tone is down a bit yo

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Yo I've never really liked Kalani just because I always got kind of a bad vibe off her so I could never really get behind her. Idk to be she kinda comes off like a toned down Kendall or Maddie almost? Like kinda snobby and mean girl ish. I don't think she would ever be super outright mean or anything but I always got the impression that she was a bit passive aggressive idk it could just be me but

to be close friends with people like maddie or kendall you have to be a bit mean yourself 

Chanyeol Imagine

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Imagine you are Chanyeol’s girlfriend and you are cooking lunch for both of you. You feel two arms wrap around your waist and Chanyeol’s head pops up on your shoulder. “Jagi~” He whispers in your ear, his hot breath sending a shiver down your spine. You emediately bit your lip, his deep voice making you feel things. “Yes?” You answer, to busy with the food to look at him. No response. And soon you feel him nibble on your earlobe, knowing it’s your weak spot. You let a moan slip out an he chuckles, pressing his toned chest against your back. “Chan, I have to take care of the food first.” Yo say against your needs. He grabs you by the wrists and spins you around, pinning you to the counter. He leaned in and roughly kissed you, you returning the favour.

“I guess we’ll just order take out.”