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Someone may have done this already, but I'd love to see a "Harry doing the tongue-biting thing" master post.

Oh the tongue biting… he does it a lot doesn’t he?

But it’s not new, he’s been doing it since he was a cute little cherub

And it’s even more painful when he does it along with the smug look™

And he knows the wrecking effect it has on us, so he even does it on purpose…

Honestly I can’t believe we have to deal with this teaser


Suga’s rap can be super fast at times, and only a turbo engine A.K.A a tongue like his can keep up.

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Suga knows how powerful it is, that’s why “tongue” (technology) was used by him in both Cypher 3 and his mixtape AgustD numerous times.

(Lyrics: Cypher3)

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But one more thing was used: “sending them to Hong Kong”

(Lyrics: Agust D)

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“Sending someone to hong kong” is a Korean euphemism for getting someone to climax … literally!

There is no way to run away.

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SO … YEAH! Suga’s tongue alone does things that many can’t achieve with their whole body. SWAG~

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