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talk 2 us more abt modern day dizzee pls

modern day dizzee is jaden smith so ion know what you want me to say but:

• he goes to art school but hates the idea of art being constrained by courses and curriculums

• wants to drop out and just work on his art to get his pieces in a gallery but knows that his father will beat his ass

• art hoe tumblr that’s all aesthetics and nice soft music

• loves the migos and the culture

• his IG? beautiful. everything is somehow the same soft earth tone color scheme and im jealous just thinking about it

• his twitter? nothing on it makes sense unless you’re drugged up and your chakras are aligned but he got hella followers so it don’t even matter

• his snapchat? he’s not on it too often but when he is it’s always thor, or him and thor, drawing, smoking, playing guitar, singing, playing with their dog, playing in thor’s hair, etc. he just loves his boyfriend

• oh yea him and thor met in art school because they kept interrupting their creative writing professor during the lesson to explain their thoughts on Dadaism and got kicked out the class

• they live in a decent enough tiny ass apartment and have a big ass dog that thinks it’s a puppy

• has a typically androgynous style. still identifies as a boy but is real fluid between femme and masc presentation

• loves video games. will body you in overwatch.



AR-15 built with a huge variety of parts and refinished in a duo-tone color scheme. This is a good example of how you can build an AR-15 to be “your” gun, limited only by your own budget. However this is also a good example of when to carefully shop for a custom AR-15. Always try to get the parts list from a seller/owner to see what was used in the build and then price it out. You may end up saving hundreds of dollars building it yourself. (GRH)

Is it too late for Witchsona week yet? I don’t remember what day it is anymore.

Forest witch up to some forest witchy things

autistic hanzo hcs

-he is extremely picky about textures of clothing, he only wears loose fitting stuff
-he loves soft stuff, not just fabric tho, soft noises and stuff are very good and he Loves 
-he likes cool toned color schemes, specifically the blue+gold/silver combo 
-he and symmetra bond over people thinking theyre rude and their common hatred for people who touch them without asking 
-he hates unskinned apples they are absolute sensory hell
-he has a very uncommon sense of humor and is the only one that laughs at wintsons and mccrees jokes 
-he tends to pace/walk back and forth + flap his hands when hes under pressure 
-hes hates soggy stuff, it doesnt matter if its clothes or food or anything, if its soggy he doenst want it anywhere near him
-he goes nonverbal very easily and for very long periods 
-he hates loud noises and needs absolute silence to concentrate, shutdowns are common when theres too much noise 
-doesnt know what sarcasm is and isnt interested in it

this is it for now thank u @mlm-mccree for coming up with literally half of these dsgfdhjg


Escort [PV] - Kato Shigeaki

Destiny Exotic Lore: The Elemental Blades


A staple of Hive warfare, the Sword is the single most powerful weapon in Hive society. Despite its apparent archaic function, the Sword Logic that rules Hive warfare states that a Sword is the pinnacle of weaponry, as every kill makes it sharper. The Hive see each of their Knights as Swords themselves, sharpened with every opponent defeated. The Guardians of the City had a taste of the power of the Ascendant Blade during the invasion of Crota’s armies, led by the fearsome Blades of Crota. In fact, it was on the edge of such a blade that the Hive Prince, Son of the Taken King, the infamous Eater of Hope met his final end. But it was not until the defeat of Oryx, when the dark blade of Willbreaker crumbled into pieces, that the true power of the Sword was revealed to the City. Now, Lord Shaxx is the City’s go-to expert on the art of Sword combat, crafting, and lore.


When Willbreaker was broken, it crumbled into hundreds of shards that were collected by Eris Morn. Each of these shards is thought to be forged from a strange metal found only on the Hive homeworld** that channels elemental energy and the Light (or darkness) of the user to devastating effect. When the blade is charged with energy, the shard inlaid in the hilt channels energy to the blade, forged from a strange Hive metal known as Hadium. In its wrought form, it is incredibly strong, but can be manipulated at will by Hive Wizards. It is melded with the strange obsidian-like stones* often found in Hive ritual chambers to forge their Ascendant Blades, giving them the property of disappearing when wielded too long by one of the Light. However, in its refined form, Hadium gains the distinct ability of dimensional shifting. After the blade itself is fused with the shard in the hilt and certain words are spoken over the blade while it is still glowing red, the Hadium metal will channel the elemental energy generated by the shard and fade out of this dimension when there is no energy to sustain it. As the blade becomes more powerful, the shard grants it with certain, elemental abilities. The metal can also radiate an elemental barrier to deflect incoming attacks. Each individual exotic-class blade has its own unique way of accomplishing its purpose.


The blade of Raze-Lighter flickers with scorching solar energy from the shard in its hilt. After its base, Sol Edge, becomes “sharp” enough through killing enemies, the shard will be open to a ritual reforging that will unlock its true power. By combining elemental materials extracted from Helium coils used during the Golden Age for cold fusion with a ritual chant and a reforging of the Hadium blade, Raze-Lighter’s solar power is increased tenfold. Those who wield it thereafter will begin to form enough of a bond with it as their prowess increases that the blade feels as an extension of their Light. When this connection is felt, the sword wields the Guardian just as much as the Guardian wields the sword. The expression of this connection in Raze-Lighter is the Phoenix Uppercut technique, in which the Guardian taps into the power of the shard and lets it consume him or her as he or she swings at the enemy. A burst of flame containing as much energy as a Solar flare burns through enemy defenses, cutting down all but the very strongest enemies with one or two slices. The blade’s serrated shape provide both an amplification surface for the flames and a deadly saw-toothed edge to cut down enemies.


The power of Dark-Drinker lies not in damage dealt, but in the vitality it consumes from its enemies. It uses the power of the Void to fuel its attacks, consuming the life force of enemies like a black hole. This power is what fuels its deadly Supermassive Vortex, which creates a maelstrom of Void energy that devours enemies caught in its radius. Its Hadium blade is much wider and more ornate than those of Raze-Lighter or Bolt-Caster, but every miniscule etch engraved into the blade was drawn with painstaking care, as the tiniest defect is all that stands between a Guardian and his or her being consumed by his or her own Supermassive Vortex attack. The patterns on the blade channel the Light of the Void in a specific pattern to surround the user without consuming him or her during this attack. The Hadium is also fused with radioactive isotopes of several elements found within Relic Iron deposits on Mars, which fuse with the Hadium and form a heavy, yet atomically stable metal known as Lazarium for the way its radioactive decay seems to be suspended mid-emission at a molecular level. This gives the blade its two-tone color scheme in its engravings. The blade is always freezing cold to the touch.


Bolt-Caster has gained much infamy in the annals of the Crucible as a weapon of incredible destruction and unmatched power. The shard of Willbreaker that powers it is charged with electrostatically charged Noble Gasses, a seeming impossibility. Thus, the blade is not only held together by the flames of the forge, but also by the magnetized Hadium molecules formed and attached together in an electrostatic lattice. The slots carved into the blade serve as magnetic field enhancers that increase the arc power of the sword’s attacks. Swinging the blade can also unleash a spinning storm of disc-lightning that electrocutes anything in its path. The blade is long, but light and swings like an extension of the arm.


The story of the trio of elemental blades begins on the Hive homeworld. It is a story that has only recently been brought to light via the discovery of the Books of Sorrow. On the world of Fundament, a gas giant, three sisters of a proto-Hive species swore a blood oath of revenge, sealed by a blade of raw Hadium. This miniscule knife would eventually become the fearsome sword Willbreaker. As Oryx gained power, so did his blade, which was infused with the energies of the Dark. When Oryx was defeated upon his altar and retreated into his Throne World, he sucked all of the Dark energy from Willbreaker, leaving it as a hollow husk. The interior structural shards became the basis for all guardian swords. The molecular composition of these shards has been analyzed, but all analysis has come up empty. There are several explanations for the mysterious shards, including:

  • The shards are made from the scales of the Hive Worm Gods, or from the corpse of the Worm God Akka. The Worms are born from Darkness, so this is a widely accepted theory.
  • The shards are an unnamed metal from the depths of the Fundament ocean.
  • The shards are made of solidified Dark-Matter or Antimatter held in suspension.
  • Due to the way the shards channel both Light and Dark, some believe that Willbreaker’s shards are made of the same material as the shell of the Traveler.
  • Others say that the shards are solidified remnants of the Darkness itself, left by a similar phenomenon to the one encountered in the Heart of the Black Garden.

Whatever the truth may be, the shards are all that now remains of the ancient blade Willbreaker. Several leading Warlocks and Cryptarchs are closely studying the possible psychological and thanatological effects of the shards’ close proximity to Guardians (similar to the efforts made to study the effects of Ahamkara bone armor), but so far, nothing unusual has been reported.


  • Data has been collected on the disappearing qualities of refined Hadium, indicating that, when it fades from our dimension, its constituent molecules absorb into the stone in the hilt.
  • Several Guardians have met great success using bladed weapons before. While not properly swords, these weapons include the bayonetted Red Death (whose Guardian remained nameless), the sniper-scythe Crescent Rose, wielded by Huntress Summer Rose before it lost its melee ability, and certain applications of Myrtenaster, the heirloom of the Schnee family.
  • The troops of the Iron Banner were known to use swords, axes, and war hammers during the faction wars. Most of these blades are now only used for ceremony.
  • The ceremonial blade that sealed the alliance of the Iron Banner was shattered during the Battle of Twilight Gap.
  • Refined Hadium is sharp enough to slice a piece of thread draped over the edge of the blade, yet strong enough to slice through inches-thick sheet metal with virtually no effort. It has been known to shatter Hive blades, which are meant more for brutality than quick, effective killing.
  • The Journal of Toland the Shattered states the Hadium becomes increasingly strong as it is refined, but it leaves our universe in this form unless tethered to something he calls “the midnight stone” He goes on to say that the Hive create their blades by laying an endoskeleton of these stones and covering them with molten Hadium poured into a mold.

f o r g i v e  m y   s i n s

anyways @cryangular and i were talking and we came up with this hell of an asshole. He is Mettatone (Mettatony?).He’s a fusion of Tony the Clock and Mettaton, and Mettatone EX is based off Mettaton EX and the common traits of human Tony. 

the original version of Mettatone (the clock with arms) is actually NOT Mettatone, but part of his original inspiration from a personal undertale au i came up with.