tonberry server

I changed my main again a while ago (With my last fantasia so this should be the last time) Been meaning to draw her but haven’t got around to it.

Dia, the girl who stares at the sky. Doesn’t have much to say, most of the time it looks as if she’s lost something, whether it be a person or an object, who knows.
Uses a lot of gesture and body language, can speak fine just chooses not to.


Tonberry Server vs Balmung Server

(3:22pm AEST// 1:52am EST)

Thought it might be interesting to do a comparison between servers! Tonberry’s main cities are generally pretty quiet; most of the players, particularly end-game players, tend to hang out in Idyllshire, so you can imagine the culture shock I got coming to Balmung on an alt! I was curious to see just how much of an influence roleplaying has on an in-game community and this kind of shows just how important it is on some servers compared to others.


After doing a free trial on the Adamantoise server my partner jubilantsandwich and I were invited to Tonberry with our new characters to join a guild. I joined officially today and I’ve had one of my best play sessions in FFXIV.

My first character was a Hyur highlander and I didn’t like how she always looked angry, so this time I decided to play as a Miqo'te. I don’t regret it at all; I’ve grown to adore Artaevia (or Arty, which everyone finds easier to pronounce), and everything about Eorzea. The people I have met online so far have been wonderful and although I know I still have a lot to learn, I feel like I’ve come so far already. Everybody is so kind and fun to be around- I’m excited for the coming adventures that await us!

Arta & Nugget are now on Balmung server!

…well, Arta is to start with! (I’m saving up for the minion, so for now she’s Tapir-less)

I’ve made an alt with the same name and appearance on Balmung; for now she’s only a level 7 Archer. But if you see me online, feel free to say hello!

I finished the MSQ on Tonberry today before jumping onto Balmung where I got to meet @sagolii-snowflake and @blue-eyes-soft-sighs! Both of you are so welcoming and friendly and I really hope I didn’t make a complete ass of myself.

I’ve also been doing a bit more art recently, which I’ll be uploading once it’s finished. I can’t help but feel that although Tonberry is my original server, I fit in better on Balmung- Tonberry is a completely different atmosphere with very little emphasis on Roleplay and other creative outlets.

When I was younger I used to write and draw quite regularly but as I got older I began to find it difficult. It wasn’t that I’d lost interest, I just felt that I couldn’t do it anymore, or at least to a degree that I was content with. Since joining Balmung and creating this blog, however, I’ve noticed that I’m writing and drawing more than I have in about 5 or so years. And even better, I’m actually happy with what I’m creating. That’s a huge thing for me and I’m hoping that things only get better!