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Oh boy. I finished this thing in a day, but I procrastinated posting it for another three days after realizing a lot of errors in the format of the comic rip but im lazy af so i never even fixed them ahh. As for the other comic I was working on: every new chapter released reveals another logical flaw in the comic. I think I’ll wait till the companion fic starts to really fix up that comic orz :’( 

This is for chapter 12 in the fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin

Freedom - Prologue

A documentary about falconry inspired me.  


Trust that she won’t forget the path

That leads her back into my grasp.

The falcon landed on his arm. But her quick, urgent movements told him she was restless still. Arm raised, he let her launch into the air again.

Ah, understanding dawned on him as he noticed a group of birds near the horizon.  

She rapidly gained height, eventually hovered over the birds. In a flash, she turned and dived. Her wings drew back, her shape a dark arrow slicing through the air. As the sharp talons sank into the prey, she let out a screech that rang through the silence of the hunting field. 

Deadly, and graceful. 

She came back to him after having fed from the carcass. The falconer had said that she would not go back to the wild, if he would train her well, and if she liked the protection and food he provided. He knew little of falconry, but he believed that there could be something more to the relationship. A tight bond. A deep appreciation.

More than just master and hired sword, his mind supplied.  

She had been gone for months. Each passing day found him more agitated. More than once, he had imagined her safe in his home, cocooned in his silks and jewels, and laughing with his children in her arms.

But falcons were not song birds. They were meant to be solitary and free.

He turned towards the castle, heavy heart a dead weight in his chest.


Trust that in her skyward dance

She won’t forget the warmth of my hands.

He was half asleep when she came back, announcing her presence with little girlish giggles. His heart leapt as she slid into the bedding and settled on top of him. Winding his arms around her, he buried his face into the crook of her neck and noticed a faint scent of blood that still lingered. For a moment, he was terrified that it belonged to her.

She raised a sardonic eyebrow at the question. But her expression soon melted into a fond look, and laughing lightly, she told him that it would take a highly skilled opponent to draw her blood. He cupped her face in his hands then, and crashed his lips into that infuriating mouth, taking in her taste to fill the emptiness that had tormented him for all the time they had been apart.

“I have a gift for you”, he said between slowing kisses.

She pulled back, a teasing look dancing in her eyes.

“Not another pretty little hair pin, is it? I prefer mine sharp and dipped in poison, Milord”.

His face flamed, at both the drawl in her voice, and the memory of that first gift. But amidst the embarrassment, there was sympathy wrenching his heart. Her beauty was more than just a weapon, and it pained him that she only thought of it as such.

Pressing their foreheads together, his summer blue sky gazing into her velvet night, he smiled softly.

“You’ll see.”

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congratulations on the milestone!!! can you do 13 and 23 with cas please

Hey you :) You didn’t include who’s sister the reader is, so I hope it’s okay that I write the reader as a Winchester sister! Thank you so much as well <3

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“What do I do, Cas?” You asked, distressed as you searched for reassurance in those ocean blue orbs, that always seemed to know everything about these things. “I mean, I just keep forgetting things, things that I never should…”

You were standing in an empty parking lot, after finding out that also the latest lead was a bust. The dark night sky was hanging heavily above you and the chilly air seemed to make its way inside your clothes, cooling you down to the core.

“Y/N, you need to calm down.” Cas’s words were gentle, but he looked at you sternly. “Because, this curse, it works in such a way that the more upset you get, the faster it’s course will be.”

But, despite his words, you couldn’t stop the hot, stinging, tears from pooling in your eyes. 

“I can’t say this to them, but sometimes when I see… Sam and-… Dean, it takes me a moment to remember who they are. And they’re my brothers, Cas, they’ve been my best and only friends for most of my life, my only family. We grew up together and now I struggle with their names.” You paused, drawing an unsteady breath. “I’m just… I mean, who would you be if you didn’t remember who you are?”

“That’s a very good question, Y/N.” Castiel looked at you sadly. “But I don’t think you want to know my answer.”

A tear spilled over and rolled down your cheek. Your life was full of horrible memories of death and things people only had nightmares about to never encounter in reality. But there was a whole lot of good too. And those memories, the ones that made you all warm and fluffy inside, the ones that your brothers always were a part of, the ones where you wore bright smiles on your faces. 

Castiel stepped forward and wrapped his arms tightly around you, and you didn’t know why but you could tell that this was slightly out of character for him, although you couldn’t remember why. And although he seemed just a little stiff, you still really appreciated the hug. You sniffled and grabbed ahold of his beige trench coat.

Suddenly, something snapped in the darkness, a noise that instantly alerted Cas, his head twitching in that direction. And then, to your surprise, you weren’t outside anymore. Instead, you were standing in a dimly lit, warm, motel room.

“What the hell…” You murmured to yourself, staring at your surroundings with eyes big as a saucer. “How…? Did you seriously just do that?”

Castiel smiled gently. “I’m an angel of the lord.” His tone was ever so patient. “Remember?”

And slowly, realization dawned upon you. Now, you remembered. You smiled lightly when you nodded in response, but the smile never reached your eyes as a new wave of pure dread washed over you.

Portrait in Red

First day of enjoltaire week !

How strange that we get “paiting” as a prompt the day I watch The Portrait of Dorian Gray. So of course….

Warning : character death

The brush slid on the canvas, leaving a glossy trail behind. The afternoon light was falling through the high windows of the studio, bathing the model in gold. His hair shone so brightly, it was almost painful to look at. But for nothing in the world, Grantaire would have turned his eyes away. First, because as a painter, he needed to watch his model closely. Especially for an order like this one. It wasn’t the first time that Grantaire was hired to paint the portrait of a lord’s son, but it was enough of an unusual occurence to make him kinda nervous. Especially when he first saw said lord’s son.

And there came the second reason he didn’t want to look away. High society boys weren’t bad to look at, all raised in cotton and silk and not damaged by the hardships of life like common people. But that one… That one was… Oh, he was something else. He looked like a statue, made of the finest marble, with cheekbones that could kill a man and hair spun from the finest gold. And those eyes… huge, lined with long eyelashes, and blue as the sky over Grantaire’s beloved Marseille. Too bad they couldn’t be as warm, but you couldn’t get everything. For now, the painter was quite happy to bask in the brilliance of Master Enjolras’ beauty.

After what seemed hours of work (but the sun was still shining on the blond hair and turning the cheeks a delicate, rosy color, so maybe it was just a moment), Grantaire finally put the brushes away, and wiped his hands on a rag. Taking this as a signal that he was done, the model broke his stance. As usual, Grantaire watched him, trying not to be too mesmerized, as he usually was, by that delicate statue suddenly coming to life and walking to him. He failed miserably, but Master Enjolras didn’t seem to notice his trembling hands, and the way he was staring.

They stayed side by side for a few moments, gazing at the now-finished portrait. To be perfectly honest, it was a masterpiece. The dull colors of the background, and the black and white of the clothes, perfectly enhanced the porcelaine skin, the golden locks dancing around the face, barely tamed by a black ribbon, an unique touch of red for the mouth, and above all, the piercing blue eyes. It wasn’t really the kind of portrait you hanged above the fireplace, not with an expression that fierce, a glare that intense. But then again, who was Grantaire to discuss ? He was but a painter, and if Master Enjolras wanted to be immortalized like this, more power to him.

Money went from one hand to the other. Grantaire refrained to count it, in fear of insulting the lord. But said lord was absorbed in the contemplation of his portrait. Maybe a hint of pride ? He hadn’t looked the vain kind, but then again, what did he know, really ? Maybe the man was as vain as he was pretty, and used his beauty to manipulate the hearts of everyone, from the noble court to the modest painters…

Grantaire went to clean his brushes and paints. Master Enjolras still hadn’t moved, and he was starting to wonder if he had to gently make him understand that it was time to go. But how did you say this to a lord ? Before he could find some polite words, though, the lord held out a hand, as if to stroke the portrait. His fingers stopped just short of messing the still fresh paint, and he stood like that, hand outstretched towards this other him, frozen on the canvas.

- Can you believe it, he sighed, that this will be how I will be remembered ?

Grantaire wasn’t sure it was meant for him, and so, stayed silence, in fear of upsetting the lord. Who didn’t pay the slightest attention to him, and added :

- I wish so much that this portrait would represent who I am really. Not that mask I have to put on.

- Do you want me to change it ? Grantaire asked, tentatively.

Master Enjolras blinked rapidely a few times, as if woken up from a dream, and just looked at the painter, who hurridely started cleaning again. They only exchanged a few words before the lord left, telling Grantaire to keep the portrait ready, and he would send someone to pick it up. And then, the painter was left alone in his studio, alone with that portrait still looking at him with those blue eyes.


Grantaire really thought he was done with that beautiful portrait or his noble model. It had been delivered, he had been payed, and largely at that, it was behind him. And still, two weeks later, he was awoken by a pounding at his door. He threw on the clothes he could find and went to open, trying to push his hangover at the back of his mind. It was a child, carrying a message. A message written on an expensive paper. A coin gave him possession of the letter. Which, upon inspection, summoned him urgently to the Enjolras estate. Quickly, he got dressed a bit better, grabbed his painting ustensiles, and ran out, combing his curls with his fingers to get them in order.

As soon as he reached the manor, he was hurried inside, his coat taken away, and he was led to the landing of the main stairs, where the portrait was hanged. Two persons were standing there, Master Enjolras, and his father, judging by the likeness between them. As soon as he saw Grantaire, Lord Enjolras lunged at him, grabbed him by the arm, and gesturing wildly towards the portrait, asked :

- Tell me, monsieur Grantaire, what is *this* ?

Grantaire looked at his painting. Enjolras’ fierce gaze was still perfectly pictured, the stance still proud, but there was a difference. A rather striking one. Where before the only spot of red was on the perfect lips, there was now an obvious dash of it on the left of the portrait. It looked like a long coat, or a sheet… A long piece of red fabric tightly held in Master Enjolras’ hand. Lord Enjolras was still raving and ranting, demanding that he fix it at once, and not to mess like that with people who could have his head without any effort. Grantaire didn’t pay attention (Lord Enjolras wouldn’t be the first to threaten to have him thrown in jail or get a few parts of himself cut off). He walked to the portrait, and watched closely. The paint was already dry, and from there, it looked like his own, precise strokes. Whoever it was who had fun with it, he was a master forger.

Per Lord Enjolras’ orders, Grantaire was all but thrown into a room with the portrait and ordered to fix it, however long it would take him. With a sigh, he set to work, hoping that the fix wouldn’t be too obvious. It was a shame, really. A beautiful portrait like this, having to be altered because someone found it funny to add a personnal touch… He was so absorbed, that Master Enjolras’ voice behind him startled him, and he almost traced a large, black streak across the canvas.

- Sorry, the young lord apologized.

- Don’t worry about it. I mean, you don’t have to…

- I don’t know what happened, Enjolras cut him. No one could touch it. It’s really strange.

And with this, he left the room, leaving a puzzled Grantaire alone with the portrait.


It started again one week later : the kid, the message, a furious Lord Enjolras… The red fabric was back, assorted to a tricolor pinned to the lapel of the black coat. Grantaire was set to work again, trying to hide it again. Once again, Master Enjolras promised him that no one could have done that, seeing at the portrait was hanged way too high for this, and there was not one drop of paint under the portrait. Grantaire just fixed it without saying anything.

And the next week, and the week after, … For two months, every week, Grantaire was summoned to the Enjolras’ estate, to fix the painting that kept being altered. First, it was the red fabric. Then the tricolor, who came back. Then a gun, two, three. And then, after one month, Master Enjolras’ coat had turned entirely red. By now, Lord Enjolras had finally admitted that maybe Grantaire wasn’t responsible for those strange modifications, and just asked him to fix it. Which he did, of course, you didn’t tell a lord no. After all, it was just minor fixes, and since it wasn’t his doing, he was getting paid for them, so he wasn’t complaining.

And working at the estate means that Master Enjolras hung around. At first, it was just a few words here and there, carefully distant, like he didn’t want to meddle with common people. But still, he prowled around, watching over Grantaire’s shoulder. After two weeks, he started asking questions. After three, they were having little chats here and there. And after five, Enjolras was talking about equality and justice, gesturing wildly while he walked back and forth. Grantaire couldn’t resist but needle him a bit. Who could blame him ? He seemed so passionnate, invested in subjects he didn’t know that well due to his upbringing, it was too tempting. And soon, those conversations turned into arguments that went on until late in the night.

Of course, it was scary, too. Enjolras was too passionnate, too full of fire, he was talking about changing things, about actions, about dangerous things that, Grantaire was sure, he didn’t grasp fully. He and his friends, all as decided as him, it seemed. And still, the painter couldn’t help but listen to him, and provoke him a bit, and listened to his rants and speeches. And every week, Grantaire went home with his mind full of beautiful blue eyes, hands moving gracefully, and a blinding smile that made his heart race faster.


The atmosphere was different when Grantaire entered the mansion that day. Tensed, almost… electric. The servants were talking in hushed tones, and neither Lord nor Master Enjolras was around. The portrait was in his usual place, on the easel, but it was covered with a black veil. Grantaire pulled it, and gasped. During the last weeks, the portrait had changed, more and more, and ended depicting a fierce, red-clad Enjolras brandishing the red fabric which revealed itself to be a flag, a gun in the other hand, against a background of furniture thrown together, and a dark sky.

The sky was burning now, the reds and golds of a new dawn. A new dawn that Enjolras would never see. The red that had taken over his coat was darker now, red as the blood blossoming on his chest. Eight wounds were piercing him, nailing him to a wall. The flag was still grasped in his hand, but only the stiffness of death was keeping it from falling.

Grantaire watched with horror the scene unfolding before him. He extended his hand, remembering with a twinge of pain that Enjolras did the exact same gesture so many weeks ago. This time, his fingers grazed the canvas, and he flinched. The paint was still wet, and stained his fingers like blood. Did it mean that the painting just changed ? Did Enjolras just get…? Or… Was it a future that he could still prevent ? With trembling hands, he threw his coat back on, staining it in his efforts to get faster, and ran out of the room, then down the stairs. Maybe there was still a chance, a tiny little chance that he could save him, prevent this scene from becoming reality. And if there wasn’t, well… at least, he wouldn’t let Enjolras die alone.


It was only the next day, while the servants were going around, covering all the mirrors in the mansion for the mourning, that one of them entered the room where the painting supplies were still strewn around.  And of course, in the middle, that fateful portrait. Undoubtedly, their master wouldn’t want to look at that cursed thing, that horrid painting that kept showing his son’s terrible fate. She picked up the black veil, and stopped. Because the portrait had changed again. Where their master’s hand was grabbing a broken gun, was now the hand of another man, with wild, curly black hair. He was lying at the master’s feet, as dead as him. As she went to put the veil back on, she noticed that, for the first time since the portrait had come into the mansion, their master was smiling, as did the other man.

lying to myself // theo raeken

pairing: theo raeken x reader

warnings: idk getting hurt, blood, near death, fluff, kissing smut ?

a/n: long imagine so get out your popcorn.

You never guessed that something like this would happen to you,

You couldn’t figure out how you let this happen,

How you let him do this,

But whats done is done and you can’t change the past;

Although, You didn’t really want to change this.

You don’t feel sorry for sleeping with him and you don’t regret it either but there was one thing you felt sorry about,

Falling for him.

You fell for Theo Raeken.

You fell under his soft and gentle touch,

You fell under his famous smirk that could drive you insane,

You fell under the touch of his smooth lips pressing against yours or when he pressed soft kisses along your body,

You fell under the affect he had on you when he was around.

That boy could drive you mad.

You sat in AP Biology currently trying to keep your attention on the teacher but with no success zoning out.

Your mind replaying the events that happened just a couple days ago.

You remembered his soft kisses along your body,

How he made your stomach flutter and heart race,

How he made your body shake and tremble from pleasure,

And how he made you feel like the happiest girl in the world.

Your mind was pulled from zoning out by a hand resting on your thigh.

Your head snaps to the side to see Theo looking at the work sheet placed in front of him with a smirk playing on his lips as his slightly rough hand strokes gently up and down your thigh.

You furrowed your brows at him as you shoved his hand off your thigh just to have him place it right back again.

“Could please move your hand before I rip it off.” You snarled at him.

“Someones feisty today princess.” He smirked at you slightly proud of the affect he has on you.

“I’m not your little princess Raeken.” You growled shoving his hand off you yet again.

“Thats not what you said a couple days ago.” He said not lifting his eyes once from the work sheet.

You clenched your jaw trying to keep calm and turn to work on your work sheet, You were cut off by the bell and quickly shoved your books into your bag and rushed out to your locker not looking even once at Theo.

You were now at your locker shoving in your books from your previous class in exchange for your gym clothes,

You were quickly greeted by Theo leaning against the locker next to you smirking.

Your focus was still on your locker acting of is he’s not there.

“What do you want now?” You snarled still not turning your focus from your locker.

“What makes you think I want something?” He said tilting his head.

“You always do.” You said finally looking at him but quickly turning back.

“You’re right, I do want something.”

You lifted your brow at him wondering what words will come out of his mouth now.

“I want to talk.” He said getting closer to you, snaking an arm around your waist.

“And I don’t, especially in the middle of the hallway so could I go now?” You growled as you shut your locker and turned around.

“Not so fast princess, You can’t get away that easily.” He smirked as he caught your wrist turning you to face him.

You looked to your sides noticing some students already looking at you two,

You then turned to glare at Theo as he stood fairly close to you,

This face only inches away from yours.

“Fine, but what do you want me to say? People are already looking at us.”

“I don’t care that people are looking at us but you babygirl, I can see it’s a problem.

Is it because you don’t want to be seen with me? Cause apparently I’m the bad guy according to your pack.” He snarled as he stepped closer closing the gap between you even more.

“Maybe it is.. Look you wanted to talk, Talk.” You looked into his crystal blue eyes.

Suddenly he was speechless,

As if the words in this mouth were snatched away.

The bell rang and you snatched your wrist out of his grip still in eye contact with him.

“I-I need to go.” You said flustered as you made your way to the girls locker room.

You and Malia made your way to the field only to be informed that the lacrosse team was training so participation was optional for girls so you both changed your route to the bleachers.

As you both sat down and watched over as the lacrosse team trained on one half and the rest of the boys on the other.

You sat with your legs crossed and your chin resting in the palm of your hand.

Without an alert Malia brought her hand up and started rubbing against your neck swiping off any excess makeup covering the purple marks Theo littered across your body.

“Malia!” You squealed as you brought your hand to your neck trying to cover the marks she just revealed.

“I could sense them since the locker room, I know its hard for humans to get rid of them.”

“Yeah thats why I covered them with the concealer you just wiped off.” You chuckled as you felt the heat come to your cheeks.

“So, Who is it?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean Y/N, Who did you sleep with.”

You sneaked a look at Theo before turning back to her.

“I can’t really tell.”

“You don’t need to, I could smell him on you for two days now.” She smiled at you.

“Oh god..” You mumbled.

“So how was it?”

“How was what?”

“Oh come on Y/N.”

“Fine, Fine.. Look, I’m not gonna lie I did really enjoy it but it’s not like it’s gonna turn into something.

Even if he does want me back I couldn’t do that to the pack or to Scott.” You said looking at Theo on the field.

“If you want to be with him you should, Like yeah he’s the bad guy and all that but if he really does care for you, I don’t see how the pack or Scott can be against it.”

“And I’m pretty sure Lydia would be even happier than you, She’s been wanting you to have a boyfriend forever.”

“Yeah I guess, But I don’t think he feels the same.”

“Y/N, We’ve been talking for 10 minutes now and has been staring at you the whole time, He feels the same.”

You look over to him and see he is already looking your way, with his usual smirk he winks at you before turning his focus back to the game their coach gave them to play causing you to roll your eyes but yet again you feel the heat rise to your cheeks and you can sense them turning a bright shade of pink.

“He heard us didn’t he?” You gave Malia a weak smile.


“Oh god.”

“You remember about tonight right?” Malia asked.

“The charity game? Yeah.”

“There’s a meeting before the game at Scotts house, you know to go over the plan.”

“Yeah considering I’m human I know my part in this plan pretty well.”

“Hey Stiles is human and he helps alot.”

“Yeah but he’s the detective he always knows exactly what we need to do.” You said as your focus turned back to Theo.

God he looked so amazing, As if his body was sculptured by the lord himself.

His toned muscles made you delerious as you started zoning out again;

“What if you should give it a go between you two?” You thought to yourself.

You brought back to reality when Malia snapped her fingers in front of your face.

“Hmh?” You mumbled sitting up.

“You were drooling.” She smiled at you.

You looked back at Theo seeing him chuckle at you two before turning his back to you.

You roll your eyes as you felt the pink coming back to your cheeks.

You looked over to check your phone and realised the period ended so you and Malia walk down the bleachers and to the locker room,

after getting changed you walk out to the hallway to be greeted yet again by Theo as he started walking next to you.

“So apparently I make you blush princess.”

“Really? again with the princess thing?”

“It never stopped.” He smirked.

“Well it should.”

“Whats your deal Y/N? You clearly know I heard you and Malia talking during gym class.”

“And that Reaken is called eavesdropping. “

“You wanted me to hear you say those things, I know how you really feel about me princess.” he said pushing you against the wall.

“And what if I was lying? What if I just wanted Malia to get off my back?” You glared at him.

“You’re forgetting I can hear your heartbeat princess and it didn’t skip a beat, that is until you laid eyes on me.” He smirked bringing his body even closer to yours.

“Look whatever happened between us is over and I can’t be with you, you’re no good. Not for me and definatly not for my pack so even if we do feel the same way I can’t be with you, I don’t want to be with you.”

“You can believe that all you want but we both know that your heart skipped when you said you didn’t want me, You’re lying to yourself by saying that.”

“Well maybe I prefer that over being with you.” You said with tears in your eyes, and your heart beat? It didn’t skip nor miss a beat.

You could see on his face he was hurt by your words.

He stepped away from you as you started walking to your next class,

You didn’t know if you made a mistake by turning away or you made the right choice but you knew one thing,

Both of your and Theos heart were hurting.

After arriving to the field you go over and sit next to Hayden, Even though she was clearly younger than you and not to mention part of Theos pack you two were quite close.

“Hey Y/N..” She started


“Why do you have Theos scent all over you?”

“Why do people keep saying that?”

“Did you two..?”

“Okay you’re like 16 so I’m not answering that.” You chuckled.

“But that’s only two years.” She giggled.

“Ok I didn’t ask what you and Liam do behind closed doors.” You smirked at her.

“Touché” She laughed.

You to were interrupted by a terrorising growl echoing throughout the field,

Panic quickly spreading through out the crowd.

You and Hayden exchanged looks knowing exactly what you needed to do, You needed to get these people out of here.

You both quickly rushed down the bleachers and into the school halls where the majority of the crowd was.

“We need to get these people to the library.” You said to Hayden.

“I’ll take them to the library, Make sure they all leave the field.” She said to you.

You nodded in agreement as Hayden left to take some of the crowd to the library and you kept rushing people to follow her.

As you were making sure that people were indeed following Hayden a firm grip on your wrist caught your attention.

“Y/N you need to get out of here!” Theo said slightly raising his voice as you turned to face him.

“I need to go with the plan and so do you, Go find Scott!” You said before he loosened the grip on your wrist and ran down the hall to find Scott.

After the majority of the field was clear you ran with some of crowd that was left towards the library where you quickly found Hayden and some of the crowd hiding.

“Keep quiet and hide, Everything is going to be alright just keep quiet.” You said to all of them as you all hid behind the various book shelves.

After a couple minutes of anxiety the beast came bursting through the window and through the halls of the school.

“Go get these people out of here, I need to find Scott and Theo.”

She nodded and started rushing the people into the different classrooms as you ran to the hall trying to find Scott  and Theo, as you ran down the hall you found Tracy and Josh hunched over against the wall, Both covered in several wounds and scratches that bled onto their clothes.

You crouched in front of them slightly shaking Josh to get him talk.

“Scott, Kira and Theo are down the hall.” He said clearly in pain.

“The beast is there too.” He continued as he winced.

You jogged down the hall and stopped near a classroom, You could hear the beasts growls coming from from it.

You try your best to quietly enter the room but yet the beast notices you and start coming towards you,

Theo eyes widen as he spots you and quickly runs to the beast slashing at his back.

The beast turns to him and jabs his talons into his chest, drawing blood from the wound.

You hands go to cover your mouth as your jaw dropping in shock,

The tears strolling down your face.

You soon see Theo becoming weaker and weaker, his eyes fade from their fluorescent yellow into the crystal blue eyes that you could look at for hours.

The beast takes out his talons and throws Theo into the wall behind him,

Theo slides down as his back rests against the wall,

His hands clutching chest as he winced from the excruciating pain.

“Theo.” You whisper to yourself as the air from your lungs was taken.

The beast turns to you and you freeze in your place, with the tears strolling down your face and the lump in your throat you didn’t know what to do.

You sneak a look at Scott at he rushes towards the beast,

Both he and Kira attack him as a distraction as you run towards Theo.

Meanwhile the beast has escaped and ran out of the room with Scott and Kira on his tracks.

“Theo.” You say as you crouch next to him, your hand cupping his face, gently stroking his cheek.

His eyes were starting to close and he was getting weaker by the minute.

“No no Theo wake up! You need to wake up!” You shouted at him gently shaking him to try and get him to wake up.

He was still in a lot of pain and your vision was blurry do to the many tears streaming down your cheeks.

“Theo come on! I can’t lose you! Wake up!” You shouted yet again shaking him as his eyes started to open up but he winced at the sharp pain in his chest.

“Theo you can’t leave me, Don’t leave me Theo I need you! I love you!” You said looking at his face with a worried expression, He was starting to wake up and he seemed to come back to conscious.

You let out a breath of air as he seemed to be a wake again,

He sat up straighter but winced at the sharp pain.

He looked you up and down trying to see if you’re hurt,

You followed his look and looking down at your hands you saw your hands holding his,

Your fingers intwined into his holding him tightly.

He gave you a weak smile. as you rested your forehead against his, both your eyes closed in relief.

You were interrupted by Scott entering the room,

Small wounds and scratches littering his body but no harsh wounds.

“We need to get him to Deaton.” Scott said firmly as he helped Theo stand up.

Theo was in the other room as Deaton took care of his wounds,

The beast hurt him pretty badly and his wounds were almost fatal.

Meanwhile You were with Scott as he took care of you,

Although there were only some scratches and small cuts you needed them to be disinfected and bandaged since you were human.

You two sat in comfortable silence as he cleaned up a cut on your arm.

“You’re worried about him.” Scott said softly.

“How could you tell?”

He raised his brow at your stupid question and chuckled, so did you as you realised how stupid you sounded.

“Oh yeah I forgot.” You chuckled as you looked down at your feet.

“I mean, I am worried about him.”

“He’ll be okay, He’s healing, just slower.”

You gave him a small smile as he finished cleaning our cut and bandaging it.

He helped you off the metal table you were sitting on.

“You should go home, You need to rest after what happened at the school.”

“I know but I want to be here for him.“

“You really care about him.”

“Yeah I guess.” You said looking down at your hands as you fumbled with your fingers.

Scott pulled you into a soft hug,

You wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your head against his chest as he held you in his embrace.

“He’ll be okay.”

“I know.” You said pulling away from him.

You made your way to the other,

You saw Theo laying on the metal table with a big baggage wrapped around his chest and stomach.

You walked closer to him as Deaton left the room to leave you two alone.

You held his hand in your yours as he turned his head to your direction,

A smile playing on his lips.

You smiled softly at him with your cheeks still stained from the tears you cried earlier.

“How are you feeling?” You asked softly.

“Better but it’s gonna take some time for me to heal completely.” He said as he started sitting up,

You placed your hand against his back for support since he was clearly still in pain and quite weak.

You sat next to him, Your hand still in his as you looked down at his thumb stroking your hand softly.

“Did you mean what you said earlier? At the school?” He asked.

“Maybe..” You said quietly still looking down at your hand intwined with his.

“I-I just-“ You sighed.

“It really scared me seeing you like that, The thought of losing you scared me so much I-I don’t know what I do if you didn’t open your eyes.” You said as some tears started strolling down your cheek.

“I wasn’t talking about that.” He said looking down at his hand as he brought both his hands to hold yours, holding them tightly.

“Oh;” You said realising what he was talking about.

“Did you mean what you said? Do you love me Y/N?” He said looking up at your eyes.

“I do, I love you Theo.” You smiled at him as he brought one of his hands to cup your cheek softly pulling you closer to him.

His lips ghosted over yours and you could feel his warm breath creeping on your lips sending shivers through out your body.

You look into his crystal clear eyes and smiled before bringing your hands to cup his cheeks connecting your lips with his.

His soft smooth lips felt so good against yours as they moved in sync with each other,

His lips felt so familiar against yours,

They sent shivers down your spine and made your heart flutter.

This kiss was different from the ones you shared before; It didn’t feel wrong or forbidden, It felt right, It completed you.

Theo felt right for you, He was right for you, And you were right for him.

Your hands traveled to the back of his neck and his hands moved to your waist  closing the gap between you as the kiss gained more and more passion,

You missed his kiss, His touch.

You missed how he made you feel.

You two broke away, Your forehead pressing against his as both yours and Theos eyes are still closed.

I don’t want to lie to myself anymore.” You said softly as he opened his eyes to look at you.

“I want to be with you Theo and I don’t want what we have to end.”

“Neither do I princess.” He said smiling at you.

“And just so you know, I love you too.”

You smiled at him as you wrapped your arms around his neck and resting your head in the crook of his neck,

His arms holding you tightly in his embrace by your lower back.

He held you tightly against his body, As if he would let go you would disappear.

And you rested your head against him,

Inhaling his intoxicating scent and feeling his bear chest radiate his warmth on to you.

At this moment you knew, both of you;

That were done lying to yourself and that you were done with ignoring your feelings towards one another.

From this night on you and Theo made sure that You knew how much he loves you and You made sure that he knows how much you love him because frankly,

This love was to big to ignore.

a meeting of equals

She had not wanted to come South, to risk enduring more abuses at the whim of another Southron ruler. Since Joffrey had proved himself a monster, she had only ever wanted to go home and remain within the walls of Winterfell. But Jon speaks truth as if everyone surrounding him does the same. He is transparent and unaccustomed to the life at court, and Sansa has been told that the dragon queen is even more beautiful than Cersei.

She arrives at Dragonstone with only her sworn shield and Brienne’s squire, Podrick, despite Jon’s protestations. She is greeted by Missandei, the queen’s most trusted advisor, and her former husband. A smile lightens her grim expression at the sight of him. Tyrion was always kind to her. She feels safer with him here.

“What can one sword do against the Mother of Dragons?” Sansa asks when Missandei bids them to relinquish their weapons.

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On White-Washing Idols (Daehyun Focus)

This is an issue that across the k-pop fandom I know all of us can speak on, and as I start to write this I don’t know how long the post will be or what I’ll even say really, I’m just fired up on the topic because it’s been apparent since I joined the K-Pop world in 2010 and it has only gotten worse over time. About the only idol I don’t see white-washed often is Min Yoongi and that’s because he is naturally so light-skinned if you watch him on stage he looks borderline sickly (please don’t take this wrong, Yoongi is one of my top three biases and I adore him more than anything, I just don’t see anything of him white-washed because his natural skin tone is already so light).

Anyway, I’ve only ever been to two K-Pop concerts and both of them were for my bias group, B.A.P. I don’t have the money to go to concerts myself and I definitely can’t travel, so in 2016 and this year, 2017, my best friend was able to surprise me with tickets and fly down here to go with me as birthday presents for the two of us, since their concerts in Atlanta have been in April and so are our birthdays.

She and I have always been aware of the white-washing issue, I mean look at my icon on here for heaven’s sake, he’s so pale in that picture it’s hard to see him against the white background and that’s just sad to me. Most pictures I find of idols are white-washed in some way, and this bothers me /beyond/ belief.

People white-wash idols because they tend to think that the lighter your skin, the more beautiful you are. I don’t know where this came from because frankly I’m jealous my skin isn’t darker, I look pale and sickly and gross with my white, pasty ass. I’m about as pale as a white person can get and I’d love to be anything but.

So again, some idols deal with this problem more than others. The ones you could think of right away would be Maru from the now disbanded group, C-Clown, N/Hakyeon from VIXX, Kai/Jongin of EXO, and of course my ultimate bias, Daehyun of B.A.P. Funny enough Maru was my C-Clown bias, Hakyeon is one of my VIXX biases and while Jongin isn’t my EXO bias he sure does like to scream in my face that he’s there and he’s beautiful a lot so I give all these guys a lot of attention, and maybe that’s why I think about this issue so much, because it revolves around some of the idols I adore the most.

Now I’m sure every idol has been white-washed to some extent in at least a few pictures, these are just a few of the major cases I see. The only thing I have to really say on this issue is that if you have to white-wash an idol to love them or to not think they’re ‘ugly,’ you really aren’t a fan of them at all. If you can’t appreciate them for who they are, you need to step off and get out of my fandoms because you don’t belong here.

White-washing idols /is/ racist and will ALWAYS be racist, I don’t care what the ‘Korean standards of beauty’ are, because those /standards/ in themselves are racist and until those standards change the people who set them are also racist.

I’m bringing it up now because on April 5th, 2017, just about a week ago, I was so close to the stage at B.A.P’s concert that Yoo Youngjae pointed out how much he liked my dancing from where he was, and on top of that I got to take a photo with B.A.P right after I got to hi-touch them, which meant I got a lot of exposure to them. I also got lucky later and actually ended up running into them /at/ their hotel after the concert, and of course I left them alone but again this means I saw them up close and personal /several/ times.

Let me tell you as I was passing by them for the hi-touch, first of all irrelevant but oh man their hands were so fuckin’ soft I’ve never felt softer more gentle hands, but let me just say ALL OF THEM ARE SO WHITE-WASHED IN THEIR PICTURES. And I don’t mean just Daehyun, I mean the first person I high-fived was Zelo and he was giving me the cutest smile and let me tell you that boy’s natural skin tone oh PRAISE THE LORD THAT BOY DONE NEAR KILLED ME.

But all that said, as beautiful as all of their skin tones are naturally, Daehyun /is/ very obviously the most white-washed out of the six because actually standing up there with them for photos, seeing his face right in front of mine multiple times, hearing him tell me thank you, I got to see his natural skin tone a lot and he is about the most beautiful human being I have seen on the face of this planet and I can just /imagine/ how beautiful that means Maru and Hakyeon and Jongin are too, and all the other idols who are ridiculed for being ‘too dark.’

I don’t get it. I don’t get why you would want to take away someone’s natural beauty to make them white when really white people aren’t any more beautiful than anyone else, and in fact I personally would say we’re uglier. Don’t call me racist, you cannot be racist against white people, I literally cannot be racist against myself, and yes I think my skin is gross and ugly.

I think my issue with Daehyun comes from the fact that this boy grew up poor, dealt with a ton of shit from his own agency, and then he got this tattoo, right? It’s on his right wrist, it says, “HOLD,” and he got it during his lawsuit and it has a double meaning. It means, “Hold on,” as in, “Hold on because we’ll be back soon,” and “Hold my hand,” as in, “Hold my hand while I go through this because it’s so tough not being with you guys right now.” So let’s go back. He grew up poor, dealt with a lawsuit, got a tattoo and everyone knows there’s always backlash for those of us with tattoos even though it’s not your body to decide what to do with, he went through major depression several times during and after the lawsuit, had actually turned to drinking for awhile and admitted it, and through ALL OF THIS, through ALL of it, since the day that boy was born he has been made fun of and ridiculed for being “too dark-skinned.”

Daehyun has no self-confidence, his self-esteem is out the window and you might not see that on stage but that’s because stage presence doesn’t allow for your sadness and flaws to show through. He’s a ball of sunshine, he just wants to make BABYZ happy, he wants to be with us forever, he /loves/ us, and everything he does is for and because of us. And what do we tell him in return? He’s too dark, ugly, has to be lighter-skinned.

It’s wrong. It’s just so wrong. He does so much for us and we are also the reason he goes through so much emotional turmoil. Jung Daehyun is the literal reason my heart keeps beating, he’s saved my life when I wanted to kill myself, he has done so much for me and if I thought for a /second/ that that was less important to me than the color of his skin I wouldn’t just be ashamed, I would hate myself.

I can’t ever imagine thinking his skin-tone was more important than who he is as a person and what he’s done for me and for so many people in the world. I just can’t…god. Sorry but words evade me right now. And to think he’s not the only one, it’s not just Daehyun who goes through this. Jongin is one of the most popular idols in the world, whether you’re an EXO-L or not you at least know his name, and yet still so many people who claim to adore him and love him for all he is..still put so much weight on his darker skin-tone, say that he would be prettier if only he were lighter-skinned. How can you claim to love someone and then treat them like that, especially for something they could never control? Yeah, I would love to be darker skinned and I could say it all day long but nothing I do is going to magically change my skin-tone.

That’s why this whole subject is racist, and why I wish it would just stop. I can’t stand to see someone like Daehyun who is so pure and loving and supportive, someone who looked at me with such compassion after the photo-op, hurting and suffering and making posts saying he wishes he was lighter-skinned. I can’t stand it. He went from a point in time where he would actually /take down/ his original selfies and put up people’s edited versions of him white-washed, and he would /apologize/ and say he is sorry he’s too dark and that he’s ‘ugly,’ to now… Now he posts original selfies and he doesn’t take them down, and he’s even put up one where he was white-washed and called out the editor of the photo saying, I love what you send me but not that you white-wash me, because that’s not really /me/. I have /dark skin/, and nothing anyone does will ever change that.

He states now that he has to learn to accept himself as he is, that he is Jung Daehyun and yes he has dark skin, but a statement like, “I /have/ to learn to accept myself,” tells me he still doesn’t really internally, and all of that, all of what he’s gone through just regarding the skin-tone he was born with?? That tears me apart.

Stop white-washing our idols, guys, just stop. They’re beautiful as they are, unbleached, dark skinned, natural. They don’t need to be turned into something they aren’t, and if you can’t agree with me, if you can’t believe that an idol YOU claim to love is beautiful as they are, you don’t really love them, and you don’t really deserve to be in their fandom or even recognized in the K-Pop community. If that’s your way of thinking, if you are so petty you would hold someone’s own skin-tone against them, don’t ever talk to me and get out of my fandom because we don’t need or want you here. There’s enough of us who love our idols as they are to go around and your hate is unnecessary.

Sorry if that took too long, that’s all I have to say.