ton up boys

BUCKLER:   tfw u find the perfect modern fc but 75% of her pics are black and white bc she was popular back in the 1950′s

Age of Now

They say love is dead
And there is none to wed
And So they cry
Waiting to die
But hope is here
So none need fear
The herald calls
With inviting walls
We shall be saved
All quests are braved
Faith will rise
In healed skies

Lay down your life
Free this land
From all its strife
Only you may go
Burdens all in tow
And so we’ll sing
For the fallen king
Never to return
As all will learn
You have fought
Reaping what you ought
For us all
Please stand tall
Then take your fall.


Another ‘vaguely illustrate the weird dream’ thing ♥ no one is probably surprised by halo monsters  being present.(they’re going to eat all but sicky there) 

I’m seeing a lot of the  Lexi, 19 posts and I have a few things to add to them:

  • Don’t attack her for her looks. That has nothing to do with her beliefs. Trash her terrible opinions all you want, but don’t bring this down to a fight about how she looks.
  • Her shirt is in very poor taste, Fall Out Boy or not. The dream catcher is a sacred thing to us Natives, but I know the shirt options at Hot Topic is limited so yeah. (there are other options btw for shirts)
  • Fall Out Boy has ALWAYS sided with the protesters. They are pro-protest. 
  • Fall Out Boy is very open in it’s thinking (protesting, lgbtq+ rights, human rights) (ex. 20 Dollar Nosebleed, ending of the Uma Thurman video, You’re Crashing But You’re No Wave, a glance at Patrick’s twitter or Pete’s twitter most of the time)
  • Pete Wentz is bi-racial (his mother is Jamaican)
  • Patrick Stump (and I’m sure the rest of FOB as well) do NOT support the Ferguson police at all. Patrick at least has stated his opinion on them on his twitter.
  • Fall Out Boy would absolutely not support the use of them to help get this girl popular nor would they support her beliefs.

Just had to point out a few things. Basically, don’t bring this whole thing down to an argument on how “ugly” this girl looks, when there are a lot more issues to be discussing here. Her looks should not even be mentioned when there are several different things to point out here.


Take A Look At Life - Behind the Ton Up Boys 1964. via YouTube


Look at Life - Behind The Ton Up Boys (1964)

Short documentary series. The episode is about the British motorcycle subculture.