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You sit at the edge of the bed facing the door, fidgeting expectantly. Soldier said he’d come home around this time, but you had a surprise for him. You heard the front door open from a distance, fiddling with the sheets under your hands. Soon after, Jack opens the door to find you waiting eagerly.

“What a little sweetheart, waiting for me so patiently.” Soldier told you as he ran his fingers through your hair. He opened his fly with his other hand, tilting your head back gently as he gripped your hair. “get on the floor,” He ordered, stepping back and continuing, “On your knees, open your mouth.”

Kneeling for him obediently, you opened your mouth to reveal your surprise.

“You got your tongue pierced sweetheart? Are you trying to give your daddy a heart attack?” He joked, eyes heated. “I can’t say I don’t like it though,” Soldier mused, “If anything, I’m curious.” Stepping closer, he gripped his cock and started to press it to your tongue. The piercing itself was still a bit tender, but the new sensitivity excited you enough to let out a soft moan. You could tell he was excited too. As he pressed in further, Soldier told you, “I want to feel it from the inside.”

okay so lemme explain–

So i saw @pastelqueen-sweetascanbe‘s post about weeks, maybe months ago and i was going nuts debating into drawing it or not, so i said “screw this, imma do it” soy mala para escribir en cursivo no me juzguen. then this happened. hope you’re happy lmao

Pt 5


“A tongue peircing..”

“Ya dud, ith thuper thweet, wight?!” Sean beamed proudly, sticking his tongue back in his mouth. “I even peirced it myself!”

“Didn’t it hurt?” Felix chewed at his bottom lip nervously, cringing at the thought of sticking something through his own tongue.

“Like a total bitch.” The green haired kid nodded. “I was bleeding everywhere and everything. You should’ve seen it!”

“Im very glad I didn’t..” Fe swallowed, shaking the image of wine coloured blood trailing down Sean’s chin out of his mind.

“You wanna feel it?”

“What?” Felix bristled with suprise, laughing nervously. “I assumed you’d knew by now that I dont like the feel of saliva on my fingers..”

“You dont have to feel it with your fingers.” Sean stated bluntly.

Was he serious? Felix searched his face for any hint of joking, coming up short. He…was serious.

“How else am I supposed to feel it?”

The green haired kid rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“What?” Felix’s cheeks felt hot. “Is there some other way I’m supposed to be able to feel it that I’m not aware of??”

“Yes, you moron.” Sean sighed in exhasperation. He reached for Fe’s arm and pulled him close to his face, and suddenly his mouth was on the blond’s.

Everything in Felix’s body screamed. The parts of their skin that made contact went into flames. He imagined Sean’s fingers felt like what a branding rod would as they pressed into his arm, forcing him to stay still. He pressed the swede back against the cement wall smoothly, the sensations around him overwhelmingly intense.

His skin prickled with every distasteful texture his body came in contact with. And there was a lot of them right now; the freezing rock wall with broken bubbles sticking out, frozen in time of when the cement had set, all poking and scraping against Felix’s sweater and into his back harshly. And Sean’s fingers snaked into his sweater’s edges, hiking it up to expose it to the freezing night air around them. His nails dug roughly into the dip of his waist, sending tingles down his legs, in his bones, and his nerves, and his toes.

And now, a new sensation; the irish kid’s warm tongue in his mouth. And an even stranger, more benign feeling; a hard ball hit the roof of it. Felix breathed out an involentary moan as the iron taste introduced itself, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. The feeling made the tingling in his legs spike up and his twigs give out as soon as it had left, causing him to go limp into Sean’s embrace like a ragdoll, their mouths disconnecting.

Sean pulled him back up to his legs after a moment, a smirk on his face.

Felix blinked as his vision focused again, his ears ringing. He felt as though the entire world under his feet was spinning, his legs threatening to buckle again; he fell back against the wall with all his weight, putting his hand on the back of the wall, and on his chest to steady himself. His heart was beating harder than he’d ever felt it beat as he gasped for breath.

“I was hoping you’d like it.” Sean wiped his bottom lip with his thumb.

Felix’s mind calmed down enough for him to slightly comprehend what’d just happened, and it sent a wave of cold astonishment down his fingertips.

Felix had just been kissed. Felix just had his first kiss. Sean had just kissed him. He’d just taken Fe’s mouth’s virginity.

Fe’s mind was reeling with shock as he pieced it together. It was a simple enough concept-of course. He’d just been kissed. Lots of people did it all the time. But this was Felix. He never kissed anyone. Especcially not a boy. Especcially not such a secular boy. Especcially not Sean. And this kid specifically, had just stripped a code- a law- a promise- away from Felix, just like that. Just that quickly, he’d forced Felix to break church code, and taken his mouth’s purity.

His church code.. The Family. What would The Family say about this? About Felix having broken code? Having touched such an impure kid, and letting him take away his mouth’s innocence? Surely, Felix already knew what would happen. He’d seen it happen a few times in The Family before. An overzealous teenager, raging with impure thoughts and heightened hormones would make a complete fool of the church as a whole- with the simple act of a kiss. And, of course, Felix knew, more in depth, more intimate things; they signified complete condemnation and removely from The Family. Even a kiss though, was considered just as impure as..the other things. And Felix had just participated in making a fool of his church’s code. And if they found out, they’d repeat the law of punishment, as they did with anyone who broke code. They’d beat him, with the thin crucifix shaped paddles, and they’d throw water on him for hours, and make sure to prove the point that he’d disobeyed the Lord’s law. They’d tell him he’d be sent to deep fires, and that he’d be terrorized by little demons that would crawl down his throat and dance through his blood and gouge out his eyes and burn him and brand him and break his bones, all because of how impure he’d been. And the fact that this act was established between Felix and Sean..who was such a demon already..just added an eternity of countless years more of torture.

The green haired kid stepped closer, pulling Felix out of his head and back to earth with a squeeze to his waist.

But this feeling didn’t feel comforting anymore. It brang panic now. Felix felt like the walls against is back enclosed around him, and Sean was blocking everything else in front of him. Holding him here. Trapping him here. The feeling felt familiar..

Through the anxiety Felix’s body was shouting at him, he felt something else, burning in his chest, just as loud, if not louder, than the panicked feeling.

Felix hesitantly reached out and clutched Sean’s shirt, slowly pulling him closer until they were nearly nose to nose. He looked down at Sean’s lips, admiring how pink, and plump, and soft they looked, licking his own.


He wanted another taste of them.. No-he needed another taste of them. That burn in his chest was urging him to feel that tingling throughout his body when their lips had touched the first time. A deep hunger, stronger than any thought of church or eternal damnation could deter.

Sean leaned in, their lips centimeters from brushing, every nerve in Fe’s body completely electrified.

Felix felt his entire face burning. What was he doing? This wasn’t what he was supposed to be doing. He was supposed to be inside, like a usual Friday evening, discussing bible verses over dinner with his mother.

Good Lord, what would she think? If Felix’s mother saw him with Sean right now..only God knows what she’d do. The Family punishment was one thing…but the wrath and disappointment of his mother sent a lump of guilt into his throat.

Felix hesitated now, and Sean seemed to pick up quickly.

“What?” He murmured, leaning away a little to take in Fe’s expression.

“I can’t help but worry about what my mother would think about this..situation..” Felix confided, chewing his lip nervously as he avoided eye contact with Sean. He seemed to be just as into this as Felix had been a moment ago, how’d he feel about Fe’s second thoughts?

“Oh, she’d probably have a stroke.”

Felix bristled at the thought, and at Sean’s vulgar way of putting it. He looked up quickly to read Sean’s expression.

“Yeah, man.” Sean smiled. “Your mom would probably die if she found out her good little Felix was out with Mr. Demon boy after curfew.”

Felix scrunched his brow in confusion, and pushed Sean back slightly.

“That’s…exactly what she calls you..”

The sides of Sean’s mouth were nearly up to his ears, an evil look in his eye. And suddenly, the blackness of his pupil seemed to leak out into his icy blue iris.

“Sean..?” Felix pressed against the wall harder, swallowing nervously. He tried to drag his eyes form Sean’s, but he couldn’t seem to get them to stop watching. It was as though he’d lost control of them, as though they’d stopped listening to him.

“Nope..” Sean’s smile widened, and somehow, he was literally grinning to his ears. His mouth was ripped at the sides, and bloody. The sight of his broken flesh sent nausea down Fe’s belly.

“Sean, your mouth..” Felix breathed out, his breath seeming to catch in his throat as his chest tightened, leaving him gasping.

The punk kid’s entire sclera was black now, and Felix shuddered. He was looking straight into demon eyes.

Sean snickered wickedly, his voice low pitched and devilish. “Ego daemonium tuum..”

Felix bolted up with a gasp, staring into the pitch black. He sighed with relief, his shoulders slumped immediately as he recognized the comfort of his room.

Just a dream..

The blond hesitantly lowered himself back into his pillow, curling onto his side as he pulled the covers over his head. He closed his eyes, eventually drifting off back to sleep, the words Dream Sean had muttered stuck quietly in the back of his mind.


Pairing: Punk!Cas x Reader

Prompt: High School AU: Castiel is failing trigonometry and gets stuck with Y/N as a tutor. 

Includes: mentions of bullying

Words: 2013

Note: Mary Jane= marijuana New series? Let me know please! xoxo

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