tongue tornado

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do you have any good kissing tips?

okay i would usually joke about this and be like “TONGUE TORNADO DEEP DOWN THE THROAT” but kissing is important and good kissing is even more important because i’ve experienced many disasters in my life so i’m gonna be serious. this is all based on my own personal preference when it comes to kissing.

- start small, building up intensity. don’t go all out as soon as your lips meet.

- WATCH THE TONGUE. some tongue play here and there is fine and hot, but don’t shove it down the other person’s throat all desperately like you’re trying to reach the person’s stomach with it.

- be careful with how much you open your mouth. if your mouth or the other person’s is completely covering your own and engulfing it and you find them slobbering and consuming you there’s something wrong. your entire mouth should not be inside the other person’s and vice versa.

- slow kissing is hot and imo way nicer than all fast and sloppy, but depending on the situation, “hungry” kissing works just as well. that’s a preference tho. fast and passionate doesn’t mean it has to be a sloppy slobberfest.

- lip biting here and there is Nice and Good

- but don’t overdo it bc if you’re not careful you can actually rip the skin

- if you’re slow kissing and you pull out for a second to give one lick to the other person’s lips from bottom to top before continuing the make out session that is Very Good

- for goodness sake pls… turn ur heads while kissing and find a comfortable position

- if ur cuddling and shit while kissing do the whole “kiss on the nose” thing too and quick kissing all over the face/neck bc it’s magical honestly A+

- u can slightly suck on the person’s lips but don’t vacuum clean that shit and suction them bc ur mouth will literally make fart noises when u do

- kissing is great so make sure when ur kissing someone ur head is in the monent and enjoy it. when i was younger i’d think about if i had left the faucet on while making out. but that depends on who ur making out with tbh

- you get better with time and experience, trust me on this! don’t be discouraged

that’s it amigo happy kissing

your words destroy my virtue

your words massacre
the virtues of this gentleman

of flossy-pussy
poetry words of love

with feisty

tittle their way
into my groin/loin …

porking hot property
into steaming hands

tongue tornado
drilling into flesh

kiss-and-tell magnets
making sticky mess with

candy floss
flirty fetish
travel on

as curved accessories
provoke organs of fantasy

and kisses are
delicious on
escapades …

there … a surplus
of honey
into you …

reckless passion
lipping steam of hotness

we dance
into tenderness
with hurricane force
unlocking inhibitions …

oh dear

your words
haunt me
when you
tell me
you love with fire ….

your words massacre
the virtues of this gentleman

i fall into your sinful Eden
again and again
and again.

tuesday spilled thoughts; this story doesn’t have a name

there is something in the way your veins taste under the doormat of my tongue. there is a tornado of dust, but we pretend this is what dancing looks like.  so i hold your hand, and in your hand, i trace our happy ending and i cuddle my lips around 

your teeth

are making love to the synchronizing of my breaths.  and my heart has never beat so fast, so i cover it with my chest, and i built fences around it with my bones, like every time you say my name out loud, i feel my arteries doing cartwheels and they keep kicking each other because i never practiced getting used to


are something i could never get used to.  so i heard my atoms talk about you; they whisper to my bones when my fences are open and the doormat of my tongue has a welcome sign on it.  Welcome.  This is my home.  this skin makes me look


is what you call me when your drunken limbs chase after me faster than you do, mornings thoughts-of-you spill onto my pillows and my covers, and i wake up with you all over me.  Welcome. This is my home.  there are wrinkles that guide my particles in places they have never been and have been to afraid of, but here: you try.  Crawl your fingers along my lines, and place yourself underneath the roof of my skin, make yourself uncomfortable.  make yourself uneasy.  learn my edges and understand where my emptiness came from.  slow dance with me.  realize that your particles dance in the same way and rest your silence under my hips.  nothing, nothing sounds as loud as the silence of our body parts.  listen.  i constructed these legs so i can always learn my way back from where i came from, so when i end up somewhere unknown, i can always know i have somewhere to go back to.  so learn your way along the roads of my legs: it’s a one-way street, and there are no stop signs here.  i won’t let you get lost. realize empty spaces leave room for new things to grow, realize you wouldn’t look so bright if the darkness didn’t exist. it’s not something to be afraid of.  you are something i will never get used to and maybe it’s the way you fit so well between my tight spaces, the way your molecules create a dialect only my atoms understand, maybe it’s the way you slow dance with me.  slow dance with me, like our story will never be told, because people don’t want to hear about the way we belong


we fit so well.  no one wants to hear how easy this is.  everyone wants to hear about the ending; the way things end so badly.  it’s tragic that tragedy creates love stories in people’s ribcages, like, look how happy this makes me, how sad this makes you, but it’s okay because your pain will make me smile.  so form a fist with your palm and hide our 

happy ending

doesn’t exist here.  carve thunderstorm onto your cheekbones and hang rainfall from the hangers of your eyelashes, you deserve to be written in fields of stars. so when the sky collapses and the star explode, you will explode so loud, the whole galaxy will know your story.  and when you explode, i will be waiting down here, holding my legs up for you, with everyone who hoped in our oblivion.  you will come back to me, back where you came from,

and you will stay with me

okay? you will stay with me.

anonymous asked:

Im really shy and my boyfriend said he wants to go down on me but i might pass out and die of embarrassment like nothings wrong my vagina but the thought of him being down there is very overwhelming and weird i can hardly think straight discussing it

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i would think it would be the other way around u giving him lmao,

just tell him to start kissing u from your lips down to your neck to to your boobies then lower and lower till his tongue is doing tornado spins on your clit lol go slow and u wont be embarrassed thats your man let him luvvvvv youuuuuu lol