toni bruna

Toni Bruna is a singer, songwriter and a carpenter from Trieste.

All of the rhythm guitar tracks on this album were recorded by Abba Zabba and Toni Bruna at the Balzan house in Campedei, Italy.
Everything else was sung, played and recorded by Toni Bruna at Raffa’s house in Trieste Italy, except for:

Ale Martini: ukulele, backup vocals and fingerpicked double bass.
Massimo Tunin: trumpet, melodica and glockenspiel.
Marco Abbrescia: bowed double bass.

Mixed by Abba Zabba and Toni Bruna in Cornelia Romana, Trieste.

Masterized by Marcus Rossknecht at City Chalet, Berlin.

Artwork by Jan Sedmak

Made with SoundCloud

“Che anche col'acqua e col iazo se spaca la piera (perché anche con l'acqua e con il ghiaccio si riesce a rompere la pietra)”


Backstage at Elie Saab Fall 2016

The dark glamour trend continued at Elie Saab’s Fall show. Besides dark smoky eye beauty, black lace and rich fur evoked a sense of mystery. But playful studded dresses and bold printed sheer dresses also added to the mix to keep it fun and exciting. 


Toni Bruna - Formigole (di niegazowananet)