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Malec + 41 💕

41. “I had a nightmare about you, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

Magnus wakes up with a jolt, sweat making his pyjamas stick to his body, his mind clouded with panic, and his only coherent thought being a single word, over and over again. AlecAlecAlec. He barely registers opening a portal, barely puts enough thought into thinking of Alec’s office in the Institute. He steps through the portal, thankfully finding himself where he wanted to go.

But when he looks at the desk, Alec isn’t there. Magnus can now feel even his magic starting to panic, can feel dread rising like bile in his throat, and the fear is so all consuming that he almost jumps out of his skin when he feels a touch on his shoulder.

He turns and finds a pair of hazel eyes looking back at him, a sea of love and concern. Alec. Magnus throws his arms around him without a word, clinging to Alec’s body like it’s his lifeline. Alec tenses for a second, before wrapping his arms around Magnus, and when he presses his face into Magnus’ neck, like he always does, Magnus lets out an almost sobbing sound of relief.

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How would UT, US and SF sans and papyrus be with an S/O who really likes affection but would never admit it and they flustered and speechless easily because no ones has never really been nice to them before so they don't really know how to accept it.

Last Undertale fluff in my askbox for a while, fair warning. Also this was too cute not to do the Fell bros for too

UT!Sans:  He’s pretty hesitant because he doesn’t want to accidentally cross boundaries. Sure, he likes being affectionate with his partner as much as the next guy, but he’s not particularly needy when it comes to flirting or touch, so if you look uncomfortable chances are he’ll just stop. If you want that lovin you’re going to have to tell him fairly explicitly that you actually really enjoy the attention. Once he’s got the green light, he kind of likes to make you blush, but for the early stages of the relationship he’s walking on eggshells because he’s still figuring out the difference for you between “no stoooooooop >u<” and “no, seriously, stop.” He’ll figure it out.

UT!Papyrus: This comes up early. Like, first date early. Papyrus wooing, as we all know, is no small feat. He’s actually thrilled when he sees the first signs of a blush on you. Clearly he’s having an effect! Once you start descending into the True Fluster™, though, he stops immediately, a bit crestfallen. Why do you look so uncomfortable? Is he doing something wrong? Are you…do you not like it? Like his brother, you’re going to have to explain pretty clearly that you’re okay with this. Still, once he understand, he doesn’t tone down one bit, so you are soon subject to all the affection your heart could desire. He doesn’t really believe you that he’s the first to be this nice. Surely someone like you must have had many admirers, at least platonically! Still, whether or not the deficit actually exists, he is more than happy to fill in any void.

UF!Sans: Open affection (as in the sweet kind) isn’t really his thing but he loves flustering you. Getting you so red-faced and stammery that you can’t string a sentence together is one of his favorite things to do. Most of it stems from that possessive streak of his. He likes knowing he has an effect, and he wants everyone else to know it too. He’ll flirt, hug, kiss, wink, do anything to get a reaction. Unlike Tale he’s not waiting for permission. He’s going until you tell him to stop. If you lay out boundaries, he’ll respect them, but you’re going to have to tell him. He’s not much for self-control with stuff like this, especially if he finds out that you like it that much. The fact that he’s the first to treat you like this is the cherry on top. He likes spoiling you more than ever, knowing that anyone else who tries to get with you will inevitably be compared to him. He’s gonna make damn sure that in this area at least, its not even a fair contest.

UF!Papyrus: EXACTLY the same way. The one major difference, though, is that for as much as he likes the affection, he hates being flustered in public more. He refuses to initiate any kind of flirtation, cuddling, or romantic gesture of any kind in public in the hopes that you won’t either. In private, he has the capacity to be affectionate, but its not something that comes very naturally to him. He’s going to need a lot of positive encouragement, and seeing you flustered isn’t exactly the reaction he’s going for. The more blushy and shy you get the more likely he is to get frustrated and just give up. Both of you are going to have to compromise. For your part, smiling more, leaning into touches, even the most stammered thank you for compliments……these are all easier for him to understand as “yes, more please”. Over time he’ll learn to kind of enjoy flustering you a bit, as well as become more comfortable being affectionate. As long as its just the two of you. Because for as cold and hard as he pretends to be, deep down, Boss just wants to know he makes you as happy as he thinks you deserve to be.

US!Sans: He’ll check with you every now and then to make sure you really are enjoying it, but if you’re enjoying it, then he likes making his partner blush almost as much as Red does. Blue’s too used to being treated like a child. There is nothing more humiliating than trying to get your mac daddy game on and hearing someone say “AWWW HOW CUTE!” So the idea that he can fluster anyone is both new and extremely appealing. He liked being affectionate anyways, this is just a new incentive to be even more so. ESPECIALLY in public.

US!Papyrus: Genuine affection is….honestly more difficult for him than you’d expect. Flirtation? Yes.  All of the yes. He’ll get you to blush that way no problem. But affection requires a certain level of openness and vulnerability that’s a bit tricky for him. Stretch is always very aware of how he’s being perceived (or at least how he thinks he is) and he prefers to control that perception, to hide behind a smartass persona that’s never bothered by anything. Trying to be affectionate strips that from him. Admitting to stuff he genuinely finds adorable, sweet, stuff that makes his head spin…he can learn, but it’ll take time. Still, he finds himself well rewarded with every blush and stammer. He really likes flustering his partner, especially ambushing them with it around the house.

SF!Sans: Flustering is exactly what he’s going for in all of his flirting. In fact, if you genuinely don’t like being flustered you likely aren’t that good a match for him. Your reactions only spur him on to greater heights. Still, the fact that he’s the first to treat you this well sticks in his craw. True, he doesn’t like to think of you being someone else’s partner, but you’d think even a friend or family member would have….would have reached out to you, treat you with enough kindness that this wouldn’t be as big a deal. He loves the fact that this attention means so much to you while at the same time almost wishing it meant less. You deserve to have been cared for by more than him.

SF!Papyrus: You getting this flustered from even his basic affections throws him off balance a bit. He can get flirtatious, but its generally at a later stage, when he’s a little more sure of the relationship. In a way you getting flustered kind of flusters him, and at points it hard to tell who’s blushing more. But he really likes having this effect. He really likes knowing that you crave his attention as much as he craves yours, and that you are just as ill-prepared to handle it as he is. In general he keeps that to himself, hoards your blushes as something only he can bring out. But every now and then he can’t resist it in public. Its not often he gets power, and he’s enjoying himself immensely. Still, the tables are very easily turned if he starts getting too smug. 

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Your gameplay videos don't get as many views as the other types that you post on Cow Chop. I was wondering if you were considering stopping the gameplay vids and concentrating solely on the quirky skits/vlogs/ect. because of that? The content is vastly different and they seem to represent your channel in pretty different ways. They leave different impressions of the future of the channel. (I honestly love them both a lot, I was just wondering what to expect in terms of content)

The live stuff is obviously going to be much more far reaching, and we know that. But the gameplay stuff is always going to be there as well. I feel they are needed, because we simply can’t output that much of the live action stuff at one time. But it also helps balance the crazy shit we do in the live action stuff. I’m completely ok with people going “Wtf is this?” to a live action bit and then just having a bit more toned down convos with the gameplay. When you mix em together in 1 video, it gets a pretty different feel as well. So i mean itll all carry on how we have it now, at least its more than likely to.

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Five Avengers Who Still Care About Tony Even After the Mindwipe is Revealed

Tony wasn’t sure when was the last time he’d slept, but sleep only came with nightmares, and those came with a few moments of hope, upon waking up, that the real world would be better.

It wasn’t. Not after everything.

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8- kabby ... you could write about kabby talking about the kids (clarke, bell, raven, monty, jasper, octavia etc) and who they think is the "fun adult" or something kind of like that? Then they could talk to them and have a vote? So the kids could give their impressions/opinions on them. (( All fun-spirited though !))

Ahh sure!! Happy Belated Birthday! :D Man I haven’t written anything for these two in such a long time I kind of miss it, but I’m sorry about the quality I’m out of practice Thanks for the prompt!! I know it’s supposed to be a “drabble” but it might be a bit longer since I am unskilled in the art of brevity…(Wow after finishing this I have realized that this got a bit long…over 1,000 words…) 

Anyway, here’s some much needed fluff for you all! Takes place post-season 3 madness, everyone is happy and at peace.

[EDIT] Also available on Ao3 :3

This is all in good fun, please don’t take it too seriously

8. “Wanna bet?”

“I absolutely cannot believe that you think you are the fun one.” 

Abby Griffin crossed her arms in disbelief, then continued.

“Back on the Ark, all the kids cringed at your name. Kane. Don’t let Kane catch you skipping classes. Look out, Kane is coming our way. You seriously expect me to believe they like you better than me?”

He walked towards her, smirking, and matched her defiant gaze. “Things change, Abby. People change. I’m a reasonable man. I can be fun. The kids look up to me. But you on the other hand. You’re Clarke’s mother. The kids see you as nothing more than an overly-protective parent, just a mom who worries too much.” 

She wouldn’t deny it, but there was no way she was going to back down. She stood up completely straight in defiance, despite still being too short to talk to him at the same level.

“But that doesn’t mean I can’t be fun. They like me. I let the kids break the rules from time to time. It doesn’t mean they think I’m the strict one.”

“It might.”

She held his gaze, challenging him.

“Wanna bet?” 

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A More Accurate History of Clothing Colour and Gender in The West

(That isn’t just that  “in the past, pink was for boys! And then, suddenly, Hitler” thing)


EVERYONE: *wears all the colours*

BABIES: *wear white*

PURITANS: Ugh. You’re all trying to look pretty, and enjoying yourselves.



EVERYONE ELSE: Fine, do what you want.


MEN: You guys, we’re not Puritans as such, but I think they might have had a point? We’re trying to look pretty, and enjoying ourselves. I think that might not be okay?

EVERYONE ELSE: Er, why not?

MEN: It’s what women do?

WOMEN: I thought it was what everyone did.

BABIES: *still wear white*


MEN: Anyway, we’re going to tone it the hell down. Black. Grey. Blue. Beige. Dark green for when we’re feeling flashy.

WOMEN: Fine, do what you want.

BABIES: *still wear white*


MEN: Actually I think beige might be too exciting.

WORKING CLASS MEN: We want to keep on wearing at least a little bit of brighter blue and red.

UPPER CLASS MEN: Fine, but that’s only because you’re common.

WOMEN: We’re going to keep on wearing all the colours we can get our hands on.

MEN: Of course you are, you adorable little flibbertigibbets. Women! Amirite?

WOMEN: And we’re going to put some of these colours on our babies now, too.

MEN: Sure, who cares – childrearing: your thing. When Little Johnny’s five it’ll be all black and navy blue for the rest of his life, though.

BABIES *still wear a lot of white* *but also some colours*

1920s -30s

EVERYONE: Gosh the First World War was depressing.

MEN: Sigh… I miss colours.


MEN: Maybe if I wore a brightly coloured tie nothing bad would happen?

JEEVES: Sir, no.


EVERYONE: YES! Wait, no? YES! By gender? No, by hair colour! Maybe let’s put pink on boys and blue on girls, wait, pink on brown-haired babies and blue on blondes, no, the other way round…

MEN: I really miss colours.


WORLD WAR TWO: Well, that’s too bad, sunshine, because you’re going to be wearing khaki for a LONG TIME.

MEN: Oh, damn.

WORLD WAR TWO: And even if you’re not, everything is, again, really depressing and I don’t think this is the time or place to be experimenting with jewel-tones.

EVERYONE: There’s not really any time or money to colour-code the babies now.


EVERYONE: Finally, we can get back to colour-coding the babies! Pink for girls, blue for boys. I’m so glad we got that sorted out. Let’s try and solidify some regressive gender-roles while we’re at it.

MEN: So… no colours for us?

OTHER MEN: Basically, no.



OTHER MEN: How shocking.

EVERYONE: Ehh, colour-coding the babies is okay, I guess, but we’re not that bothered.


WOMEN: Let’s do feminism!

EVERYONE: I don’t want to colour-code the babies any more! Everyone should wear everything! Especially orange and brown!


CAPITALISM: No, wait, colour-coding the babies was a great idea. You know why?

EVERYONE: No, why?

CAPITALISM: Because it will make it much harder for you to give your old babies’ clothes to friends or hand them down to your younger children. Each child needs its own, brand new, fashion-forward, gender-specific wardrobe!

EVERYONE: Ohh, right, better get on that.


EVERYONE: Girls can wear all colours, but boys cannot wear pink.

EVERYONE: Little girls really love pink.

EVERYONE: Girls should mostly wear pink.

EVERYONE: Girls should ONLY wear pink.


EVERYONE: *Exhausted and confused and sick of the sight of a perfectly nice colour.*


The Blind Date Pt 1

AN: So my lovelies! I have started another fic because it was driving me crazy and had to be let loose. Have no fear, Eat This pt 5 will be coming soon, but in the meantime see what you think about my newest AU sort of Rae fic. As always below are the darlings that have asked to be tagged for my fics, if you’d like for me to add you to or take you out of this list just let me know! And as you already know feedback is always appreciated! 

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Can we take a moment to appreciate how healthy that scene was though? Like FitzSimmons were both clearly incredibly happy and content with this new development in their relationship and it’s probably the healthiest representation of a sex scene we’ve gotten on this show. In Season 1 there was:

  • Skye with Miles-he was lying to her at the time
  • Ward and May-just a mess of a physical relationship, not to mention the fact that Ward was using her to mislead her and the team
  • Ward and Lorelai- This one is just wrong and needs no explanation for how unhealthy it was

In Season 2 we got:

  • Hunter and Bobbi-Okay they have a good relationship and, probably, have the healthiest sex scene(s) aside from FitzSimmons
  • May and Andrew pre-Bahrain (I think?)-Again healthy, but their relationship crumbled after Bahrain and they were unable to regain that comfort
  • Ward and Kara (I think?)-I could be wrong, but their relationship didn’t seem healthy to me. Kara idolized Ward for giving her something after Hydra messed with her, and Ward may have been in love with her in his own weird way, but it always seemed like there was something more creepy about their relationship.

And now in Season 3 we have:

  • Coulson and Rosalind-Perhaps not the healthiest start to a relationship as they were still working out whether or not they could trust each other, but they did actually care about each other so that’s worth something
  • Jemma and Will-I have some pretty strong feelings about this one but I’ll tone it down a bit. Let’s just say that their relationship was not healthy in the least and was only born out of desperation and despair, which is by no means a good start to any kind of relationship
  • Daisy and Lincoln-They definitely have some unresolved issues to deal with, but it was an otherwise positive scene and healthy development
  • FitzSimmons-The scene speaks for itself: They are both happy. They are both comfortable. They are both ready to take this next step. They both want this, and it shows. They are so in love with each other and they were so happy to be taking this next step together, finally.
Kris - The Unexpected Happens


“Are you just going to sit here all night, drinking and perving at girls?” You had asked Kris as he continued to swallow his glass of alcohol and drown his system with it.

“Yeah.” He doesn’t bother looking at you; he looks over at the girls dancing against each other, their dresses short and fitted like yours, except yours was somewhat longer; you couldn’t handle short and skimpy clothing.

“You’re so boring and pathetic.” You groan, standing up from where you had been sitting across from him, glaring and scolding at him. What kind of honeymoon is this?

You and Kris were marriage only yesterday. Everything was arranged by your parents and you loathed them for it. Kris hated you and you hated him. This marriage was not going to last, or ever workout. Or at least that’s what you thought.

You hated Kris because of his cocky and selfish ways. He was a player, a rich, filthy guy who loved sex. The two of you had never had sex, not yet anyway and you didn’t really want to but you didn’t want him around other women either, not that you were married now.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asks as he begins to walk over toward the dance floor.

“To go dance, since you’re being an ass and pathetic.” You walk off at his words, losing then in the crowd.

You walk into the crowd, slightly moving to beat beginning to get the rhythm bit by bit. Soon you begin to let loose and forget about Kris’ cold ways and dance with the other people around you. It felt good to be doing this, but you had to mentally note that you were married and it was appropriate for you to be grinding up against other men. You were to keep loyal towards Kris no matter what; you expected the same from him.

Singing along to the songs you knew amongst foreign people felt amazing. It hadn’t even been five minutes in but you were already having the time of your life.

As Kris was sitting down, he couldn’t help but drunkenly watch you amongst everyone whom surrounded you. Surprisingly, you stood out to him. His eyes parted from the girls he had been staring at earlier and he was now solidly focused on you. He began to notice and analyse every single bit of you. From your defined appearance, to your breasts, hips, ass and down to your toned legs. He licked his lips thinking of the things he could do to you, but was quickly reminded of how much he hated you. No matter how pretty you were; he hated you. Full stop. (Well at least you though that.)

She’s actually so sexy and elegant at the same time. How have you never noticed you idiot] He continued to watch, staring to be precise. He began to become fond of the way your body moved and how happy you looked dancing even when you were alone in a room full of strangers. This can’t be love? No, you live for lust. You surely can’t be falling in love with her. The truth was, Kris thought this every single day that went past. He didn’t want to love you and he tried not to but his once soulless heart was beginning to fire up at once… For you?

You had not idea about Kris’ feeling because he had never really treated you like he loved you, except for yesterday at the wedding but you had graded that as ‘playing the part’. You thought Kris was insanely attractive, but his personality ruined the whole perfect image for you, but that was somehow about to change.

“Can we dance?” Kris had decided to approach you after a full glass of beer and three vodka shots. In no time, his sober self would vanish and you had no idea what you could do then.

“Sure.” You smile at him, pleased that he asked to join you. Does he actually want to dance with me? Or is it because of the other men? You asked yourself in suspicion, but continued on dancing, starring at Kris as the beat finally got to him and he began to join you.

Because he had invaded your small dancing area, there wasn’t much room for the two of you to be separated so you were left with no choice but to grind up against one another unintentionally. For some reason, it felt normal and natural. There was no tension or awkwardness like every other time. Both yourself and Kris were enjoying yourselves and you couldn’t keep your hands of one another as you both partied hard.

What is this ____? Why are you acting like this? You can’t be falling for him now, he all lust and no love. Don’t fall into his trap. Your thoughts were scattered all over the place at that moment. You really felt something click between yourself and Kris, but at the same time you were trying to restrain yourself from the sudden satisfaction and enjoyment.

After a while of dancing with one another, Kris leans forward, enough for you to hear him over the heart pounding music. “You look good, as always.”

You giggled and replied, “Thanks.” shrugging it off as it was from his drunken ways. What was that all about?

“No seriously, you look good. You always do.” He smirks as he begins to forcefully grind up against you playfully.

No! It’s just playing around! He doesn’t mean it! Don’t fall for his lust! Your conscience was killing you then and there. You smile back at Kris and laugh at his stupidity as he grabs your waist and says, “Let’s get out of here.” He pulls you from the crowd and towards the exit just to give the two of you some room and clear some air. “We should go home too, finish off there.” He winks and slurs his words slightly.

Wide eye, you stare at him wondering what exactly he was going to do to you. You had never given him your body before, and you weren’t into lust at all, it made you feel cheap and used like it was only for the others own good.

“Kris-.” He has no intentions of listening to you; he was focused on the hotel across the road, the one you had booked to stay in for your honeymoon. So you hadn’t bothered to say anything. He took your hand and stepped out onto the road and checked for car, but crossed carelessly in a sense. You followed him to the hotel and managed to get to your room as quickly as possible.

You entered with Kris following you, closing the door behind you. You turned around to Kris to ask him a quick question but instead you were cupped gently in his hands and pulled you into a passionate and tensionless kiss. Shocked and surprised, you stumble backwards only to be caught by Kris.

You pull away quickly and move backward, directly to the end of the bed. “Kris, I don’t do lust. So if this is what it’s about, we better not.”

“This isn’t lust ____.” He says your name softly, crawling onto you as he gently pushes you down on the king size bed.

“Kris.” You forbidden to moan as he unzips your dress, brushing his obvious bludge up against you.

“I love you.” He says as he pulls your dress from you, kissing and letting his tongue run over the bare skin of your neck. It’s just the alcohol talking. Your conscience tells you.

“No you don’t Kris.” You sigh, trying to push him off you. But Kris realities and pins you down on the bed and stares at you deeply, his eyes glistering in the dim light of the room.

“____, I love you. I have come to the point where I can’t hide my feelings. I love you, I really do.” You watch him in depth he wasn’t condescending, he was being honest and you could see it. This wasn’t his sweet talk or cocky ways to get you laid, he was being deliriously truthful and it hurt your head.

“D-Do you really?” You say as he begins to unbuckle the belt to his near tight jeans.

“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be touching you this way.” Kris stripped you and himself bare, his lips lingering on your skin again. He rubs his thumbs against your hips bones, numbing them cautiously.

Kris’ member was furiously waiting, red and throbbing hard just eager to be between your legs which were throbbing as well. You looked down to see Kris’ large figure, leaking pre-cum and beaming red from the relief it so badly needed.

“Kris, please.” You let out a slight moan, your body tingling with his every touch. Kris read your mind and took grip of his member before pushing into you. The two of you groan in ecstasy, your body thrusting upwards begging for movement inside of you. Kris begins to thrust slowly, treating you much different to the girls he would usually bring home before the two of you were married.

“Ahhhh Kris! Yes, keep going.” Although his thrusts were slow, he couldn’t help but thrust hard into you as your walls clenched around his large self. It doesn’t take long for your insides to cater for him and that’s when you begin to want more.

“Faster. Faster Kris.” You demand subconsciously, thrust upwards to grind out the sensation you were enduring. Kris does nothing less but smirk and builds up his immaculate pace and screws you deeply as well.

“Kris! Fuck yesss! Don’t stop!” You moan as his grunts exceeded to turn you on even more.

“You’re so good ____! Ngghhhh.” You could feel your orgasm preparing itself to exceed anytime soon as your one throbbing self was now satisfied by Kris’ large figure.

“Fuck me! Yes Kris! Oohhh yes!” You were desperate to reach your climax; you were desperate to see how Kris would react after this.

“You feel so good.” He mumbles throughout his loud groan of pleasure. He only became harder as he found your most sensitive spot, bumping into it constantly. That had really pushed you over the edge.

“Right there Kris!” You scream in ecstasy and there was nothing you could do but be pleasured and stay pleasured. “Don’t stop!”

“I-I’m going to-.” And before Kris could finish his sentence, his orgasm hits him as he releasing his load into your quite expectantly. It was hard for him to continue at the pace he had got to before but he tried for your pleasurable benefit. He groaned and grunted, wanted to relieve you as well. Maybe he wasn’t as selfish as he seemed.

“KRIS!” You scream his name as he thrusts hard into you, causing you to immediately reach your orgasm. You release and let yourself mix in with the juices of Kris.

You lay there, hardly tired yet panting from the happening. Kris stares at you, leaving himself inside of you. Your eyes meet and there is no tension, lust, hate, nothing. Nothing but what seemed like love?

You expected Kris to leave, or go shower like he would do to most of his other girls but no, he laid down beside you keeping you tightly in his arms.

“I love you, ____.” He says your name softly, smiling at you as he kisses your cheek softly. The alcohol was talking this time, definitely.

“We shall see in the morning.” You smile as he closes his eye, to fall asleep from the drunken state he was in.

All of the mishaps between yourself and Kris suddenly became a distant memory and it suddenly felt like the differences you had weren’t a problem anymore. Maybe this was love?