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Best available friends

I’m in love with this game but yet haven’t even got the chance to play it gAAAAAHHH! Gregg and Angus coming soon! (maybe) I was trying to make Bea look Hispanic or Pilipino, and Mae looking half- asian (?), I failed anyways hahaah. 

[Please tell me before saving and/or reposting please! And if you do please give me credit! Just in case]


A Kiwi Fireplace

Some recolours of @kiwisims4 beeuuuutiful fireplace. Seriously how gorgeous is this mesh!  10 schist fireplaces with different colourful mantles as displayed and 15 wood tone fireplaces in @peacemaker-ic‘s woodtones. 


cc used: @kiwisims4, @peacemaker-ic, @leo-sims, simcredible, @dreamteamsims, @mxims, mangosims, @loveratsims4, painting recolours by me.

Precious Little Glamper Separated toddler bed

Up for download today is another toddler bed “Precious Little Glamper” based off of the “Glamping Vunderbed” from Outdoor retreat (Outdoor retreat is not needed for this bed, base game compatible).

I chose this one as the next one to work on because I went to redecorate my granite falls lots to be toddler friendly and just didn’t thing the other beds worked for that cabin vibe.

I will be uploading the combined version soon as well, but it will have a much smaller color selection for obvious reasons.

The separated version has the following:

Toddler Bedrame with 41 colors.

4 EA frame colors 
3 Monochromes
11 Rich darks (this is a range of colors from brown to purple, not just wood tones)
13 Bright colors (same as above)
10 Gradient flare

Toddler Mattress with 52 Vine print recolors.

11 Mid tones.
13 Inverted darks.
13 Saturated brights
5 Monochromes
10 Gradient flare

Download links:


**NOTE**  The mattress has been modified SLIGHTLY to fix a clipping issue with the scaled down frame. I do not think this will conflict much with other separated bed frames, but am just posting this for informational purposes. You can still use the frame with other toddler mattresses but there may be slight clipping.

You can recolor/retexture either piece to your hearts content.. I do not mind if you include the mesh in your recolors but please give credit if you upload your creations.

Happy simming!

Special thanks to Spirashun for the Classic toddler bed separated which was used to do the separated version of this bed.

This creation was made with SIms 4 Studio.

This creation was made with Sims 4 Studio.

i love night in the woods so much now, it’s so nice

also, what better way to start trying out lineless art than drawing something night in the woods related? 

i really like how lineless art looks though, i might do it more often 


Portland Living by SaudadeSims

This set is for my lovely @deelitefulsimmer’s birthday! Today is her birthday and she requested a living set. This is my first set that includes couches and they are tough! 

There are 12 new meshes including couch, love seat, chair, end table, bookcase, coffee table, plant stand, fireplace, TV stand, lamp, shelf mirror, mirror, and a set of retro recolors of my Augusta Artwork. 

Please click keep reading to get to the downloads and to see the color palette for this set :)

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