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Tarjei Sandvik Moe and Henrik Holm on the Kiss Cam at the Gullruten Awards

jackbum + sexual tension

 soooo this pretty little anon requested it -also gonna include what this other person asked for ;)- i’ve been wanting to do it for SO FUCKING LONG so why dont we get our hands dirty (literally) already??? BRACE YOURSELVES


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OMFG !! I LOVE YOUR DRAWING STYLE !!! ❤❤ And you know who I adore? YES EXACTLY! !!! * Watch "HorrorTale!Sans ~"* YOU !!! WITH YOUR ADORABLE HOLE TO THE SKULL! !! I WOULD LOVE SEE THE INTERIOR OF YOUR MAGNIFICENT MOUTH !!! H-Huh ... * Is a shy can * ... Will you let me the honor to ... go in? * Blush *

*oh hello there human… heh heh heh… I guess you could say it was…

*nice to eat you

Erron Black vs technology ...

Erron Black: (writing a text) “You are so bae-tiful to me.”
Erron Black: (Presses ‘Send’, accidentally sends text to his entire contact list)

One minute later …

Liu Kang: And your spelling is pitiful to me.
Johnny Cage: Sorry, Stud Stallion, you’re cute, but I don’t ride Brokeback Mountain style.
Mileena: *sends a pic of her blowing a kiss* Let’s dance sometime. ;3
Kung Lao: (ง •̀_•́)ง
Scorpion: How did you get my contact number? DELETE MY NUMBER IMMEDIATELY.
Sub-Zero: I don’t even know who you are.
Sonya Blade
: Is this Johnny?
Jax Briggs
: Say that again, hotshot. I need an excuse to come over and whoop your ass.
Kenshi: And thank God I can’t see your ugly face.
Quan Chi: Woolay-vous coucher avec moi? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Kano: I know. Now rack off.
Kotal Kahn: Erron, that is not how you spell “beautiful”.
Reptile: *Spits acid at screen until his phone disintegrates*
Ermac: Doesn’t “bae” mean a bad word in your native tongue?
Cassie Cage: OMFG. You’re so going on White Boys Texting.
Jacqui Briggs: … why?
Takeda: This is just super awkward …
Kung Jin: Check your email. My pic was too large to attach on mobile.
Raiden: Is this Johnny?

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Did u know that cats have very small, hair-like hooks on their tongues to help them rasp the meat from the bones of their prey. Do u think atsushi would... and if so how would It affect oral

YEA I KNEW ABOUT THE ROUGH TONGUES but omfg i never considered it for Atsushi before… wrow… actually i really like the concept of him with a cat tongue or at least his ‘human’ tongue having more catlike qualities post-curse… takes notes

(I’D IMAGINE IT’S EFFECTS WOULD BE SUBJECTIVE TBH some people are into the rougher texture [ie. Sen] but some people would think it feels weird; up to interpretation!)