Warm down sketches that were semi-inspired by Monster Hunter 4U since I’ve been playing that game a lot recently….I’m obsessed….I apologize again for the lack of activity. I’ve been out and about a lot and I’m in a bit of an art rut :P

Back when I was hanging out with @markagnesi at Norm’s, this was one of the guitars that stood out the most to me. As many fans of Weezer’s Blue album will know, if you want that tone a very big component of it is Ric Okasek’s ‘59 Les Paul Special DC, the guitar responsible for all of the overdriven sounds on that record. All of that girthy midrange and crushing, distorted low end was a combination of that guitar and Rivers’ Mesa Mark 1 through the mock 8x10/4x12 he used. So naturally, I want one. The other thing I love about this particular guitar (wasn’t this a '60?) is that these later models before they moved to the SG body style have the neck pickup moved farther away from the neck for increased neck joint stability. The neck pickup rout on the older DC Specials removed way too much wood at a critical place, which is why we see so many heel breaks on these guitars, let alone many that need to be reset. It happens. I need to get one of these so My Name Is Jonas Brothers sounds even that much more authentic. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 #guitar #gibson #gibsonguitars #vintage #vintageguitar #lespaul #lp #dc #special #weezer #weezerquest #tone #bluealbum #yes (at Norman’s Rare Guitars)