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Hey there admin K! *waves* I'm a writer over at a blog called yourkpopfanfics...I just wanted to let you know that one of our admins just published a Kyu-Changmin threesome that will make your ovaries explode. XD

Oh yes.

Leslie did an excellent job. When she told me she was working on a ChangKyu threesome, I was worried she would die from feels. But she survived spectacularly <3

-Admin K

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To your followers in regards to weight, from someone who was once really concerned with her own weight, it's important to remember it's not just a number but can fluctuate 3-5 pounds daily. Plus, muscle weighs more than fat because it's denser. Because I'm athletic and have a lot of muscle, I weigh 120 pounds at 5'5," but people say I don't look it. Plus, like the previous anon said, we are all built differently. Always love and accept your body. Those differences make humans beautiful. :)

I would insert a GIF of Changmin clapping for you, but tumblr is being a cockblock. So instead, I will offer you many thanks, my dear :)

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Who are your tumblr crushes?

Are you talking about these things? I don’t love them at all…










I suggest you go check them out and follow if like them. Also these change like week to week…. so yeah.

And I so love that I am getting random anon mail!!! Feel free to talk to me people!!!!

Now to some of the people I linked too…

LOL lookit guys and gals!!  Never say I don’t love you, cause here is some proof!! >__<

tonglexi replied to your post: You have maybe been asked about this many times from Gamers, hehe since you are the Mother Gamer, but do you think Kyuhyun is a virgin? Please explain your reasons. After watching Super Junior on Radio Star not long ago, and they were talking about the condoms being thrown on the stage, hearing that Kyuhyun was collecting them made me think that he probably isn’t a virgin. Or he probably was collecting them and throwing them back out to the audience lol I dunno…

Lol @ your tag cause I was literally thinking, “If he’s a virgin, that’s not going to last long when Brenna gets there.” XD

I like taking v-cards and Kyuhyun’s would be the ultimate. If he’s still a virgin, I’m swiping that v-card until it’s maxed out.