Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Summary in 5 Seconds Part 2.

here are my main male ocs!

Luca is an optimistic, quick witted spirit who passed when he was 17, he used to play football, work in a comic and movie store and he loves Star Wars, tragically, he died w no pants on so that’s how he’ll be 4ever

Elliot is a kind pharmasist who loves to help people but the raising cost of living has pushed him to growing and selling weed, he loves gardening so it was naturally a perfect fit.

Toni is a cocky cynical personal trainer and kick boxing coach who can manipulate fire, he mostly uses it to make oven pizza and to reheat his coffee.

Ilias is an intern at a local fashion magazine who freelances in photography. his growing popularity allows him to travel a lot to do shoots which is great bc he loves to travel and hates to stay in one place too long.