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I don’t know about you, but the way Papyrus impassively watches as Aliza screams, struggles, and sinks to a suffocating death stands out as super creepy/scary to me.  I know in my Surface interpretation of him, he’s got more empathy, but it’s pretty much just because he’s come to find a friend in the Lady.  When it comes to strangers getting mangled or something, he wouldn’t bat an eyesocket.  

Speaking of his eyesockets… they’re recessed in his skull now, and kinda sunken in from his abuse at the hands of Undyne.  So that’s kinda also a scare factor that sets him apart from classic Paps.

I actually answered something kinda like this on the skelelodge!

I see Crooks and Axe as the type that don’t really care enough to do it.  Crooks is a little off compared to his previous self, so he would end up questioning if there’s something wrong with him, Axe would wave it off as nothing, and Crooks would instantly regain his confidence and not give it another thought.  I don’t think they’re painful to him.  

In the same ask-vein, when it comes to Axe’s headwound, he doesn’t care about concealing it, either.  He doesn’t care if people stare, but he does wear his beanie now–not to hide it, but because the Lady gave it to him.  


Dragon pricing wisdom, from us.  This is the world we know.  As old farts with a lot of capital built up, we buy trip-gened wildclaws and coatls pretty much exclusively, unless it’s exalting-time.  We sell similar fare.  If you think that irishim is ugly and that people only want it because it’s expensive, you’d be right about that second part, and you can go find a different advice post.

1) Buying iri/shim/tert dragons:

10kT and under: For exalting!
10-50kT: Tbh, I haven’t bought a dragon for myself in this bracket in a long-ass time.  Too cheap to breed, to expensive to exalt.
50-100kT: I only buy dragons from this price bracket if I think they’re underpriced and belong in the next price bracket.  Sometimes there are really good wildclaws that people have underpriced!
100-200kT: Impulse-buy range!  Danger for my deep pockets.  Iri/shim/tert coatls in good colors hit the sweet spot for me right about here.  I want as many of my hatchlings to fall in this bracket as possible, for as long as possible.  It is the one true money-making spot in today’s dragon economy.
200-300kT: I’ll snap up dragons in this bracket if they complete a breeding pair, and only whine a little about the price.
300-500kT: Only if I NEED the dragon.  If I am literally pointing at my screen making distressed noises, I will think about it.  300-500kT is pricey.
500kT-1million: If I’ve contacted the breeder ahead of time, declaring my desire for hatchlings, I will shell out basically any amount of treasure.  It’s pathetic.  A PM from me is a sure sign that a seller has me by the short ones and should commence extreme extortion.
1million+: Not worth it.  No new gene is that hot for long enough to turn a profit.  I will wait that shit out.

2) Selling iri/shim/tert dragons:

10kT and under: the parents are getting leveled and exalted, because it’s more trouble than its worth.  Other players do well here!  I’m too lazy for that: plentifuls breed way too often, leading to too many babies.
10kT-20kT: the price range I aim for with cute commons or less-good imperials.  Pocket change!  Whoo!
20kT-50kT: what I aim for with my decent imperial pairs.  If one of my wildclaw/coatl pairs dips down this low, I start to think dark thoughts like “leave now and never come back” and “you come into my house, you eat my seafood”
50kT-100kT: a spectacularly good imperial, or less-good wildclaw.
100-200kT: my favorite price range for selling dragons quickly and making a lot of money at it!  I figure that for a cute triple-gened irishim coatl, the price starts at 100kT, and then I fuss around on the AH trying to decide how far I can push it above that price.
200kT-300kT: for extra-good hatchlings!  If I’ve got rare YXX or XYX doubles I tend to push them up into this bracket.
300kT-500kT: I am feeling ballsy!  Maybe someone will bite!  Usually this does not pan out for me and I sulk for a while when the auction expires, then try again a little lower.

And that’s pretty much it!  Of course, prices trend downward, so in a few months these brackets will shift some, but at the moment this is how I structure my market research.

excaliburgalatine  asked:

what would you imagine were the greatest turning points/events in archer's life up until his end?

The biggest point in Archer’s existence and his whole character that I have to make known (even though it might be obvious) more than anything is the fact that he, himself, is Shirou’s Despair Event Horizon. Once Shirou was betrayed by his ideals and humanity, hanged and became Archer after death, that was the moment that he crossed the line. The whole ordeal was the greatest turning point in his life because it completely reformed who he was as a person; if the line was never crossed and this singular act was never done, Archer would simply never exist. The betrayal and nature of his death was so scarring and damaging that he was forced to change and understand his ways because it all blew up in his face. Shirou was too absorbed in his ideals and his heroism that he was never able to fully understand his own downfalls and inevitably lead himself to his own end, then watched it all crash down as his eyes were finally opened to the truth and weight of his own actions, and the worlds own truths which hurt him even more. It was the single most heinous act he’d ever experienced in his life and it’s what created Archer from within a young Shirou. It was both the beginning and end of Archer because he came into existence due to the physical and emotional death he never expected. It was the turning point and the end game all at once, really. There was honestly nothing greater than this in Archer’s life and he, himself, would believe that nothing could compare or even top it because it was so.. messed up. On his side and the side of the people who betrayed him.


Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Words: 2,417
Warnings: none. but you know idk, to my knowledge there is none.
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A/N: Bucky Barnes story all up on your dash! also i’m sorry it’s sooo jumpy. i’m like a frog always jumpy. jk lol that is so lame kelly… anyways enjoy.
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