commission for Meret! this is actually based on a sketch that she made, which in turn was inspired by one of my old drawings ~ this is also the third tattoo design I’ve made for her, which is just ridiculous and most of all super cool

Me when I first saw the lake scene: awwww Philip can’t swim, this is the perfect occasion for a fluffy swimming lesson by Lukas with lots of reassurance and comfort, I mean that’s Chekhov’s gun 101 right

What actually happened: Lukas getting shot in the chest by a serial killer mid jump on his bike, falling into the lake while Philip is watching, Philip running to the water and barely stopping a second before overcoming his fear and diving into that lake to drag his unconscious and bleeding love out of the water.

Okay. I’m fine. This is FINE.

Also I swapped out the boots on Isabela’s casual clothes and I really like it. I think I might put the Raiders insignia on the front and back of the black corsety thing too? No in-game shots though b/c that involves some more texture work including joining the texture maps and I super fucking don’t wanna right now lmao. It’s literally my least favorite part of making these, hence why things sit in Blender for so long before I drag myself into exporting them.