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Osaka meigi Tondaya Yachiyo oya 1911 by Blue Ruin 1

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<br />Yachiyo holding her Japanese Chin puppy.

Captioned 大阪名妓 富田屋 八千代親 Osaka famous geisha Tondaya Yachiyo the elder.


Memorial Service for Old Needles 1916 por Blue Ruin 1
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A vintage postcard based on a painting by Kotani (Yoshioka) Chigusa entitled Harikuyō 針供養 (memorial service for old needles), for which she won the Bunten Prize in 1915. The painting itself was inspired by a famous photograph of maiko (apprentice geisha) Koyachiyo of Osaka, who was also known by the name Yachiyo II. The memorial service for old needles is performed on either 8th December or 8th February each year, depending on the region, to show gratitude for any needle that has been bent or broken during the year. In temples and shrines around Japan, needles are stuck into tofu and later buried, as a prayer of thanksgiving for good housekeeping. See: “A photograph of Tondaya Koyachiyo from the Osaka geisha district of Sō-emon-chō (Nanchi) was the basis of this artwork.”

A hand-colored photograph of Maiko Yachiyo II of Tondaya Okiya of Osaka playing the Koto; 1910s.

She worked in the prestigous Soemon-cho district and was quite famous during her times.

Source: Blue Ruin 1 on Flickr


Pampas Grass Kanzashi 1910s by Blue Ruin 1
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Maiko (apprentice geisha) Yachiyo II of Osaka wearing a pampas grass hana-kanzashi (flower hairpin) denoting autumn, paired with a dark rō (silk gauze) kimono with flowers and autumn grasses.


Multi-view Postcard of Hairstyles worn by Osaka Geiko 1910s by Blue Ruin 1

I think that this postcard relates specifically to the hairstyles of Geiko (Geisha) from Osaka, as at least two of the models are showing the mon (crest) of Tonda-ya (Tonda geisha house) in Osaka.