyone, and the propoganda thats been built up around him for over half a century definitely helps in putting him into a good light. despite this though, there are still people, especially online who feel as though steve isnt taking into account the feelings of the citizens of the countries he enters when he goes after his mission. he might think he’s foing what he feels is best, but hes still a white american who may not be aware of the current political landscape, and hes fucking around in foreign countries without proper cooperation with the authorities)

and tony stark: the problematic fave. after the avengers people start to like him more because he and his company are the only ones that are actively seen helping rebuild after the battle of new york. his snark is always fun to hear about though, and hearing him rip into a politician or someone who’s pissed him off, and although he’s less approachable then steve just by virtue of being a famous billionaire people still come up to him on the streets, especially the younger kids who might not be as aware of his past as a weapons developer
then there are the conspiracy people (something i wanna write about one day tbh) who want to know why the portal was opened up from stark tower in the first place. no one knows how ultron came along but its easy to guess, considering tony’s past AI inventions. everyone sees him trying to stop the hulk and minimise casualties in johannesburg and theyre divided. on one hand hes the only one who came to stop the hulk (and, again, the only one to participate in clean up), but the fight caused a super lot of damage also. so, tony would probably be among the avengers that have the most broken base (for example, the people who liked him before iron man, hate his new direction. the people that like iron man but hate tony stark. the people who like both tony and iron man and feel that people are being too mean. no one likes the iron legion, but some understand where he’s coming from. he’s got the same issue as steve, the white capitalist american coming into their countries and trying to enforce his own agenda upon them. what do the foreign governments think of the iron legion)

civil war changes all this.

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Steve: I’m glad Howard got married. I only knew him when he was young and single.
Tony: Oh really? You two knew each other? He never mentioned that. Only, A THOUSAND times. God, I hated you.

Captain America Civil War

We seriously need to talk about this part. This is kinda LONG so you may skip to the last two bullets.

-Imagine Tony’s bedtime stories with Howard are about Steve Roger’s from Zero to Hero adventures.
-Imagine Tony’s childhood bedroom full of his Captain America crayon drawings, with him imagining that he would be as great as this guy someday.
-Imagine Tony as a young adolescent wanting to do something great to surpass Steve’s heroic achievements so that his father would tell stories about him too.
-Imagine Tony showing Howard his little mechanical projects to prove that he can do amazing things like his father did.

-Imagine Tony’s disappointment everytime Howard would point out that he helped creating the weirdest and possibly the greatest scientific creation that is Captain America,instead of being just proud of his own son.
-Imagine Tony growing up hating Captain America because of all of that, but still think of him as a motivation to change the world.
-Imagine him ripping his old drawings and conceptual blue prints because his father died in a car crash without being able to say “I love you, Dad.” and his father will not be there to see him at his best.

-Imagine Tony recieving awards thinking that he’s finally surpassing the greatness of Captain America’s Creation.
-Imagine Tony recreating Captain America’s Shield just to see if it could fit him but ended up being annoyed with it so he leaves it lying around. There’s a vibranium shield in Tony’s lab, shown in the earlier Iron Man films.

-Imagine Tony revealing that he is Iron Man because people will finally tell stories about his heroic side and that he is now a Super Soldier too, and he secretly really wants that.
-Imagine Tony believing that he is finally better than Captain America and that his father is proud of him now.

-Imagine Tony’s annoyance/amusement/relief that his childhood hero is alive.

-Imagine Tony realizing that Captain America will probably take his lime light, again.
-Imagine Tony hearing Howard’s voice in his thoughts about how great Captain America is while trying not to punch the actual Steve Rogers in front of him.

-Imagine Tony being pleased and sad that Steve Rogers despises him.
-Imagine Tony’s contentment that he could be friends with someone like Steve Rogers.

-Imagine Tony’s frustration everytime Steve would point out the casualties of his stupidy when he’s really just trying the best he could to be a hero.
-Imagine Tony’s heartbreak when he realized that his childhood hero is ruining everything that he worked hard for.

-Imagine how much of a let down Steve Rogers is to Tony Stark after all those years of hearing praises about him from his father.
-Imagine Tony Stark not knowing what to do because this is goddamn Steve Rogers.

I hate it whenever my babies fight

Brian Michael Bendis (W) • Stefano Caselli (A/C)
Corner Box Variant Cover By Joe Jusko
• With every issue Riri discovers more about what being a hero really means in this modern complicated world.
• Her actions start to have a powerful effect across the world and the question is, is Riri ready to take on that responsibility?

 • All this plus, Not only did Tony Stark leave a laundry list of things that need taking care of, he left a laundry list of criminals looking to destroy his legacy.

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99



Ithought it was a small week around here but i was way off.  riri is back!  miles & gwen!  the NA reprints!!


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Stefano Caselli
• With every issue Riri discovers more about what being a hero really means in this modern complicated world.
•  Her actions start to have a powerful effect across the world and the question is, is Riri ready to take on that responsibility? •  All this plus, Not only did Tony Stark leave a laundry list of things that need taking care of, he left a laundry list of criminals looking to destroy his legacy.


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Sara Pichelli
•  Miles and Gwen’s adventure takes them back to Gwen’s dimension in pursuit of someone very important to Miles.
•  But something about the pursuit puts our heroes at odds!


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Various (CA) David Finch
As Brian Michael Bendis’ New Avengers roster is completed, who is the masked Ronin - and why has Captain America recruited this mysterious figure? In the wake of the tumultuous events of HOUSE OF M, a new threat emerges that may be impossible to stop. Canada’s premier super-team finds that out the hard way - will the Avengers fare any better? And when CIVIL WAR breaks out across the Marvel Universe, Iron Man and Captain America will find themselves on opposite sides - and their team will be torn in two! Plus: Whose side is Spider-Woman on? Luke Cage marries Jessica Jones! A military rarity! And the Illuminati’s introduction! Collecting NEW AVENGERS (2004) #11-25, NEW AVENGERS: CUSTOM #676 - ARMY & AIR FORCE, GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-WOMAN #1, NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL (2006) #1, NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI (2006) ONE-SHOT and CIVIL WAR: THE CONFESSION.


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Valerio Schiti, Kevin Maguire (CA) Arthur Adams
When things get rough on Earth, Captain Marvel calls in friends from out of town - way out of town! Iron Man doesn’t stand a chance against the Guardians, right? But the team’s allegiances are split down the middle, and tensions have never been higher! And while they’re busy on Earth, who’s guarding the galaxy? As internal conflicts reach a boiling point, outsiders throw more fuel on the fire - and one member with deep roots on Earth will struggle to hold onto their galactic connections! Plus: Flash back to Flash Thompson’s earliest days on the team! Would Venom endanger his new allies to save his idol, Spider-Man? Find out why Spidey is one of the reasons Rocket hates Earth! Collecting GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2015) #11-14.


“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

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What Hogwarts house would Hank be in? I'm leaning towards Slytherin, but I can't decide and I'm tearing my hair out thinking about this

Ravenclaw. Stone cold Ravenclaw. He has certain Slytherin tendencies, but…Some Gryffindor and Hufflepuff ones, too.

I think people forget that most people do. Hermione is really intelligent, and the Hat almost put her in Ravenclaw; Ron is steadfast and loyal, he could have easily been a Hufflepuff; And, of course, Harry famously was like thiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to being a Slytherin himself. The lines between the Houses are so much more blurred than people make them out to be, so it’s not really about fitting perfectly into the box. It’s more about which traits drive you. Why do you act the way you do, make the choices you make? What’s most important to you? How do you treat people, or approach problems? Who are you when you’re backed into a corner? You can be caring and courageous and clever and cunning all at once, but it’s what you are, and moreover what you choose to be, when the chips are down that counts.

So when it comes to Hank: Sure, he can be ambitious (often to a fault), and he has a certain penchant for ignoring the rules in an attempt to bend the world to his will, so Slytherin is appealing. But he’s also stubborn, and so brave and self-sacrificing, so maybe Gryffindor is better? And yet! He’s also loyal and kind and dedicated, so Hufflepuff ?? He’d probably be one hell of a hatstall, I’ll give you that! But when it comes down to it, who he really is, who he is beyond the bullshit in his brain, beyond the mistakes, who he strives to be, is someone fueled by wonder. He sees beauty and intrigue in the parts of the universe that other people, even other brilliant scientists, look past. His passion for discovery and creation (along with an insistent kindness, and a sometimes naive faith in people) is the very essence of his personality. He wants to learn, not because he wants to be the best, but because he wants to know. He does his best to approach his problems from a place of imagination rather than violence (even though that doesn’t always work out for him, he tries, damnit). He experiments, he gets his hands dirty, he builds, he takes things apart to see how they work and puts them back together so they work better and play his favorite songs at the same time. He is an artist with a chosen medium of science and innovation.

So that’s my answer: There is no way he’s not a Ravenclaw.


So what I’m gathering from this is that Steve was speechless at the display of Tony’s glorious muscles.

And we all know the first thing Tony did when he got the outfit was to go find Steve.

Can we please acknowledge the fact that Zemo had to watch Steve for ages to find out how to bring him and the Avengers down? And then he chose Steve’s betrayal towards Tony. I bet there are a lot of different things he could have dragged to light but he chose this, specifically.

I mean that kind of plan didn’t come out of nowhere, it was oddly specific, and it completely hinged on the fact that Steve did not trust Tony and kept secrets from him.

I know we always say what good friends Tony and Steve are, even in the MCU, but it’s simply not true (MCU wise). And Zemo watched Steve, and the other Avenger’s most likely, and he saw that as well.

His whole plan was based on the assumption that Steve knew about the Stark murder and didn’t tell Tony.

What did he see that let him come to this conclusion? How unfriendly did Steve and Tony treat each other that even an outsider, a complete stranger, could pick up on that? That a stranger knew how to so completely destroy these two men?

And on top of Tony finding out like this, he also has to realize that a villain, a virtual stranger to all of them, knew more than he ever did. How bad did that hurt on top of everything else?


Brian Michael Bendis (W), Stefano Caselli (A/C), Joe Jusko (VC).

·With every issue Riri discovers more about what being a hero really means in this modern complicated world.

·Her actions start to have a powerful effect across the world and the question is, is Riri ready to take on that responsibility?

·All this plus, Not only did Tony Stark leave a laundry list of things that need taking care of, he left a laundry list of criminals looking to destroy his legacy.

32 pages, $3.99.