Radio producer(?): what about a kind hearted good looking person? Is there someone like that in Gene?

Alan: That’s me! That would be me!!

Hayato: No one is! No one!

Alan: i also cheer you up when you are down, didn’t i?

Hayato: Rather than cheered me up, you were only saying a simple “don’t let it bother you”

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I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but apparently you’re becoming a meme??? The video of you trying out the yellow heels has gotten lots of attention. People even think you’re a guy cause of how toned your legs look.

Wow I’ve made it guys, meme status, I can retire now bye bye, ..honestly though someone send me a link to my legacy so I can see for myself instead of just telling me about it

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P-1 Same anon from before, thank you for replying. “We each do need time to work through this and heal in our own way, it’s true, but what disservice are we doing to the boys to not honor their requests and say your grief must look like my grief or else it’s not valid? Where is the line for enough grief? Who draws it? Who measures it? Who says this satisfies me and my feelings?? Is it grief or penance we want them to go through??” This is kind of hypocritical.

P-2 If other shawols are saying they’re not ready then who are you to tell them how to feel or what they should do. It’s okay if they aren’t ready. There’s too much discourse right now. Nobody’s opinion is wrong, nobody’s feelings should be discredited. As long as everyone is being respectful and trying to be understanding of each other. And also just because someone says they’re worried or they aren’t ready does not mean they can’t be supportive.

The point I tried to make throughout the entirety of my post was and is: We are allowed to grieve on our own timetable- us and SHINee- but SHINee should never ever feel our support for them wavering in any way or be hurt by our worries as they go through this difficult time.  

I honestly fail to see how any of that thought is hypocritical. 

If you are inferring that I’m going around with some sort of measuring stick and comparing shawol’s grief you’re wrong. What I was saying was that some shawol’s seem to be doing that to SHINee and saying that ‘I must be convinced that you are as sad as I am before it’s ok that you go on’. That idea is vile to me in every respect. 

Kibum said: “it might be too much to ask, but i hope that whenever and wherever you see us, you will treat us and love us like you always have. i would be very thankful for that. if you continue to support us so that we can hang in there, we promise we won’t disappoint. ”

LIke really. THIS is too much to ask of us!?? 

It totally breaks my heart that he’s thinking that way. 

The thing is that the people who are talking those worried thoughts repeatedly in public or in the IG comments are wrong because they have brought more worry and hurt to Kibum and the others. Hurting isn’t being supportive. Showing love is being supportive.

 As I said before, even if you hold personal worries and doubts that you are working through think of the boys first and publically relay your support otherwise you are only adding further doubts and burdens on them.    

Usopp: Hey, Luffy! Who’s your favorite Sonic character?

Luffy: Knuckles the Enchilada!

Usopp: Haha, I think you meant to say ‘Knuckles the Echidna’.

Luffy: But, Usopp. That’s exactly what I just said

Usopp: No, no, no. Luffy. You mixed up “Enchilada” and “Echidna”. It’s supposed to be ‘Knuckles the Echidna’ not ‘Knuckles the Enchilada’.

Luffy: Usopp?

Usopp: Yes, Luffy?

Luffy: I’m hungry

Usopp: I know

so @eviltwin76 ’s sb&ttt are LITERALLY the best,