Scully’s Reasons Why Not

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG
Summary: Written for @leiascully‘s “Lists” challenge

Scully sat at the table in her kitchen, tapping the top of her pen against the blank yellow legal pad of paper in front of her.  She had sat down with a cup of tea, intending to prepare a list of pros and cons to the proposition Mulder had given her, but so far, the paper was still blank and the tea had gone cold and untouched.  She sighed and clicked on her pen, putting the ballpoint to the page.  Finally, she wrote a header.

     Should Muld we become lovers?

Even writing it down made her cheeks burn.  She dropped the pen and got up from the table, swiping the tepid mug of tea up and taking it to the sink.  She ran cold water from the tap and wet her hands before bringing them up to her cheeks.  A dishrag lay crumbled on the counter and she took it up to dry her hands.

At the back of one of her cupboards was a bottle of whiskey.  She could never remember why it was there or who it belonged to, but it had been in her cupboard for years, nearly full and collecting dust.  There were no shot glasses on hand, so she poured an estimate of a shot into a mug and took that back to the table and sat back down.

She was only able to down about half the whiskey she poured, which was followed by a few moments of coughing and sputtering.  She wiped her watering eyes with the back of her hand and picked up the pen again.  Already, her limbs felt warm and loose.

  1. I think it’s against the rules
  2. They would use it against us
  3. Would the work suffer?
  4. Could he give me what I want?
  5. What do I want?
  6. We could hurt each other
  7. We can not go back

That was as far as she got before she put the pen down and licked her lips.  The taste of the whiskey was still sharp on her tongue.  She tapped her pen again until there was a knock on her door and her shoulders jerked in surprise.  It was after ten and she was in her pajamas and a robe, not dressed for visitors, but who else would knock on her door at ten o’clock on a Thursday night but Mulder?

Lethargically, Scully went to open the door.  Her senses were a bit dulled from the alcohol and her fingers slipped on the chain latch.

“Hey,” Mulder said, slipping past her once she’d gotten the door open.  He was still in the suit she’d left him in at the office, only his tie was loose and he had his hands shoved into the pockets of his trench coat.

“Hey,” Scully said, shuffling away from him to go back to the table.

“I thought we could talk.”

“It’s late.”

“I know it’s late, but I thought maybe our conversation got a little out of hand today at work and…we should talk.”

“You told me it was my decision to make,” she said, chair creaking as she sat down.  “That the ball was in my court.”

“I know,” he said, taking a seat across from her and taking his hands out of his pockets to fold them on the table.  “Maybe I was wrong.”

“About what?”

“About it being your decision alone.”  He glanced down at the legal pad on the table and Scully held her breath, but didn’t move.  Two fingers went to the top of the pad and he slid it closer to him and turned it around.  “Seems like I got here just in time.”

She didn’t say anything as she watched his eyes dart across the page.  He glanced up at her and then over at the mug.  She followed his gaze and licked the corner of her mouth as he picked up the mug and gave it a little sniff.

“Liquid courage?” he asked.

“You can have the rest,” she said.

“No, thanks.”  He put the mug back down and then picked up her pen.  “It’s not against the rules, by the way,” he said, drawing a line through number one on her list.  “Unless I was your superior.”

“How many times have you reminded me that you’re the head of the x-files division and I just work there?”

Mulder’s eyes went wide for a moment and his adams apple bobbed as he swallowed.  He took the mug back up and downed the rest of the whiskey with a slight hiss.

“You’re my partner,” he said, scratching another line across number one.  “End of story.”

“When it’s convenient,” she said, calmly lacing her fingers together in her lap.  She could feel a fight brewing, but Mulder was focusing all his attention on her list.

“They use us against each other all the time, Scully.  They already know I would go to the ends of the earth for you, I kind of literally, already did.  And you, you once willingly got yourself held in contempt of congress by refusing to give them my whereabouts.”

“I didn’t even know your whereabouts,” she argued.

“They didn’t know that.”  He crossed out number two as well.

“Are you going to do this for every item?”

“You bet.  Would the work suffer?  Is that a joke?”

“How do you know it wouldn’t?”

“Because, I know.  It never has before.”

“Hold on,” she said, reaching across the table and putting her hand over his as he went to cross it out.  “That’s not true, Mulder.”

“So, we’ve had a few rough patches.  We always get through it.”

“What if there’s more at stake?”

“Now you’re skipping ahead to number six.”

“So what if I am?  They don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  I mean it, Mulder.  If I disagree with you about one of your theories, what’s going to stop you from blaming it on a lover’s quarrel we had the night before?”

“What was the lover’s quarrel about?”

Scully took her hand from his wrist and sat back with a sigh.  “They’re legitimate concerns.  Don’t belittle them or dismiss them so easily.”

The pen hovered over the list in Mulder’s hand and then he set it down.  “What do you want?” he asked.  “What do you want that I might not be able to give you?  Because, I’ll tell you right now, I would give you anything.”

“Even time to figure it out?”

“If time is what you need.”

“It might be.”

“You know what I don’t see on this list?”


“Whether or not you want me.”

“That’s not something I have to question.”

Mulder got up and went around the table to her side where he knelt down at the side of her chair.  She sighed as he turned her chair towards him and then put his hands on her knees.  He looked up at her with a puppy dog gaze until she sighed again and put her hands over his.

“I just think it’s time for us, Scully,” he said.  “I’ve been fighting it for so long and I don’t want to do it anymore.”

“And you know I have to think about everything.  It’s what I do.”

Mulder nodded and then he pulled one hand from hers and put it on the back of her neck.  He stretched his neck up and tipped his head while bringing her face closer to his.  

“Mulder,” she whispered.

“Shh,” he breathed against her mouth.  “I’m giving you something to think about.”

Her eyes drooped half-closed as his lips brushed hers.  She felt a rush of heat move up her body and a coil of desire move down through her abdomen.  A tiny whimper escaped from the back of her throat as he deepened the kiss and brought his arm around her waist.  She had just let her eyes fall completely shut when he pulled away, rubbing the back of her neck with his thumb as he moved back.

“Dammit, Mulder,” she whispered.

“Take all the time you need,” he said, slowly letting go of her and getting to his feet.  “See you tomorrow?”


He walked over to the door to let himself out while Scully sat quivering in her seat.  “Have fun with that list,” he said as he walked out the door.

She sat looking at the closed door for a long time before she turned back to table and pulled her list back from where Mulder had left it.  She picked up the pen and licked her lips.  The taste of whiskey from Mulder’s tongue was in her mouth.

     8. Resistance is futile

The End

Oh Professor... (NygmaxReader)

Originally posted by pushnpull

KINK Request:
Ed giving a lecture on Forensics at Gotham university when he still worked at GCPD. A student keeps flirting with him but he’s so awkward and shy and she makes him cum by just softly grazing his arm or hand because he’s already thinking dirty thoughts about her. Maybe it can go on by her dropping a pen and bends over and he catches a glimpse of her cleavage or undies in her skirt and darkED takes over and gives her everything she ever wanted in a ProfessorKink.


Accidental stimulation 14 Almost getting caught , 18 Dirty talk , 25 Public/semi public sex , 27 Pain/sensation play , 32 I love you , 41 Breath play , 58 Quickies , 78 Biting (marking, nipping, chewing) , 79 Blood (fetishization of wounds; blood-play;) , 81 Bruises and other wounds , 93 Knives and knife-play , 98 Sex with clothes still on or partly on with Edward/Dark!Ed at the GCPD 

Warnings: Read the prompts. That should give a good idea… 

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cheeky lil sprace soulmate au for yall!

The lines started appearing when Race was seventeen. One moment in class, he was working through a few physics problems, completely focused, and the next, he was staring at the black line on his arm. It was thin and scratchy like a ballpoint pen, and didn’t seem to follow any discernable pattern. Race watched in shock at the line continued slowly across the top of his forearm before coming to a close back at the start. He stared at the shape, trying to find any meaning in it, before realizing that it looked a little bit like a dog. After uncapping his pen, Race drew a quick face on what may or may not have been a dog, along with a bone.

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50 Pretty Words

I think I’d like to spend a life collecting beautiful words, like a magpie collects shiny things. So here’s 50 of them.

1) STELLIFEROUS: having or abounding with stars.

2) AEONIAN: eternal or everlasting.

3) JOCUND: marked by or suggestive of high spirits and lively mirthfulness.

4) IRENIC: tending to promote peace or reconciliation.

5) WEIRD: relating to, or caused by, witchcraft or the supernatural. 

6) ETHEREAL: extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.

7) AMARANTHINE: immortal and everlasting beauty.

8) ANGELIC: (of a person) exceptionally beautiful, innocent, or kind.

9) KINESICS: a systematic study of the relationship between non-linguistic body motions (such as blushes, shrugs or eye movement) and communication.

10) EPOCH: a particular time in history or a person’s life.

11) HALYCON: defining a period of time characterised at idyllic, haooy and peaceful. 

12) VIGNETTE: a picture that shades off gradually into the surrounding paper.

13) KOMOREBI: sunlight filtering through trees.

14) SYBARITIC: characterised by or loving luxury or sensuous pleasure.

15) LABYRINTHINE: twisting and turning.

16) INTERNECINE: mutually destructive.

17) FRISSON: an intense moment of excitement.

18) EPHEMERAL: lasting a very short time.

19) APOSIOPESIS: a sudden breaking off in the midst of a sentence, as if from inability or unwillingness to continue.

20) DULCET: sweet, sugary.

21) SOLILOQUY: the act of talking to oneself.

22) OPULENT: lush, luxuriant.

23) CRYOPHILIC: preferring or thriving at low temperatures.

24) ZEPHYR: a gentle breeze.

25) SUSURROUS: whispering, hissing.

26) PULCHRITUDE: physical comeliness.

27) DESIDERATA: things wanted or needed.

28) EPIPHANY: a sudden revelation.

29)  SCINTILLA: a spark or very small thing.

30) LISSOME: slender and graceful.

31) ALPENGLOW: the reddish glow often seen at the top of a mountain just before sunrise or just after sunset.

32) INCANDESCENCE: light produced by high temperatures.

33) HALE: free from defect or disease.

34) EFFERVESCENCE: bubbles in a liquid.

35) AMATIVE: disposed to love.

36) PASTICHE: an art work combining materials from various sources.

37) LILT: to move musically or lively.

38) NIMIETY: excess or overabundance.

39) QUANTAL: of, relating to, or having only two experimental alternatives (such as all or nothing, dead or alive).

40) HIRAETH: a homesickness for a home you cannot return to, or that never was.

41) INTERSTITIAL: pertaining to, situated in, or forming small or narrow spaces or intervals between things.

42) EFFLORESCENCE: flowering, blooming.

43) PARAPRAXIS: a slip of the tongue or pen that reveals unconscious wishes or attitudes.

44) LOQUACIOUS: talking or tending to talk much or freely.

45) INFATUATION: an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.

46) CUPIDITY: eager or excessive desire.

47) CELESTIAL: positioned in or relating to the sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy.  

48) SUPERCILIOUS: a person or facial expression which expresses disdain or contempt.

49) SYLVAN: relating to, or inhabiting the woods.

50) INEFFABLE: too great to be expressed in words.

The Impossibility Is In Your Taste

It is the wonderful @konekat bday today <3 And seeing as I love her with all my heart, I had to write her a gift! It isn’t much, I should’ve done better, more, but either way I hope you like it honey!! Love you~~ Happy bday my love ^^

On FF and AO3

The Impossibility Is In Your Taste

The world was strange and magical, with villains and superheroes, and also amazingly so, soulmates. It was hard finding the person you’re meant to be with, you were either really lucky or you’d have to search the world for them. After all, the only proof you were tied together was taste. It was always odd, tasting coffee on your lips when you were drinking tea, or chocolate on your tongue while biting your pen, lost in thought.

How many times had Marinette seen a fated couple meet each other in her parents bakery? Frantically searching for that sweet taste of her father’s macaroons, or his crunchy croissants, and sweet cakes, in order to find their one and true love. It was amazing; when they finally met, it was simply breathtaking - lots of tears, and kisses, and promises of eternal love.

Not everything was sunshine and roses though, people taking the magic for granted without trying to make the relationship work. Or a couple loving each other, knowing full well they weren’t soulmates but still incredibly happy, only for one of them to find their one and only, and everything ending with broken hearts and painful scars.

Waiting for happiness in the form of someone who might be real, but you may never meet, was silly. Marinette thought soulmates were wonderfully romantic, but near impossible to attain, which was why she never ate in front of anyone but her parents. She already loved someone, and she wasn’t going to let some dumb magic ruin it for her, with the awful truth of him not being her soulmate.

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all your gods are teenage girls: MINERVA, Roman goddess of wisdom

There are ten thousand wars to wage, and she wants to be on the front lines of all of them. She, with her nose buried in history books so she can learn from mistakes before she makes them. Her, with the proud hand up in the front row of her college lectures and an eloquent dismissal of her professor’s argument on her tongue. Anxiety creeps in sometimes, gives her the goosebumps so bad she can’t leave the house, but her 30k Twitter followers don’t care. They hang on her every word no matter where she is. So she teaches them to question everything. She won’t hand-feed you the knowledge, but she does want you to learn. Everyone should be learning, herself included. She sees the signs of revolution on the horizon, and she wants to do her part. She, she and her beautiful mind, will fight with tongue and pen and, eventually, her bloody fists.

Great little auditory stims: (since allistics are always telling us to be quiet, not draw attention to ourselves, etc)
-Vocalizing along with songs (not necessarily singing) and dancing a little
-humming “mhhm” repeatedly
-clicking your tongue
-clicking a pen near your ears
-high pitched “eeeeeee"s
(Feel free to add more)

2 Atoms in a Molecule [Alex Turner x Reader]

Author’s Note: Nothing much to say really. (: I was meant to write at least one more thing tonight (for a different character though), but this got longer than I thought it would be and now I have to go to bed, so. Maybe I’ll write that tomorrow. We’ll see!

Word Count: 906 (this was actually 900 at first and I was so happy, but then ended up at 906 after proofreading…)

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To have hopes and expectations for another being is a form of great flattery, but one riddled with potential disappointment… almost from the onset. It is a balancing act to remember that our dreams are just that: our dreams as opposed to theirs. But what does it say of a people if we have no expectations of others? Isn’t that part of a society’s bonding element?

Berries & Blackbirds

If this day reveals itself to me in a poem…

Will I rise (or fall) to meet it?
Will it speak to me in riddles?
Will it whisper in my ear?
Will the words cascade from my tongue, my pen, my heart?
Or will they meander sluggishly through the labyrinth of my mind?

My body, my breath, my soul…

Will I find sunshine or rain today?
Darkness or light?
Silence or music?
Will it be the way you smile a little smile in your sleep?

Or how I suddenly remember you telling me about the red-winged blackbirds yesterday, eating berries from our neighbor’s tree

(There’s a poem there for sure)

If this day reveals itself to me in a poem…

Should I rise to its occasion?

I think, today, I’ll fall
Let it speak to me of love

Azuki Lynn

‘ cheers ’  sentence starters  ━━━━

❛  are you as turned on as i am  ??  ❜
❛  she’s the queen of loco.  ❜
❛  &  what do i get for my troubles  ??  a gun stuck in my face  ❜
❛  i’m ashamed god made me a man. ❜
❛  oh,  a completely unprovoked personal attack…  i like it  !!
❛  you’re right.  i feel like striking you.  ❜
❛  it’s a dog-eat-dog world  &  i’m wearing milkbone underwear.  ❜
❛  i hope i can regard that as civility in light of today’s situation rather than sarcasm at my expense.  ❜
❛  to me,  our relationship makes perfect sense.  ❜
❛  i have,  on several occasions,  been known to perspire a bit.  ❜
❛  life’s treating me like it caught me in bed with its wife.  ❜
❛  well,  whatever you say.  i really don’t care.  ❜
❛  incidentally,  i’ve taken your little wisecracks for a few years now,  you hideous gargoyle  &  if you ever open that gateway to hell you call a mouth in my direction again,  i’ll snap off your extremities like dead branches  &  feed them to you at gunpoint. ❜
❛  … have a good life.  ❜
❛  well,  at least get the tension on that bun checked.  i mean,  if that baby goes,  we’re all dead.  ❜
❛  hello in there,  _____.  tell me,  what color is the sky in your world  ??  ❜
❛  i’ve never met an intelligent woman i’d want to date.  ❜
❛  &  while you’re up there floating around,  remember the day i said this:  you are the nuttiest,  the stupidest,  the phoniest fruitcake i ever met.  ❜
❛  shut up.  shut your fat mouth  !!
❛  make me.  ❜
❛  make you  ??  ❜
❛  what are you all sitting around here like a bunch of wimps for  ?? 
❛  what’s up  ??  my blood-alcohol level.  ❜
❛  everyone in this bar is on a connecting flight to beyond loony.  ❜
❛  i’ve never felt so low in my life.  ❜
❛  those kids had a pretty good time in that ambulance.  ❜
❛  last night i got knee-walking drunk  &  now i’m back in this bar a mere seven  &  a half hours later,  hung over…  well,  it’s official.  i have a problem.  ❜
❛  you know how you’re always talking about how you hate your life  ??  how come you wanna make it longer  ??
❛  why would she be carrying a dead rat in her purse  ??  ❜
❛  interesting little article here.  it says that the average human being only uses seventeen percent of his brain.  you realize what that means  ??  we don’t use a full…  sixty-four percent.  ❜
❛  you know,  i’ve always wanted to pop you one.  maybe this is my lucky day,  huh  ??  ❜
❛  you disgust me.  i hate you.  ❜
❛  i could look at you if i wanted to,  but frankly,  i’ve grown tired of counting the comb marks in your hair.  ❜
❛  listen,  if you don’t love the guy then why don’t you back out of this  ??  ❜
❛  i’m supposed to tell the richest man in the world that i don’t wanna marry him  ??  ❜
❛  i can’t be trusted,  trust me.  ❜
❛  the only thing he’s had in his hands all week is her ass.  ❜
❛  tell me you didn’t see that coming a mile away.  ❜
❛  you are my best friend…  now,  what is your name  ?? 
❛  i think you’re perfect just like you are.  ❜
❛  beer  ??  isn’t that the amber colored,  carbonated liquid  ??  i’ve heard goo things about it.  ❜
❛  did i ever tell you kids about the first thanksgiving  ??  it took place between the ancient egyptians  &  aliens from a distant galaxy.  ❜
❛  i think i’m going to be pregnant for the rest of my life,  just like it said in the yearbook.  ❜
❛  oh,  joy,  christmas eve.  by this time tomorrow,  millions of americans knee-deep in tinsel  &  wrapping paper will utter those heartfelt words,  ‘ is this all i got  ??  ’ ❜
❛  touch  my breasts,  friend,  i am lactating  !!  ❜
❛  we can put man on the moon,  but we can’t put metal in the microwave.  ❜
❛  this afternoon,  in a moment of extreme weakness,  i cheated on you.  ❜
❛  you think it’s easy being a lousy father  ??  ❜
❛  i am perfectly prepared to marry him  &  spend the rest of my life with him…  i’m just not particularly looking forward to it.  ❜
❛  next to his life,  my life has always appeared dull.  then again,  next to a barnacle’s life,  my life has always appeared dull.  ❜
❛  how would the civil war had changed if abraham lincoln had octopus tentacles instead of a beard  ?? 
❛  buy me a pitcher of beer  &  you can kiss me on the lips.  ❜
❛  that’s a great idea  –  leave two women who hate each other in a room full of glass  &  alcohol.  ❜
❛  hey,  speaking of bars burning down,  guess what i did  ??  ❜
❛  fight  ??  i’ve had sneezes that lasted longer.  ❜
❛  she’s a big  ‘ a ’  with no  ‘ t’s ’ ❜
❛  for all sad words of tongue  &  pen,  the saddest words are these: ‘ it might have been. ’ ❜
❛  if i win,  i get to go to bed with you.  ❜
❛  am i drinking again  ??  certainly not…  i never stopped.  ❜
❛  there is some crap up with which i will not put.  ❜
❛  you know,  you’ve made my life a living hell.  ❜
❛  but before you make your final decision,  let’s try this:  have sex with my twenty-five times  &  if at the end of the night  you’re still not sure,  i won’t say another thing.  ❜
❛  i finally figured it all out.  life makes sense  &  i am not crazy. ❜

Jesu, Dulcis Memoria
Jesu, Dulcis Memoria

Jesus, the very thought of Thee
with sweetness fills the breast!
Yet sweeter far Thy face to see
And in Thy Presence rest.

No voice can sing, no heart can frame,
Nor can the memory find,
A sweeter sound than Jesus’ Name,
The Saviour of mankind.

O hope of every contrite heart!
O joy of all the meek!
To those who fall, how kind Thou art!
How good to those who seek!

But what to those who find? Ah! this
Nor tongue nor pen can show
The love of Jesus, what it is,
None but His loved ones know.

Jesus! our only hope be Thou,
As Thou our prize shalt be;
In Thee be all our glory now,
And through eternity. Amen.