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How do you feel confident in being a plus size woman? Don't get me wrong, i think bigger ladies are gorgeous. But i personally feel its hard to love myself especially when i don't see my body shape ever celebrated. A lot of the plus size world is still toned heavier women. I never see women with double bellies (which i have) and it makes me feel insecure.

I mean, personally my confidence stems from the realization that it was a lot more effort to hate myself than it was to love myself. Hating yourself is a crushing weight on top of you that sucks up all of your energy and constantly leaves you feeling gross but loving yourself is just…freeing. It’s the feeling of a cold glass of water when you’re parched. And I was so tired of giving myself so completely to something that was killing me.

As for the whole fat aspect of it all, my family was OBSESSED with weight growing up and they bullied me and put me on diets, claiming I would be ‘so much happier’ if I was skinny. But I’ve watched my mother, who is in her mid 40’s, hate her body for as long as I can remember. She’s lived her life going back and forth between different diets that will 'change her life’ because she 'wants to be able to keep up with her kids and grandkids’ and she 'wants to feel confident in pictures’ and whatever else but…here we are. She sits out of stuff because she thinks she’s too fat. She won’t wear things she really likes because they’ll show her arms or her legs. And I have veeery few photos of her because she doesn’t like having her picture taken. And that’s heartbreaking! She’s wishing her life away in the hopes she’ll start living when she’s skinny but time waits for no man. I love my mom with all my heart and she’s such a beautiful woman who is an example of an amazing mother in so many aspects but I’ll be damned if I spend my life the same way.

You should follow @fatseux and @fairyfatty because they’re both stunners and they have double bellies! I’ve also seen quite a few of the same body types come across my dash submitted to @chubby-bunnies so you should check them out as well!

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Smth i hate about straight white men writing marginalised characters it feels to me that its either gross stereotypes or "this is how i feel you SHOULD act" im so sick of settling for badly or grossly written characters because its the only lesbian i can identify with :(

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It is one of the most tiring things in my entire life.

Straight White Men do not know how to write marginalized characters, I’ve seen good attempts and I’ve seen bad attempts. But I’ve never seen a Straight White Man succeed and at this point, I just have no faith in any of them.

Which is why I wholly support more marginalized writers and developers, especially in the gaming industry. It is why I want in the gaming industry, because we need to see more of ourselves there. Not just as characters, but actual developers with direct input.

Hey Ladies! I'm in the weight room lifting with all the guys, where are you at?

Why are women so afraid to go lift?  And when I say lift, I mean heavy weights, looking to really build some muscle. Not just going in and picking up some dumbbells and doing some curls or 2 sets of something light just to “tone up.” Why are women so afraid to be strong and powerful?!

Is it because you fear you’ll “bulk up?” Are you afraid that you’re not doing it right? Maybe you’re intimidated by all the guys in the weight room? You think cardio is more important? No. You’re wrong. Stronger is always better. Why fight to just be thin when you can be strong, make your body USEFUL not just pretty… Muscles are just as beautiful. 

Myth: If women start lifting weights they’ll bulk up.

FALSE. The vast majority of women simply do not have the testosterone to build muscle like men. Men have a different bone structure to allow them to build muscle in more places than women. Now, this is not to say that women cannot bulk up like men but this usually includes the help of LOTS of protein, strict diets and supplements. Lifting weights cannot hurt you and you will not bulk up like that bro over in the corner checking himself out. 

Myth: What if I’m not lifting correctly… won’t people look at me weird?

FALSE. Stop making excuses and get the help you need. I understand not everyone knows how to perform every exercise in the book, I’m a personal trainer and I don’t know it all. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to do the exercises. Ask a person in the weight room who is doing the exercise, ask the weight room attendant, ask a friend, find a personal trainer, google it… and after you find out how to do it GO PRACTICE. Sure, people might stare but they can go screw themselves. You’re not going to learn how to do it if you don’t practice it. Don’t refuse to do the exercises because you’re afraid of learning new things. You’ll get better and you’ll get stronger.

Myth: There’s just too many guys in the weight room.

Sooo you’re not going to go into the weight room because there’s a bunch of penises in there? You’re not going in there because they’re bigger, stronger and louder than you? Girl, get your fine ass into that weight room and lift your ovaries off. Since the dawn of time women have been told not to go places, do things, say things, look certain ways and have lots of babies. You really need to stop listening to all those people who say you shouldn’t do those things simply because it’s not what you’re “supposed” to be doing. The guys will probably stare, but that’s because you’re breaking mold, you’re breaking stereotypes that say women must only exist in the cardio room. It’s your responsibility to be a trend setter, be the first taco to break up that sausage fest. Tell all those other ladies at the gym that it’s alright to pick up those heavy weights and get buff.

Myth: Cardio is more important than lifting

Wrong. Incorrect. False. Nope. The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn at rest. So if your goal is to lose weight WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO BUILD MUSCLE?! Lifting also firms up all those flabby muscles that haven’t been put to work in years. It makes you look fine as hell. Other benefits of resistance training: Stronger bones and increased bone density, stronger joints and less injuries, increased stamina for workouts and just everyday tasks, defined muscle tone, you won’t look saggy when you’re older… I can keep going. I’m not trying to dismiss cardio all together, cardio is clutch BUT if that’s all you’re doing then that cardio is going to waste. 

So ladies, please do not fear your strength. Do not fear the weight room. Get in there and lift. I’m so tired of seeing women trying so hard to be thin and dainty and as small as possible… that’s fine if that’s what you prefer, just make sure it’s healthy. Just remember that muscles are more useful than thin, maybe give the weight room a try. You just might like it.