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The Perks of Having a Gal Pal

Beca is a famous musician/producer (really, we all knew it was going to happen), and Chloe’s America’s sweetheart as the host of a reality dance show. After four years at Barden denying that they were hopelessly in love, Beca’s having a hard time accepting the media’s refusal to acknowledge their relationship. 

“God,” the door opened unceremoniously, and from the kitchen counter, Chloe heard Beca’s boots echoing on the foyer floor. She was mumbling something that the walls didn’t pick up until she entered the kitchen. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”  

Chloe looked up from where she was chopping vegetables for dinner, spotting the tiny hurricane of a rage whirling through the room. It took most of Chloe’s self-control not to break into a grin. “Ah yes, great to see you too. My day was great, thanks for asking. I’m just making dinner for my gorgeous girlfriend. No big deal.”

Beca rolled her eyes, pulling herself onto the bar-stool before throwing a magazine down and opening up to a page where her own face was smiling giddily back up at them. Donning a striped suit with high-waisted jean shorts, photo-Beca was propped on one elbow, her hand trailing down Chloe’s figure - which was donning a bikini that, at the time, nearly convinced Beca to not leave the house at all. Their legs were intertwined on the towel, and it was a grainy photo, but you could see the wicked grin on their faces. Beneath the photo, “Hollywood’s Favorite Girl-Power Duo Enjoy a Day at the Beach”.

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Anna gets a Pug, Elsa gets an Anna

Prompt from the wonderful Baku-Babe, thank you!

-Anna gets a puppy as present from a citizen, only it seems the puppy has its eyes set on Elsa and follows her around, which makes both Anna and the puppy follow Elsa around xD At night Elsa lies in bed with Anna cuddled up to her and the puppy asleep on top of the comforter :)

Elsa fidgeted, maybe she won’t like it.

The package wiggled and woofed softly at her.

Elsa glanced down at it.

The package wiggled again.


Elsa stood up with the package and made her way down the hallway. A few servants quirked their eyebrows at the wiggling package in her arms, but no one said anything. Elsa only blushed when Gerda giggled at the soft woofing.

She turned a corner and stopped, the practice grounds stretched out in front of her, Anna. Elsa was very tentative to let Anna start fencing practice. The first month had been rough for Anna, the rigorous training left her exhausted every day. Elsa’d asked her almost every day if she wanted to quit.

But if Anna was anything at all, she was stubborn, persistent Elsa, and now, three months after her training had begun, Elsa was very happy Anna had convinced her.

Anna was wearing skin tight breaches and as she lunged forward, Elsa remembered all of her manners classes just to keep her jaw from dropping. Anna was gorgeous. She’d changed in the last two months. The confidence she was so good at faking was now real, Elsa saw it in the way she walked, her smile, her flirting.

Elsa choked and almost dropped the package. Anna had accepted a water canister and was pouring a decent amount over her head. The water droplets slipping down her neck made Elsa week at the knees, conceal, don’t feel, don’t be jealous of water. Anna stretched and her shirt rode up to show off wonderfully toned muscles.

Elsa groaned.

The package woofed.

Anna spotted her and a smile spread across her face, “Elsa!” Anna jogged over and laced her fingers with Elsa’s own outstretched hand. Anna glanced down as the package wiggled, “What?”

Elsa held it out to her with a little grin, watching the sun dance across Anna’s freckles. Anna tilted her head but took the package and unlaced the ribbon. Anna opened the box and gasped, “Puppy!”

“Woof!” Two brown eyes stared up curiously at Anna.

“It’s a puuuggg!!!” Elsa smiled, at least she’d chosen correctly. Anna scooped out the puppy, discarding Elsa’s carefully wrapped box, and made cooing noises as the pug wiggled and wagged its tail.

Anna cradled the puppy with one arm and grabbed Elsa into a hug, “Thank you, Elsa! Thank you!” Elsa didn’t even mind the sweat and hugged Anna right back. Maybe her hands strayed a little further down than was necessarily sisterly, but Anna didn’t seem to mind as she just pulled Elsa in closer.

The puppy wiggled up between them and balanced on Elsa’s chest, Elsa laughed lightly and glanced up at Anna, “She’s not named yet.” Anna was staring at the pug and Elsa glanced back down to see what was up.

The puppy was wiggling and had edged Elsa’s dress slightly lower than appropriate for open spaces, oh. Elsa blushed and released Anna, taking a step back after repositioning the puppy in Anna’s arms. “I uh, have work I need to get back to.”

Anna cleared her throat, her freckles dimming with the reddening of her face, “oh yeah, uh, I’ll go take care of her.”

Elsa fiddled with her braid and nodded, “I-I’m glad you like her.”

Anna rubbed the back of her neck and looked at the puppy. “Yeah, Elsa, thank you,” she looked back up and gave Elsa a smile that had the blond blushing and turning away. With a little wave they parted ways and Elsa all but skipped back to her office.

Elsa sat down to the amazing world of taxes and building plans. She was a bit distracted though, the thought of sun-kissed skin and freckles always made work a little difficult

Elsa didn’t know how much time had passed but woofing and running footsteps alerted her to the possible incoming of Anna.

“Icicles, hang on!” Elsa raised an eyebrow as the pug came rocketing into her study followed closely by Anna. Elsa smiled and pulled her chair back from the desk so Icicles could jump into her lap.

Anna was breathing hard and trotted over to Elsa, collapsing in front of her chair. Elsa giggled at the exasperated look on her sister’s face and scratched the puppy’s ears with a smile. When Elsa looked back up to Anna, she was gazing at Elsa with the warmest smile Elsa’d seen in a long time.

Elsa blushed when Anna caught her gaze, “I-is she giving you trouble?”

Anna didn’t break eye contact, “No, she brought me to you.”

Elsa blushed harder and Anna got up, still holding Elsa’s gaze. Elsa’s heart began to beat harder and her fingers stilled as she watched Anna inch towards her.

She’s giving you time, Elsa realized, as Anna’s hands came slowly up to brush across her cheeks. Light blue eyes came closer and closer as Elsa slowly lost her breath. Talk about confidence.

Her heart stopped when their lips met.

It was tentative and gentle, but when Elsa’s hand came up and wrapped itself in Anna’s shirt both leaned in closer and Anna’s tongue swept across Elsa’s lip, asking for entrance, and Elsa didn’t have the brain power to stop her. Anna groaned into her mouth and Elsa lost it.

Neither thought about the still open door but Icicles was tired of being ignored and barked quite loudly. The sisters broke apart immediately, blushing hard. Not more than two seconds later a knock came at the door.

Elsa took a breath and tried to slow her heart, her blush was still bright red. “Yes, Kai?”

Kai, with much practice and experience with the oddities of the royals, didn’t even bat an eye at their behavior, “Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes your Majesty, Princess.”  

Elsa sighed, “Thank you Kai, we’ll be down in just a bit.”

Kai nodded and left. He had a bet to collect on. Anna’s shirt was ruffled. Kai hummed down the hallway, scaring a few servants with his smile, all the way to the dining room where Gerda awaited.

Anna was chewing on her lip when Elsa got around to looking at her again.

Elsa’s blush didn’t go away.

Anna stepped forwards and hesitated, then glanced away and took Icicles, “thanks, see you at dinner.” Anna shuffled out with Icicles, blushing at the floor.

Elsa sighed again. Dinner would be awkward. Especially since Anna had a habit of licking her lips between bites. Elsa rubbed her temples, she could feel a headache coming on and the flitting images of red-hair and freckles weren’t helping.

They sat across from each other at dinner. Icicles was the only reason they didn’t just combust into flames.

After chewing on the chair legs and whining at Elsa’s feet, Elsa had a servant bring over another chair so the pug could sit beside them. Icicles wiggled in the chair, snuffling happily.

Elsa glanced up to find Anna looking at her. Elsa glanced away, blush already returning.

Gerda held her tongue through most of dinner, but all of this was much too fun to pass up on, “your majesty, do you have a fever?”

This caused both women to blush even harder and Kai and Gerda shared a very discreet high five while the two surreptitiously checked out their food.

Elsa cleared her throat and said, “No, no, I’m fine, but I think I will retire for the evening.” Elsa stood up and bid a quick farewell to Anna before retreating out the door to her room.

She tasted of chocolate and summer, Elsa shook her head again as she entered her bedroom, pushing the door shut as she headed toward the bathroom. A cold bath, a very cold bath.

It didn’t help Elsa. She could still remember Anna’s smell, the feeling of her lips, the ghost of Anna’s hands over her heated cheeks… Books are good, books are calming.

The Highlights of Architecture: Romans to Greeks. Some light reading to clear her mind.

A woof and some scratching came from the door.

Elsa sighed.

“Icicles! Come on, get away from there!” Anna hissed.

Elsa groaned.

Whining and a very saddened woof came floating in.

Elsa placed her book on the night stand and called out, “Go ahead and let her in Anna.”

The woofing paused and eventually the door was inched open. A very excited pug came bounding in and leaped at the bed. Unfortunately the bed was at least four times taller than the little pug could jump. Much whining ensued.

Elsa shook her head again, “Anna, will you come in and lift her onto the bed?”

Anna peeked through the door and, wringing her hands, she shuffled inside. Where’s all that confidence now?

“Close the door please, I’m in my night clothes.” Devious, devious, Elsa ignored the little voice in her head.

Anna nodded and closed the door, then continued to lift Icicles up next to Elsa. The pug immediately climbed over to Elsa and snuggled in next to her.

Despite the overly tiring series of events, Elsa laughed a little. What a crazy day, she looked back up at Anna to find her just as uncomfortable looking as before. Anna stood by the foot of the bed, night gown disheveled, twiddling her braids and keeping her stare solely on the ball of fur pressing into Elsa’s leg.

“Anna,” Anna looked up in surprise, a blush already rising on her cheeks, “I don’t think Icicles will be going anywhere tonight and as her owner, you should probably stay with her.”

Anna glanced at the door and then back at Elsa, her eyebrows pulling down in confusion, “then… uh, where are you going to sleep?”

Elsa’d come this far already, the hole was dug, may as well make it her grave, “Well, I was thinking in this bed, but perhaps your arms would be more comfortable.”

Anna’s freckles disappeared with her blush, “o-oh”

Elsa moved the blankets aside, giving her sister a wonderful view of the creamy skin not covered by her nightgown, “come here.”

Anna’s spirit slowly ascended to heaven as they settled into each other’s arms. Icicles was the only thing to come between them that night.

Overall, it was a good day, Elsa though before drifting into slumber.

This is much longer than I anticipated. But I still like it. 

You can tell I fought valiantly against the smut too. -le sigh- I am trash. XD

Clumsy Comfort

A03 Fanfiction

Rated Teen, 1500 Words, KakaSaku Prompt:  Under the Weather

The first time Kakashi and Sakura slept together, it was a complete accident. When he couldn’t find her at the hospital, the man had stopped by her apartment. Their last mission had been a particularly grueling one in the Land of Iron, and they’d only returned to the village the night before. Sakura hadn’t answered his knock, so Kakashi slipped through the window she always left open for him. It was unlike his normally disciplined kunoichi to sleep past noon, but Kakashi found her in bed, blankets cocooned around her.

Her mouth fell open at the sight of him. “Wh-wh-what are you d-d-doing here?” Kakashi reached Sakura’s side in moments, surprised to see her trembling despite the heavy blankets. Without thinking, Kakashi peeled the glove from his right hand and pressed it to her forehead. Her flushed skin burned like fire under his fingers.

“Sakura, you’re ill.” When worried, Kakashi had a penchant for stating the obvious.

“Observant,” Sakura mumbled before squeaking out several sneezes in rapid succession. It was the most adorable sound Kakashi had ever heard. Her eyes narrowed at his expression. “If you say anything about me being cute, I’ll-” Another chill wracked Sakura’s body, preventing her from completing her threat.

While Sakura looked pathetic, and undeniably cute, Kakashi valued his life more than sharing his thoughts. “Do you need me to take you to the hospital?”

“That wouldn’t cause any rumors,” Sakura snorted, then shivered again. Though the pair had been dating for a couple of months, they had yet to go public with their relationship. “It’ll pass, but you could bring me a wet rag from the bathroom.”

Sakura must have been feeling unwell on the way back from their mission as well. Her dirty uniform was piled on the floor, which meant she’d stripped and gone right to bed when she got home. Kakashi scooped up the clothes, dumped them into the hamper, and tossed a washcloth beneath the running tap.

Sakura sighed when he placed the rag across her forehead, then squawked and pushed it away. “Kakashi, you have to wring it out first.” She complained as it soaked the pillow beside her, water running in tendrils down her face. “Now I’m miserable, and I’m wet.”

An inappropriate comment was on the tip of his tongue, but Kakashi didn’t say it. “You didn’t tell me it needed to be wrung out first. Maybe you wanted to clean up, or something. How was I supposed to know?”

“Clean up?” Sakura’s voice dropped an octave lower, to the tone Kakashi had learned long ago to associate with danger. “Are you saying I look bad?”

“Of course not,” the man responded quickly. While he was still figuring some things out, Kakashi had learned that white lies were sometimes necessary in relationships. The trick was knowing when. Sometimes, being an elite shinobi was far easier than being a boyfriend.

Kakashi pressed a soft kiss to Sakura’s forehead as he took the dripping rag from her hand. Being in a relationship did have some perks, after all. After getting the cloth wet again, and wringing it out thoroughly this time, Kakashi performed a summoning jutsu. Pakkun glanced around in confusion, then met Kakashi’s eyes.

“Boss? Where am I?” The pug’s gravelly voice echoed in the small bathroom.

“Sakura’s apartment,” Kakashi answered as if that were perfectly normal. He squeezed every, last drop of water from the rag before turning.

Pakkun had padded across the floor and was glancing up at something hanging from the handle of the door. To his horror, Kakashi realized the item in question was a very lacy, very red bra. A flush crept up his cheeks as Pakkun barked out a laugh. “I didn’t think that was yours. So what am I doing here?”

“You’re going to help me take care of Sakura,” Kakashi reasoned, trying not to look at the undergarment that drew his eyes like a beacon. Kakashi gave Pakkun a serious look. “It won’t kill you. I’m going to get supplies, and you are going to keep an eye on her while I’m gone.”

Before the pug could argue with him, Kakashi left the bathroom and moved back to Sakura’s side. She was snoring softly, mouth agape as a ribbon of drool ran onto her pillow. Somehow, against common sense, Kakashi still found her endearing. When he whispered her name, Sakura jumped and opened her eyes.

“You could have just put it on my head and let me sleep,” Sakura complained hoarsely. Kakashi could tell she was trying and failing not to be angry with him, though he wasn’t entirely sure what he’d done.

“I brought you Pakkun,” Kakashi said by way of reconciliation. He scooped the dog up and placed him on the bed, deftly avoiding the sharp teeth that tried to close around his hand. Sakura managed to arch one eyebrow. “I’m going to the store. No, don’t argue, just let me take care of you. Pakkun can find me if you need something while I’m gone.”

The pug grumbled and curled up near Sakura’s feet as Kakashi left. By the time he reached the store, the man realized he had no idea what he needed. Oranges, some helpful memory surfaced in the back of his mind. More tissues. He grabbed two boxes of those, just to be safe. Soup. Kakashi stood in that aisle longer than he would care to admit, looking at the varieties. In the end, he bought half a dozen different ones and made a mental note to find out which was her favorite.

It was early evening when Kakashi got back to Sakura’s apartment, arms full of things she probably didn’t want or need. Pakkun must have been putting on a tough dog act for Kakashi. When the man peeked into the room, Pakkun was snuggled against Sakura’s chest instead of her feet. One of her hands rested on the pug’s ribs, as if she’d fall asleep petting him. Pakkun peeked one eye open as Kakashi approached, then showed his teeth. It was an unspoken warning that if anyone ever found out about this, Kakashi would never be forgiven.

“Sakura,” Kakashi touched her cheek, which felt cooler than before, though still warmer than it should have been. Green eyes opened slowly, and she frowned. “Are you feeling any better?”

Kakashi lifted the strip of cloth from her forehead. The heat had dried it, even as its dampness left pink curls around her temples. Kakashi pulled his mask down and pressed his lips to her forehead again. She made a breathy sound in her throat that was half-sigh and half-groan.

“Kakashi, I really appreciate this, but you’re kind-of driving me crazy,” Sakura said gently. “I don’t need to be babied.” She pushed herself up in the bed and Kakashi saw that she was wearing a pair of plain black sweatpants with the leaf symbol on the left hip and a grey sweatshirt that had slid off her shoulder. Messy pink hair stuck out in all directions and fever flushed her cheeks.

“You’re beautiful,” Kakashi breathed suddenly, even as Sakura attempted to work out a tangle. She shook her head at him and rolled her eyes. But there was a slight smile on her lips as well. Kakashi kicked off his sandals then crawled up toward her, returning the expression.

“You’ll get sick too,” Sakura warned, half-heartedly attempting to stop him.

When Kakashi leaned in to kiss her, Sakura turned her face away. He had predicted the movement and lightly brushed his lips against her shoulder instead. “Then you can take care of me,” he murmured against the hot skin as Pakkun covered his eyes with a paw.

Sakura chuckled and bumped against Kakashi softly. “Do you really want to make me feel better?”

“Of course,” he responded instantly, pressing another faint kiss to her partially exposed collarbone. As distracted as he was, Kakashi didn’t think to worry about a trap.

“Watch tv with me?” Sakura asked, gesturing toward the small tv on her dresser. When Kakashi nodded, she flipped it on to something that looked like the terrible romance she had been giggling about with Ino the other day. Kakashi balked at the idea. Reading Jiraiya’s novels was one thing, those were golden; cheesy romances about soulmates were quite another.

In the end, though, Kakashi couldn’t refuse Sakura anything, so he curled up in bed beside her. The movie’s plot lacked the fire and passion of Icha Icha but the woman in his arms more than made up for it. He brushed his fingers tenderly through her hair and held her burning body against his cooler one. Long before the movie ended, they were both lulled to sleep by the drone of the tv and the safety of each other’s arms. It wasn’t exactly the way he thought that their first night together would go, but he couldn’t complain either.