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Zuko X Reader - Hopeless

Request:  Could I have an imagine for A:TLA? Zuko is hopelessly in love with you but while you do return his feelings, you refuse to make any ‘big’ decisions before the war is over, so could the imagine include his many attempts of sealing your hand for him? -Anon

Well, here ya go! It’s really long, like over 2000 words oops.

Yesterday you had kissed Zuko. Today you were avoiding him.

While you and Zuko were close, and you both had strong feelings for each other, you wanted to wait until the war was over and done with to make any rash decisions regarding your relationship with him. It would hurt you too much if something happened to him and you were together. At least this way, if one of you was seriously injured, or even killed, you wouldn’t be losing a partner. You’d only be losing your friend.


“Zuko, I told you. I can’t, okay? I can’t make any huge decisions right now.”

“Can I remind you that you kissed me yesterday? That seemed like a pretty huge decision.”

“I was tired and overcome with emotions then. I just think it’s best we not get involved romantically until after… all this.”


“I have to go, Zuko. Toph wanted to spar.” You began to walk away, but paused a moment to look back at the teen. “I just don’t want to risk losing my boyfriend as well as my best friend.” Zuko nodded, which you took as a cue to leave. Zuko understood the reasoning behind not wanting to make the decision before the war, but he thought that was all the more reason to make the decision. If you were about to go to war, it would be good to let go of your feelings, right?

Zuko was determined to at least get you to admit you loved him before the war was over.

Attempt #1: Flowers

“Katara?” Zuko held a bouquet of flowers in his hand. It was small, and the flowers were mostly wilted as they had been growing in a shady, sad spot in a forest, but it was a bouquet nonetheless. He was bringing them to the waterbender to see if she could maybe perk them up, or at least to see if the flowers had the stamp of approval before being given to you.


“I have a question. If someone gave you these flowers, would you accept them?” He held the small bouquet out to the girl, and she looked at them before reaching out a hand to hold them closer and take a better look.

“Well, they’re kind of sad, Zuko. Are these for (Y/N)?”

“Yeah.” He pulled his hand away as Katara grabbed the entire bouquet.

“Oh, nice flowers. I didn’t know you and Katara were a thing, Zuko.” You seemed to come out of nowhere, just in time to see Katara taking the flowers from Zuko’s outstretched hands.

“Oh no, I’m not- we’re not… I was just-”

“Relax, I was joking. Katara, Sokka wants us to go get some supplies.”

“Alright, I’m coming.” She handed the bouquet back to Zuko, giving him a quick look of pity before walking off with you. As you walked away from Zuko, Katara leaned closer to your ear. “They were for you, you know.” You sighed, nodding your head.

“I know.”

Zuko simply frowned at your receding figures. He was going to have to try harder to get you.

Attempt #2: Fire

It was a rare night, everyone huddled around a fire, laughing and acting like the world was alright. Katara and Aang sat next to each other, talking in hushed tones to themselves. Sokka was poking at the fire, making sure he kept it aflame despite the fact there were two individuals who could firebend sitting across from him. Toph was doing her best to make Sokka’s attempts fail, sticking rocks up into the fire and kicking pebbles in Sokka’s general direction. You and Zuko just sat next to each other, watching the others and occasionally saying a few words.

You were tired. It was rare you had a night that you weren’t stressing or working, and you wanted to take this opportunity to sleep early, but spending time with the rest of the Gaang was so rare that you were sticking it out. After your fifth yawn in twenty minutes, though, Zuko nudged your shoulder.

“Hey, go to bed if you’re so tired.”

“I’d much rather stay out here with everyone. Besides, it’s more comfortable out here, right?” You and Toph had bent some makeshift couch-like seats for everyone to sit on, and sitting with Zuko on one of the rock couches by a fire was much more comfortable than laying on the ground with only a blanket and a small, worn pillow.

“Go get some rest, (Y/N).”

“I’m not-” you yawned “-that tired.” Zuko simply rolled his eyes, as if to say, “Whatever you say,” and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

Only thirty minutes later, however, you had fallen asleep. You were pressed against Zuko, arms wrapped around his waist and head resting on his shoulder. Your hair tickled his neck, and your breathing was loud, but he made no effort to move you. Instead, he asked Sokka to grab his blanket and pillow and got comfortable.

The next morning you woke up to the sound of Aang’s laughter and Appa’s noises. You opened your eyes to see Aang playing with his beloved animal, which as strange because you didn’t remember falling asleep outside. It wasn’t until you sat up that you realized you and Zuko had fallen asleep around the fire. You quickly got up, leaving Zuko with the blanket, and went to change. You ran into Katara moments later, and she looked at you with knowing eyes.

“Friends fall asleep with friends, Katara,” you insisted, but she knew what was really going on. Zuko might just succeed in his quest after all.

Attempt #3: Sparring

It was good to practice, especially with the war coming up. You and Zuko were doing just that, sparring in an attempt to brush up on your skills.

“I’m probably not the best person to be practicing with,” you had said over and over, knowing that Zuko planned on going after his sister and that he should be practicing with Aang, a firebender. But Zuko had other plans. He didn’t really need to practice, he just wanted to spend some alone time with you, and work on getting you to admit your feelings out loud.

“It’s fine. It’s always nice to spar with an earthbender.”

“I can go get Toph, she’s a better opponent.”

“No, no, you’re fine.” With that, you two began to train. Toph had taught you some moves, and you were now able to sense where people were with your earthbending. You were practicing that by trying to spar Zuko with your eyes clamped shut.

“You sure you can do that?” he kept asking you, but you nodded every time.

“I’m good. I’m pro.” You would laugh and send a rock his way. Now, you were far from pro. You could kind of sense where he was going, but when it came to his bending, you had no clue when it was coming or where it was going. You were on your butt more than you were on your feet.

“Yeah, you’re a real pro,” Zuko said, holding his hand out to help you get up. You sensed this and reached out to grab it. He pulled you to your feet quickly, and you were launched up. You opened your eyes to see Zuko’s face mere inches away from yours, and you felt his arms hovering around your waist. “Sorry. You’re light,” he said, not making an effort to move away from you. He was staring into your eyes, and you were staring into his enchanting gold ones. You two stayed like this for what seemed like ages. You wanted to pull away, but you simply couldn’t bring yourself to it.

“Hey, (Y/N), using those techniques I’ve been teaching you?” You were broken from your trance and quickly pulled away from Zuko, knowing that Toph would be able to sense how close you two were.

“Yeah. I’m not too good, though.” You laughed, glancing over at Zuko as you did so. “I kept getting knocked off my feet. Think we could practice some more?”

“Sure, I’m not doing anything.” Toph waved, motioning for you to follow her, and you shot Zuko a quick apologetic look.

“I’ll ask Aang if he wants to spar you. Seriously, it’d be better to train with someone who would actually be a challenge.” Zuko shook his head.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll go to town for some food or something.” You shrugged and walked off with Toph, who was shooting you a grin.

“So, you and Zuko were pretty close together back there.”

“Oh, shut up.”

Attempt #4: Clothes

“Zuko! Hey, I need your help with something.” You had your head stuck out of your tent, and you were motioning for Zuko to come in. He slipped in and you immediately began to talk. “Okay, so I thought that since we’re hiding out in the Fire Nation for a bit I should wear some Fire Nation clothing, right? But I think I look ridiculous in it.”

“Ridiculous how?”

“Ridiculously out of place.”

“Let me see.” You dropped the blanket you were using to cover yourself to reveal your outfit. A red, midriff-baring top and a pair of simple red pants. Zuko began to laugh, and you quickly went to cover yourself again. “No, no. You only ridiculous because you tied the top wrong.”

“I did?”

“Yeah. Here, turn around, I’ll fix it.” You spun, and Zuko began to fix the top.

“Thanks. I’m glad I didn’t go outside looking like a complete idiot.” You could feel Zuko’s breath against your neck as he chuckled softly.

“Only I would’ve noticed.”

“Still.” You felt his hands brush against your back as he finished tying your top.

“There. I fixed you.” You turned around and gave him a smile.

“Thanks, Zuko.”

“No problem, (Y/N).” Once again you were in a situation where neither of you could look away. You were frozen.

“Well, I better leave. Now that I can go into town, I want to look at some stuff in this shop Katara told me about.” You broke the trance, moving around Zuko to leave your tent. “Thank you again.” Zuko simply smiled in response, and you left him alone in your tent.

Attempt #5: Before the Battle

“(Y/N).” You stopped to turn to Zuko, who had just called your name.

“Yeah?” You were getting ready to go with Katara and Zuko to find Azula, and you still had to grab one more thing when Zuko called you.

“Look, we’re about to go fight my sister. She’s really dangerous.” You nodded your head.

“I know, Zuko. Can I go? I have to grab something…”

“(Y/N), just wait.” He put his arm on your arm to keep you from leaving, and you looked up at him. Once again, you were trapped in his golden eyes. Slowly, he leaned down and connected his lips to yours. You found yourself almost kissing back, but you pulled away.

“Zuko, I-” Words escaped you. You couldn’t think of what to say. “I can’t kiss you.”

“But you have.” Zuko had tried to understand, but at this point, he couldn’t. You were kissing him back, dammit! But you still wouldn’t admit anything. “(Y/N), I love you. I’m in love with you, you know that. How could you not? But you still refuse to admit your feelings for me. I just want to hear it once, ‘I love you, Zuko.’ Just once, (Y/N).” You bit your lip.

“Zuko, I’m sorry. I’ve made my decision. Not until after this.” You shook your head, a sad look on your face. “Look, I have to grab something, then we can leave. Go get Katara.”

Zuko had messed up. He realized that as you walked away.

What Got You:

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Zuko was taunting Azula, something about not using lightning. Azula then shot some lightning at Katara, who Zuko quickly jumped in front of. He was struck, fell to the ground, and you heard yourself and Katara scream as Azula laughed. You began to sprint towards Zuko, but Azula shot at you with some fire, so you stayed back. Katara tried to approach him to heal him, but Azula then began to fire at her.

There were tears streaming down your eyes. You watched in fear as Azula went after Katara, but you knew the waterbender could handle herself, so you ran to Zuko. You collapsed beside him, held his hand, begged him to be alright. It felt like ages before Katara chained Azula down and ran over to heal the fallen prince.

“Thank you, Katara,” he mumbled after she had worked her magic. He sat up slowly and looked from Katara to you. You were both crying.

“Zuko,” you whispered through your tears. “Zuko, I thought you were going to…” You broke into tears again, wrapping your arms tightly around his torso, momentarily forgetting his was injured. “I thought I was going to lose you.” Zuko loosened your grip around his body and looked you in the eyes. He reached a hand up to wipe a tear from your cheek.

“You tied your top incorrectly,” he said after a moment, causing you to giggle slightly through your tears. “It’s actually better that way, I think.” You couldn’t stand it anymore. You leaned in and captured his lips with yours. It was a gentle, sweet kiss, and you never wanted it to end.

“I love you,” you whispered against Zuko’s lips. “I’m in love with you.”

“I know,” Zuko mumbled back, a small smile playing on his lips. “Now kiss me again.”



Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: angst? not really ish

You watched as girls from your school enter the building.

As soon as everybody found out that Peter Parker was really Spider-Man, the whole school flipped. Especially, the girls. They walked in the building, eyes wandering, searching for Pete.

Peter happened to be your classmate, and coworker. Maybe even your crush. But he was also your best friend.

Tony threw another party, just because he was bored. You know, like usual.

And it was an ‘anyone is welcome’ kind of thing. Explains why every girl in your class was here.

You can tell they’ve never been to a party like this before. They dressed like it was prom. Like seriously, what’s with the gowns and poofy dresses?

You stood near the bar, asking the bartender to give you something to drink while you wait for Peter.

“You know you’re not old enough (Y/n).”

“I didn’t say to give me something with alcohol. Can you just give me something non-alcoholic? Please?”

“Alright,” he smiles, “one juice box it is.”

You gave him a scowl, making him chuckle.

You turn back around, eyes searching the room for Peter. You hear a familiar laugh and turn to your right. Peter was standing there with Liz Allen, and her group of friends. Peter promised you that right after he gets ready, he’ll meet up with you immediately, knowing how you hated being alone in parties, and because he was always your date. Those are the perks of having a best friend. If you’re single, you would still have a date at any party.

You waited. Maybe he just got here and he was on the way to meet up with you. Liz probably just stopped him to talk, say hi.

You watched, and watched, and watched.

He was still there. Liz was getting a bit flirty with him already. You heard once in P.E. that Liz had a major crush on Spider-Man, and this was before she knew it was Peter.

Twenty one grape juice boxes later, Peter was still laughing it off with Liz. It wasn’t like he didn’t notice you. He did. It was twenty minutes ago. He looked at you, smile and nod, then started talking to Liz. You thought he finally saw you and was telling Liz that he has to go. Guess not.

This got you pissed, but mostly upset. Peter wasn’t one to break promises.

You tried to leave without him noticing. That won’t be too hard. He’s been ignoring you for the past hour or so.

They were standing by the hallway that lead to the elevators. You got up from the bar stool, flattened your dress, and walk straight passed Peter.

At first it broke your heart when you walked straight passed him with him not even flinching. But when you got to the elevator, sadness wasn’t within you. Anger was.

You slam your fist into the elevator button. Since it seemed like it wasn’t going to open any time soon.

“Don’t hit it, just press it, gently,” you heard, the voice sounding familiar.

“Shut up Loki.” Loki shrugged and walked away, it’s still strange to see him free, and socializing. He wasn’t like the old Loki. Well, you still thought different. It’s all an act. He’ll turn on us soon.

The elevator finally opened, in which felt like years.

You got in and pressed the button for your level. You were humming to yourself, trying to act calm, even if your nails are digging into your palms.

The doors of the elevator was about to close but someone’s hand stopped it.

You looked up surprised, but your face fell when you saw it was Peter.

“(Y/n)! Leaving so soon?”

You gave him an ‘I’m mad at you, go away before I murder you’ look, “yes.”

His eyebrows furrowed, “what’s wrong?”

You roll your eyes, “nothing, can you please go? You’re keeping the elevator from going up.”

He looks around the elevator door, and takes his hand off of the side, stepping in.

You groaned as he stands next to you.

“Seriously (Y/n). What’s up?”

You keep your head straight, away from his gaze. You punch the number of your floor.

“Hey hey hey, press it gently.”

You stay quiet, still clenching your fists.

“Well anyways,” he says, he was smiling, you can tell he was very happy, quite the opposite of you.

“Liz hung out with me today.”

You turn to him, his face beaming, and replied with a tight smile, “I know, I saw.”

“Really?! Did I look okay? I felt like I was smiling too much.”

“You looked fine,” you said through clenched teeth.

When you finally got to your floor, before you stepped out, you quickly pressed all the floors on the elevator and clicked the ‘close door’ button, before running away. Leaving a confused, screaming Peter behind.

“Hey! What the heck!”

When you got to your room, you stripped down and got into an oversized hoodie and shorts.

You unhooked your bra and pulled it out of the neck of the hoodie.

“Ahh,” you sighed, “much better.”

When you were comfortably snuggled into your bed, you started to play the first Harry Potter movie.

“No, stop, stop, stop! You’re going to take someone’s eye out. Besides, you’re saying it wrong. It’s Levi-OH-sa, not Levi-oh-SAH.”

You giggled as your favorite line from the movie was said.

Right after you finish giggling, Peter burst through your door.

“What the heck was that!”

The smile on your face disappeared, “what was what.”

“I feel sick from that elevator ride! I barely got off just now and I threw up in your kitchen.”

“Ugh, you’re disgusting.”

“And now you’re watching one of our favorite movies WITHOUT ME?”

“You act like this is the most possibly worst thing we could ever do to each other.”

He scoffs, “of course it is.”

“No Peter,” you stated, “this could not.”

“Then what can? What can be worse (Y/n)?”

You scoff, can he be anymore dramatic.

“I am offended,” he says jokingly, before he jumps on the bed next to you, getting under the blanket.


You roll your eyes before slightly scooting to the side.

A good ten minutes or so into the movie you finally answered his question.

“What could be worst is you leaving me for some girl when you promised to meet up with me right away after you get ready.”

Peter turns to you, guilt taking up his face.

“I’m sorry, but my crush finally spoke to me and I didn’t want to leave just there and then.”

“Yeah well my crush didn’t even care,” you said below your breath.


“I said, I waited for you for so long and you never even came.”

“I’m sorry (Y/n),” he whined, “I’ll make it up to you.”

You just sat there, staring at the screen.

“(Y/nnnnnnnn). Speak to me pleaaaaseeeee.”

Before you can even speak, someone burst into your room.

“(Y/n), who cares about him? I don’t even know why you’re crushing on him in the first place. Seriously, when I see that guy, I will kill him.”

The two of you stared at Natasha, with shocked expressions.

Her still not knowing Peter was there until the screen went back to bright.

Her eyes grew wide, before turning around and running away.

“I– I–” you stuttered, Peter slowly turning to your face.

“I forgot that I texted her, while you were getting sick in the elevator.”

“You like me? Like, like me like me?”

You gulp, eyes fixed on the screen.

You can see a stupid smirk growing on his face from the side of your eye.

“Awww you like me!” he teased, poking your side.

You let out a deep sigh.

“(Y/n),” he said in a sing-songy tone, still poking your side. He knew that was your tickle spot. When your lip twitched to a smile slightly, he began to attack your sides, popping the giant laugh bubble you were keeping in.

You erupted with laughter and he couldn’t help but smile.

“There, I finally got you to smile.”

You sigh, raising your hands in defeat.

“I’m really sorry (Y/n).”

You nod, “it’s okay.”

“I like you too.”


“You heard me.”

“Correction, you like Liz.”

“No, I like you.”




“I’m serious.”

“You literally just left me for her and admitted that she was your crush not too long ago.”

“I lied.”

“Then why would you be with her then, instead of me?”

“Well, I liked you for a while now, I tried not to because I didn’t want to ruin the friendship that we already have.”

“Are you sure you don’t like Liz?”

“Yes, I’m positive.”

“Because it doesn’t seem believable. You looked way into her today.”

“Alright, wanna hear the truth?”

You sigh, “yeah.”

“I actually was asking Liz for some tips on how to get you to like me, and I wanted you to feel jealous and realize that I’m a great guy, you know?”

“Are you serious?”

“One hundred percent, promise, I cross my heart, and I’ll let Widow kill me if it was a lie. Go, ask Liz.”

You squint your eyes at him, feeling the bed next to you for your phone.

To Liz Allan:

Hey Liz, how was the party tonight?

You waited for her to reply, the typing bubble popped up fast.

LA: It was fun! Peter is such a sweetie pie.

You: Oh I know. He seemed so into you! You’re so lucky! I wished he liked me back…

LA: OMG! You like Peter?!?

You: lol isn’t it obvious…

LA: Dude! He likes you too! You should tell him!! <3 <3

You: Seriously??? But you two seemed so flirty with each other earlier..?

LA: Don’t worry, I was just helping him out on what he should do to get you to like him back, but I guess those are useless now that you already like him back! You guys are gonna be the cutest couple ever! I’m sorry if what we did earlier ruined anything you two had :(

You: It’s okay, thanks for letting me know tho! :))

You put the phone down and looked at Peter.

“Fine. I believe you.”

You looked at him with a blank look. No amusement, happiness, sadness, emotions whatsoever.

“Okay! So…. wanna be my girlfriend then?”

You shrug, “sure, I guess,” turning back to watch the rest of the movie.


He sat in front of you blocking the tv, “Can you give me a hug?” He always offers a hug after an argument, just so he knows that you forgive him and your back to being friends now. Just to make sure you’re not still mad.

“If you don’t give me a hug, the offer is gone.”

You tilted your head back and groaned loudly before getting on your knees to walk to him, jumping into his arms.

He closed his arms around you, hugging you tightly before shaking you.

“Yaaaay! I upgraded from best friend to boyfriend.”

“Peter,” you choked out, “I– I– can’t breathe.”

He slowly untighten the hug before jumping up and down on the bed with you, still hugging you close to his chest.

But suddenly, he stopped and pulled you away, arms length.

“What?” you said, “what’s wrong.”

His jaw dropped before backing up slightly.

He looked at you with a super shocked expression, “Uh–”


He shivers slightly, “you’re not wearing a bra are you?”

Your eyes goes wide before clutching your chest.

“Turn around,” you said, before grabbing your bra from the floor next to your side of the bed.


He turned around, shivering again, “that felt weird.”

“Then stop talking about it, you’re making me feel awkward.”

He scoots back next to you, hugging you back close to his chest.

You hesitantly lay your head on his chest, him wrapping his arms around you tightly.

“I’m sorry baby, I’ll stop.”

You scrunch your nose and cringed, a mix of a disgust and embarrassed look on your face , “Uggh that was weird.”



“What do you want me to call you?”

“Uhh, my name?”

“Sorry sweetheart, you’re my girlfriend now, things gotta change a bit.”


“Now be quiet Love, I’m trying to watch the movie here,” he scoffs, rolling his eyes. Earning a playful smack from you.

To be honest, this boyfriend-bestfriend thing is going to be fun. I could get used to this.

A/N: Wrote all this in one sitting, so sorry if it was bad! Also, sorry for the lack of fics, I’ve been having writers block. I’ve wrote a bunch of other things but never finished it because they SUCKED. Ps. Let me know if you liked this! It’ll help me get motivated to write more lol.

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Can you PLEASE do a junkrat x reader where they have been together since australia when they were young and when they are introduced to the overwatch team some of them (Mccree, Hanzo, maybe even tracer) all are flirting with her hardcore and jamison gets all insecure and possesive?

Through Thick and Thin

Originally posted by valrider

A/N: I dont know why, but i got a bit stumped on this one. 

Jamison Fawkes, what did I tell you about blowing things up?” The young boy flinches at your stern voice. Your small hands on his leg working to disinfects the cuts and scrapes of small Aussie.

He gives you a toothy grin. “But the explosions looks so pretty!” The eight-year-old motions with exaggeration, arms spread wide and out. His eyes open wide as he makes an assortment of ‘Kabooms’ and ‘bang bangs’ with a hushed tone. You giggle at his extravagantness before remembering you have to say firm.

“I know there pretty cool but you need to be careful, Jamie!” You finish rubbing down a sterile bandage, pausing to look over your handiwork. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

Jamison frowns, placing a hang up top your head. “Don’t worry, me love! I ain’t going nowhere.” He places a cross over his heart. “Swear it on my dead body.”

You smile, “Alright, Jamie but you gotta promise!” You promptly spit in the palm of your hand before outstretching it to him. He looks at it a bit hesitant.

“I ain’t shakin’ to that, mate.” He crosses his arms over his chest while shaking his head. “Girls have cooties!”

“I do not have cooties!” You exclaim, visually upset. He sticks his tongue out at you.

“Yea you do!” He states matter-of-factly. “All girls have cooties!”

You pout, crossing your hands over your chest before trotting away. Jamison frowns, suddenly worried by your silent treatment. Not long after he trots behind spouting apologies.

You wake up as the dropship feels some turbulence. The rough and tumble of it makes you sink further into Junkrat’s arm. His metal hand goes to tangle with yours as he leans back into you.

“There, there.” He soothes. “We almost there, darl. No worries.”

You grip on his hand tightens, as you look at the loose bolts and screws of mechanical hand. “Jamison…” You drawl. He flinches at the familiar tone. “Have you been poking at the improvements I made to your arm?” He immediately lets go of your hand, crossing his arms over his chest to hide his hand away.

“Got no idea what your talkin’ about, love.” He answers avoiding your eyes. You shake your head leaning bit forward to look at your third companion. The larger Junker reading away at some book he’d picked up during his last heist.

“Mako?” He turns to look at you, thinking over what you just asked the other junker. There’s a cough before he speaks, ratting out his boss.

“He was messing around with the finger joints while you slept.”

Junkrat grunts before jabbing at Roadhog in the gut. “How ‘bout ya mine ya own business next time, huh!”  He huffs.

“Thank you, Mako.” You smile appreciatively. Junkrat grumbles under his breath, sinking into his seat begrudgingly. He only stops when you kiss his shoulder, leaning back into him in apology. Shortly after, Athena announces the decent of the drop shit. You were more than excited to get off the ship, gripping harder at Junkrat’s hand as you felt the shift of the ship.

The number of recalled agents was a short list, that you knew.

However, upon arrival you are greeted by a couple of strange faces in quite a variety of clothing. The sheer difference of each astounding you as you’ve never seen it before. The briefing was fast, well as fast as it could have been. Junkrat almost attacked Winston the minute began speaking to the three of you. However, with your calming presence and Roadhog’s rather impressive grip, both of you were able to talk him down.

He calls over two of the others standing not too far behind him, a man and woman. He asks that they show you around while he spoke to the two other Junkers on their profession. A man in a cowboy hat is the first to approach you. His eyes held a charming glint as he walked up towards you.

“Names McCree, Jesse McCree.” He said extending his hand out for you to shake. You smile in return, introducing yourself before you notice the handiwork on his metal arm.

“Woah,” You remark, jerking the cowboys arm towards yourself for a better look. “Your arm is incredible.”

The comment catches the attention of your Junker not too far. He watches as you hold the hand of the older man running a finger over the technology of his arm. Junkrat squints his eyes, a hand unconsciously running over his own looking at the two of you. A strong pang hits his chest and he frowns.

McCree on the other hand is a bit surprised but relishes in the attention nonetheless. He laughs a bit, extending his arm out to you for a better look.  His poncho sways back and his hand touches yours momentarily as he hikes up his sleeve a bit more for your viewing pleasure.

“You think?” He asked nonchalantly, flexing his arm with a smirk. “I’ve had this ol’ thing for years.”

You nod with a smile. “Well, it’s very well taken care of.”

“Oi, McCree! Why do you always make a show of things?” A voice draws your attention. Your eyes look over to the small and petite woman before you. In flash she’s by your side, an arm over your shoulders.

“Names Tracer, Love!” She announces with a wink. “Winston’s told me your gonna be one of our new engineer!”

You nod, a flush over your features at her boldness. “Yes, I worked as one in the outback. I helped draft and make the weapons the Junkers have…” Your eyes trail down to the mechanism on her chest. Suddenly, your captivated again.

“Wanna take a look, yeah?” She asks smiling at how you stare at it interested. You nod, leaning in. Tracer puffs her chest out tossing McCree a look while your eyes look over her tech in amazement. The Cowboy frowns, placing his hands on his hips.

“It’s so pristine and clean,” You remark, watching as the mechanism spins and turns. “So unlike the tech I’ve seen before.”

“There’s a lot more like it round these parts.” McCree opts, “Say, you hungry? Dinner should be starting up soon in the mess hall.”

“Yes, actually.” You say a bit sheepishly.

“Let me take you there then.” McCree takes your arm in his, grinning at Tracer in victory.  The brunette pouts in response ready to make a move on of her own.

It’s then that Junkrat hobbles over, placing a hand around your waist and pulling you towards him. “Jamison?” You asked a surprised at his action. He shoots a deadly glare over to the two before you, arms tightening at your waist. “Jamison, what’s wrong?”

The air seems to shift and Tracers smile diminishes ever so slightly. “I, um, would you like us to leave you two alone?” She asks.

You shake your head, “Just give is a moment.”

“I don’t like ‘em.” He remarks looking over your shoulder to see them waiting for you not too far off. He shoots them another glare as you grab his face to look at you.

“You don’t even know them, Jamison.” You deadpan.

He growls. “Well, I just don’t like how they act with ya, alright!”

You raise a brow. “Friendly?”

He shakes his head, frustration building up as he balled his fists at his side. You release his face, sighing.

“I’m going to go grab dinner at the mess hall. We’ll talk about this later, alright?” You move to meet his gaze, offering a small smile before kissing his cheek. His face softens slightly and his grip on you loosens. He watches as you leave his hold to join the others, shoulders slumped in defeat.

By the time, Tracer and McCree let you go its late into the evening. The suns about to dip into the horizon and dinner had just ended. You had been a little concerned seeing only Roadhog in the mess hall but came to the conclusion that Junkrat was probably in his assigned lab. Working away on his explosions, excited to have his own area to experiment.

However, there’s something amiss as you walk into his assigned room.

“Not in your lab, Jamie?” You ask, as he slouches over his desk. A disassembled frag grenade scattered about. You raise a brow when he doesn’t reply, walking over you look over him.  The fire in those jasper eyes is dimmed and he isn’t as giddy as per the normal when greeting you. He works sluggishly like he’s lost deep in thought. From the grim look on his face, you know it can’t be good.

“Jamie?” You reach out to place a hand on his shoulder. His back is towards you as he busies himself with a mine bomb. Immediately, he swats it away.  You stand a bit stunned at the rejection but don’t push it for any more physical contact. “Jamison, talk to me.”

He growls in frustration. Slamming his fists on the desk, startling you. “Why don’t ya hang out with ya new buddies or somethin’, huh?” There’s something sour in the way he speaks but you choose to ignore it.

Jamison,” There’s that tone again. You shift to lean the messy desk, careful to avoid anything that looks like it will blow up at your touch. “I’m not going anywhere till you tell me what’s wrong.” You cross your arms while staring at him. He stares off trying not to meet your gaze. Suddenly, he looks deflated. He didn’t want to The pointer finger of his left-hand taps away at the desk as his leg bounces in unison. “And you know how stubborn I can be.”

There’s silence as you wait for him to speak. You can see his emotions through his face. The crinkle in-between his eyebrows showing he’s frustrated, the bounce of his leg meaning he’s anxious and the absence of his familiar smile meaning he’s upset. Eventually, he shoots up from his seat. His hands move to grip at your shoulders as he leans to down to place his forehead to yours.  

“Do you like me?” He asks, his eyes are closed but his expression is crestfallen “I know I’m not as high tech-y as the others, nor as clean as them. Hell they seem ta’ have a better grip on what they doin’ than I do!”

You look at him dumbfounded. “Jamie,” It takes a bit of strength for your voice not to crack. “We’re you worried I didn’t like you anymore? After meeting them?” The single thought of it happening causes a flicker of panic to flash through his eyes. The silence is the air is deafening but you can hear where your heart breaks. You move to place a hand on his cheek. “Jamison, how long have I know you?”

He tilts his head a bit confused. “Since we were pipsqueaks back in Australia.”

You nod, “And who was there with you when you discovered your love for explosives, huh? Or when you lost your arm? And your leg?” You looked at him intensely. “Or held your hand when you got your tattoo? Or worked day and night to make sure you had functioning prosthetics with the scraps thrown?”

He’s silent for a moment, his eyes staring at you intently.

“Jamison Fawkes, I have been with you through thick and thin. All these shiny doodads and people are not gonna make me stop lovin’ ya’.” You smile, wrapping your arms around his waist. “Now you better go and put on that smile I love or Imma be real upset with you.”

He chuckles, a gentler version of his quirky laugh. The laugh he does when he’s with you. You lean in and kiss him on his chapped lips. He moves his hands from your shoulder to the back of your neck to get a better angle. Kissing you back with need.

It’s a while before he pulls away.

“You always know just what to say, Sheila.” He tells you, smiling like no tomorrow.

“Just reminding you that I’m not going anywhere but where you are.” You shrug like it common knowledge. “I love you for you, Jamie.”

Jamison kisses your forehead with so much affection. Its sloppy, having always has been, and he leaves a bit of a wet spot causing you to laugh. You paw him away but the grip he has on your waist means you aren’t going anywhere.

You cringe playfully. “Ew, cooties.”

He frowns. “Oi! I don’t have cooties!”

“Sorry, Jamie. Every boy has cooties.” You state matter-of-factly .

He begins to fret as he denies that what your feigningly accuse him of. Suddenly, you feel young again. The nostalgia of the situation brining a warmth to your heart. You can feel where it’s the two of you, young punks lost in the great outback. However, when you look at Junkrat ramble on you can see the man you love grown.

#12: You’re Mine**

**mature ( some ass smacking and shit ;P )

“Is this good?” Harry asks, holding up one of his jazzy printed shirts to his bare chest as he turned around to Y/N; her lying on the bed.

Looking up from the groupchat regarding Jeff’s birthday bash on her phone, Y/N gave an unsure look. “Nah, wear something a little bright and noticeable. Like the red shirt you have?”

Harry huffed and turned to his closet, hanging back the shirt. “The party’s all indoors, it’s not like someone’s gonna notice what you wear..and they’re all family..”

“I notice.” Y/N muses, biting her lip as Harry turns around to catch her cheeky smile and he smirks back. “And, I totally judge!”

Chuckling, Harry surrendered, closing the closet door, and walking back to join Y/N on the bed. They lay across from each other, not much distance in between, anchoring the side of their heads with the palm and elbow propped up on the mattress.

“What is the lady wearing?” Harry slurred in a low tone, lifting a finger to poke her cheek, then guiding it down to her jaw and neck till he was doodling on her chest.

“It’d be all dark, I guess starring stark naked wouldn’t really be noticeable, would it now?” They chuckle together, Harry’s fingers stopping and guiding down to hold her hip and suddenly he’s brought her under him, chest to chest, face to face.

Kissing her lips gently, he asks again,” Tell me, what are you putting on?” He hid his face in her neck, pressing his lips down on her flush skin.

“That little black dress you got me from Paris? I think it’d be just the sizzling outfit for the night.” Imagining his eyes on him as she has the dress on, Y/N feels her body shudder and teeth sink in her bottom lip.

“Mhm, the one that’s super easy to take off.” Earning a playful slap on his back at the comment, Harry thrusts his groin onto her, snickering into her neck.

“Harry get off, we gotta get ready.” Lifting her legs from under him, she tries to escape out of his grip. “And it’s already that you don’t take half an hour more than me.”

Tittering at her sarcastic remark, he slid off of her, lying down beside her. Y/N sits up, turning back to look at him as his hand slides up her arm.

“Y/N, listen.” He starts, drawing her attention to him. “At the party..”

“At the party..?” Y/N drawls in anticipation.

Looking away and sighing, he looks back at her again, and sits up with her. “My ex is to be there at the party, so..”

When he doesn’t say anything again for a while, Y/N knits her eyebrows together to give him a confused look. “Okay, and how is that supposed to be my business to know?”

Harry shrugs tentatively. “I thought you’d like to know about it, y’know, the basic girlfriend problems and shit..”

“Am I now just the ‘basic girlfriend’ to ya?” Y/N narrows her eyes.

“No!” Harry jumps up to hug her. “But just don’t get mad or anything about it.”

“Do I ever?” She says, holding his arms wrapped around her waist.

“Ah, I love you so much.” Harry smiles in her neck.


The party is extravagant. Beautifully set up, there’s a stage that rests in the center and round tables surround all around it, scattered in the place. The lights are dim and the interior is set just in blend with the lighting and mood. 

Y/N and Harry walk through the doors after struggling to pass from the paparazzi flashes and call outs. 

Glenne and Jeff greet them at the door, squishing them into warm hugs and pretty smiles. The girls on and on compliment their looks while Harry standing behind Y/N eyes the crowd alertly, measuring his further getaways for the night. 

He feels a tug at his wrist and looking down, he finds Glenne approaching him, and slowly nodding to her, he follows the ladies inside. Y/N looks up at him and smiles giving Harry a relief from the current running thoughts. He bends down, kissing her smack on the lips and utters,” I love you.” as if trying to make her keep it in mind. Y/N replies back, clenching her jaw when he’s not looking. 

They walk up to the table closest to the stage, and at one of the seats sits Harry’s nightmare. Ex. 

He is quick to look back at Y/N, but she’s kept her eyes down to the floor the entire time. His eyes fly back to the other girl at the table with her phone in her hands, and he slowly nears Y/N, placing his hands on her waist that cause her to turn to him. Covering up, Harry smiles, trying to keep her engaged. 

Glenne begins to pull out chairs for the two and the noise causes Kendall to look up from her phone at the arrived guests. She smiles and stands, loudly calling out. 

“Harry! So good to see you.” 

Harry smiles back, and quickly from standing behind Y/N, he walks up to hug Kendall quickly. They engage in a small talk about their whereabouts while Glenne and Y/N look at one another, exchanging subtle smiles. 

Harry shifts a bit, pardoning himself before quickly making a beeline to the bar, away from the tension clouded at the table. 

Glenne approaches Kendall, and begins: “Kendall, this is Y/N, Harry’s special one.” 

Kendall gives an excited look, walking forward to Y/N, and Y/N gladly receives her hug. 

“So glad to meet ya.” Kendall says, them pulling away. 

“You too, Kendall.” Y/N smiles bright, positive. 

The ladies settle at the table - Glenne in between the two, slowly rubbing her temples. 

Y/N turns to Kendall. “Love the dress, girl.” 

“Ah, thanks. It’s designer, specially got it done for the evening.” Kendall puts her palm on her chest, sighing dramatically. “I like your dress too.”

“Thanks, Harry got this for me.” Y/N flaunts with same dramatic sighing. 

“Aw, he has great taste. Always had, always will.” Kendall replies, grinning wide. 

Y/N nods, replying the grin with a polite smile. Glenne has her eyes wide by this moment. 

“Oh, Glenne, you don’t know how much I’ve waited for the party!” Kendall exclaims, holding Glenne’s wrists and smiling deep. “I literally ate nothing the whole day just so I don’t miss out the delicacies tonight.”

“Oh, that’s not so good, Kenny.” Glenne frowns. 

“Yeah, you couldn’t have skipped food.” Y/N inputs, utterly ambushed by Kendall’s idea.” It’s already not that you seem fragile, Kendall. You shouldn’t ever do this again.”

“Aw, Y/N. You’re so caring. I bet Harry loves it when you lecture him at times like his mum does.” Kendall smiles. 

Y/N snorts. “Ah, he hates it. But of course he’s got no other choice.” Chuckling, Y/N meets Glenne’s eyes who are persistent on her. 

“Really?” Kendall gasps out loud. “He used to love it when I did this to him. Oh, Glenne, do you remember the time he had drank so much and threw up all over my apartment’s carpet? God, I had given him so much that day and he was so understanding, didn’t object any of the things I said.”

“Maybe you just gave him that strict, motherly vibes.” Y/N counters. “We are pretty casual with each other, y’know. Equal at everything.”

“Oh, but what’s better than having your boyfriend see you as his mother-”

“Kenny.” Glenne interjects. “I-I thought you were gonna get Kylie along with you, Jeff would have loved to see her.”

Y/N takes one deep breath, settling her nerves as she scratches the back of her neck, getting herself a glass of champagne from the servers and beginning to take steady sips. It’s all bloody cool, all cool. 

-and you should know how much Y/N loves the lip kits.” Overhearing her name slip from Glenne’s mouth, Y/N gets back to the conversation. “She’s probably even wearing one of them right now. Y/N?” 

“Oh, yeah.” Y/N nods, smiling. “They’re lovely, so smooth and pretty. Kylie’s doing such a great job.” 

“Thanks, boo.” Kendall sighs, extra. “Kylie would love to hear all of this. She’s working so hard and I’m just so proud of her. You know what, you should personally let her know it, she’s hardly ever appreciated for all this. She’ll be so happy.” 

Extracting her phone out of her clutch, Kendall passes her phone to Y/N. “Here, we should probably exchange numbers. I’d love to catch up with you even after tonight.” 

Y/N’s eyes widen, but she accepts her phone anyway and exchanges her phone in return. “It’d be totally bizarre, but alright, here you go.” 

At this Kendall lets out a loud laugh, casually lifting her hand in the air for a high-five. Y/N chuckles back , their hands clasping. Glenne smiles contentedly. 

Later it becomes a lot easier to talk. Glenne talks about the technicalities and difficulties she had to face to further arrange the whole party, Kendall and Y/N having their share of inputs in between, Y/N sarcastic, casual remarks keeping the bubble of amusement sustaining in the chit chat. 

Soon enough, the lights dim out and Jeff walks up at the stage. Harry joins the table at the front, sitting on the seat right next to Y/N. He places his drink on the table and steals a quick kiss on Y/N’s cheek. His hands slide up her thigh, and Y/N is forced to look at him. 

“I’ve been watching you.” He muses, pressing another kiss on her lips. 

“Tell me something new, Styles.” Y/N rolls her eyes at him playfully, smirking timidly. 

Harry chuckles.” Is the alcohol getting over, my love?” His fingers press on the inside of her thighs, making Y/N spread her legs a little more under the table. 

“We’ve just started, baby, the night’s still young.” Y/N slurs, earning another small chuckle from him, and she turns away to the stage, feeling another kiss press at the crook of her neck before he finally settles in his chair, hand up the hemline of her dress nevertheless. 

Harry is called on stage to speak later during the night, and with his drink he walks up to the stage, settling at the podium with a prize winning grin. When does he ever get to say out loud his jokes to a great deal of people? Y/N been his only anchor who did bare his jokes, and now seeing him do what he loves, Y/N’s grinning in excitement. 

The whole room turns in a pandemonium, people falling off their chairs and laughing till their cheeks and stomachs hurt, and when Harry’s walking back down the stage, he’s hooting all the way, people clapping behind them. He’s sitting back on his chair when Kendall gets up to hug him, whispering a thing or two in his ear that makes him laugh more and they clasp their hands together. 

They sit back in chair; Y/N gulping a considerate amount of her drink before turning to Harry who’s wrapped his arms around her neck and hid in his face in her neck, chuckling still. Y/N winds her arm around him, patting his back in appreciation, pressing a kiss into his hair. 

He smiles up at her and kisses, the night going on and on with more laugh and fun, considerably high on alcohol and wide, relished food. 


The bedroom door closes, and Y/N is thrust up against it. Harry’s hand clutches her hip, digging his fingers in through her skin as his lips work desperately on hers. 

Her legs wrap around his taut waistline, digging her hands in the back of his neck as she urges him towards the bed. He picks her in a swift movement, rushing over to the bed and throwing her over it. 

“Oh, my baby, my so good, good, baby.” He coos, unbuckling his belt and throwing it away to climb on top of her. 

Their lips meet in a heated kiss again, and his hands from now her sides, slide down easily into her dress, fiddling with the waistline of her panties. Hot breaths, wafting alcohol gasp into one another as Harry’s fingers slip into her panties, feeling her wet walls against his fingers. 

“Gosh, Harry. I’m tired.” 

“No, you’re not. You want me, I know you do.” Harry pangs in an annoyed tone, fingers slipping into her with ease, lips pressing on her jaw. 

“I’m tired of having had to interact so much the whole night.” 

Harry chuckles. “They were all family, who had you tired?” 

She rolls her eyes. “You know who.” 

He laughs into her neck. “C’mon, you were so good. I was legit freaking out when I walked in but you were absolutely unbelievable, so good, so lovely, pet.” 

“What? Were you expecting some cat fight or something? Harry’s mine! No he’s mine!” Y/N mocks in a screeching tone as Harry yet again bursts into a laughter fit, his fingers loosening causing Y/N to groan out loud. 

“She was trying to literally not lunge at me and I bet her cheeks hurt after smiling so much. Told me so much shit that hurt, and she took my number, Harry! She took my phone number!” Y/N says in a loud, astonished tone, Harry chuckling back as he stares at her face. “I swear she’s trying to get you back, trying to catch up with you again, oh god, she’s such a -”

“Sh, sh.” Harry presses a finger on her lips, hovering back on top of her, his fingers still inside her panties. His lips break into a smile, eyes in contact with hers. “You know, it’s so plausible, her taking your number and being sweet, I’m just way too damn irresistible.” He muses in a dreamy tone, rolling his head back and flicking a hand through his hair. 

Fuming under him, Y/N gives a hard pushe, bringing him under her, as she sits up on his hips, her wet panties over his groan. 

“Fuck you, shut up! You’re mine. Only mine!” Her lips smack against his, hips thrusting back and forth in desperation. Harry’s eyes widen, hands fly up in the air before settling on her behind, slowing down her thrusts into patient, craving ones. 

Her lips leave his, tugging them with her teeth before pressing on the side of his mouth and sloppily trailing down and down his face to his neck and chest. 

“I love this jealous, freak side of you. Should try this more times.” Harry titters to himself, Y/N sitting back up and giving him a narrow-eyed look. Her fingers tug at his shirt button, making his eyes fly wide. “No, no, not the SHIRT!”

The tearing of fabric resonates louder than Harry’s whining, as the shirt comes loose on his shoulders, the buttons dropped on the bed everywhere, his chest exposed and cold.

“I thought baby liked me this way.” Y/N snickers teasingly. 

Harry’s hand have clasped over his face and he speaks in a muffled tone. “That was a Gucci shirt, you git!” He whines, opening his eyes and sitting up in swift movements, almost having Y/N fall off his lap but he immediately had her hips clutched in his hands. “What’d you do!?”  

Y/N’s eyes widen. “That was just a bloody shirt, Harry!” 

“A hundred-thousand dollar shirt, honey!” He bangs his head against her chest, groaning. 

“Oh, I get it.” Y/N says and Harry looks up at her with a frown. “You need that shirt more. Fine with me, go have it, Harry. Might as well get off with it!” She booms, pushing to get off his lap but he quickly turns her down, slamming her against the mattress and riding on top of her. 

“You think I’m letting you get away with it so quickly? Uh-huh, sweetie.” Harry lifts her dress, exposing her lace panties and he drags them down her legs, having a clear view of her wetness. He holds her hip, pushing her till she lay on her side, and giving a taut slap to her behind, he turns her back to him. 

“That was for ruining my shirt.” He states authoritatively. Y/N cries out, as her hand reaches out to touch her stinging skin but Harry slaps that away too. 

“No.” He husks, dark. He pushes her again, slapping hard again. Y/N cries echo in the room, her teeth sinking in her lips as she hisses in a bothering manner. 

“This one’s for being so annoyingly drunk every time.” He slaps her once again, the hardest, his fingers all printed red on her skin. 

“What’d you did that for?” Y/N cries, giving him accusing eyes. 

“That’s for I’m liking this ass slapping thing lately.” Winking, he bends forward, kissing her pouted lips, instantly having her reciprocate, and lift her head up from the mattress for better access. 

“You’re so cruel.” She says in between the kiss. “Will it ever be that I get to have you under control?” And suddenly, she remembers someone’s words. 

Harry chuckles, trailing down her face to her neck, and he hurriedly strips the straps of the dress off of her shoulder, shrugging it down till her breasts were out in air, nipple hard and swollen for his mouth to take in. His lips curved around the brittle peak, sucking till it ached and Y/N was screaming in tension. 

He trailed down, carrying the dress along in his fingers, till he had it all down to her ankles. He nose bumped on her navel, his tongue dips into it, amused when she jumps a feet in the air from the sensation. 

His tongue slid to between her thighs, pressing taut on her clit before adding a finger for more. He had her dripping wet in a moment, and slowly backing away, he stood on his knees to undo his jeans.

“I’m done.” Y/N announces, turning to her side and tucking her hands between her thighs, her eyes closed. 

“What?!” Harry asks in bewilderment, his member, swollen and aching, in his hands. 

“I’m angry at you.” Y/N whines. 

“Oh, no, no, baby.” He leans forward. “Tell me where it hurts, I’m sorry, I went too into it.” He coos, kissing her behind at different spots multiple times. 

“No.” She pushes him away with a flick off her ass. “I’m angry because I got to know about something.” 

Harry’s eyes widen. “What?” Harry said, sitting up on his knees. “Did she talk some shit to you. I swear I told Glenne to take ca-”

Y/N sat up, eyes to him. “Do you see your mother in me, Harry?” 

“That’s so scary. How would I be doing any of this if I keep imagining mum in your place. Holy shit, pardon me god.” He gasps. 

“Nooo.” Y/N has a hard time controlling her smile. “As in, when I’m comforting you, advising you, standing by you, do you feel a motherly love reflect from me?”

Harry grabbed her cheeks, cupping them in his huge hands, smiling at her. “I have three women in my life who I know I can’t live without. Mum, Gem and you, understand? You three stand at three different places for me, all of them extremely important individually, and a disbalance in any of it has me falling apart. You three are incomparable, individually make me feel perfect, and you guys are my standards to compare other woman with. You are whole and enough for me, baby, I love you so much.” 

“Aw, my loverboy. Such an artist with words. I love you more.” They bump noses and share a quick peck. 

Harry blows a huge huff. “I have to be great, I have so much writing to do.” He says, lying her down back on the mattress. 

“Could you add these words in one of your songs for the album. I’d love to hear it..” Y/N smiles, looking up at him. 

“Yeah, yeah, I will. Now can we just..” He gives a pained look. “I am fucking hard here, you don’t know how much it aches.”

Y/N laughs. “Just do it!”


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B-47 please? I'm so curious, I really love your stories and the way you write, you're really talented.

Bechloe - ‘Fire’

“You’re such an idiot!” Chloe said as she rolled her eyes with a grin. Beca merely winced while the redhead held her firmly by the wrist, their hands being chilled by the cold water that ran quickly from the kitchen faucet.

“Shut up.” Beca muttered but it only caused her co-captain to giggle loudly. Wednesday nights were supposed to be a chilled night in the Bellas household. Beca had sauntered through the busy lounge, into the kitchen, and reached over the work-surface to pick up her coffee mug when the side of her hand had leant against a hot metal saucepan that Jessica had just finished using to make her dinner.

Beca had yelped out in pain, pulling her hand away from the saucepan quickly and stepping back. In her haste she stood on her undone shoelace and tripped. To steady herself she brought her hand flush down onto the electric cooker that was still scolding hot and Beca had yelped louder, falling to the floor.

Her fellow Bellas didn’t react too much, with all too many accidents happening around the house from time to time. Instead a couple chuckled, Stacie called out with an amused tone to ask if she was okay, and the rest turned to Chloe.

The redhead was ‘Mom of the house’. She was the one who kept in touch with each Bella to check that things were going okay for them both personally and with their studies. She cared for whoever came down with flu. She remembered birthdays of not just the Bellas but the Bellas family members too. She organised parties and social outings. She made the most amazing cupcakes. And above all things, she would spring into action the moment a Bella would get hurt.

So Chloe had dashed through to the kitchen to find Beca in a heap on the floor, clutching her hand and wincing in pain. Within seconds the redhead had tugged her best friend to her feet. Despite Beca’s protests, Chloe stuck the burnt hand under the cold running water and they had been stood there for two minutes.

“I’ve told you so many times to tie your shoelaces Beca” the redhead said, raising her eyebrows to emphasise her point, a cheeky grin on her face as she looked directly into Beca’s eyes. Beca looked back. For a moment she forgot her pain and instead became preoccupied with the way Chloe had her arm around her waist, holding their hips flush against each other.

“And I’ve told you so many times that I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself Chloe” Beca counteracted in a serious tone, though a grin was poking from the corner of her mouth, and she made no attempt to remove herself from Chloe’s embrace.

“Says the girl who just burnt her hand on a part of the cooker that’s essentially a ring of Fire…” Chloe said teasingly, quickly nudging Beca’s waist with her own, and the brunette brought her spare arm out and around Chloe’s waist to steady herself. There was a pause as the two women realised the position they were in but neither pulled apart.

“Gotta find some way to get your attention…” Beca responded in a quiet flirtatious tone, winking at her best friend and the redhead bit her bottom lip with a smile and an “mmm”.

The two held eye contact for a few moments, the only sound being that of the running water and the TV blaring from the lounge. Beca found herself looking down at Chloe’s bottom lip that was between the redhead’s white teeth and she swallowed loudly.

“So…” she said quietly, clearing her throat and looking over at her hand which had gone pale under the cool running water, “how much longer have I got to keep my hand under this water for?” Chloe’s hand had also gone pale where she held Beca’s wrist under the water too. The redhead looked down at their hands and Beca took this time to look back at her best friend’s face, her eyes darting over the hundreds of freckles that had arrived in the recent sunny days. She loved those freckles.

“I’d say another minute…” Chloe suggested. When she returned to look at Beca’s face she was surprised to see her looking at her already. There was another pause for a few moments while the women tightened their grip around one another’s waists. Then suddenly Chloe began moving her face closer to Beca’s. But before she could kiss the brunette, Beca brought her face away from Chloe’s.

“Dude,” Beca whispered, “the Bellas are right over there!”

Chloe glazed the tip of her nose over the tip of Beca’s nose with a flirtatious smile, “So?” she mumbled.

“So what happened to keeping us a secret for little bit longer?” Beca whispered, looking over and through to the lounge. The Bellas all sat watching the TV. She felt Chloe bring her lips to her ear:

“You’re not enjoying the risk of getting caught?” The redhead mumbled and Beca let out a small moan from the back of her throat as Chloe placed a kiss just below her ear.

“No, I’m just not enjoying the feel of my hand being frozen…” Beca mumbled back, turning to give Chloe a chaste kiss on the lips. The older woman released the brunette’s wrist with a flirtatious smile:

“Perhaps we’d better go up to my bedroom and put a bandage on it instead?”

Chloe turned the water off, took Beca’s good hand, and took her upstairs, calling down to the Bellas that she just needed to dress Beca’s burn.

The Bellas knew what was going on though. What had been going on between their two captains for weeks now. But the announcement by Chloe made things all the more obvious. Because the first aid kit was in one of the kitchen cupboards, not Chloe’s bedroom.

A Mark of Betrayal

Words: 5.2k
Paring: Jimin x Reader|Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, Mafia!Au
Summary: Forgotten as the eighth deadly sin; each time one betrays, a mark will be signed on their skin for all of time. 

Originally posted by sugutie

Long ago, the laws of the world were written in the essence of the seven sins. One demon was manifested for each, dragging weak minded people in to burn in hell as their companions for eternity. God then created the seven virtues to counterbalance the sins and so, the world was once again brought to peace.

Except for one.

One demon, one sin was long forgotten and it was perhaps the most grievous of them all.


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anonymous asked:

Hey! I recently discovered your blog and it's my new guilty pleasure. How would the boys be with a kinda shy, quiet and a little bit insecure s/o?

Welcome to the family, anon. I’m so jazzed to hear that you enjoy Leigh and I’s work! 😌

I decided to opt for a simple and sweet head cannon for our beloved shy and quiet s/o.

I hope this is suited to your liking ~

Song: “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star 🍃

(Kate’s Note: I wish I could swim in the atmosphere of this song…

It’s deliciously warm and enveloping. Really blisses you out in the best way)


  • Quiet dinners with just the two of them, sitting in comfortable calmness, holding hands underneath the kitchen table
  • Bringing their hand to his lips, pressing innocent kisses to their skin
  • Sending mid-day texts with affirmations and loving words - a quick I love you or I can’t wait to see you later
  • Afternoon fishing trips, their dangling legs hanging off of the edge of the dock loosly intertwined
  • Alerting them in advance if he’s introducing them to somebody important from the royal guard or family, giving them time to prepare and farmiliarize with the idea
  • Making sure not to leave them alone in a new place if they aren’t 100% comfortable

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Crossfire - 22

Chapter 21
Yoongi x Reader
Gang AU

Chapter 22 / Words:1865

Something that had become quite routine to you was the eerie quiet that settled over the compound in the late afternoon. It was always when the shadows of the furniture started to grow longer against the hardwood floors as the sun sank lower and lower that the house was silent, save for the turning of pages as you flipped through an old cookbook that you had found in the back of a cabinet. It was almost like you had the house to yourself, but you knew better. The boys traded off who was left to practically babysit you as the rest left the compound for some reason or another. That day it was Jungkook, and he was lounging quietly in the living room. His phone was in his hand and his thumb was constantly scrolling, but you knew every so often his eyes left his screen and wandered to the kitchen to make sure you were still there. He differed from the others, like Taehyung and Jimin, because he had stopped all attempts at talking to you over the past few days. It seemed even your mere presence made him uncomfortable. So you gave him his space and did your best to occupy yourself - Yoongi told you to keep busy, partly to fix your sleeping schedule and partly to get your mind off of everything that was happening. However, it was dreadfully easy to run out of things to do when you were confined to the house. You had already organized his closet by color and season, as well as sorted through the DVDs that were stored below the television, so you were left with staring at recipes and wondering if the fridge had any of the items listed. Some of the meals looked good and you thought about trying them out someday, but then you remembered your cooking skills were limited to instant pancakes and rolling kimbap.

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Hunger Pains (Kit Walker x Reader)

Request: female character at Briarcliff is there because she is overweight and they keep starving her but all it does is make her sick and she ends up meeting Kit Walker. he decides to try to save her.

Word Count: 1076

Ship: Kit x Reader


You heard the banging on your door and the demanding voice of Sister Jude yelling at you and the fellow female patients to exit their rooms.

You opened your tired eyes and curled up in discomfort. You gripped your abdomen and moaned audibly before you rolled yourself out of bed and stood stretching your back from rough sleepless night before. Groaning and grumbling curses under your breath. You waited for your blurry vision to focus itself as you stood.

You walked out the iron door frame and stood beside your open door as the guards began to search your empty room. They came out after they had found nothing.

“I’m surprised. The glutton didn’t have any stolen food in her room.” Sister Jude said with a snarky tone as she poked your soft belly with her index finger.

You breathed out a sigh as she walked away to scold Shelley. Just quiet enough that the rest of them ignored you. You hugged yourself as your stomach growled hoping to muffle the pained sounds it made.

The room check ended and we were all escorted out to the common room for most of the day. That stupid French song continued to play. Already giving you a migraine before you took two steps into the open room. You glanced around as the patients moseyed around the room. Going about themselves trapped in their own minds and their own realities.

You didn’t belong here you needed help and therapy and a doctor not a bunch of nuns caning your ass because you didn’t want to eat lunch.

You plopped yourself down on to one of the worn couches that day before a large barred window. You curled up in pain again. Covering your eyes from the sun despite your want to feel it’s light You laid your head down on the olden fabric trying to drown out that song and focusing on your thoughts and not the spitting headache. How you wanted to take that record and scrub the concrete floor with it. Replacing it with the Beatles or the Stones would be a dream come true.

You felt a strong hand in your thigh and the couch dip on the opposite side. You uncovered your face and were met with Kit Walker’s concerned brown eyes and welcoming smile. You smiled back weakly and he began to comfortingly rub his hand up and down your thigh.          

He checked around to make sure you were alone before pulling a piece of bread out of his pants pocket and handed it to you. You smiled at him and he pushed it in your direction. You took it and ate it nibble by nibble. Relieved that your stomach was now at least a little bit satisfied.

You met Kit when you were first admitted to Briarcliff. You told him that you both took a liking to each other fast. You felt like the only sane people in this whole place. You didn’t believe he was a murderer there was no way he could be one. And he in turn didn’t think you belonged here either. He was the sweetest most charming man you had ever met.

Almost everyone you had met in your life, including your parents, treated you like you were disgusting and a pig because of your weight. It led to depression and anti-social behavior before your family had had enough and threw you in this hell hole.

The nuns had put you on a “special diet” to combat your “unhealthy lifestyle”. And by special diet that of course means the nuns starving you and forcing you to fast while reciting scripture as you fainted and cried in hunger pains. You were given one meal a day which was often times just bread and sugar water. Grace, Kit and even Lana would sneak you extra bread and pieces of meat when the nuns and guard weren’t looking. You would take them gratefully and nearly cry if it was just after a week-long fast. Kit would often hold your hand and rub your shoulder to keep you calm so you wouldn’t cause a scene.

The “diet” had done nothing but make you sick. It made you delirious and hysterical at times if you weren’t simply passed out from malnutrition. The only person in this whole place that actually cred about you, comforted you, and helped you through the abuse was Kit. He was always there, he would sneak into the female ward at night and slip food through the grated window of your room. He would rub your back and whisper reassuringly in your ear when you started crying. He even held you firmly but gently when you had a seizure from the lack of nutrition. So far Kit was the only thing in this place keeping you sane.

“I’m working kitchen duty with Grace today, I’ll bring you some more later, okay?” he said as he rubbed your shoulder and back. All you could do was whimper and nod. Kit pulled you off the back of the couch and into his lap. He did it slow like how you would pry a toddler away from something dangerous. He laid against the arm of the old dingy couch and you curled up with your head resting on his chest.

“Is this okay?” you asked not wanting you be moved by guards.

“patients hump in the corner and no one bats an eye I’m sure this is fine,” Kit said with chuckle.

You closed your eyes as you listened to the noises around you. The incoherent babbling of other patients, that damn record, Kit pulling out and lighting a cigarette it all muddled together and almost lulled you into a nap before kit started talking n a low quiet yet audible voice.

“You know what I’m gonna do?” he said as he exhaled the smoke after taking a long drag, “I’m gonna get us out of here. And when I do, I’m taking you home with me and I’m gonna cook you the biggest most delicious meal you’ve ever had. You deserve it.” You hummed in response.

“I don’t want ya to die here, (Y/N),” he said, “I hate watching you suffer. I’m going to get us both out of here and we’ll get as far away from this place as possible and I’ll make sure were both okay.”

He laid a long gentle kiss on your forehead before whispering.

“I promise.”

@ham-for-ham I said in 20 minutes I’d deliver, and I think I went over that but oh well, here’s a thing for u. 

“It’s hot out,” Eliza lay spread out on the slightly-cooler hardwood floor, cheek resting against an arm. “It’s so hot, I’m gonna die.”

Maria wasn’t much better, hogging the only fan in the room- a tiny desktop, just big enough to press her face against. “You’re not gonna die,” She said anyways, just for something to say.

Eliza heaved a great sigh, pulling herself forward into a sitting position. “Maybe not, but it’s making me want to. College dorms are the worst, why are we here.” She spoke in a near whine. Still, despite the tone, a smile poked its way out the corner of her lips. After all the work it took for both of them to get in, Maria wasn’t surprised.

“We could do something, you know.” Maria suggested. “I have a quiz tomorrow, but I don’t have to study all day for it. And your paper’s not due for another week.”

Immediately, Eliza perked up. “Oh! But I mean, I do have a class early tomorrow that I need to prepare group discussion answers to.” She bit her lip, as if in deliberation. Maria knew she already had her, though.

“It won’t take all night just to get some ice cream.”

Eliza shot to her feet. “Ice cream!?” Maria grinned.


In retrospect, it may not have been the best idea. An hour later, they arrived at a cute little ice cream place, both drenched in sweat. “You know, there was a McDonalds only five minutes out from campus.”

Eliza scoffed, pulling the door open with a cheerful jingle. “Yes, but when you go out for ice cream, it’s got to be hard serve. Hard serve, lots of flavours, waffle cones. You like waffle cones, right?”

A blessedly cool breeze brushed over Maria as she walked in. She took a second just to enjoy it. “Waffle cones are nice,” Maria replied off-handedly, too happy with the air conditioning to care about the hour long detour.

Eliza laughed, gently tugged for her hand. Maria took it readily, allowing herself to be towed to the ordering line.“They have rainbow sprinkles, too!”

“Rainbow sprinkles?” Maria glanced up, folowing Eliza’s colourfully painted fingernail to the menu board. Sure enough, there were several topping options. “Nice,” she matched Eliza’s grin.

“Should we pick those, because we’re gay?” Eliza ducked her head towards Maria as she spoke, though it did nothing to hide her smile.

Maria snorted loudly, the stranger behind them jumping and staring. Maria ignored them. “Of course. I’m pretty sure we’re contractually obligated.”

This time Eliza laughed. Loud, barking giggles- music to her ears. Maria’s grip on Eliza’s hand tightened as a far-too-soft feeling pressed against her ribcage.

Eliza bought a double scoop of cookies and cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone. Maria bought one scoop moosetracks and one scoop birthday cake, dipped in white chocolate. Both completely coated in rainbow sprinkles.

“Hey, do you want to taste mine?” Maria asked, one elbow propped against the tiny outdoor table they were seated at. Overhead, a cheap umbrella blocked the hottest of the sun’s rays.

Eliza took a long, deep lick of her cone before answering, humming in satisfaction. “Sure,” She answered, proffering her own cone for Maria to try. Instead though, Maria summoned her courage and swooped forward, meeting Eliza’s lips in a sudden kiss.

After a startle of surprise, Eliza leaned forward as well, deepening the kiss. Her lips were cool against Maria’s, sweet from the taste of ice cream still lingering in her mouth. Then, Eliza pulled back.

Despite being the one to initiate it, Maria felt flustered. For a moment, she hesitated- was that okay? But Eliza was smiling, pink touching her cheeks. “You’re a dork.”

Maria huffed a short laugh, half from relief. “Come on, that was smooth.”

“Yes,” Eliza agreed. “You’re a smooth dork.” she sounded impossibly fond.

Maria felt impossibly fond herself. “I’ll take it.” She said, returning to her already-melting cone.

anonymous asked:

“You know, I would help, but making fun of you is so much more satisfying.” and kurosuga please!

I’m not entirely sure what I was going for, or if I made it, but I hope you enjoy this! Thanks for the prompt!

Tetsurou is minding his own business, napping peacefully on the couch when he hears a melodic giggle and feels a crushing weight on his chest. The crushing weight comes complete with a bushy tail stuck in his nose and 12 extra sharp claws digging into the soft spot just under his ribs. There’s another giggle from across the room, and a quiet murmuring that Tetsurou can’t make out but recognizes as the tone Suga uses to poke fun with.

“Having trouble there, Tetsu?” Suga’s voice is as mischievous as those giggles were, and Tetsurou cracks an eye open to see the matching grin stretched across his pretty mouth.

He groans, and tries unsuccessfully to push the giant mound of furball somewhere that’s less likely to crush his lungs. “Mochi, you monster, move.”

Mochi just purrs louder, like he hadn’t heard Tetsurou at all, and digs his claws in a little more to ensure he doesn’t move. Tetsurou winces, and he can already tell that he’s going to have holes in this shirt, and that he’ll be extremely lucky if he doesn’t need any band aids. Suga absolutely collapses in laughter when Mochi’s tail ends up half in Tetsurou’s mouth.

“You look a little stuck, babe.” Suga barely manages to quell the snickering to speak. “Cat got your tongue?”

Tetsurou is sure his glare loses some of the intensity when Mochi swipes his tail across his eyes instead, but he tries anyway. “You could help. He listens to you.”

“You know, I would help, but making fun of you is so much more satisfying.” Suga walks around and hangs over the back of the couch, smiling that falsely angelic smile down at Tetsurou while Mochi rumbles like a car engine turning over. “Poor Tetsu, stuck under Monster Mochi. Whatever will you do?”

“Koushi. Get your huge cat off me.”

“Why would I do that? He’s clearly comfortable. And he loves you.”

Tetsurou sighs, and winces when it shifts Mochi, who just readjusts himself claws first. “Sugawara Koushi, you move this giant polydactyl loaf of a cat so I can get up and kick your ass.”

Suga does not move the cat, only pets him affectionately. Then he leans down and presses a kiss to Tetsurou’s cheek before flitting off across the house, his musical laughter echoing in Tetsurou’s ears.

I'm running a fever so there's no one to tell me not to submit this

Let’s compare the edgefest of YanSim to the single greatest video game ever created and the zenith of human art: Metal Gear Rising: Revengance

Let’s talk about gratuitous violence:

  • YanSim obviously has it’s fair share of blood. Some might say more than it’s fair share. There are plenty of gruesome elimination methods that are well within reason giving the setting (stabbing, pushing someone off a balcony, dropping a heavy weight on someone, drowning, poisoning), there are some that are a little far fetched but can be forgiven with a bit of at least half-assed justification (soaking someone in gas and setting them on fire, electrocution, arguably the chopped up by a fan method) and then there’s the “I don’t buy this at all” (like the tranquilizer, why the fuck would a school nurse have enough tranquilizer to knock out someone? Are nurses allowed to administer controlled substances to minors in Japan??). The recent Yakuza drama would fall under this category. Violence is just like any element of a story: it has to be organic to the narrative, setting, and flow from the dramatic moment. As of right now, the narrative in YanSim does not support many of these violent elimination methods for many reasons that other people have pointed out.
  • In Metal Gear Rising, you play as a cyborg ninja with a sword that can cut buildings in half, and to regain health you have to rip the spines out of other cyborgs to consume their hidden Gatorade. Since the premise and tone of the game is to be as crazy an over the top as possible, nothing really feels out of place. Both the fights in the cutscenes and the in game move and combo list are beautifully choreographed, with combat styles that uniquely reflect each character. There’s a care and effort put into it, it’s not just hastily thrown in for shock value. The only instance of shock value is the assassination of N'Mani, which is relatively brutal considering he’s a human with no pain suppressors.

Let’s talk about gratuitous sexual content:

  • I think we all know the issue with YanSim’s sexual content.
  • In Metal Gear Rising, there are butt shots and boob shots galore and they’re primarily focused on the cyborgs of the game, who are all adults (and the majority of them are men). (There is one character on your support staff with a crazy amount of cleavage, but there aren’t any shots that focus on it, plus she’s an adult.) All in all, fairly harmless and an amusing addition.

Let’s talk about tone:

  • There’s a tone dissonance going on in YanSim. The Dev is clearly aiming for a serious, dramatic storyline, but the amount of silly easter eggs and joke content is detracting from that mood.
  • Throughout Rising, there feels to be an overall tongue-in-cheek tone with how extreme and over the top everything is. The character of Sam reinforces this feeling with his attitude in the opening scene as well as an off-hand comment he makes before his second boss fight. There’s an elegant balance in tone between poking fun at the characters an premise and establishing very emotional moments and a sense of drama. (This tone is prevalent throughout the Metal Gear series.)

Let’s talk about antagonists:

  • I don’t know if YanSim has a specific primary antagonist. You could argue that the rivals, the teachers, and basically anyone who could stop Ayano’s pursuit of Taro. I think the rivals better fit the role of antagonist with the other characters being obstacles. Then again, there could be more to the story that might lead to a singular antagonist, we just don’t know.

Let’s talk about controversial topics:

  • Let’s assume for a moment the Yakuza thing is for sure in the game. Both games feature human trafficking, but in very different ways. In YanSim, the proposed idea is you sell your fellow students for either their organs or to be used as sex slaves. So far, there is no negative consequence for this action, and it’s portrayed in a positive light.
  • In Rising, the primary antagonists are funding and running a trafficking ring for children; they harvest the brains to put into VR training to make them into soldiers and sell the rest of the organs. Raiden and the other protagonists are rightfully disgusted by this and work to stop it, and it doesn’t focus on the suffering of the children for very long. (Seriously, there’s more detail about the virtual hotel that one of your support staff designs for the rescued brains than anything else.)

I have more thoughts, but this is long enough as it is and probably won’t make sense to me once my fever goes down.

In conclusion: If you want a wild ride, go watch a LP of metal gear rising. it’s a fairly short game and succeeds at everything YanSim fails.

Thank you for your input!

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 22

Day 22: In battle, side by side

Summary: You and Sherlock take care of a teething Rosie together
Author: Maddy (@laterthantherabbit)
Words: 1750
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x reader, Rosie x aunty!reader
Warning: None

Author’s Notes: After writing with Rosie yesterday I really got into the aunty!reader and sort of parenting trope I did for it. I hope you guys like it!


The wailing had been going on for almost an hour now. Mrs. Hudson was out of the city with Mrs. Turner doing who knows what and Sherlock had a case at the moment and was probably out chasing some madman through the streets of London. John had gone to begrudgingly visit Harry after she rang, asking him to help her move. He wasn’t to be expected back for at least another two days and you volunteered to stay and look after the little Watson, your beautiful niece Rosie. Your beautiful, screaming, red-faced, teething and inconsolable niece. “Rosie dear, look! It’s bee! You want bee?” Rosie threw her arms up above her head and let out an ear-piercing cry. Your calm demeanour from before the crying had slowly been degrading into a near breakdown, your hair frazzled from constant pulling and your cheeks aching from forced smiles to calm Rosie, which were apparently useless.

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markhyuck fluffy one shot; have i told you lately:

title: have i told you lately that i love you

kind: Mark is so lovesick for donghyuck and cant stop saying “i love you” to his one and only love ♡

warnings: (if it counts) kissing and swearing(the word “fuck”) a few times

Note: yes i got inspired by elvis presley’s “have i told you lately that i love you” and i know i seem like a person who wouldn’ listen elvis but i do *laughing emoji*

original aff link:


“Have I told you lately that I love you?
Could I tell you once again somehow?
Have I told with all my heart and soul how I adore you?
Well darling I’m telling you now”

“Hey donghyuck”

Donghyuck looked up from his book “yes mark hyung ?”

Mark smiled at him sweetly “i love you”

There wasn’t many people who had seen lee donghyuck blushing. Like, really, sincerely blushing. But mark could see a sweet shade of pink on donghyuck’s cheeks right now while they are sitting in their shared room’s beds.

“S-shut up”

Mark got up from his bed and hugged donghyuck suddenly, making them fall to the bed. Mark stayed on top of donghyuck, listening his hearbeat.


“What ?”

Mark chuckled at donghyuck’s fake angry tone and poked the tip of donghyuck’s nose softly “i really love you so much”

The pink shade on donghyuck’s cheeks turned into a red shade and mark knew donghyuck loved him back as much as he did. Especially when his heart beated like crazy in his chest, right beside mark’s ear.


Different from how other people think mark thought when you say “i love you” so much it dosen’t lose it’s meaning. No. For mark it even gains more meaning. And maybe that was one of the reasons why he was saying “i love you” to donghyuck in every chance he get. Cause he wanted to say it with more and more meaning in everytime that words leaves his lips. He wanted to show donghyuck how much he loved him. He wanted to make sure that donghyuck knew how huge his love was for him. That he would do anything and everything for him without any hesitation.

Donghyuck would groan and say “ugh again hyung ?” And pretend like he hate mark’s cheesyness or try ignoring him but mark knew that donghyuck loved it everyime he said these 3 words. He loved it as much as he loved mark. And he loved mark a lot. A lot lot lot lot lot.


“Mark hyung…why are you looking at me like that ?” donghyuck asked with suspicious eyes on mark. Cause did he done something stupid and gave mark a chance to joke about it ???

Mark pulled him in his arms and bearhugged him so tightly that donghyuck had to try hard to breathe.

“M-mark i can’t breathe”

Mark’s hold loosened a bit but it was still tight and warm.

“You are so freaking adorable. What have i done to deserve such an adorable, cute, sweet, beautiful, handsome boyfriend like you ? I love you so much. Thank you for being mine donghyuckkie”

Donghyuck choked up on air cause how mark could ask “what have i done to deserve you ?” When it was donghyuck who should ask that ?


“I’m sorry am i being too cheesy”

“No hyung its o-”

Mark’s soft lips brushed against donghyuck’s own, shutting him up gently.

“I’m sorry” Mark said again

“It’s okay” donghyuck said and pulled mark into another kiss.

Cause it wasn’t just okay. It was more than okay. But donghyuck would never admit that out loud to mark’s face….or maybe he would ?


“Have I told you lately when I’m sleeping
Every dream I dream is you somehow?
Have I told you why the nights are long
When you’re not with me?
Well darling I’m telling you now”

“Why are you so happy ? You slept well last night ?” Donghyuck asked when they woke up.

Mark’s smile widened “yes. I saw the most beautiful angel in my dream.”

“Should i be jealous ?”

Donghyuck was so serious that mark laughed “you will be jealous of your own self ?”

“W-what do you mean ?”

“Oh oh oh lee donghyuck” mark said and sit up in bed beside donghyuck then cupped his face gently “don’t you know every dream I dream is you somehow?”

Mark never admired any other color as much as he admired the color of the cute blush on donghyuck’s cheeks that blooms up everytime he say something romantic.

“I-if we don’t get up right now and go to kitchen to have breakfast taeyong hyung will whoop our asses.”


“Did i just ruin the moment.”

Mark sighed “yes. Yes you did lee  donghyuck”

Donghyuck pouted. Hey it wasn’t his fault that his heart was beating 193836292 times harder whenever mark said something sweet to him.

“But it’s okay” mark said and pecked his lips “i love you anyway” then got up from the bed and pulled donghyuck to the kitchen.

Donghyuck followed him with a sweet smile on his face.


“Mark ?”

Mark stopped when he was about to wear his pyjama top and turned around to look at donghyuck who was lying on his own bed, looking at mark with tired eyes. Well it was 2am so of course he was tired but the question was did he ever sleep till now or did he wait for mark  to come back ?

“Donghyuck ? Why are you still awake at this hour ?”

Donghyuck tried to hide his blush with his blanket “i couldn’t sleep without you. t-the nights are long when you’re not with me.”

Mark wore his top quickly and lied down next to donghyuck slowly, taking him in his arms and caressing his hair gently.

“You can sleep now.” Mark said and kissed donghyuck’s forehead.

Donghyuck looked up mark and mark got lost in his eyes. Really what he had done to deserve donghyuck ?

“Yeah. I can sleep now” donghyuck said softly and burried his face in mark’s chest.

“But if you come home that late ever again imma kick you in the butt so hard till you cant walk for the whole week.”

Mark laughed and burried his face in donghyuck’s hair, breathing in his vanilla like soft and sweet smell.

“I know”


“My heart would break in two if I should lose you
I’m no good without you anyhow
And have I told you lately that I love you
Well darling I’m telling you now”

“Mark. Be honest to me. Do you and donghyuck have anything between you two ?”

Mark cleared his throat after choking on his water.

“W-what do you mean mr. Lee ?”

“You know what i mean mark. Are you and donghyuck dating ?”

Mark gulped but shook his head quickly “no of course we don’t mr. Lee .”

“Should i believe you minhyung ?”

‘Oh shit’ mark thought cause he knew the ceo would call him with his korean name only when he was serious as fuck.

“Yes. Of course.” Mark said and smiled at him innocently.

Mark wasn’t stupid. He knew what would happen if anyone found out he and donghycuk were indeed dating. For a long time now.

Soo man put his hand mark’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

“Good. That would be a pity to kick donghyuck out of the units you are in.”

Mark gulped again, feeling breatheless suddenly. Kicking donghyuck out of the units he is in ?

“You don’t have to do that mr. Lee. I promise you that only thing we have between us is friendship.”

“A very strong one i’m guessing”

“Yes. A very strong one.”

“Just be careful when you two are sitting together in interviews or fan events. We wouldn’t want people to get different thoughts. Right mark ?”

“Right” said mark, faking a smile back at his boss

“Good. You can go now.”

Mark bowed to him then walked out of the door with so many thoughts running in his head.


“What the hell donghyuck ??!!” Mark asked angryly and shook his arm to make donghyuck let go off him.

Donghyuck locked the door after pushing mark into their room.

“No what the hell to you mark. What the fuck you think you are doing ?”

“I don’t know what you mean donghyuck. Let me go.” Mark walked to the door but donghyuck held his arm even harder this time and pushed him to the wall.

“Why the fuck you are ignoring me ? You haven’t even cuddled with me for days mark. The fuck ?”

“I’m tired okay. I wanna end it.”

“You…you what ?” Donghyuck stopped pushing mark to the wall to stop him.

“I wanna break up donghyuck. I…i don’t love you anymore”

Mark expected a yell, a hard slap on his face, maybe even a punch but what he didn’t expected was donghyuck pulling him forward by the collar of his t-shirt then kissing him. So passionately like he wanna show just how much he loves mark but still so softly, so tenderly.

“You are the worst liar ever mark lee” donghyuck panted on mark’s lips when they broke the kiss.

“H-how you understood ?” Mark asked breathless and confused.

Donghyuck laughed against his lips and mark wanted to scream cause damn he missed donghyuck’s laugh so much.

“I know you too well mark. You can never lie to me.”

Mark could swear he saw the hugest love ever in donghyuck’s eyes while he was talking. Then donghyuck laughed again.

“And you can’t dump my handsome ass like that.”

Mark was gonna laugh back but then choked on air when donghyuck added “not when i love you so much”

Lee donghyuck was the most confusing person mark ever met. But it was okay. He loved it. A lot.


It was so late at night when he felt donghyuck’s fingers caressing his cheeks softly. He didn’t know the time exactly but he was sure it was pretty late.

“You are such an idiot you know that right.”

Okay well this wasn’t what mark expected to hear from donghyuck in the middle of the night while he is caressing his cheekbones gently.

“Going around telling me and everyone that you love me so much. And doing it every single day.”

Donghyuck sighed. It wasn’t a sad sigh tho. Mark could feel he was just a bit unsure about saying or not saying the things he is about to say.

“To be honest mark what have i done to deserve you ?”

Mark’s breathing stopped cause he knew this sentence could be said both in a good way or a bad way.

“I sometimes ask this to god too. What have i done to deserve one of your most precious angels ? Why he is so, so sweet to me ? Why is he so amazing ? Why is he treating me like i’m the only boy in this world ? What have i done to deserve that much love from such an amazing person ?”

Donghyuck started caressing mark’s blonde hair that he sometimes makes jokes about it like “look at your ramen hair hyung omg”.

“I also asked god if i really deserve you. If someone like me can ever deserve someone so great like you. Cause you are amazing. Really, truly amazing. And everyone loves you because of that.”

Donghyuck stopped and huffed out from his nose and mark could tell he was smiling even without opening his eyes.

“But you know that i love you the most. More than everyone. That was the reason why i got so mad when you started ignoring me. I was shitting on my pants whenever the thought of you will break up with me came up to my mind. My heart would break in two if I lose you mark. I’m no good without you, you know. So don’t you ever do any shit like that again. Or else i will hit your arm so hard it will leave a mark. Oh…did i just made a pun ?”

Mark tried so hard to not laugh out loud. He didn’t want donghyuck to know he was awake this whole time.

“And you can laugh out loud idiot you look so ugly when you try keeping your laughter in”

Mark’s eyes opened so fast that his head spinned a bit at sudden light of the room.

“You knew i was awake ?”

“No. I just love talking to myself at night. Of course i knew you were awake you idiot”

“But how ??”

Donghyuck lied on his chest and listened to his heart beating fastly.

“You breathe differently when you are sleeping”

Mark could feel the tears in his eyes. He never knew donghyuck loved him that much. But after hearing all of his words….

“Mark….you know i don’t say it a lot like how you do but…i love you…i love you so much with all of my heart and i know i’m young and it might be so early to say that but i wanna spend my whole life with you. So please…never leave me…”

Mark wrapped his arms around donghyuck and held him so tight and so warm that donghyuck’s tears were rolling down on his neck.

“I love you so much too donghyuck. And i will never leave you. Even if you push me away i will hold your hand tighly and pull you with me.”

Donghyuck chuckled on mark’s neck.

“You better do”

“I will do” mark said and kissed donghyuck’s head softly.

“You just don’t worry. Please.”


“Hey donghyuck”


Donghyuck opened his eyes, glaring at mark angryly cause it was just 7am and he needed good sleep or else his beautiful,tan skin will be ruined. And mark lee was smiling like an idiot right in front of his face, making his heart beat at a stupidly fast pace.

“Have I told you lately that I love you?”

Donghyuck chuckled, shook his head and pulled mark into a soft morning kiss.

“Aren’t you too young to listen elvis presley ?”

“Aren’t you too young to wanna spend your whole life with me ?”

Donghyuck’s smile dropped “i swear to god if you ever remind me that again”

“Aww but you were so cute, baby. Blushing and all.”

Donghyuck rolled his eyes “i will go back to sleep. I don’t know a mark lee. Bye.”

Marm pulled donghyuck to his chest and held him tightly.

“I love you so much”

Donghyuck kept quiet for a while but then wrapped his hands around mark back.

“I love you too idiot”

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #179 - Scooby-Doo (2002)

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: DVD

1) According to IMDb:

The idea of a live action Scooby-Doo movie languished in “development hell” throughout most of the 1990s. In 1996, Jim Carrey was attached to play Shaggy and Sara Gilbert was attached to play Velma. At one point, director Kevin Smith was attached, but later dropped out. Later, Mike Myers accepted the project and was the one who most often had his name linked to it (Myers’ friend Janeane Garofalo was supposedly tapped by Myers to play Velma). Eventually, even Myers had to leave the project.

This film was originally set to have a much darker tone, essentially poking fun at the original series, and was set for a PG-13 rating. Shaggy was set to be a stoner, Velma and Daphne had a side relationship, and there were many marijuana references. According to Sarah Michelle Gellar, after the cast had signed on, there was a change and the film became more family-friendly.

2) The Case of the Luna Ghost

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The Luna Ghost was heavily featured in promotional material, to the point where it seemed like it would be the primary antagonist of the film. This is likely because visually the Luna Ghost is comparable with some of the best monsters from the original run of cartoons. From a storytelling standpoint the prologue wastes no time in establishing the tone and characters which - in my opinion - is actually pretty spot on. It doesn’t waste time in telling us, “This is Fred, this is Daphne, this is Velma,” because you either are familiar with these characters or will figure out who they are very quickly. Also the prologue plays out like the end of a Scooby-Doo episode, where the group tries to execute a plan to catch the villain but it ends up failing.

3) Wait, that’s…that’s Pamela Anderson? AS PAMELA ANDERSON!?

I did NOT catch that as a kid, although in some ways it makes sense. In “The New Scooby-Doo Movies” there was ALWAYS a celebrity guest star who worked on the case with theme (Don Knotts, Phyllis Diller, Sandy Ducan, Batman & Robin, etc.).

4) For whatever problems this film has (but more on those later), they get the characters VERY right. Writer James Gunn (yes, writer/director of both Guardians of the Galaxy films) 100% nails the film’s characterization of Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, Velma, and Daphne. Even when he makes them different from how they were in the show (notably Daphne and Fred) it FEELS right. It feels in line with who the characters are/were in the show and like a natural extension of those people. The reason I enjoy this film as much as I do is because in so many ways they FEEL like the cartoon characters through and through.

5) There are surprisingly deep life lessons between this film and its sequel.

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6) Matthew Lillard as Shaggy.

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Honestly, Lillard gives the standout performance of the film (although Linda Cardellini’s Velma is VERY close). Like all the actors he is able to support the characterization found in the script with a true to form performance, but he is by far the most chameleonic. You can see shades of Freddie Prinze Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar in their performance, but Lillard IS Shaggy. He gives off the heart/warmth - as well as the occasional stoner vibe - associated with the character since the late 60s. There is not an ounce of ego in his performance, being totally honest and committed. AND he acts with the CGI Scooby incredibly well. When working with a character who is not actually on set (namely: an animated one) it is important to see them and not see through them. Through all of Lillard’s scenes you believe Scooby is there with him. There’s not a doubt in your mind that he was on set, it’s not like he was added with CGI in post production or anything. And considering Shaggy’s relationship with Scooby is the heart of the film (and that Lillard shares the most scenes with the great dane), the fact that he’s able to nail this is all the better.

7) There are a number of deleted scenes in this film which I think are actually NEEDED for it to make sense in a lot of ways. Namely: when Fred, Velma, and Daphne meet at the airport and we get a juxtaposition of how they’re not as great in life as they say they are.

8) Sarah Michelle Gellar as Daphne.

Originally posted by killuarke

This is the first time I’ve watched this film since having become a fan (and completing) “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, so seeing the lead from one of my favorite show in that new light adds a level of fun to the movie. In the cartoons Daphne is not always the most consistently written character (although more modern entries into the franchise do better with this), often being relegated to the role of damsel in distress. But writer Gunn and actress Gellar are able to make Daphne more than that without disrespecting the source material. She’s unique, has her own personality which isn’t always true for the original show. Gellar adds warmth, humor, and gusto to the performance, while her striving against her own role as damsel in distress makes for surprisingly interesting conflict.


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(GIF originally posted by @scoobycloos)

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10) The gag above is a good example of how this film was originally meant to be darker and poke fun at the original source material. While the movie ends up much more family friendly, some of these jokes do find their way into the final cut.

11) Rowan Atkinson as Emile Mondavarious is an occasionally fun role (more so for the reveal at the end than anything else), but unfortunately the comedic talent doesn’t get too much of a time to shine. He’s fine it what he does I just wish he could do more.

Originally posted by stevenscrivello

12) Linda Cardellini as Velma.

Originally posted by theperksofperkiness

Favorably comparable to to Matthew Lillard as Shaggy, Cardellini similarly is able to 100% abandon any sense of herself/ego to support the strong character writing. You don’t SEE Cardellini, you only see Velma. She is able to embrace the intelligence and work with the occasionally cartoonish tone of the character/film in a way which never comes across as annoying but is instead a treat to fans of the cartoon. Also able to play Velma’s occasional insecurities well, Cardellini shines as Velma in a standout performance.

13) I get a big kick out of some of the jokes this film makes.

Bartender: “We got a Mr. Doo here? I got a call for a Mr. Doo?”

[Random guy stands up]

Melvin: “Melvin Doo?”

Bartender: “Nah. Scooby.”

14) Splitting up Mystery Inc. for the first chunk of the movie on Spooky Island makes the film a little scattered from the beginning. We never commit to one point of view or the other and this is another case where a deleted scene on the DVD (I believe it’s called Nightmare Boulevard) helps to slow down the pacing and establish some things better. Because I can hardly fault the script for equating in this film’s structural problems (as I haven’t read the script on its own), but it seems like every deleted scenes in the DVD would have improved the film. So the fact they’re cut is disappointing.

15) I actually really dig the sense of place Spooky Island conveys. Its fascinating, supported by a unique art style and conveying a sense of tone which makes the movie pleasantly macabre.


Shaggy: “Like, Scoob and me don’t do castles. Because castles have paintings with eyes that watch you, and suits of armor you think is a statue with a guy inside that follows you every time you turn around!”

This all happened in the first episode of “Scooby Doo” ever.

17) I have a head canon here. So Daphne does the usual bit of, “I’ll give you a Scooby Snack if you go into the spooky castle and be detectives.” Except she was planning on solving the mystery by herself and she came to Spooky Island expecting to be solo. I think she carries Scooby Snacks around out of habit. As a reminder for the friends she used to have, it just so happens that right now they’re actually useful.

18) Freddie Prinze Jr. as Fred

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Much like Daphne, the film takes the occasionally flat character of Fred and builds on who he is in the cartoon to make someone who is unique. Fred is utterly buffoonish in the most fun of ways, but he is still human and sympathetic. Prinze Jr is able to make Fred a jerk when he has to be a jerk, but we’re still rooting for him and we still see that he’s Fred from the cartoon. Just with more of a personality.

19) Oh Fred…

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(GIF originally posted by @kpfun)

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20) The brief set piece of the Spooky Castle ride gone haywire is kinda fun to watch. Slapstick, madcap, energetic, but it makes me understand why the ride was shut down. It’s lethal.

21) I think one of the reasons this film is not so well received by critics is because the mystery can be confusing. Each time I watch it I have to remind myself how one seemingly random piece of information connects to the other (which I think is the victim of some deleted scenes), but here’s what I got: “Mondavarious” is planning world domination after having taken over Spooky Island from the real Mondavarious because the island has demons just living below the surface (I don’t how “Mondavarious” learned this but whatever). He uses the park as a front while at night he lets the demons posses the college kids. He needs to teach the demons HOW to act like “normal” teenagers so he creates an instructional video. His reach is far, even infecting the Coast Guard so no one can help people out on the island. But apparently just by knocking over the vat of souls everyone around the world is cured and we’re assuming all the monsters burst into flames. But why does “Mondavarious” want to take over the world? Just because he’s evil? And why would these super powerful demons let him lead them? I think I’m just going to move on.

22) Did we really need to have a burp/fart off in this film?

23) Mystery Inc. hiding in the armor is very cartoonish, which I mean in a compliment as it feels like it’s right out of the cartoon.

(This was the best image I could find of the scene. It conveys what’s happening well enough, I think.)

Heck, it is at this point in the film when they start really working together as a team again. Which is fun for us as the audience ot watch.

24) Okay, Velma’s boy friend always looked like Orlando Bloom to me. Am I just crazy?

25) Scrappy-Doo.

Scrappy is almost exclusively despised in the Scooby-Doo fandom and this film WORKS with that. As I understand it, James Gunn wanted to make sure Scrappy never appeared in a piece of Scooby-Doo media again. And outside of jokes about the character, he never has.

In the film Scrappy is portrayed as bossy, arrogant, and a general pain in the butt (as he was perceived by the fandom). He even pees on Daphne in what Fred calls, “marking [his] territory!” before getting kicked off the team. And potentially the best part is this:

Velma: “He wasn’t even a puppy! He had a glandular disorder!”

26) Apparently in the original script, Velma and Daphne were having a relationship on the side. This deleted scene plays into that more than anything else.

Is it wrong that I ship Velma & Daphne? Even if it is, I don’t care.

27) The CGI for the monsters is - at times - sort of lacking. I think this may be a key reason that the Luna Ghost was heavily marketed instead of the actual demons which make up the majority of the film: he’s more interesting to look at.

28) As a kid, I LOVED “Man with the Hex”. That songs did and still gets me pumped, so I always smile when it plays in this film under a chase scene. Also, the use of the song during the previously mentioned chase is very in style with the original cartoon (which would often use songs by The Monkees during chases).

29) It’s fun seeing Daphne stepping up to take charge in the absence of Fred and Velma. Although unfortunately the deleted scenes and lack of focus the film has means we don’t get to see this as much as I would like.

30) Another example of deleted scenes making the plot confusing: it is never established that Velma is possessed, we never know why there’s a random scream from somewhere in the island to tip off demon Fred that something is wrong. But a deleted scene establishes this. Making me wonder: why was it even deleted?

31) While I do love James Gunn’s characterization and tone in the script, could the film not come up with a better reason for Shaggy & Scooby to have conflict instead of them fighting over a girl?

32) Similar to note #31, the scene which established Daphne getting possessed by a demon is deleted. So we just see her kidnapped then Shaggy finds her head in a vat. That’s it. Another instance of a deleted scene which should’ve probably been kept in.

33) And here I was thinking Shaggy was the only one of the gang who dabbled in hallucinogenics.

Fred [when Shaggy is holding his disembodies ectoplasm head]: “Listen man; someone must’ve spiked my root beer last night. Talk me down man. Talk! Me! Down!”

34) It’s kind of fun seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar perform as her then-boyfriend-future-husband Freddie Prinze Jr and seeing Freddie do the same for his then-girlfriend-future-wife. Although I must say Prinze does a better job playing Gellar than vice versa, but that’s not to mean she isn’t good playing her partner.

35) So Scooby-Doo theory is that it’s always the first person they talk to. And guess why the first person they talked to was when the gang arrived to Spooky Island: “Mondavarious”.

36) This hits me harder than I expected it to.

Shaggy [trying to save Scooby’s life after they fought]: “Who’s your best buddy?”

Scooby: “Raggy?”

Shaggy: “That’s right. And who’s my best buddy in the whole wide world?”

Scooby: “Rooby-Roo?”

37) Let’s just just take a moment to appreciate the fact that this movie decided to make Scrappy-Doo the bad guy.

THEY MADE FREAKING SCRAPPY THE BAD GUY! Oh my god, I love that so much more at twenty-one than I did when I was six. Although, unfortunately Tim Curry turned down the role of Mondavarious because Scrappy was in the film (THAT’S how much Scrappy is hated).

38) The “Buffy” fan in me smiles every time I get to see Sarah Michelle Gellar get her martial arts on.

39) It is really satisfying - if a little expected - that Fred allows Velma to take credit for the plan which captures Scrappy.

40) File this one under “Jokes I Didn’t Get As A Kid”.

Scrappy: “If not for you meddling sons of -”

[He’s cut off.]

So I know this film isn’t exactly Oscar worthy. The structure is a mess due to messy editing, some of the humor is infantile, it’s a little scatted. But you know what? I like it. I’m a fan of the franchise so watching this film is fun. It makes me feel like a kid again. The characters are spot on in both the writing and acting, the tone is fun, and it’s just a good 90ish minutes to shut your mind off too. If you’re a fan of the series, there’s a good chance you’ll be a fan of this film.

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Can you do SakuMahi with 66, please?? There isn't a lot of fics for them, so that would be wonderful!!!💕TvT

SakuMahi {66: “Stay over”}

“Is it eleven already?” Mahiru was shocked when he saw the time. He and Sakuya were working on a group project and the time passed quickly for them. Of course, with the amount of work they did, it wouldn’t seem like it. Between having to force Sakuya to focus and being distracted by his antics, they barely worked on the project.

“Man, I’m going to need to call a taxi to get home. There have been vampire sightings and I don’t want to risk running into one of them.” Sakuya shivered exaggeratedly but Mahiru looked less convinced by his theatrics. They had known each other long enough for Mahiru to know better than to believe his stories. He rolled his eyes when Sakuya, predictably, added. “So, how much of that was a lie?”

“All of it.” Mahiru parted the curtains to look outside and saw that it was raining heavily. It had been storming when his mother was hit by an out of control car and he turned back to Sakuya who was gathering his things. “It might be a lie but maybe you should stay over tonight. The weather’s pretty bad and I don’t think you should walk home alone. So, thinking simply, you should stay over.”

“Stay over?” Sakuya blushed at the prospect but Mahiru didn’t seem fazed in the slightest.

“Why not? You’ve done it a thousand times since we were kids. I can pull out the futons and we could sleep together like the old days. It’ll be fun! I’ll get you something to change into. My clothes might be too small for you so you can borrow my uncle’s. It might be a little big but it’ll be comfortable.” Mahiru left before Sakuya could say a word.

As he watched Mahiru leave, Sakuya’s mind was racing. To Mahiru, they had stayed at each other’s home many times. But in reality, this would be the first time. Guilt settled in his stomach because he only had himself to blame for the situation he was in. He implanted false memories in Mahiru because he wanted to be his friend. He didn’t think the façade would last so long but here they were.

“I’m back! Wait, you haven’t cleaned up all this paper yet? How can we have a sleep over out here when it still a mess? Stop spacing out on me,” Mahiru lightly chastised him but his tone was light. He playfully poked his forehead before he dropped the change of clothes onto his lap. “I’ll get this cleaned up while you change.”

“Thanks, Mahiru.” Sakuya couldn’t think of anything else to say as he was nudged into to the guestroom. He could hear Mahiru cleaning through the door and sighed to himself. He leaned against the wall and weighed his options. His heart was racing at the prospect of staying over and he couldn’t leave when Mahiru looked so worried about him. “Well, I dug my own grave so I might as well lie in it.”

Sakuya changed and returned to the living room. Mahiru had spread out the futons in front of the television and he was setting down the pillows. He looked up and their eyes met. A bright smile appeared on his face as he sat down and patted the spot next to him. When Sakuya sat down, Mahiru leaned against him.

He tried to keep his flustered emotions from showing as Mahiru put on a movie for them to watch. None of the memories he gave Mahiru had them as close as they were now. Sakuya developed feelings for him but he would never manipulate him to feel the same. So, why was he sitting to close to him when they were only friends?

A particularly strong wind rattled the window and Sakuya felt Mahiru shiver next to him. He didn’t know if he should but he wrapped his arm around his shoulders. He relaxed a little but he was still tense in his arms. Sakuya could feel the subtle changes in his body. Then he remembered that Mahiru’s mother died in a car accident caused by bad weather.

“Everything’s alright, Mahiru.” Sakuya hugged him tighter.

“Thanks,” Mahiru closed his eyes as he leaned into him more. He was grateful that Sakuya knew what he needed without him having to voice it. “I don’t know what I would do without you, Sakuya. You’ve always been here for me. I guess that’s a given because you’re my best friend.”

“You shouldn’t be thanking me.” Sakuya said under his breath but Mahiru heard him. He shook his head and sat up straighter so he could look into his eyes.

“I’m serious, Sakuya. You’re my best friend and you make everything better. Especially this past year. You’ve always been a big part of my life but it seems like this past year is different. I can’t explain it but I feels like we’re closer.” Sakuya’s eyes widened at his words. They’ve only been together for a year but Mahiru couldn’t have known that. The memories he gave him haven’t been disillusioned yet so he shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two time frames.

“I hope we’re in the same class next year too.” Mahiru thread their fingers together under the blanket.

“I can make that happen if you really want me to. Of course, I might have to cash in a few favours the mafia owe me.” Mahiru laughed and hit him lightly for lying. Sakuya returned his smile. He couldn’t have known that he was lying when he added, “I’ll always be by your side, Mahiru.”

Ah, my first Mahiru ship will always have a fond place in my heart. I just have a lot of trouble writing Sakuya that I don’t write for this ship that often.

[100 ways to say, “I love you”]

I wish that Todd guy just stopped tweeting and hyping up fans about the Malec battle couple scene…especially if they’re not able to deliver high quality battle scene (T_T)

I’ve said this several times in my previous posts: I’m a huge fan of action/battle movies. and I have a very high standard when it comes to fighting/combat/action scenes because I grew up watching all sorts of action films. I watched all the series of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li (Kung Fu/hand to hand combat) movies when I was little. (Jet Li’s 精武門Fist of Legend(1994) is such a classic. I can watch it over and over again. one of my best childhood movie). I watched every movies Jet Li starred.

I also watched a bunch of Hollywood action films and Western films (because my mother loved Western movie) where people shoot machine guns. it’s fun to watch all the gun shootings and everything getting smashed and destroyed. I watched Bad Boys1,2 in movie theatres when they came out. I still think Bad Boys 2 is good cause some of the scene was different and creative. one of the scene that has been stuck in my head since 2003 is this: “Haitian Gang Shootout Scene”. (considering this was filmed in 2003, this scene was different than other action films. as one comment mentioned, the camera was simply spinning around but other movies did not get that creative with the filming) and the lines are too funny! “we’re not immigration!” “they can’t hear you cause they’re still shooting at you!” ah…and 007, bourne series and Kingsman …bourne series mmmm. I watched Bourne Identity not knowing what it was about and fell in love with it and later learned it was popular and they’re making a series. and Marvel action films are so good. Marvel drama: Daredevil…my jaw dropped. (I also watched Sin City(2005) in movie theatre, it was sensational at that time).

so I’m sorry that I expected a lot when the showrunner said Malec Battle Couple was happening. I guess children always look best from their mother’s eyes. I just wish he wouldn’t make fans get excited about something …especially the battle scene. if the showrunner hadn’t said anything about Malec battle scene, I might be contented with the final cut. I hope the showrunner would tone down a little?

p.s. okay, I admit. I expected to see um…like …Steve & Bucky fighting Iron Man in Civil War kinda thing from Malec? I know, I know. I was such an idiot to expect that. I blame the showrunner cause he got me hyped up.

Happy Birthday Avi! ~💙

A/N: Today is @avinsfu‘s birthday! To celebrate I wrote him a fic about the pairing of his choice and reasons! Hope it’s been a good one mate, and I hope you enjoy the suffering of Eden!

Mmmmmmnnnn….” Eden let out a low groan and tried to rearrange his position on the bed.

“You still feeling rough?” Jude asked, giving his boyfriend a quick tap on the cheek.

“Yeah…” Eden murmured. The two of them had meant to be having a cosy night in together – Jude didn’t have any planning he needed to do and Eden was all up to date with his assignments, but right now Eden was curled on his side, clutching his stomach and moaning slightly.

“I told you you shouldn’t have eaten that mushroom stroganoff…” Jude said, but his tone was joking as he poked Eden’s shoulder gently.

Urgh, you’re not helping Jude…” Eden groaned, curling his legs up so he was almost in the foetal position. Jude looked down at Eden, frowning, it wasn’t like him to be unresponsive to Jude’s good natured jibes; Eden’s eyes were closed and Jude tried to determine if his already pale skin was lighter than usual.

“Are you really feeling that bad?” Jude asked, dropping the pretence of jokes as he put the back of his hand to Eden’s cheek.

“I feel really sick…” Eden answered honestly, not bothering to open his eyes and look at Jude. For the past three quarters of an hour the churning sensation in Eden’s stomach had grown worse and worse until it was absolutely impossible to ignore.

“Do you want some water or anything?”

Mmmmnn…” Eden hummed lowly. “I don’t know whether it’s wise to put anything else in my stomach…”

“Okay…” Jude wracked his brain, trying to think of something else he could do that might make Eden feel better. “Shall I give you a tummy rub?”

“I… I don’t know,” Eden moaned, seemingly unwilling to release his hands from where they were on his stomach.

“Okay, just try and rest…” Jude instructed, and using two fingers he stroked gently down the side of Eden’s face. But no matter what way Eden lay he couldn’t get comfortable, and even with Jude’s fingers gently caressing the side of his face he couldn’t rest as his stomach seemed to be staging it’s own revolution inside him. He was sure he’d heated the stroganoff all the way through but it certainly wasn’t being kind to him now. He tried to push that thought out of his mind, as the mere thought of food elicited a sticky sour taste in his mouth. This was absolute torture. He wanted to cry, but if he did that then Jude really would get worried, and Eden felt like he’d brought this on himself anyway.

He couldn’t tell how long he’d been lying, trying to ignore the fact that he could feel himself sweating and hear the burbling noises emitting from his belly. It felt like hours and he couldn’t bear it. Taking a deep breath he opened his eyes and pushed himself up into a sitting position, Jude had taken his hand away as he did this, but he was still watching him very closely.

“I…” Eden started to speak, not making eye contact with Jude. “I think I need to throw up…”

“You feel like you’re going to?” Jude asked quickly, sounding instantly alarmed.

“Not quite,” Eden answered, “but I don’t think I’m gonna feel better until I get it out…” Jude gave him a long searching look, his eyebrows set in a frown, then his features softened.

“Come on then,” Jude took hold of Eden’s hand and pulled gently for him to get off the bed.

“Slower, sorry…” Eden protested, clutching his stomach protectively as Jude let him out of the bedroom and towards the bathroom. Eden’s heart was pounding as Jude put his hands onto Eden’s shoulders and steered him in the direction of the toilet. Kneeling down in front of the toilet, Eden lifted the lid of the toilet and leant forward. Jude had perched on the edge of the bath and placed a hand firmly onto Eden’s back. The sight of the water in the toilet had sent Eden’s stomach into a frenzy, churning more vigorously and he tried to prepare himself for what was about to happen.

“Take a few really deep breaths and let your body do what it needs to…” Jude comforted him, starting to rub a circle into Eden’s back to help. Eden did as instructed, trying simultaneously to think of what he’d eaten in an attempt to turn his stomach.

Hrrrrk!” The dry retch sounded painful as it scraped its way up Eden’s throat but nothing else followed.

“That’s it Eden,” Jude encouraged, rubbing a little harder on his back.

Hrrrrrk! Brrrrk!” Each heave was dry, even though Eden’s body was barrelling forward with the force, and his hands were trembling as he gripped the rim of the toilet. Tears were leaking out of the corners of Eden’s eyes as he took a rasping gasp in.

“I can’t!” He choked, sounding pained. “Nothing’s coming up!” Jude looked down at Eden, whose face was so pale it was almost looked translucent, he reached out and wiped away the tears dribbling down Eden’s cheeks.

“It’s okay,” he reassured, even though it was by no means okay. “Look, how about I try and help? If I sit behind you and press on your belly, maybe it’ll get you started?” Jude offered, his heart felt like it was tearing in two watching Eden suffer like this, and it was the only way he could think of to help.

“O – okay…” Eden stammered, swallowing hard as Jude slipped down beside him and wrapped his arm around Eden’s middle. He could feel the flesh of his abdomen puffed out as he position his hand carefully.

“Just relax, I’m going to push to see if it helps…” Jude warned as Eden refastened his grip on the rim of the toilet. Slowly Jude increased the pressure on Eden’s abdomen, able to feel the burbling upset under his hand.

Hrrrrrrrr!” Eden retched, still unproductively. “Hrrrrrbbbrrrrrruuuuupp!” A deep belch was dislodged from him and Jude released the pressure, leaning to the side to see if it had worked. But Eden was still panting heavily, Jude could feel him trembling.

“Is that helping at all?” Jude questioned quietly.

“I still… can’t get anything up…” Eden forced out, his throat sounded sore from the force of retching.

“Maybe your body isn’t ready yet…” Jude suggested.

Uuuhhhhhh…” Eden groaned and rested his head on the edge of the toilet seat. Tears were falling down Eden’s face again, but this time they were of frustration. “I can’t! I feel awful Jude…” The piteous tone in Eden’s voice again tugged at Jude’s heartstrings.

“Come here,” Jude pulled Eden away from the toilet and into his arms, holding Eden tightly even though he was shaking with quiet sobs. “Oh Eden!” Jude rocked gently back and forth, resting his chin on the top of Eden’s head.

“I… I’m sorry!” Eden said through his sobs.

“No Eden, sssshhhh ssssshhh…” Jude whispered, wishing there was something else he could do to make Eden feel better. Then he had an idea – although he wasn’t sure if it would work. “You trust me Eden, don’t you?”

“Yeah!” Eden responded instantly, still nestling his head into Jude’s solid chest.

“Right,” he unlatched Eden from where he was rested and made him lean back over the toilet. “I’m going to try something to help you feel better, just trust me okay?”

“Always…” Eden murmured, gripping the toilet at Jude’s command.

Unexpectedly Eden felt Jude’s hand snake round from behind, touching Eden’s lips and forcing them apart. Taken aback, Eden recoiled slightly, but Jude’s other hand was firm on Eden’s back to hold him in place. Jude’s fingers slipped into Eden’s mouth and towards his throat; this was a risk for Jude, but he was willing to try anything if it would make Eden feel better.

Hiibbbrrrr!” Eden’s entire body jerked forward with a gag that sounded wetter than before. “Hiccuuuuuur!!” Jude could feel saliva dripping onto his fingers, but didn’t withdraw them as it sounded like it might be working. Instead he wiggled them about inside Eden’s mouth, hoping to provoke a harsher reaction. “Huuuuuuurrrrrk!” Jude felt a slight rush of liquid coat his fingers and then heard a splash into the toilet bowl.

“That’s it!” Jude patted Eden’s back a few times, trying to wiggle his fingers around a little more as that had seemed to work.

Hiikkkkkuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrghhh!” Jude didn’t get his hand away in time as a huge heave rolled up from Eden’s gut, vomit splashed onto his bare hand as now the floodgates were open Eden was hurling the entire contents of his body into the bowl. Each heave sounded sticky, bringing mouthful after mouthful of dark puke pouring from Eden’s mouth; Jude could just make out the offending mushroom stroganoff, barely digested, as it made a repeat appearance. “Bbrrruuuhuuurrrgh!”

“Get it all out,” Jude tried to grab a piece of toilet roll to wipe the sick from his own hand, but it stuck awkwardly to the liquid coating it and he had to fight to free it. “You’ll feel better once it’s out…”

But Jude wasn’t sure whether Eden could have stopped now even if he wanted to – he was beginning to bring less and less sick up with every heave, until eventually they became dry and punctuated by a few seconds of calm.

“I… do…” Eden choked hoarsely, spitting the horrid taste out of his mouth.

“What?” Jude inquired gently.

“Feel better… already,” he replied, taking slow breaths in through his nose and reaching up his trembling hand to flush the evidence away.

“Oh good!” Jude exclaimed, relief flooding him that the technique had worked.

“Sorry about your hand…” Eden muttered quietly.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jude brushed it off; Eden suddenly leant back from the toilet, resting against Jude once again.

“I am never ever eating mushroom stroganoff again!” Eden stated firmly. Jude let out a little chuckle, and Jude would always make sure of that.