“Honk, Tonay, stop arguing!” 

Even at 5 year old size, Peggy Carter was all lungs and sass. Just in a cuter size and voice. The men, including Steve, turn to face her with rapt attention, like she still commanded it even though she was tiny. 

Peggy had volunteered for an experiment to shrink someone to microverse size so they could hopefully find Hank’s beloved wife, Janet Van Dyne. Scott had accidentally found her, or rather she found him, but the man was far too disoriented to even remember anything. So of course Hank wanted to try again but using his friend and colleague who stood up for him… he was antsy, to say the least.

For Tony’s part, he still wanted to iron out some kinks that he perceived were there but Hank wouldn’t hear of it. ‘Never trust a Stark’ was something he still followed, especially after a civil war nearly broke out. Fortunately, Peggy had arrived restored thanks to the soul stone which Vision had used prompted by Wanda’s ability to see into the hearts of men. Peggy was on Steve’s heart and mind a great deal; what would Peggy do? How would Peggy handle this? The answer was always easier than he knew: in person. Using her vast knowledge of diplomacy, the sheer amount of dirt she had on General Ross, and her keen eye for political BS, she was able to settle what could have been a huge blow up between the Avengers and keep them united for what was likely to be a cosmic battle of epic proportions. However, because Bucky was still suspected of the explosion in Vienna but thanks to a concerted effort and Peggy’s familiarity with much of the UN,T’Challa is able to mourn more freely and in a much healthier fashion.

“Aunt Peggy, I’m just saying the gun should not have been jumped, it should have been cleaned and fine tuned and inspected.” Tony holds up his hands defensively. Hank starts on saying something but Peggy clears her throat. 

“It doesn’t matter now. Can I be put back?” They’d used a kind of shrinking technology for the experiment so maybe a growing one could reverse it?  “Theoretically, yes. Immediately, no. This time I am willing to admit that Tony is right. The fixes should take…” Hank glances to Tony who looks back at him like he was crunching the numbers. “A day. Tops. Looks like you’re sleepin’ on the couch, Steve.” The other man rolls his eyes and sighs shortly. “Yeah, yeah. C’mon, Pegs. Let’s get you clothes that fit.” Peggy nods to the men and follows Steve out of the lab and toward the clothing fabricator, the main purpose of which happened to be replacement clothes in case of lab accidents. Luckily for them, it could be set for little girls’ sizes. Peggy’s slacks and blouse are replaced with a red t-shirt and jean shorts, choices she made herself. 

“So this is what you looked like when you were…5?” She nods to Steve’s statement question. “Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if we’d met when you were little. ‘Course, your parents probably wouldn’t ever move to my part of Brooklyn but a guy can dream.” Steve shrugs, helping her onto the sitting room couch. “Bucky wouldn’t have to stretch himself thin going after your bullies I’d imagine. And you wouldn’t have those same bullies saying you can’t get a girl because I’d be right there. We’d play in the mud and rain and get sick together and then my mum would help take care of your mum and then your mum would be alive to see us get married and maybe we’d find Bucky for the wedding…” Little Peggy sighs and shakes her head. “But then you wouldn’t be young enough to fight with the Avengers and things might be worse off.”

“Either way, I’m with you, and we’ve got Bucky and a family so that’s all that matter.” Steve lets her sit in his lap so he can ruffle her hair and kiss the top of her head. “Oh Stayve.” The little girl coos and leans back against Steve to rub his jaw with her little hands. Steve was grinning like a loon hearing her little Cockney accent. Apparently it wasn’t always posh like he’d thought. 

They spend the rest of the day together, letting Peggy relive her childhood by going to an amusement park, eating candy, absolutely cleaning house in laser tag, and eating loads of ice cream while watching scary movies. And especially fighting a dragon at a local renaissance fair and winning.

The next morning, Steve receives a text to bring Peggy outside for the fix. She grumbles about wanting to stay this age forever but Steve gently reminds her that she’d miss out on intimate times with him. Even if he aged slower than a normal human and she aged up, that’d be a long time to wait. With improved enthusiasm, she stands still for the device to restore her and looks down at herself to see she’s in an adult sized shirt and jean shorts. The two men congratulate one another then invest themselves in finding out what they did right so they can succeed the next time. 

Peggy walks over to Steve who looks infinitely more relieved now that she’s in her late 20′s again.

 “Thank you for spoiling me yesterday.” She nuzzles his cheek and he wraps an arm against her back. 

“You know I’m always looking for ways to spoil my best girl.” 

“Oh Steve.”

“I’m gonna miss that accent.”

“Well y’know guv’nor, I’m always primed to impress you American blokes, innit? Wanna have top banter and snag a cheeky Nando’s?” Peggy teases, citing more recent British slang which sent Steve’s eyes into a full Dwayne the Rock Johnson style roll.

“Well, well, well only if you wanna hear the jazziest cat in all the land speak real smooth like to his dame, capiche?” They both giggled like the silly fossils they were, walking off to the hangar with the full intent of going back to the fair to find their inner child.