tone rodent

So here are some facts about some demon species

Demons are based off of all the dangers in the world

“Bubblegum demons” are based off of candy and are often fucking adorable with powers like taffy whip and bubblegum forcefields.  

Dragon Demons are very short tempered and have boiling hot blood. They’re also seen as the most beautiful. 

“Reds” are the most common demons with the horns, red skin and tails. They are fire proof and most of them are wealthy or high class. 

Sea Demons live underwater and are based off of the most dangerous creatures in the sea. Sea monsters are often mistaken as sea demons but there is a difference. 

“Nukes” are a rare, radioactive form of demon based off of man’s worst creation. They melt everything within ten-twenty feet of them and they smell horrible.

Nature demons are kind of like demonic nymphs. Based off of plants, elements, etc. their appearances remind you of fantasy creatures from storybooks. Like Nick’s ears or Jasper’s adorable rose theme. Because of their connection to nature, they’re the most sypathetic and caring of the demon race.

Shadow Demons, because they are pure darkness, are cold blooded beings who have the ability to control and travel through shadows. They have pitch black eyes, desaturated skin tones, and rodent-like ears and tails. People believe this is because small rodents usually only move around in the dark and are hard to catch


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