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Hi everyone, including new friends! (o V o) So I noticed that I’ve recently reached 6k followers?! You guys are craaaazy! Really appreciate all the supportive messages as well

Many of you have arrived via my one-shot comic, Medusa of the Forest. I originally drew the webcomic for a Japanese competition over at Tonari no Young Jump, and only posted the prologue on Tumblr; I didn’t expect the huge response that it would gather!

Unfortunately, I didn’t win! However, I was selected as a final candidate?!? As much as I would like to post the completed version of it, the rights have been signed over to Shueisha and I don’t think I am not allowed to post it. However, I’ll definitely link it guys if/when it goes up on their website! (Unfortunately, it will be in Japanese)

Like I said before, my goal with drawing it was simply to get some comments from the pros over in Japan who were judging the contest. They are manga artists who I respect greatly, and simply receiving their comments is greater than anything that I expected; This is the first one-shot I’ve actually ever completed, so I’m really happy and surprised at the same time. I’ll work harder on my short-comings and continue to try and create interesting work from now on!


140906 Takahashi Minami 755 chat log - Part3 (12:14-19:57)

(cont. from Part 2)

“Gash is pretty good right w”
I loved the opening song of the anime

“Tani put up a 2shot photo with the security guard ww”
The meaning ww

“Takamina is real?”
To believe or not to believe
Is up to you

“If you can only bring either Miichan or NyanNyan to an island, who will it be?w”
I will bring NyanNyan to a high class hotel

“My dad’s relative is Nakamori Akina-san w”
Too envious

Naanya just confessed to me

‘I love Takamina-san’

'You’re interesting’

'You’re small’

'What person are you?’


I’m a Japanese person


“Recently the anime have resumed. Have you read FAIRY TAIL?”
There are too many volumes so I’m hesitating

“Takamina, are you dieting, you’re so skinny\(^ω^)/”
No I’m not w

“School is over~♪ The stress have accumulated too much I’m having stomach-ache”
Someday, those school days will be dearly missed
You’ll look back at it fondly thinking how fun it was

“I wanna go to the toilet. But I don’t feel like moving w”
There is a chance of leakage here

“You seem to be really into 577. For how much longer can you keep this up?w”
Double edged sword

↑ Did I use it correctly?w

“I’m suddenly ignored by a friend that I’ve always been close to. It’s painful to go to school( ; ; )”
Try to have a proper talk

“Where do you do your nails?”
es Nail

“Takahashi Minami Takamina Takahashi Minami Takamina Takahashi Minami Takamina, how many times did 'na’ appeared?”
Tr, troublesome w

“How do one cheer up a girl that have just recently had her heart broken?”
It’s merely because that person is not your destined person!

“Who are you, tell me~ (Jane Doe opening)”
Hello, I’m Takahashi Minami

“What kind of sports manga do you like?”
There are many
Slam Dunk
Ahiru no Sora
Giant Killing

“Takamina, don’t you wanna do a solo radio again?”
I want to~ I like radio~

“My temperature have been going up & down since yesterday. Please save head aches, neck aches, throat aches. It’s the worse.”
Pls go to the hospital
Get well soon

“One Pan Man serialized on 'Tonari no Young Jump’ is very interesting”
I’ve heard a lot about One Pan Man recently

“Please do a solo live. I’ll go for sure.”
I wanna do it~♬
Swinging the towel round & round~⍢⃝ ⍤⃝ ⍨⃝ ∵⃝♡⍢⃝ ⍤⃝ ⍨⃝ ∵⃝♡

“Nyaachan is, male? female?”

“What’s Takamina’s desk motto?”
Never be captured or bound by anything
Just be & live as you are

“Minami-chan, stone sauna or enzyme bath, do you know which one is better for the body? Which one does NyanNyan go to?”
Enzyme bath

“What’s for dinner today~?”
I had catering food today
I’ll probably cook tomorrow♬

“Will Nyaatan’s video come again tonight?”
If I am able to take a nice one
There is higher likelihood tomorrow though

“It’s like that when you start working right?
In order to do the things that you really want to do,
There are times where you’ll need to do some things that you don’t want to
↑This is what Hiroto Komoto said before right!”
Wow! You did well in remembering!
Hiroto-san’s words have helped me before(・∀・)

“Is there any plans for No Sleev** new song to be released~? I want to listen to a song from the 3 of you again~”
Please listen to it
No Sleev** latest single
Kirigirisu Jin!

↑How long ago was it ww

“I got married in spring this year♡During the wedding ceremony, Minami-chan’s ver of Migikata was aired~♡It was blissful able to exit the hall to the sound of Minami-chan’s singing voice~(OvO)Thank you!…is what I’ve always tried to convey during H/S events but there was not enough time so I tried saying it here!”
I wish you happiness!!

“I started of my love of 48G from Takamina w It’s different now though~*sweat* I’ve become Yuria-oshi w(●´ω`●)”
推し変乙 (Oshihen otsu/from otsukare = thanks for the hard work)

“Soukantoku, great work for the H/S today(^-^)/I’m still at the event hall calling out to ppl with the beautification awareness boards & we’re doing our best to clean up the garbage~♪
The hall today is relatively clean & free of garbage(^-^)/
We’ll be doing our best tomorrow too╰(*´⌣`*)╯
Thanks for the hard work~(^-^)/
YUTAKA from AKB48 Group Beautification Movement Patrol HQ”
Thanks for working until so late
We’ll be counting on you tomorrow too!
Everyone, please lend them your supportヾ(。・ω・。)

“I’m basketball club I’m basketball club”
I’m lifetime go-home club

“Minami I won’t take you to Koshien.”
Take me w

“Tokyo Girls Collection now! Minami-chan, aren’t you appearing yet~(´・_・`)??”
Sorry, I’ll be the last to appear


Bonus photo of trench-coat girl from Yuasa’s 755: