Camille Abily opens the door to the locker room
Article by Cyrille Pac for 20 minutes

Who is the most generous?
“There are several … We are a really generous group of girls. But for her efforts in the field, I would say Ada [Hegerberg]. It’s rare, for a striker, to see such a burst of energy also get back and defend”

Most intelligent?
“We have some teachers in the group [smiles]. There is Elise Bussaglia [school teacher] and Melissa Plaza who is preparing a doctoral thesis.”

Biggest complainer?
“In the every day life, no one really complains,the girls are easygoing. But on the pitch, I’ll say me [laughs].”

“Before, we had Laëtitia Tonazzi [now at Montpellier] and Céline Deville [Juvisy]. Today I would say Lara [Dickenmann] but she does not do it on purpose [laughs]. She is somewhere else sometimes!”

“Cindy Perrault and Amel Majri. They will tell you it is not true but you have to see the mess they have in their lockers! ”

Most bling-bling?
“Not bling-bling, but they are very particular about their looks: Louisa [Necib] and Amandine [Henry]. You can check, they are always very well dressed and have makeup on.”

Biggest party girl?
“We do not have a group that parties a lot. But I remember Eugénie [Le Sommer] in Saint-Brieuc, that was not the same as today [laughs]. She has calmed down at OL! She became very serious… ”

The most talkative?
“I have to say myself, if not all of the others will kill me [laughs]. Corine Petit too: when we start talking the two of us, we are real chatterboxes!”

Lyon defeat American University team by biggest scoreline yet?

Olympique Lyonnais took on Millikin University from Illinois in a friendly this afternoon. Unlike next weekend’s fixture against Paris Saint-Germain, it was not a big match - but it was certainly one with a big scoreline! With hat tricks in both halves from Louisa Necib, and five goals each from both Laëtitia Tonazzi, Camille Abily and Eugénie Le Sommer, the game finished 32-0 for Lyon. 

Lineup: Bouhaddi - Franco (replaced by Plaza), Kumagai, Renard (Viguier), Dickenmann (Majri) - Henry (Perisset), Abily, Bussaglia (Traore) - Thomis (Le Sommer), Schelin (Tonazzi), Necib.

Goalscorers: Dickenmann (7’, 40’), Abily (8’, 35’, 46’, 59’, 71’), Schelin (15’, 44’), Franco (23’, 56’), Necib (24’, 37’, 41’, 51’, 69’, 87’), Thomis (33’), Le Sommer (49’, 53’, 64’, 74’, 82’), Majri (57’, 73’), Tonazzi (61’, 63’, 81’, 84’, 90’), Viguier (72’), Traore (77’).