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Diss track // Simon Minter Imagine

Summary: JJ made a diss track where he said something he shouldn’t have.

A/n: I LOVE THIS! Oh my I can’t tell you how much fun @blueminter and I had writing this! For the 11614846651 time, thank you so much for doing this Mel, I love you. For those of you who don’t know this, Mel basically wrote all those amazing bars! Everyone go tell the Sidemen they need to hire her for their diss tracks! Anyway I hope you like it!

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“Hey babe”, my boyfriend Simon called me. “Have you seen JJ’s diss track yet?” he asked. With JJ leaving the Sidemen, Ethan and Harry had released a diss track. And to be honest, they were fire. Jide coming back at them was thus no surprise. “No, no I haven’t yet. I was actually just about to though, why?”, I questioned. “Well we’re all going to watch it together and react to it and I thought I’d be nice for you to be here too?” “Oh yeah, nice. I’ll be there in five”, I beamed.

The Sidemen house was only a few blocks away so I decided to walk there. When I got to the door, my boyfriend was already waiting for me. He kissed my lips softly as a hello. We went to the kitchen where all the other guys were already waiting. I quickly hugged them all and we sat down to film.

“Hey guys! As you all may know, JJ just released his diss track. So we’re going to watch it and react to it”. The track had a good beat to it, but the lyrics weren’t that great. JJ started off with Ethan, as expected.

Yow Ethan do you still the stairs cause you better roll down every pair, WOT?!

Ethan paused the video. “And there we go with the fat jokes!”, he laughed. Josh added; “Fat joke here, fat joke there”. “You’ve got the best fat joke of the year!”, I cheered, earning a laugh from the guys. “Don’t be surprised Ethan,” Simon stated, “She’s had your track on on repeat”. “Hey! Don’t judge me. It’s absolute fire”, I laughed. Ethan gave me a fist bump and Simon continued the video.

Now for Simon. Clearly opposites attract cause you’re too skinny and your girl’s too… Ha you know it.

At that moment, my heart dropped. I never considered myself fat, but I always felt self-conscious about it. So hearing it from someone else was quite a shock. Especially in front of all the guys. No one seemed to notice my discomfort, since they just kept watching and commentating.

I had no idea what was being said or done, because I was so caught up in my thoughts. Was JJ right? Am I too fat? Does Simon think I’m too fat? Maybe he’s only with me because he pities me? Oh god, I was starting to feel sick.

Luckily the video didn’t take much longer. Josh and Harry were still discussing how often JJ implied that Ethan was fat, when Simon asked me what I thought about it. “Uhm, yeah I think it wasn’t that bad”, I lied. Apparently, I wasn’t that great at lying, since he shot me a worried look. I didn’t want to talk about it, so I just ignored it.

Simon quickly did his outro, with Ethan warning JJ for his second verse. When all the cameras were turned off, Tobi asked if they could get a take-away pizza for dinner, to which all the guys cheered. I politely declined, knowing that I probably shouldn’t eat pizza if I was planning on losing weight. My boyfriend again looked worriedly at me.

“Hey”, I nudged Simons side, “Could I maybe take a shower?”. “Yeah of course! You want me to join”, Simon smirked. “No no not with the guys here. I’ll be fine on my own”. “Your loss”, he said and kissed me.

I ran up the stairs to Simons bathroom. I stayed here so often that I had all my own stuff in there. When I was about to hop in the shower, I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror. I looked at myself, mentally pointing out everything I hated. And before I knew it, tears were streaming down my face.

I quickly washed myself to try and forget about everything for a second. But when I went to Simons room after I was all cleaned up, I started thinking again. What if Simon doesn’t love me anymore? Does he really think I’m too fat?

I didn’t hear him come in, so I screamed a little when he hugged from behind. “Hello beautiful”, Simon laughed. “Hi”, I mumbeled. He started kissing me. First my cheek, my jaw, my neck, my shoulder, my collarbone. His touches were full of love, but I didn’t feelt it. All because of JJ. I kept hearing his words, over and over again.

Eventually Simon noticed something was really off. “Hey Y/N/N, what’s going on?”, he whispered. I just shook my head. “Y/N please. Don’t do this to me. Don’t shut me out. I know something’s wrong. Just talk to me, love”. I sighed. “Do you think I’m fat?”, I said no louder than a whisper. Simons eyes immediately grew. “What? Where is this coming from?”.

“Never mind. Just forget about it”, I said quickly, regretting my decision to speak up about my thoughts. “No Y/N, I can’t just forget about that! Is it because of JJ? Because of what he said in his diss track?”, he asked.

The fact that I didn’t respond and couldn’t even look at him, was answer enough for him. “Y/N listen to me. JJ only said that to get a reaction out of me, okay? You are not fat. Far from even. You are the most beautiful, happy, bright, funny, smart, talented person I know. And I love you more than anything in the world, okay? So don’t you ever dare to think that you’re not perfect, because you are”.

“I’m sorry”, I sniffed, looking at the ground. Simon placed his hand on my chin and tilted my head so I was looking in his eyes. “You have nothing to apologize for. JJ on the other hand… You know what? I’ve got an idea”, Simon smirked. He quickly explained his plan to me. “Simon you don’t have to do that. It’s fine”, I said once he had finished. “Oh no Y/N/N, I do need to do that. And you’re going to help me. He does not know what’s coming for him”, he laughed.

Two days later everything was ready to get the plan going. All the remaining Sidemen were there, in a car park getting ready to start recording. “Okay guys, is everyone ready? Then let’s go!”, Simon said, making everyone cheer. “3,2,1 ACTION”.

“Yow Jide. You thought we’d let you do this? You thought wrong mate and now you’re on your own. You said you had a storm coming? Well get ready cause we’re bringing you A FUCKING HURRICANE!”

Simon: Hey Jide I thought we were mates but guess what now we ain’t. If opposites attract then you and me would be good and that’s a fact. You call my girlfriend fat but have you ever looked at yourself? Man. She is my queen. You? You’re still thirteen, always dressed up for halloween…You act like a teen, you’ll light up like gasoline when you hear this fire coming at you through the fucking screen.

Ethan: Maybe I’m fat but at least I’ve got some brain cells, yours are rotten, so maybe that’s why you smell. You had a tongue twister in your rap but fam, how long did it take you to record that, man? Forget squirrel or rolls Royce, all that comes out your mouth is ‘more vag!’ You incompetent fuck, just learn how to read, and then maybe you’ll be able to drive at the right speed

Josh: So you left the Sidemen, the stacks you made are crumblin. Yeah you’ll be tremblin, struggelin, tumbelin, stumbelin without us right by your side. I’ve taken over your room whilst you’re in LA causing a baby boom, but just remember I will be daddy forever, there’s no way you can take that from me too.

Harry: It’s like you decided overnight, but leaving the Sidemen is just not alright. Thought you had a chance with my sister? Well now you’re never gonna be her mr. You’re too old anyway that soon, like your channel, your hair will fade to grey.

Tobi: See I’m the original team skrrr but not when it comes to you. I can’t tell if it’s humor but hell I don’t like your tattoos. You’re acting a little bit new yet you still send emails with yahoo. Now you’ve got a new girl but tell me, am I having deja vu? You were talking about Seana like last week, that shits antique, but I bet this new girl is just as 'unique’

Vik: You say I’m good with blocks but guess what? Now I’m blocking you. My head is square but mate, have you looked at WillNE too? No of course you haven’t, you only look at the girls you’re banging, call me savage, but I think you need to use family planning.

Y/N: So JJ, it was nice knowing you, and it was nice seeing you so relevant here on YouTube. Call me fat all you want but man look at you, could use a little bit of Facetune, photoshop just won’t do, you’re doing this just for the views so let’s stay cool. Don’t get yourself into this, I don’t really know what your purpose is, but I guess you need your stacks n that, but next time, don’t just say that I’m fat.

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Could you please make a post with tongue twisters in italian?

Some of the most common:

Li vuoi quei kiwi?
Do you want those kiwis?

A quest'ora il questore in questura non c'è
The officer is not in his office at this time

Tre tigri contro tre tigri
Three tigers against three tigers

In un coppo poco cupo poco pepe pesto cape
Little pepper powder fits in a jar that isn’t very dark

Sopra la panca la capra campa, sotto la panca la capra crepa
On the bench the goat lives, under the bench the goat dies

Trentatré trentini entrarono a Trento, tutti e trentatré trotterellando
Thirty-three dwellers of Trent came into Trent, all thirty-three trotting and toddling

Apelle figlio d'Apollo fece una palla di pelle di pollo. Tutti i pesci vennero a galla per vedere la palla di pelle di pollo fatta d'Apelle figlio d'Apollo
Apelle son of Apollo made a ball with chicken skin. All the fish came to the surface to see the ball made of chicken skin made by Apelle son of Apollo

Se l’ Arcivescovo di Costantinopoli si disarcivescoviscostantinopolizzasse, vi disarcivescoviscostantinopolizzereste voi come si è disarcivescoviscostantinopolizzato l’ Arcivescovo di Costantinopoli?
If the archibishop of Constantinople debishopconstantinoplized himself, would you debishopconstantinoplize yourselves in the same way as the archibishop of Constantinople debishopconstantinoplized?

[02112017] Youngjae commented on his JB hyung IG post~ 

JB: Something undeniable 

YJ: That’s right. I sent this next to Jaebeomie hyung - do you acknowledge it? Do you?* *play with tongue twister

trans by igot_markedby7 

so cute these two..they’re just next to each other while doing this~ also, love the way Youngjae indirectly supporting his JB hyung to keep using his IG acc~ 

YJ:  What are you doing,hyung?

JB: @.333cyj333 eating with you  

if the person i’m threatening threatens to tell someone that i’ve been threatening them, do the threats then cancel out so i’m no longer morally guilty or

The three hardest things to sing probably ever

3. So so so so this is what it feels like to match wits with someone at your level what the hell is the catch it’s the feeling of freedom of seeing the light it’s Ben Franklin with the key and the kite you see it right the conversation lasted two minutes maybe three minutes everything we said in total agreement it’s a dream and it’s a bit of dance a bit of a posture it’s a bit of a stance

2. I am in the Cabinet I am complicit in watching him grabbin at power and kissin it Washington isn’t gon listen to disciplined dissidents this is the difference this kiD IS OUT



The sheith fanmix you want but are too embarassed to make yourself (Featuring a lot of tracks no longer considered cool)

Tracklist: 01.Evertime we touch Cascada / 02.Love You Like A Love Song Selena Gomez / 03.Only GirlKeith(In The World) Rihanna / 04.Die Young Ke$ha  / 05.Final Song MØ / 06.Make me Fade Vanic x F.Klay / 07.Into you Ariana Grande / 08.Tongue Twister Cash Cash / 09.Your body Christina Aguilera / 10.High Vanic x Zella Day / 11.The Great Escape Girls Generation / 12.Heaven Dj Sammy / 13.Hit the lights Selena Gomez 


Character(s): Boo Seungkwan

Genre: Angst >:] + a soulmate!au!!!!

Word Count: 4,123 (aHHH I LOVE DEATH this thing is 7 pages)

Summary: Lets grow old - Until you are eighteen you grow normally, if you do not meet your soulmate before eighteen you will be stuck as eighteen until you can meet them. (The source is no longer available as the blog has most likely deactivated :(… )

A/N: I love soulmate AU’s, and I don’t see a lot of content out there for Seungkwan. I mean, do you see this wonderful, absolutely lovely man? Give him all of your love or so help me !!!! Gosh…… I let this get long……… oops ?

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Who knows how long it’s been? How long you’ve been wandering on the face of the earth. Any records of you are so old – some even lost – that you could be considered unidentifiable. It sucked, to be frank. When all of your friends and family found their soulmates, you were able to live such happy times. Going to their weddings, helping setting up anniversaries… seeing them age and grow up.

And here you were: stuck in the body of an 18-year old. Sure, it was kind of weird to see your friends and their soulmates age to their thirties while you stayed behind. Sure, it was funky when your cousin, ten years younger than you, invited you to their wedding with an older face and physique than you. Sure, it was completely devastating and heartbreaking when your family and friends aged until they just couldn’t anymore.

But you were moving on because it’s kind of what you had to do.

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Can I get a moriarty x reader with 1, 3 and 6? I love your story's by the way! Keep up the good work😁💕

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Reader x Moriarty

1. “I was going for intimidating and vaguely threatening.”

3. “You’re making it hard for me to be nice to you.”

6. “You’re already making me regret our friendship.”

You opened the door to your new flat and stared at Jim. “How did you get my address? I literally just moved in today.”

“Never mind that.” Jim said, pushing past you and making himself at home in your living room. “I need help plotting.”

“Plotting?” You asked and sat next to him on the couch.

“Yeah, you know, plotting.” Jim shrugged. When he saw that you didn’t understand, he sighed and continued. “Murder, bank robberies, assassinations.”

“Aren’t murders and assassinations the same thing?” You asked confused.

“Assassinations are for important people.” Jim told you. “For example, you would placed in the murder category while I would in the assassination.”

You narrowed your eyes in at Jim. “You’re making it hard for me to be nice to you.”

“I’m sorry.” Jim said sincerely, placing his arm on the couch behind your back. “Sometimes I forget how sensitive ordinary people are. Aren’t ordinary people adorable?”

“You’re already making me regret our friendship.” You reached across and flicked Jim on his cheek.

“That hurt.” Jim placed his hand over his wounded area and looked at you in disbelief. “You flicked me. You bloody flicked me!”

“Sorry,” You shrugged with a sweet, innocent expression on your face. “Sometimes I forget how sensitive ordinary people are. Aren’t ordinary people adorable?”

“You’re evil.” Jim muttered, shocked.

“I was going for intimidating and vaguely threatening.” You feigned innocence.

“Good.” Jim patted your head and opened his case file. “Then you can help me plan the ambassador’s assassination.”

“That’s sort of a tongue twister.” You thought about it for a moment before trying to say it fast.

Jim placed the file in your lap and stood up with a huff. “You look this over while I make us some tea. This is going to take awhile.”

“Oh don’t look so annoyed.” You dismissed him. “You love spending time with me.”

“Peach or apple cinnamon?” Jim asked with a small smile.

“Apple cinnamon, please.” You returned his smile as he disappeared in your kitchen to make the two of you some tea. When he was gone, you opened the file, studying up.

English- Sebastian Aho

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Ok I wrote this one for @thatangrymardleschick so I hope you like it girlie! Anyway I love Sepe he’s so cute and shy it’s adorable! I really want to kidnap him just to take care of him! Anyway so I used some Finnish (google translate so if it’s wrong PLEASE feel free to correct me!!!) and translations are at the end! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Request: May I have a Sebastian Aho imagine where you are an English as a second language teacher, who previously thought Tuevo. The Canes ask you again to teach another player, Sepe! Thank you!!


              You sat in the coach’s office staring at Bill Peters. Yes, THE Bill Peters.

              “I’m sorry I don’t understand” you laughed.

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Thoros teaching you High Valyrian would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Thoros 😍Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him picking up on your curiosity over the language with your numerous questions and just one evening proposing to teach you if you’d like

-Him always sitting a little too close to you for the lessons, enjoying to practically whisper you the words and look at you work hard to pronounce the words right

-Him cupping your cheeks and squeezing slightly to make you pronounce the words right, only for it to turn into a playful little teasing game for him

-Him teaching you the simple words at first, genuinely helping you but soon enough those words start to get dirtier and have an entire different meaning, especially when it comes to describing himself

-The others in the camp who know the language, chuckling and smirking to hear you, understanding exactly as to how Thoros thinks

-Him liking to give you all sorts of incentives, going from pure innocent ones to straight up naughtier ones to really motivate you to work hard

-Him teasing you during the day and whispering in your ear, to see if you’d catch on to what he says, only for you to blush whenever you realize how dirty he really can be

-Him being mean and giving you a tongue twister, only to laugh at how hard you’d try and quickly apologize by smothering you in hugs and kisses whenever you’d get mad at him

-Him liking to talk dirty to you in Valyrian, making you guess what he means and suddenly getting straight to the action even before you’d figure it out

-Him being utterly proud of you whenever you’d manage to make some full sentences and even more when you’d say some dirty things to him back

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10:10 | Hoshi

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At this point I have no idea what I was trying to accomplish but here is something that I threw together.

He wasn’t happy with the way his eyes looked, but you made him see them differently. Only he wished he could do more for you the way you did more for him. (Angst and slight fluff).

How unfortunate that the man was not happy with the eyes he was born with, the eyes that let him see the world and the beauty that sat in front of him. For almost twenty-two years he has been blessed with eyes that told time, and for most of his life, his time was spent drowning himself in hatred for them. In primary school the kids would tease him, coming up with stupid reasons as to why his eyes were the way they were. From time to time in the back of his mind he would hear a faint; ‘the older he gets the more then go inward!’

Secondary school came around the torture had died along with his confidence, the teasing became minimum and people saw him as he should be. Though there were those few asshole children who would ask him why his eyes looked like that. Soonyoung wanted to forget the world, say goodbye to it, it wasn’t worth being in a world where he didn’t belong.

High school came around and it was like a breath of fresh air. He was drowning all these years and meeting you saved him. You were a foreigner who spoke a decent amount of Korean, while he had trouble trying to at least understand some English—really it was those problems that led you to each other.

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Here is a popular Russian tongue-twister, a really hard one! Do you dare to repeat after me?

Лигурийский регулировщик регулировал в Лигурии,
Но тридцать три корабля лавировали, лавировали,
Да так и не вылавировали.

Roommate!Wonwoo AU

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Request: Roomate!Wonwoo AU please

This has been in the inbox since forever and it’s finally dONE WOO :D but anyways I wrote like 6 pages on a google docs for this so I apologize for the length! I hope you enjoy it & don’t come at me for taking so long :^) -Admin Madi

  • Ok so this is how everything went down;
  • Yours and Wonwoo’s parents were super good friends
  • and since you were both heading off to college/university, they thought “Hey, why not make them room together to save money??”
  • They were adamant that this was the best plan for the both of you
  • Little did they know that you and wonwoo have talked like maybe 3 times at the most??
  • So moving day was pretty awkward
  • But not as awkward as your first day living together dear lord
  • You two were so careful around one another you didn’t know how to act
  • Barely any words were spoken between you two
  • You weren’t used to living with someone of the opposite sex who was the same age as you at all
  • your whole mindset was “dont look at him, dont talk to him, you’ll be fine”
  • Bc you’ve seen those dramas where the girl falls for the guy and there is no way in hell that you are letting that happen on your watch
  • So every time you come out of your room to get a drink or use the bathroom, you keep your head down and avoid ALL eye contact
  • Wonwoo is 100% convinced that you hate him and are uncomfortable with the living arrangement
  • So he blocks your path and stands right in front of you one day when you’re trying to run back into your room
  • He asks if you’re okay with rooming with him bc he’s getting concerned
  • You’re like shit okay he’s noticed what I’m doing
  • So you just shake your head and smile at him for the first time ever and lie
  • “It’s great! Do you not like it?”
  • Wonwoo rolls his eyes playfully and pokes your shoulder
  • “You’re bad at lying.”
  • Ok so your act was painfully obvious so you just let your shoulders slump
  • Wonwoo really doesn’t want to live on his own so he offers for you two to get to know each other
  • You nod bc hell, that’s a pretty solid idea since you’ll be seeing a lot of him from now on so it won’t hurt to know what he’s like
  • So you two grab some chips and soda and plop your little butts down on your couch
  • You discuss your favorite shows, books, movies, songs and the basics
  • By the end of it you’re both like “damn, they’re not so bad”
  • AKA you two click ridiculously well
  • When you initially met wonwoo you thought he was a quiet, introverted guy that was lowkey hot
  • But now you’ve seen the really dorky and funny side to him where he’s making horrible puns every other minute and showing off that adorable nose scrunch of his
  • And you find yourself thinking “this guy is great best friend material”
  • And wonwoo was all for this new friendship
  • So for the first little while, you guys plan your lives around one another
  • You would dedicate afternoons to going out to try new foods, catch the latest releases of movies and make aimless trips to the grocery store to find what the other person likes
  • You would bring home lame things like dinosaur magnets for the fridge bc you knew they would make him laugh
  • And wonwoo would lend you his books where he would have lines highlighted and his thoughts written next to them bc he knew you would find them funny

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