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Yoooooo. Have you ever dyed your hair pink before? If so, do you have any tips? I'm wanting to dye the bleached part of my hair pink this weekend.

yo yo! the closest to actual pink i’ve done is either the salmon or the magenta i did recently but pink is actually a super easy color to dye hair.If you’re looking for a more vibrant, bright pink, the leave the dye on for a little bit longer, or if you’re going for a more softer tone pink, leave it on for a shorter time or use a dilator to tone down the vibrancy. Any shade of red, including pink, will wash out fairly quickly, so wash your hair with cold water as opposed to hot bc it will absorb and keep the color longer. :) Good luck! You’re gonna look amazing!  

Coffee Dates || Kim Seokjin

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Word Count: 1.3k

Genre: Fluff

“I told them.”

You choked as you heard the words come out of Jin’s mouth, wondering to yourself if you had just heard right. Your boyfriend, the one and only Kim Seokjin, had just told you that he let his fellow band mates know he was dating someone. It seemed so much like a dream to you that you held back the disbelief, coughing as you tried not to inhale the food in your mouth.

Jin kept a smile on his face as he watched you sitting in the chair across from him. You knew that your boyfriend was cruel but you had never thought that he was cruel enough to sit there and watched as you died because of his one true love. Even while you were dying you thought about how you could never compete with Jin’s love for food and meals.

“Did I hear you right, or am I imagining that you told me that?” You questioned. Your hand reached out and grabbed the glass of water from the table, taking a sip of the cool liquid to wash down any of the food you had left caught in your throat. Jin rested his head on his hands, propping them up on the table so he could tilt his head while he stared at you.

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Hey Google? My Boyfriend Is Sick?

Anon: if you still remember the post w the kinda angsty sentence request thing, can you do: “have you been eating enough?” “Why aren’t you eating?” “Did you just throw up?” With richjake maybe??? I’m feeling pretty down and self-indulgence would be great


Jake pushed the door to his motel open with his hip, his hands full of groceries. He smiled to himself and the junk food and sodas he has just bought, he was gonna throw a kickass party at Jenna’s house and basically everyone was invited. It’d been a while since his legs were good enough that he could walk without crutches, and he needed a good party before the pain came back.

He walked into the small one bed room and placed the bags down with a clink. He stood up tall, starting to crack his knuckles, neck, and back as he called out “rich? Bro you still here?”

“Yeah.” The voice was small, and not as excited as usual.

He frowned, Rich had seemed a little out of it this morning but he figured that was because he slept in so late. He looked at the clock, it was three in the afternoon, Rich should have his energy back by now. Jake bent down and started to put the sodas into the mini fridge when he noticed Chinese take out was still there, not even opened. That’s weird, didn’t Rich say he was going to eat that today?

“Whaddya doing, bro?” He listened closely, piling up sodas, trying to leave space for their own food.

“Nothing really.” God he sounded really tired.

“You feeling ok?”


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Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of May 21 - 27, 2017

If you’re struggling, at least make it look fierce, queen!

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

Part of why you’re so full of energy is because you have tentacles that can drain the life source of others around you. You have myriads of bitches who are running ragged because you’ve sucked them dry. What is the ultimate goal here, queen? To cause the earth to have a fucking power outage? You bettah be careful, gurr. One day, you’re gonna run out of hos to feed on.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Being called out by some bitch who matters is not the end of the world, dahling. It may be that this ho actually cares about what happens to yo ass and  you can’t really blame her for being so goddamn caring. Don’t be so harsh on yourself either. The best thing to do right now is actually look at the critique and look into that shit. There may be something there.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Aaand just like that, you’re back to playful mode. After overcoming a major internal obstacle (it was all you, bitch) you’re a little bit more carefree about certain decisions you’re making. But I wouldn’t break out the champagne just yet. There is still some unfinished biznits left from that last chapter which could ruin your present if you don’t do something ‘bout it.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

When it comes to complaining and nitpicking, you’re the reigning queen. But what I’ve noticed is that when you’re surrounded by similar negative hos, you start to change your tune. All of a sudden, you’re Little Miss Motivational Fucking Speaker who likes to impart her words of wisdomz to make errbody feel better about themselves. I guess in the end, yo ass just likes to be contrary.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

To others, you seem together on the outside, but when you dive in your innards, you’ll find several demon queens who you’re constantly ignoring. But gurl, these evil hos are beginning to rise to the surface. No amount of putting on a good frontal can repress these vile creatures any longer. The earlier you can start dealing with them bitches, the earlier you can live a more authentic life.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

It ain’t gonna be fun when you find yourself in the middle of an intense, combative conversation. You thought you were just having fucking frittatas, for crying out loud! But, there is still a chance for escape. Once you have taken a deep breath, remember that these bitches who you’re conversating with are still your friends. Just because y’all are disagreeing on some shit, it don’t mean they don’t value yo ass.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

So like, you know how you look and you know how charming you can get. When you’re all carefree and touchy with hotties and shit, bitches be thinking that you’re hitting on ERRbody with a pulse. If you don’t want the stress of horny hos texting you at 3AM on a weekday morning looking for tail, then you’re gonna have to tone it down a bit.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Your last few life maneuvers have made a lot of us wonder: what is this bitch on? I’m sure you’re doing something that works for you, but the rest of us are not hip to your script. Consequentially, we don’t know how to act around yo ass? We wanna be supportive but it would help us have your back if you let us in on your mental mechanismz a little bit.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

When it comes to pushing the envelope, you really are queen of the lipstick jungle. This week ain’t no different. You are willing to ruffle the fluffiest of feathers just so you can get your artistic expression across. But lady, with every action comes consequence, and it might be a wise decision for you to pay attention to possible aftermaths of your current behaviors. Just sayin.’

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

You seem to have a lot of radical opinions this week, with no documentation to back all them shits up. And look queen. I think your instincts are right, but before you hold a press conference for your latest theories and pontifications, at least have the energy to tell bitches that you may not have all the answers just yet. Trust and believe, your gut instinct and track record are always on fleek.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Time has just stretched itself out for you, giving yo ass a second chance for a do over. I don’t know about you, but that’s something that doesn’t happen to a lot of bitches that often. Not all of us get to take another crack at it. So take advantage of that shit and make sure to show compassion for the rest of your gays who are not so lucky as yo ass.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Suffice it to say that you’re not thinking right and you’re defensive AF. Not exactly the right recipe for opening up to your closest queens. And gurl, we’ve all been there. But if you preface it by saying that you’re not yourself, hos will be more apt to understand yo ass if your sudden defense mechanisms are looking like you’re attacking the shit out of your constituents. The more you trust your gurrs, the better you’ll B at sharing the T.

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

For more Horoscopes By Gil Hizon, click here, gurl!

First Post!

Dec . 6 . 2016

Title: Till the Morning

Muse: Skate Maloley (Nate)

Word Count: 1,494

He comes just past midnight his urgent knocks pulling me from the fitful sleep I had just managed to fall into. I rolled onto my back a sigh held back at the base of my throat. don’t do it. don’t do this. my conscience begs me to stay put but my conflicted emotions aren’t enough to keep me away. Just the thought of him leaning against my doorframe with a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips urges me into a standing position. I find myself in front of the mirror next to my bedroom door, glaring at the girl in the reflection her hands clenched together against her chest in an attempt to guard herself from what was to come. When did you becomes so weak?

It was dark as I made my way down the hall from my room to the front door, my hands gliding against the walls for some support so I wouldn’t fall over from the nerves that shook up my legs. I held my breath another knock causing an ache to surge through my chest, my fingers blindly finding their way to the doorknob. His lips pulled up into the lazy smirk I knew all too well, his dimples giving him an innocent aura that only a fool would believe he possessed.

“Took you long enough Elani,” He teased disregarding any formalities as he grabbed my waist his lips drowning mine in warm bliss every movement I made matching his without hesitation or question. He pushed me down hallway kicking the door shut as he ran his hands up the thin t-shirt that kept my skin from him. His calloused fingers brushed against my stomach feeding into lustful hunger that was quickly shutting down every sane part of me. “Did you miss me?” the question was painfully familiar the words like poison, part of me convinced he asked with purpose to find reassurance he still had me wrapped around his finger. Defeat warmed my blood as I let his touch weigh me down.

“Yes” one word became another confirmation of his power over me. A smirk became visible in the shadows his hands gripping onto my hips as my legs wrapped around his waist, our bodies carrying on to the living room where moonlight peering through the sliding glass doors of the balcony gave us a chance to look eye to eye for the first time. Although the shadows of the night made his eyes look black I could still see the brown of his irises from memory, his smirk ever present as the cycle ran its course my shirt finding it’s way to the floor. His body hovered over mine on the couch his familiar cologne mixed with the scent of marijuana so warm and intoxicating I felt dizzy like he had me under a spell. “Nate” I whispered his name with such need I almost moaned in relief when his teeth grazed against my jaw hands expertly gliding across my skin until they grazed the lace material of my underwear. I let myself unravel underneath him as he sent me into a frenzy with his fingers teasing the most sensitive part of my body.

“Tell me what you want” his voice was slow and gruff eagerness seeping through the undertones of his words. In my muddled state I could barely think up a coherent sentence my lips drying up as I said,

“You” that was all he needed to pull me over the edge, his gruff voice whispering devilish things that made my body shake.

“Scream for me Lani” I responded with my hands balling up the material of his t shirt into my clenched fist, animal like sounds bursting through my open lips from deep within me. I barely let myself catch a breath as I rushed to get his belt unbuckled his shirt finally finding its place next to mine. Our bodies melded together in a mess of sweaty skin and reciprocated moans, my nails digging into his bare back while I begged him for more. We crashed in a burst of blinding pleasure my fingers tugging at his brown locks as the heat slowly faded into warmth. He stood bare in front of me leaning down to lift me into his arms, I closed my eyes breathing him in as he carried me to the bedroom. I felt the surface of my bed against my back his weight falling next to me with the warmth of his arms pulling me into him. I lay still counting the soft kisses he left on my bare shoulder allowing myself only a moment to fantasize they held some meaning.


It was quiet early signs of dawn peering through the shades guarding the windows of my room. He lay sprawled across the bed tattoos and bare skin covered by a thin blanket tangled around his torso, reminders of last night painted on the length of his back and arms. I stood at the doorway assessing the damage a joint in between my fingers all I had to keep me from falling victim to the thoughts of disappointment just as regret surfaced.

He shifted onto his back eyes fluttering open chocolate brown irises meeting mine in the dim light. “Morning” he flashed a lazy smile in my direction the dimples in his cheeks giving him a more boyish essence I adored.

“Good Morning” I returned the smile surprised when he sat up and motioned for me to situate myself in the empty space. While I passed him the joint I lay with my head on his lap tracing the outlines of the tattoos on his arms a comfortable silence falling between us as he played with my hair. I reveled in it all feeling cold when he broke away in the moments just before the full sun shone across our skin.

“I should get going early studio session,” He murmured leaving a kiss on my neck, as he went to find his clothes. “I’m free tonight if you wanna come through to my place this time, won’t have time to come by before I leave” he reappeared fully dressed a suggestive grin awakening my conscience from it’s break as I realized he was leaving yet again.

“I can’t do this anymore” the words spilled through my lips in a rush his features furrowing in confusion,

“What do you mean?” He stood at the edge of the bed the better part of me wishing I could take them back, but the other part of me forced it’s way through me.

“I can not keep putting myself through this shit”


“don’t talk” I brought the covers up around me in an attempt to give myself a sense of security, “You only come around when you need some satisfying that’s all I am just one good fuck every once in awhile.”

“Elani stop-”

“Stop what telling the truth? Like excuse me for being sick and tired of playing this game. You’re this up and rising star you’re barely around, and when you are I see you for a few hours and then you’re gone for however long. We ain’t together but it feels wrong to me to look at someone else. The moment I feel like I’m moving on you show up at my door. I sit around hoping you’ll come around so I can feel whole again but then when you come you always leave me feeling crazy because you aren’t mine and you never could be.  And that isn’t your fault…I knew from the start what this was but I can’t help that I started to want more than just being one of your girls…but that won’t ever happen will it? I’m just someone for you to use when you need me and the sick thing about this all is that I don’t care because I love you” He stares at me speechless face blank as he takes in all I’ve said, his lips open and shut a darkness falling over his features. I stood waiting for him to say anything needing him to say something even if it hurt me, but words never come he only lets out a deep breath turning his back to leave. Anger tore through my chest the ‘I love you’ from earlier faltering.

“So that’s it you can’t even say ‘hey I don’t feel anything for you’, you’re just going to walk out and just further prove I’m worth nothing more to you than a night of sex!” his head fell and he started walking down the hallway, causing a grey tone to dim my surroundings my shoulders falling from a weight that seemed to suddenly crush me. When the front door slammed shut i let myself fall to my knees tears shaking my body when I picked up the faint smell of his cologne on my bed sheets.

*Yo hey guys this is my first post on this blog so that’s exciting…used to have another blog I wrote on but it was just something I had to put aside. This blog is a bit of a start over to have space to enjoy all aspects of my musical, book, tv, movie fandom related things. I take requests, submissions, any questions or comments, or to talk.

*This is actually something I wrote a little over a year ago, I published the initial one and it’s still out there somewhere but I really wanted to rewrite it basically from the time I first posted it. Now I sort of like it more and unlike the original that I had no intention to do a part 2 for I have left this one open for suggestions just so I can tell if anyone actually wants to read more of what I write! -Bee

Understand that, Grayson. Part two (Dick Grayson x Reader)

Pairings: Dick Grayson x Reader
Warning: Swearing

a/n: I’m sorry this is so short I wanted to post it today, but I just came home and is super duper sleepyyy. I swear I’ll add part one above when I get up.


You placed the black box on the top of your closet and threw your hands up in the air. “Done!” You shouted. You smiled at the finished decorated room. You plopped on to your bed with phone in hand. “Now, time to find Grayson.”. You scrolled your messages with him for he may have mentioned where he lived in Gotham. Suddenly you almost scrolled past a nostalgic conversation.

“Um. Don’t you ever miss home?”

“Maybe? I really don’t know. The Wayne Manor brings back a few different memories.”

“How about now?”


“Would you miss this, I mean our little conversations?”

“No, I wouldn’t, because I’m never going to leave you.”

You mumbled “bullshit.”. You covered your mouth. “He must’ve had his reasons.” You thought calming yourself down. You placed your phone in the pocket of your bag. You strolled to your closet to pull out a blue jacket. You wore the jacket and grabbed your bag.

You walked past the hallway and though the living room. You opened the door stepping out and proud. “Let’s do this.” You mumbled confidently.

“I just don’t know, Dami. I think I may have hurt her.” Dick said pacing the living room back and forth. “Nonsense, Grayson. (y/n) is probably already over you and with another man.” Dami gave a obvious tone. Dick’s face turned red at the last sentence. He flopped onto the couch and set his hand on his forehead.

“Hey, What’s going on here?” Tim walked in with curiosity in his words. “None of your business, Drake.” Damian growled. “Actually (y/n) is his friend too.” Dick whispered softly. “What about (y/n)?” He asked casually.

“I may or may not have left them in Blüdhaven a few weeks ago and broke off all contact, before telling them through voice message I loved them?” He mumbled quickly.. “YOU DID WHAT.” Tim’s words bounced off the walls stinging their ears. “Isn’t it okay now, Drake? I mean women quickly move on.” Damian stated in a grumpy manner. Tim stomped to Dick furiously grabbed his hand and pulled him up.


“Don’t hey me, Grayson. (y/n) has had a crush on you for the longest time and you’ve realized that too late. Now she is probably sulking in tears thanks to your selfish ass.” Tim pointed at his chest. “If you excuse me I’m going to actually be human and talk to her.” He stormed off upstairs and spoke incoherent curses.

“I am an ass aren’t I?” Dick asked.

“As sad as it as I have to agree with Drake. You are an ass.” Damian took another sip of his drink.

You were walking down the street when you felt a vibration from your bag. You grasped your phone and held it close to your ear continuing to stroll down the side walk. “Hey (y/n)? It’s Tim.”. Your eyes widened quite a bit before you replied. “oh. Hey.” Your tone was soft and gloomy yet straight and a little angry.

“I heard wha-”

“I’m coming over. Now.”

“What, but aren’t yo-”

“I live in Gotham now.”

“wait, what?”

“Text me the Wayne Manor address I’ll be there in half an hour. Is he there?”

“Yes, but-”

You hung up. You haven’t talked to Tim in for long so you panicked. “I’m gonna have to bring cake for him.” You thought.

unorthodox study methods

“dear mister kim seokjin, this letter is to formally notify you that the university watch has placed you under academic probation due to failure to comply with…” seokjin’s voice fades out, dropping the very official looking sheet of paper with his univeristy insignia emblazoned at the top.

academic probation.

after all those hours of sleepless nights, tucked away in the remotest corner of the school library, buried up to his forehead in textbooks, and studying until his nose began to bleed from exhaustion?

what will his parents say?

seokjin stumbles toward the living room, flopping back on the couch as his knees give way to the numbing emptiness slowly seeping through his bones.

he’d tried so hard. really he did.

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When Guzma and Kukui were rejected as captains by Hala, what do you think the reasoning was? For Guzma, it could certainly be inferred that he seeks to crush the opponent rather than teach them, and for Kukui, you could probably reason that he was focusing too much on the moves and not enough on his Pokemon or whatever. Understandable flaws, really.

But it’s something that Hala says after you beat Guzma for the final time that got me wondering. He says to the player that he’s going to take Guzma under his wing and he hopes that it will serve as penance for whatever wrongs Team Skull did. Normally, this wouldn’t be that strange, as a mentor (forcibly) taking a student to learn from under them to rehabilitate them is a common trope. However, it’s the tone of the conversation that interested me.

The conversation in question:

Hala: Oh, Guzma…when will you understand? Only when you respect your opponent’s skill will it bring out the best in you. You miss the true meaning of battling. The goal is not to beat your opponent down, but for both Trainers to grow stronger!

Guzma: I don’t care what you say to me, yo. Beating people down is all I know!

Hala: But the battle I just saw seemed a bit different. While you may say you’re only interested in crushing your opponent, I sensed a desire to defeat (Player Name) deep in your heart.

Guzma: What do you know, old man?!

Hala: If you continue on this path, you’ll never be able to defeat (Player Name)! Guzma, admit the worthiness of your opponents! Only then can you become even stronger than you already are! Allow yourself to know the people and Pokémon you encounter, and look deeply into your heart.

Guzma: You’re still trying to front like you’re my master, huh? I gave up on you a long time ago.

Hala: (Player Name), allow me to handle this foolish young man. I will make a fine Trainer out of him yet, or I’m not an island kahuna! I hope that can be considered penance for the wrongs he and Team Skull have committed.

It looks all straightforward, doesn’t it? But it’s anything but. Notice how Hala puts the onus of responsibility for Guzma’s failures on him, yet by the end of the conversation, Hala ends up taking responsibility for Team Skull’s wrongdoings. One can say that he’s being the adult and trying to clean up a child’s – in this case, Guzma’s – messes, but it seems a bit deeper than that.

This might just be speculation, but what if Hala did indeed feel responsible for what Guzma became? It makes sense considering that it’s implied they had a loose master/student relationship going on in the past, but then you have to wonder what the hell happened for things to turn out this way.

My guess? Hala was much more of a hardliner traditionalist regarding island customs and was quite conservative years before the game began. Sumo has a long history of adhering to tradition itself, so it’s not such a reach to assume that it helped hardened his views. Being the island kahuna, it’s possible he was fairly rigid when it came to such things.

For proof, we can look to one thing: Hau’s father leaving the islands and his family entirely. The son of a very well respected kahuna just up and abandons his family to go somewhere abroad; don’t you think that’s strange? The NPCs remark that it’s possible that Hau’s father just couldn’t take living in his father’s shadow and left, but to the point of leaving his wife and child behind?

From that, we can assume that Hau’s father and Hala parted on bad terms. Why else would a son go so far away just to get away from his father? It’s a mystery as to why he left his wife and Hau behind, and it’s unknown if he’s supporting them with money from working abroad. We don’t even know if he still talks to them, although it’s easily possible given the technology.

Another point goes to an NPC in Hala’s house saying that Hala had been so angry one day that Hau became inconsolable just from looking at his face. From that day forth, Hala took great care to hold himself back in front of his grandson, but what if it was also a turning point for something else? Perhaps he was softening to new ideas, or reconsidering his stance – reconsidering just what drove his own son away from him.

So, if he was as conservative as I’m imagining he might have been, it sheds a new light on how he might have treated Guzma and Kukui in their youth. He correctly identifies their shortcomings, but he’s not very kind or flexible about it. Perhaps his mentorship over Guzma had been riddled with this too, leading Guzma to ultimately give up and run away.

The Hala we meet in game has had years think over past events and has changed accordingly. Maybe he realized his mistakes and wants to avoid that again with Hau, or maybe he regrets the way he treated Kukui and Guzma, even if the former has a respectful relationship with him. If so, it would make perfect sense as to why he suddenly takes responsibility over Team Skull’s wrongdoings in the end, because it’s a new chance for both himself and Guzma as master and student again.

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18+20 killugon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

18. bite;  20. breaking the rules

Oh my god that face XD haha

I’m so sorry for the wait, but here you go! I hope you like this, even if its not along the lines of what that face is implying…

Hunger Games au~ (more thoughts on this au here)

“How the hell did you get those marks?!” Killua demanded harshly, yanking on Gon’s backpack. “Hey, Gon! Those cuts weren’t there yesterday!”

Gon stopped short and stared down at the grass between his toes. Killua wasn’t going to like his answer, he knew, but he should probably tell the silver-haired teen anyway.

That’s what being a team meant, right? 

He turned around to look at Killua with a grimace. “I, um, ran into some trouble on the way back from the Cornucopia? There was this big hybrid fox-bear animal thing guarding all the food and everything, so when I tried to sneak around it-”

“It bit you,” Killua finished, midnight-blue eyes widening. 

Gon nodded and Killua swallowed thickly. Gon watched Killua’s face curiously as regret and frustration warred with anger-

But then Killua’s expression hardened. He pointed to a turned over tree trunk and barked out, “Sit.”

Gon blinked. He would’ve normally protested, but he was startled enough by other’s tone to do as he was told. He plopped down on the hard bark as Killua shrugged off his own backpack, starting to pull out supplies and food and weapons in the shape of yo-yo’s and gloves-

“Killua,” Gon tried. “I swear, it doesn’t hurt-”

“Bullshit!” Killua snapped. “You said the same thing when that other Tribute nearly blew your arms off during group training! If there weren’t healers in the Capitol, you would’ve competed in the Games without hands.”

Gon shrunk away from the fury that rolled of Killua in waves. Killua wasn’t exactly wrong, but everything had turned out fine, right? And Gon had gotten a really good end score compared to the other Tributes!

But Killua didn’t care about any of that stuff. Gon wasn’t sure what Killua Zoldyck- District 1 prodigy, born and trained weapons master with hair made of starlight and eyes that shone like gems- cared about, honestly. Gon knew that Killua had volunteered for the Hunger Game because it was his family’s tradition, but he also hated his family with a burning passion that had initially shocked Gon.

He wasn’t sure why Killua had volunteered to team up with him specifically, either. Gon wasn’t anything special; just some random kid from District 12 with soot under his nails and the taste of coal on his tongue. 

But he was grateful, none the less. He’d been captivated with the alabaster teen since the moment he saw Killua nearly decapitate another Tribute twice his size and weight during training. Gon thought Killua was fascinating; if he hadn’t found Gon, Gon would’ve searched for him on his own. 

“Here-” Killua abruptly shoved a cold container into Gon’s hands, “-hold that for a second.”

“What is it?”

“Healing ointment,” Killua said gruffly before pulling out a roll of stripped cloth. “It’ll get rid of any poisoning from the bite, if there was any, and it’ll heal your skin in half a day or so if we cover the wounds up after we apply it. You’ll be good as new by morning.”

Gon frowned. This stuff sounded expensive. It sounded like- “Killua, didn’t your sponsors send this to you? You shouldn’t be spending it all on me, you might need-”

Killua flicked Gon’s forehead and Gon cried out.

“Shut up,” Killua said shortly. “I don’t care who its from, or what rules I might be breaking by giving this to you. My sponsors aren’t here, they’re not living this hell, but we are. And if I want to use my healing ointment to help ease my friend’s pain, that’s what I’m going to do! So just be quiet for once and hold the stupid container, okay?!”

Gon’s mouth shut. He stayed silent as Killua carefully smudged the healing ointment over Gon’s bite and scratch marks. It burned a little, but he’d suffered worse before. 

Besides, Killua’s cool fingers pressed gently against his skin made the slight pain worth it.

“Hey, Killua?” he said.


“I’m your friend?”

Killua froze. Understanding flooded his eyes, quickly followed by horror. “I- I didn’t mean-”

“Its okay if I am!” Gon said quickly. “’Cause, I would like it if I was. And I already consider you my friend, so.”

Killua’s cheeks were slowly darkening. “I’m…your friend?”

Gon bobbed his head. “Of course! We’re a team, right?”

A small smile that made its way to Killua’s lips and Gon’s chest swelled with warmth.

“Yeah,” Killua said softly, turning his attention back to Gon’s arms. “We are.”

No Matter What - Baekhyun Scenario

Originally posted by visual-jongdae

Request:  I’ve been having a very awful day so could I request a Baekhyun scenario where he comforts you after your dad just absolutely blows up on you?

pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

word count: 1,202

rating: 13+

warnings: mentions of emotional abuse

A/N: Omg I’m so sorry if this isn’t great or it seems rushed I’m really tired for some reason but I wanted to get this up tonight. And to the person who requested this; stay strong, I’m sorry you had to go through whatever you went through today and know you can always talk to me.

You stood in your family’s house, clad in nothing more than a pair of sweatpants and a plain tee, you weren’t expecting to be doing much more that night. The click of a door opening and slamming shut rang through the house - signaling your father’s return.

He had come home from work in an obviously bad mood, and you saw this as an opportunity to try and connect with him. You skipped into the kitchen and quickly brewed a cup of chamomile tea - just the way you knew he liked, wiping down the counter where a bit had spilled and padding into his bedroom. You saw him sitting on his bed with two hands covering his face. An elongated sigh caused by a stress-filled day escaped his lips as you cautiously entered with a comforting smile.

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Squad Goals Season 3 Episode 20

“I know a great laser removal artist” Drake says this as he presses his thumb against my shoulder covering the tattoo of Justin’s finger print.

“Doesn’t removing it hurt more than getting it?” He sighs and brushes over the tattoo a few times.

“Probably not as much as seeing it everyday hurts you” I gulp and then shake off the tension that had quickly risen in his hotel room.

“I wish we didn’t have to stay cooped up in here until the video” I say before sliding off the bed to peek through the tightly drawn hotel curtains. We had been extremely careful of the paparazzi, using back entrances and disguises left and right.

“I don’t mind being cooped up in here with you. You aren’t terrible is all I’m sayin’” I roll my eyes and he blows me a kiss.

“You miss your squad huh?” I sigh and walk back over to the bed and use his chest as a pillow.

“Yeah. I do. They’re all idiots, but they’re my idiots”

“when we link up in London would it be cool for me to get to know them more?” Drake had constantly brought up traveling to London to be with me on several occasions and each time my stomach demonstrated the weirdest flips of excitement and panic.

“I’d like that. As long as Selena keeps her hands to herself” he laughs and pulls me in for a warm hug, my mouth muffled by his shoulder.

“Things might change after this music vid” he says placing a kiss to the crown of my head and letting his lips linger for a few moments afterward.

“The gossip is about to get wild” I sigh and flip onto my back running the news headlines over and over in my head.

“I don’t want Justin to find out online or through the zines” the bed shifts and Drake sits up to stare down at me.

“After all this time you letting his feelings come before yours? How about you huh? How do you feel about being on blast in the next few hours?” He was right. I hadn’t even thought about how the publicity would affect me.

“They’ll harp me on everything from Justin, to our baby, to his baby. Shit.”

“Then we tune it all out. Focus on us” I shoot him a look and he rolls his eyes.

“Not us as a couple but us as well, whatever we are” I nod and think on his advice before perking up and sitting up to face him.

“You have an hour and a half to teach me exactly what you want for the music video” he smiles before standing up and reaching for my hand.

“I can swing that.”

Two Hours Later

Drake had been whisked away by his team as soon as we made it on set. My scenes weren’t going to filmed until night time so I sat on location around the enormous pool that we’d be using in a terry cloth robe.

I’m in the middle of posting a snapchat,

when the sun that I had previously been bathing in becomes blocked by an unmoving figure. I decide to let the bystander slide. It was probably a set assistant. Several minutes later the sun is still being blocked and I can feel my tan unevening.

“Excuse me could you maybe m-” my Givenchy shades fall off of my nose when I jump at the sight of Justin.

“Hi Rhi,” he says nervously, his hands shoved into some jeans and his hair had grown out into a little blonde tuft since I’d seen him.

“Justin what are you doing here?” He reaches down to pick up my fallen shades, wiping them on his T-shirt before handing them back to me.

“We need to talk” his voice is now calm and determined and he loves to take a seat on the sun chair next to me.

“How did you know I was in Miami?”

“ I have the ’ Where’s Rhiannon’ app, your fans are really on it” I roll my eyes and slide my shades on again trying to avoid his gaze. He hadn’t stopped fucking looking at me since he got here.

“In other words Kylie told you?” He opens and closes his mouth a few times and I shake my head with a rueful smile.

“Are you mad at her?” I shake my head. I wasn’t mad at Kylie. It was obvious that she missed being friends with Justin and it was also obvious that the girl couldn’t keep a secret to save her life.

“I’m not mad at her. I’m mad at you though” I turn to him and fix him with a glare through my glasses and he has the nerve to call over a waiter and ask for a scotch.

“You aren’t staying Justin. I’ll call security I-”

“You wouldn’t do that to me” the raspy tone of his voice warms my abdomen and I squirm a bit in my seat. Fuck him and his sexy voice.

“Aubrey will be back soon. We’re shooting a video together” his face falls. Good. I’d wanted to hurt him.



“So Drake is Aubrey to you now?” I decide to dig the knife a by deeper and sip on the water next to me,

“and sometimes Papí.” He takes an angry intake of breath and downs his alcohol.

“Will you at least come to my hotel tonight? I have so much to say to you baby, and I miss you tell me you don’t miss me” one of his index fingers grazes my jaw bone and I jerk away like he’s hit me.

“It wouldn’t make sense for me not to miss you,” I turn and observe his hopeful expression.

“But I’ll get over it soon. I’m done fucking with you Justin. Why can’t you grasp that?”

“Because I love you Rhiannon! Shit! We’ve been through way too much shit together for you to throw it all away!” The waiter walks past and I ask for a tall glass of moscato.


“Huh?” I grip the sides of my chair to refrain from throwing my water at him.

“You said I’m throwing us away”

“Because you are! I’m over here trying to fucking talk to you and you don’t want to hear shit!” I bite my lip in anger.

“Did I cheat on you?” He shuts up, and I continue to hit him with a barrage of rhetorical questions.

“Did I lie to you for nearly a year?” More silence.

“Wait… Did I, did I have a baby with someone else? Oh, no, that’s right. I didn’t get to have my baby at all.” Justin winces at my icy tone and I take my moscato from the waiter and down it in a single gulp.

“Yo slow down little ting! I don’t want you drunk on se-"  Drake pauses when he spots Justin and squares his shoulders a bit in his black velvet robe. His chains rival Justin’s in a shining match and I slip my shades on once again.

"What’s good Biz?”

“Nothing at the moment man, you fucking my girl?” Drake shrugs and pick some imaginary lint from his shoulder.

The testosterone  level rises and I stand up and shrug off my robe leaving me in a set of black underwear. It was nothing the both of them hadn’t seen before.

“I’m going to go see what hair and makeup has planed for me okay?” Drake leans down to kiss my cheek and I graze a hand across his chest before leaving. They could work it out. I was just here to shake my ass and drink anyway.







You Remember?!


YEH A LadyNoir and Adrienette oneshot xD

It had almost been a year since Marinette and Adrien had started dating. The day they found out about each others identities was surprising for both to know they loved each other from the beginning even when Marinette started to have feelings for Chat. But tomorrow was their Anniversary and all Marinette could do was think about all the things she had planned to do.

“Tikki i cant sleep, i just really hope Adrien likes my gift i worked all week for” As she showed Tikki her final piece of the key chain she had made for Adrien. It had a red ladybug in a shape of a heart and a cats paw to represent Chat Noir. “Marinette you should sleep now you wouldn’t want to sleep in tomorrow its late btw you still have school” With that Marinette turned off her lamp and went to sleep while Adrien himself was doing something different.


“MARINETTE YOUR GONNA BE LATE AGAIN and you’ll miss seeing ADRIEN” Tikki shouted in Marinette’s ear to make her wake up. “OMG IM LATE why didn’t you wake me up Tikki ughhh i gotta go” Tikki on the otherhand just rolled her eyes and jumped into Marinette’s purse.

As Marinette made her way to school she was carrying Adriens gift in her hand all wrapped up in green and black wrapping paper. Marinette ran as fast as she could and had a few minutes to spare and give Adrien her present. “Hey Adrien… you know what today is kitty”. Marinette waited for a response but instead had Adrien in a bad mood.

“Ummm no

“Nevermind but can we go to the mall or go shoppi-”

“Mari im super busy”

Marinette felt tears rush to her eyes as she held Adriens gift tighter trying to rip it apart he doesnt remember…our aniversery Marinette tired her best to keep her tears in but let one out and wiped it before Adrien saw her mess. “Oh okay that fine I’ll see you” and she ran and ran and ran to a place where no one could find her and cried her heart out.“ I cant believe he doesnt remember Tikki,after everything we’ve been through togather he told me he remembered and HE LIED” Tikki was trying her best to comfort Marinette for her not to get akumatized.


Alya and Nino had seen the whole thing and even saw Marinette crying and running away as they made there way over to Adrien. “Dude what’s your deal you didnt have to be so mean on a special day you know…even if you remember”.

“YOU FORGET TODAY IS YOUR ANIVERSTRY ” Alya screamed and grabbed Adrien’s phone when he spoke up.“Guys relax its just a act”

“Dont tell Marinette” and he walked off into the alleyway and transformed into Chat to look for his Princess. “Marinette was in her room still sobbing and eating ice cream while watching movies when she heard a similar tapping sound but ignored tap tap

“Hey Marinette its me we need to talk please open the door”

Marinette gave a huff and opened the trapdoor while wiping her tears. She opened the trapdoor and saw Chat with a supportive expression. “What do you want” Marinette said in a annoyed tone.

“You haven’t come to school the whole day i was worried. Please tell me what’s wrong”

“YOU WANNA KNOW THE PROBLEM…THE PROBLEM IS YOU FORGET ALL ABOUT OUR ANIVERSERY AND YOU COME NOW” Marinette couldn’t help but let a few tears wash down her face as she began to sob.

After a long bit of silence Chat spoke up. “I need you to transform into Ladybug please there’s someone in trouble” and she transformed but also grabbed Adrien’s gift and pushed Chat aside to get through the door but before she could use her yo-yo Chat grabbed her bridal style and ran.

They reached a park and Chat let go of Ladybug and asked her for her hand. “Follow me”


“Trust me”


“Trust me bugaboo”

Ladybug refused to follow but have him her trust and took his hand. Chat let himself on first and helped Ladybug after. In the centre of the patio was a picnic set up for two with a brown basket and were many different coloured flowers in the centre. Ladybug was speechless.

“You remembered” Ladybug said with now tears of joy.

“You think i would forget bugaboo” and gave her a gift. It was a sewing kit she needed for her latest designs with chocolates and flowers. Of course she accepted the gift and gave hers to Chat. Chat ripped off the wrapping paper and carefully opened the box to find a keychain and gave his lady a long passionate kiss.

They both enjoyed the night when there miraculous beeped and transformed back and Marinette layed into Adriens lap with his hand in hers.

“Happy Anniversary Adrien”

“Happy Anniversary Marinette”

and the two fell asleep in each others arms with there kwamii’s beside enjoying the momment.


YEH another oneshot done




Rocky just had to go run his big mouth back to Alex; he acted like he couldn’t just keep this to himself this one time. He knows how his brother can get yet he still went back and told on me. We are going to have some serious problems the next time I saw him.

“Babe I-”

“Answer my question” he said cutting me off. His face held nothing but pure annoyance, his expression did a complete 180 from the poker face that he had merely a few seconds ago.

I frowned “But you’re not even trying to list-”

“Cyn answer my fucking question!” I jumped at the sudden increase in his voice “You told me not to dance with any guy at the party” I mumbled looking down at me feet.

He was really making me feel like a child and I was far from one. He was my boyfriend not my father, he should have this kind of authority over me.

 “So why did you?” I stayed quiet, I didn’t like how his voice just out of the blue became so calm “You was just trying to plead your case a minute ago, what happened?” he asked

My mouth opened but no words came out at first “I… it was just a dance. It’s not like I did anything with him” I mumbled as I looked up and my eyes met his.

He didn’t look the least bit amused and I felt like I was only digging a bigger hole the more I opened my mouth.

He stood up from the where he was sitting on the bed and towered over me “So what you tryna say? That when I speak it don’t mean shit?” he questioned

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Firsts UsUk

Alfred had slept in really late today, which was a bit unusual even for him, and realized that Arthur wasn’t in his arms which made him grumble at the lack of warmth. The clock on his bedside table flashed 3:27PM so he immediately jumped out of his bed and stretched trying to wake himself up. Today was the day, he had to get Arthur to go out with him tonight, Alfred felt that if it didn’t happen tonight it may never will.

Grabbing some clean clothes which consisted of a white dress shirt and a pair of black slacks, Alfred went and jumped in the shower, quickly washing his body. He stepped out drying himself off and put his slacks on, leaving the shirt off and draping the towel around his shoulders. Going downstairs Alfred found his boyfriend sitting on the couch with his nose buried in a book. He sat down next to him, wrapping his damp arm around the smaller mans shoulders and pulled him close. “Yo Artie, whatcha reading?” He asked curiously.

Arthur breathed deeply and closed his book placing it on the coffee table in from it him and glared at Alfred. “Its none of your business Alfred,” he said as he stood up and went to the kitchen.

Alfred shrank back a bit at his lovers sharp tone and followed close behind him, wrapping his arms around the others waist and pulling him close. Ignoring him, Arthur began to make his tea in silence in his normal grumpy mood and asked, “What would you like for dinner?”

“Well, I thought we could go out tonight Artie,” he said as he kissed Arthur’s neck. “We haven’t gone on a date in a long time.”

A small smile appeared on Arthur’s face, he was right, he and Alfred hadn’t gone on a date in a long time and he really missed going out with him. “And where might we go?”

Smiling in victory knowing he won Arthur over Alfred pulled the Englishman closer and said happily, “I’ve already made a reservation at your favorite Italian restaurant.” Arthur spun around in Alfred’s arms and looked up at him with wide, excited eyes. With a shrug of his shoulders Alfred said, “Its at five o'clock if you want to go.”

Arthur froze for a moment trying to hide his excitement and with a huff he mumbled, “Well, its not like I’m busy anyways.” After he pulled himself away from Alfred’s grasp he went upstairs for his own shower and a change of clothes.

Alfred turned the water on the stove off knowing Arthur wasn’t going to be using it and went to the living room to wait for him. Realizing that he was dry enough Alfred slipped his shirt on and sat down on the couch to wait.

Due to his excitement Arthur’s shower was incredibly short, and he also realized that he had forgotten his clothes. So he wrapped the towel around his waist and headed for his bedroom that he rarely sleeps in it anymore. Arthur grabbed his own slacks, dress shirt and put them on as well as as a vest. Slipping on his pair of oxford shoes he made his way downstairs and found Alfred nodding off on the couch. He walked over to the sleeping american and played with the tips of his wet hair and smiled at the innocent face of his lover.

“Mmm,” Alfred lightly groaned as he began to wake up, and Arthur quickly pulls his hand away from the others hair, a light blush dusting his cheeks. “Artie, are you ready to go?” The groggy american asked.

“Yes but are you, all you ever do is sleep lately,” he muttered as he crossed his arms across his chest and pouted angrily.

“Sorry Arthur,” Alfred said as he stood up, kissed his cheek and grabbed his hand leading him towards the door. If someone couldn’t see Arthur’s red face before, they could definitely see it now. His face was covered with a dark blush as he tried to hide it from the younger man.

Alfred could see that the Englishman was embarrassed but choose to ignored it. He had much more pressing matters to think about. Grabbing his keys Alfred made sure to turn the lights off and held the door open for Arthur before locking it behind them.

Walking over to his white Mustang Alfred opened the door for his boyfriend, and watched as he slid in and before he could close the door he heard Arthur mumble, “Well isn’t he being a gentleman.” He jogged over to the drivers side and slid into his own seat and started the car. The drive to the restaurant wasn’t very long and they both talked about insignificant things due to Alfred not wanting to be rude and playing his radio like he normally would.

After the short drive they pulled into the Italian restaurant and Alfred threw the car into park and turned it off, but before he could get out and open Arthur’s door the man had done it himself. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves Alfred took a quick look at his bomber jacket that was in the backseat of his car, just looking at it made him even more nervous just from knowing what was inside.

Alfred got out of the car and the cool, fall afternoon air hit him hard. He quickly grabbed Arthur’s hand and made a mad dash for the restaurant’s front door and pulled the both of them in. The hostess found Alfred’s name in their reservation book and led them to a booth, gave them two menus then took off with their drink orders.

Having chossen what he wanted Alfred placed his menu down and just stared at Arthur, and after a moment he finally looked up at the American and had a light blush on his face and a curious look.

Alfred could see that Arthur was beginning to feel awkward so he had to ask him something and decided on work. “So Artie,” Alfred asked with his usual bright smile. “Hows work and Francis treating you?” But before he could get his answer the waitress had come back and asked them if they were ready to order, which Arthur finally was. She looked at Arthur first and he ordered the fettuccine Alfredo. The waitress then turned to Alfred and asked “And for you, sir?”

“Lasagna please ma'am,” he said and with that she had taken their menus and left.

Arthur smiled softly as he looked at his fingers. “Works doing fine, I love it of course. And Francis hasn’t been causing me trouble ever since I told him I’ve gotten a boyfriend and that he should buzz off. The conversation wasn’t that clean though,” he admitted with a small smirk on his face.

“Well the conversation never tends to be clean when you are around him, you tend to argue every time I see you two together,” Alfred said with his own smirk. He liked to tease Arthur, even if it bites him in the ass later.

“Nope. It doesn’t,” he said and he looked at Alfred into his bright eyes. “Why are you smirking?” He asked almost annoyed.

Alfred just leaned back into the booth and grabbed his glass taking a sip, ignoring Arthur’s question and continuing to stare at him with a smirk on his face and playfulness in his eyes. Arthur was starting to get annoyed by that damn smirk. “What are you smirking at?” He asked again, his anger slowly beginning to rise and his blush reappearing.

Alfred’s smirk changed into a loving smile as he grabbed Arthur’s hand from across the table. “Artie, I l-” he was cut off as the waitress reappeared with their food.

“One lasagna,” the waitress said as she placed the plate of lasagna in front of Alfred, “and one fettuccine Alfredo,” She placed the plate in front of Arthur. “Enjoy your meal,” she said with a smile and left.

Alfred took his hand back from Arthur’s and scratched the back of his head awkwardly. He tried to fight back his own blush that began to creep onto his face, he almost started it early. He had to wait. Once the waitress left Arthur looked back up at Alfred. “You were saying?” He asked as he picked up his fork and poked his food nervously.

“Oh, well I was just gonna say I love ya a dude!” Alfred tried to say as enthusiastic as he possibly could. Something was way off with Alfred and Arthur could easily tell. “I love you too,” he said. “It everything okay?”

“Of course,” He murmured as he took a bite of his lasagna. He had to admit it was pretty good, not as good as Felicianos though. And to his dismay he ate his meal quickly thanks to his black hole of a stomach. They both ate in silence and the entire time and Arthur had a bed feeling in his stomach. What was wrong with Alfred? But he knew he was going to find out whatever it was, he just knew it.

Alfred placed his silverware onto the plate and pushed it towards the end of the table and looked back at Arthur and watched him eat his meal. He could feel his stomach doing flips from his nerves.

Arthur stared back at Alfred as he ate his meal. This was awkward. But if he studied Alfred’s features he could probably figure out what was wrong, but he wasn’t sure if the American was nervous or scared. Why would Alfred be scared, he’s not supposed to be afraid of anything, other than scary movies.

Alfred could see the worried look on Arthur’s face and gave him a reassuring smile. “Calm down Artie, everything’s alright. I promise.” He said and held his hands up defensively. Arthur narrowed his eyes as he finished his meal. He set his plate on top of Alfred’s and stared into his eyes. “I don’t believe you,” he said simply.

“Are ya saying that you don’t trust me Artie?” Alfred asked with a pout trying to pull his best puppy dog face.

“No. I’m saying that you’re hiding something and I wanna know what it is,” he said trying his best to ignore his boyfriends pouting face.

“Well I’m not saying. You’re gonna have to let me have my fun,” he said as he propped his arm on the table and rested his chin on the back of his hand. “Sorry Artie.”

Arthur glared at the american. “Will I know by tonight?” He asked. He was patient but only for a limited amount of time, especially with Alfred.

“Of course, maybe, who knows,” Alfred said with a shrug and chuckle. Seeing that Arthur was done with the meal he waved the waitress over and handed her a hundred dollar bill. “And keep the rest.” He said, not caring for the money back.

Alfred stood up and stretched his arms and back from sitting so long. He then looked over to Arthur and held his hand out waiting for him. Arthur took his hand and got up and stretched his arms and entwined his fingers with Alfred’s. “Ready to go?” He asked as a he looked at the floor trying his best to hide his embarrassed blush.

“Of course,” Alfred whispered as he led Arthur outside into the cool night air towards his car. He opened the passenger door for Arthur and watched him slide in. Closing the door he walked over to the drivers side and got in. He started the car and instead of heading home he went in the opposite direction.

Arthur noticed that they weren’t going back home. “Where are we going?” Arthur asked, just a tad bit worried.

“Its a surprise,” Alfred said with a excited smile plastered across his face.

Arthur could tell that Alfred’s smile was fake, but he let it be as he waited with suspense eating at him as to where they were going.

After driving a short ways Alfred found the dirt road he was looking for and turned down in. “Do you recognize anything yet Artie? This is the lake where we had our first date.” He said as he pulled up in front of the lake and put the car into park.

Arthur nodded. He remembered this day like it was yesterday. It was perfect. Their first date was awkward but wonderful in its own strange way. “What are we doing here?” He asked.

“Thought we could relive some old memories,” Alfred said as he turned the car off and grabbed his bomber jacket from the back seat as he got out. Thankfully it was a full moon so he could see as he walked over to Arthur’s door and opened it again for him.

Arthur got out of the car as memories of his first date with Alfred flooded him. Their first kiss. The awkwardness of it since it was their first. The beauty of the moon and the lake as they gave each other many of their firsts to each other in this place.

Closing the door behind Arthur, Alfred draped his jacket over Arthur’s shoulders protecting him from the cold weather. He grabbed his lovers hand and led him over to a bench in front of the waters edge and sat him down.

Alfred pulled Arthur away from him and looked into his emerald eyes in silence. He knew he could do this. He stood up off of the bench and got down on one knee in front of his lover and looked up at him with a soft smile on his face as he pulled a small black box from his bomber jacket pocket.

Arthur was shocked, his eyes going wide as his face became flushed. Is this why Alfred was acting weirdly? Is this what he thinks this is?

“Artie, now I’m not the most romantic person in the world. So I’m probably gonna make a fool of myself. But what I do know is that I love you, with every fiber of my being. And I know that I want to live the rest of my life with you. So, what I’m asking is, is will you marry me Artie?” Alfred asked shakily as he looked up at the Englishmen.

Arthur couldn’t stop the tears that came to the brink of his eyes. He got up off the bench, dropped to his knees and hugged Alfred. All he could muster to say or rather whisper was one simple word into Alfred’s ear. “Yes.”


(I actually have a fic that continues this but the first chapter alone is good enough lol)

The Thirteenth Event, Lunchpad

NEW TO CRYPTOCRACY? Don’t start here! Go back and check out chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11!!!

“I wonder where Cookie learned to, you know, cook.” Baltimore mused aloud. “I mean, I have never had a burger this good.”

“I wonder why they call them burgers.” Beam mused back. “I mean, what is burging? How do you burg?”

“You’re not serious,” Baltimore hoped.

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nalu week day 2: gratitude

Just a really quick first meeting AU thing. Thank mslead for the inspiration ;)

With a critical last look into the big mirror, Lucy ridded herself of the remaining bit of clothing covering her body and stepped into the running shower.

The day couldn’t get much worse.

The only thing that was missing was an unfortunate step that would send her flying onto the slippery shower tiles, leaving her with a broken bone and no one around to hear her screams. When nothing of the sort happened, she was almost surprised.

Holding her face beneath the stream, Lucy let the sounds of gurgling water drown out everything around her. She didn’t know how long she stood like this, losing her sense of time as she focused of the sensation of hot water running down her tired body.

“ If I should staaaaay….”

Lucy snapped out of her little reverie when a loud voice hollered through the tiles. In disbelief, she turned her head to the wall, that stood as stubborn and solid as ever. But not thick enough to stop the sounds from the apartment next door from coming through, apparently. Now that she concentrated, she could make out water running on the other side aswell, mingling with her own shower.

This had to be… her neighbour?

His voice was deep, loud, emotional - and definitely out of tune.

And was he singing Whitney Houston?!

“I would only be in your waaaaay. So I’ll go, but I know - I’ll think of you every step of the waaaay.”

His voice even broke on the emotional parts. Lucy couldn’t help it - she started laughing. Alone, under her shower. The first time on that stupid, dreary day. 

The sound must have made it over to her unsuspecting entertainer, because suddenly he interrupted himself.

“Hello?” he called, confusion clear in his voice. When he was not singing, Lucy decided, she liked it even more. It was a little rough, even scratchy as he raised it.”

For a short moment, in which her heart gave a leap, Lucy considered remaining silent. But she had been missing some social interaction all day, and it was already bad, so she would take the risk of making it worse - or infinitely better.  

“Oh my god,” she called back, certain she would reach him, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Just– uh. Continue?”

For a moment it remained quiet, with only the sound of falling water keeping her company. But then, to her infinite relief, he spoke again.

“Aw, you gotta join in then!”


“You heard me! We gotta do it together or it won’t be fair!”

“Uhh.. I - I guess!” she called back, asking herself what the hell she was agreeing to, and what in all the worlds she was doing in the first place.

Having a casual conversation through her apartment wall. With a stranger.

Maybe she had been wrong.

Maybe her day could get better.

Sudden gratitude flooded her; gratitude for a faceless singer with a weakness for emotional love songs. Lucy smiled.

He apparently decided to take the first step, because now his voice came booming back at full force.

“Aaaaaannnddd IIII will alwaaayyyys….”

“…looooveeee…” she joined in, unable to stop a massive grin from working onto her face. She didn’t even care that she probably sounded even worse than him. She giggled at the thought that she was about to confess her “love” to a man she knew nothing about.

“y-” she began, but was suddenly cut short.

“Fooooooood!” he all but screamed, voice cracking at the highest tone.

Lucy lost it. 

She started laughing, accidentally swallowing some water, but unable to even care about her coughing. She laughed until her chest ached in the best of ways, resting a hand against the cool tiles to stabilize her shaking limbs. Only when she started to gasp for breath did her laughter slowly die down, reduced to small guffaws.

“Yo,” her mystery man called, “You okay?”

“Couldn’t be better!” she answered, and suddenly realized that she really meant it. He had sung the sadness and frustration out of her like it was nothing. Wiping some dripping strands of hair out of her face, she smiled. “Thankyou.”

Her tone must have changed considerably, because he remained silent for a bit. But not for long.

“Wanna come over?” he sounded a little unsure all of a sudden. “I made too much pasta and, uh, if you want… I’m a little bored right now.”

Lucy’s grin almost reached her ears. 

She couldn’t wait to find out what her dedicated shower performer with the deep voice looked like. Or, she thought with a little mischief, if he could cook.

Either way, her day would end infinitely better than it had started, she was sure. She felt the sudden overwhelming urge to thank him.

“Give me five minutes.”

The signs as Love live! song centers

Basically: if the signs were singing as the centers of a Love live! song, what kind of song would it be? There will also be an example song! Thank you for the idea @hekurmnhncrkdyyhmr !

Originally posted by 0ugi

Aries: Something that has a different feeling than in most of idol songs, bit similar to scorpio (After school navigator)

Taurus: Soothing and pretty (Fuyu ga kureta yokan)

Gemini: Joyful, a bit similar to sagittarius but toned down (Beat in angel)

Cancer: Calm and sad yet cute (Nawatobi)

Leo: Catchy and won’t leave your head (Nico puri ♡ Joshi dou)

Virgo: Similar to capricorn but makes you smile (Binetsu kara mystery)

Scorpio: Something well-known done differently (like a romantic song that doesn’t really sound like one) (Zurui yo Magnetic today)

Libra: Emotional and romantic (Garazu no hanazono)

Sagittarius: Energetic and makes you want to dance (Psychic fire)

Capricorn: Strong and beautiful (Arifureta Kanashimi no hate)

Aquarius: “Mature” and a bit sentimental (SENTIMENTAL StepS)

Pisces: Cute, cheerful and fun (HEARTBEAT)

Chanyeol Imagine

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Imagine you are Chanyeol’s girlfriend and you are cooking lunch for both of you. You feel two arms wrap around your waist and Chanyeol’s head pops up on your shoulder. “Jagi~” He whispers in your ear, his hot breath sending a shiver down your spine. You emediately bit your lip, his deep voice making you feel things. “Yes?” You answer, to busy with the food to look at him. No response. And soon you feel him nibble on your earlobe, knowing it’s your weak spot. You let a moan slip out an he chuckles, pressing his toned chest against your back. “Chan, I have to take care of the food first.” Yo say against your needs. He grabs you by the wrists and spins you around, pinning you to the counter. He leaned in and roughly kissed you, you returning the favour.

“I guess we’ll just order take out.”

Title: Insecurities 
Pairing: Mavin
Genre: smut
Warning: Nsfw
Summary: Michael and Gavin are having a hard time having not-horrible sex and Michael isn’t going to point any fingers but it’s totally Gavin’s fault. Then Michael figures out it’s because Gavin’s insecure about his body. Emotional sexy times ensue with the goal being to tell Gavin everything he loves about his body. Featuring: awkward sex, emotional foreplay, blowjobs, and handjobs. 
Word count: 2,700
Notes: I’ve have had this prompt in my ask for months. I feel bad I didn’t get it out in a timely fashion but I hope someone likes it.

Thank you to anon for the prompt! 


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Your so different! Derek luh

You and Derek were just cuddling on the couch while watching a movie, until his phone started to ring so he got up and answered it. When he came back he said that we needed to tidy up because the guys were coming over. So once everything was cleaned up I went up stairs to our bedroom and watched the TV.
That was until I heard loud shouting and talking then…

“Y/N come down” Derek yelled

Derek’s p.o.v

All the guys tumbled into the living room and we’re talking until KDL asked “Yo where’s Y/N man, I haven’t seen her in ages”

That was when I yelled “Y/N come down”

She then walked down the stairs looking annoyed.

Y/N p.o.v

I walked down the stairs annoyed, with what he wanted that he had to shout me down. I never like being around Derek sometimes when the guys were around because I he acts different to when we are alone.

“What’s up?” I ask a bit annoyed

“KDL wanted to see you” he replied in a duh tone, see what I mean, h never does that when their not here.

“Okay I’ll go and see him, then go back up stairs” as I was walking away, he gripped my wrist.

“I’ll come with you”

“Derek it’s fine”

“I said I’ll come with you”

“Okay whatever pleases you”

“You please me” he whispers in my ear.

See what I mean again, his mood changes so quickly. You see the thing is Derek gets really protective of me when he’s with the guys but at times he can be a total dick to me.

After I spoke to KDL and some of the others with Derek by my side the whole time, I went back up stairs still hearing talking.

After about 2 hours of being alone I decided to text my best friend.

Y- Hey you wanna go to the mall, Derek has the guys over again?
BF-Yeah sure, come round whenever.
Y-Thanks so much, I’ve been sitting up stairs alone for a jut 2 hours.
BF-It’s okay, come round now hurry.

I walk down stairs and walking past the living room thinking they wouldn’t notice or mind but boy was I wrong…

“Y/N where are you going?” Derek asks

“Out with Y/BF/N” you say

“No your not” Derek says. HE WHAT?!

“Yes I am”

“No your not” He says now getting up

“Yes I am, you don’t control my life Derek, you are so different around the guys, if they weren’t here you wouldn’t mind!” You said raiding your voice now getting annoyed.

“Shut up!” He said coming closer his face getting redder by the minute.

“No you can’t tell me what to do!” He raised his arm to go to hit me but I just slipped out the door in time.

I took a deep breath and rove to Y/BF/N’s house.