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She had the most beautiful eyes too. She hated them because she thought they were just brown, but they had the smallest hint of gold in daylight, and when the sun was setting, and the world was on fire, they were a beautiful shade of brave, and adventurous, and honest, and I swear if she was talking to me when the light was in her eyes, I didn’t hear a word she said.
—  tongue-tied-and-terrified0825, A book I may never finish
Tongue Tied (Wanda x Reader)

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Fandom: Marvel 

Character: Wanda Maximoff

Persona: Female

Word Count: 362

Warning: Minor swearing

A/N - Wanda is scared to talk to reader

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Her heart would pound each time you were near. She would start to sweat and her thoughts would become jumbled. It happened every time she tried to talk to you.

You thought the younger twin disliked you, which was why she wouldn’t speak to you. She would leave the room, leaving you with a feeling of hurt. Once you tried to initiate a conversation but it quickly died.

You decided to ask her twin brother for help. “Hey Pietro!” you smiled as you walked into his room. “Waddup (Y/N)?” he asked you. “I came to talk about your sister” you said nervously entering the room. “Normally I’m the one getting in trouble” Pietro joked though he quickly became serious as he saw your expression.

“What’s wrong?” he questioned you. Meanwhile Wanda was also coming to ask her brother for help, but she stopped outside his door upon hearing your voice. “Did I do something to Wanda to make her hate me?” you whimpered, tears started to well up in your eyes making Wanda’s heart break.

“Pietro help me” Wanda pleaded to her older sibling. “Talk to her” he said for what felt like the millionth. “How do I do that?” Wanda asked feeling defeated. “For fucksake” Pietro sighed, he grabbed his sister’s arm and dragged her behind him

“Where are we going?” she asked. “You’ll see” Pietro replied. You where sat at the breakfast bar, scrolling through your phone. “Hey (Y/N)!” Pietro called, you turned your head and saw Wanda, a feeling of hopefulness spread through you. “Hey guys!” you replied cheerfully.

“Wanda wants to talk to you” Pietro said as he pushed his sister over to you. Then he dashed off using his power leaving you alone. “Hey Wanda” you spoke softly.“Hello (Y/N)” she replied. 

It was silent so you decided to speak up, “What did you wanna talk about?”. Wanda gulped, her hands went to fiddle with the bottom of her shirt. “I was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie sometime?” she muttered, if the room hadn’t of been so quiet, then you wouldn’t of heard her offer.

“Wanda”, you said,  “I’d love too”.