tone river

- barely ever ours,

these lives which
unlive us  

(and I am left

brazen with woodland, 
full of paw & fig         
            wing & arrow

inconsolable , this trying

- that you never knew me

heron comes brimming with

fog-toned and fit for its
blue-winged leaving

; it is enough


mouth of river by kazu saito



銚子大橋 by kazu saito

“You know we are on a wrong track altogether. We must not think of the things we could do with, but only of the things that we can’t do without.”
George comes out really quite sensible at times. You’d be surprised. I call that downright wisdom, not merely as regards the present case, but with reference to our trip up the river of life, generally.
How many people, on that voyage, load up the boat till it is ever in danger of swamping with a store of foolish things which they think essential to the pleasure and comfort of the trip, but which are really only useless lumber.
[…] It is lumber, man - all lumber! Throw it overboard. It makes the boat so heavy to pull, you nearly faint at the oars. It makes it so cumbersome and dangerous to manage, you never know a moment’s freedom from anxiety and care, never gain a moment’s rest for dreamy laziness - no time to watch the windy shadows skimming lightly o'er the shallows, or the glittering sunbeams flitting in and out among themripples, or the great trees by the margin looking down at their own image, or the woods all green and golden, or the lilies white and yellow, or the sombre- waving rushes, or the sedges, or the orchis, or the blue forget-me-nots.
Throw the lumber over, man! Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends, worth the name, someone to love and someone to love you, a cat, a dog, and a pipe or two, enough to eat and enough to wear, and a little more than enough to drink; for thirst is a dangerous thing.
You will find the boat easier to pull then, and it will not be so liable to upset, and it will not matter so much if it does upset; good, plain merchandise will stand water.
—  Three men in a boat (To say nothing of the dog)
Definitely Against Protocol, a Kate/River oneshot

Rating: E

Pairings: Kate Lethbridge-Stewart/River Song, The Doctor/River Song (mentioned)


There’s a certain professor who is starting to make a habit of breaking into the Black Archive, although not for the purposes of stealing. Kate tries to act like she doesn’t approve.


“You and your assumptions, Professor,” Kate says, with both amusement and disapproval.

“Are you going to have me court marshalled?” River asks, grinning.

“No, but I could report you to your husband,” Kate replies as her hand ghosts up River’s toned thigh.

River laughs. “Oh, do. He’d think it was hilarious.”

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Tone Deaf by Olivia Rivers

Ali Collins was a child prodigy destined to become one of the greatest musicians of the twenty-first century—until she was diagnosed with a life-changing brain tumor. Now, at seventeen, Ali lives in a soundless world where she gets by with American Sign Language and lip-reading. She’s a constant disappointment to her father, a retired cop fighting his own demons, and the bruises are getting harder to hide.

When Ali accidentally wins a backstage tour with the chart-topping band Tone Deaf, she’s swept back into the world of music. Jace Beckett, the nineteen-year-old lead singer of the band, has a reputation. He’s a jerk and a player, and Ali wants nothing to do with him. But there’s more to Jace than the tabloids let on. When Jace notices Ali’s bruises and offers to help her escape to New York, Ali can’t turn down the chance at freedom and a fresh start. Soon she’s traveling cross-country, hidden away in Jace’s RV as the band finishes their nationwide tour. With the help of Jace, Ali sets out to reboot her life and rediscover the music she once loved.

This could have been a great book.

Instead the male lead is a total asshole and the female lead, well, she’s ok. Mostly I’m just furious that the male lead is literally a complete asshole and that’s just fine for everyone like nbd I just flipped off a girl BECAUSE she was Deaf.

And then suddenly he’s halfway in love with Ali because she’s being abused by her dad, same as he was, and I just can’t deal with Jace, he’s fucking ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong there were bright spots but they were sincerely overshadowed.

And seriously has the author ever met a PoC? Ever? Because no PoC is going to describe themselves as having skin a color between ‘cocoa and burnt umber’ I’m so mad.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (1/5 stars)