ton shut up and sit down

Subaru X Reader

No one would ever expect the youngest Sakamaki to be a hopeless romantic, but he is. His unwavering confidence, his quick anger, and his mysterious ways made everyone believe he was the typical ‘bad boy’ that every girl loved. That was undeniably true, but like all sappy love stories, it is also false- his facade, I mean. 

While his anger is a piece of work, once you boil it down, Subaru Sakamaki is a softie. Despite being a vampire. 

“Subaru?” You mumbled quietly, moving on to your side to face said vampire, who stared up at the stars after a long day of spoiling you with chocolates and roses.


“I love you.”

“W-what?!” Subaru jerked up so he was sitting, leaning back on an arm. “Shut up.”

“But it’s true~! I love you a whole ton! You are really sweet, and kind, and adorable~” You cooed softly and he blushed a little and sighed, turning to face you too, blinking down at your goofy smile.

“What’s brought that up all of a sudden?” He asked bashfully, leaning down closer to you. You lifted yourself up a bit and kissed his lips briefly, making him blush harder. 

“I just wanted to make sure you knew,” You giggled and he looked away. 


I was just thinking about this, but you ever think that Jak inspired the younger generation in Haven City to take up arms?

Like 13-17 year olds who were pushed around, told that they couldn’t join the fight against the KG or rebel against a corrupt leadership because they were just kids. That they should just sit down and shut their mouths, let the adults do the talking. That the kids didn’t know what they wanted. (Partially inspired by adults telling teenagers that they shouldn’t have an interest in politics or questioning adults’ authority)

I bet Torn’s had to turn down a few kids who had nothing to lose, who wanted to join the fight, but he wouldn’t let them because they’re too young to be in a war. or whatever his reasoning.

Then, all of a sudden, there’s this teenager fighting against the Baron. Stealing Zoomers, sabotaging the KG, and it just fucking inspires them to take action.

Zoomer thefts are at an all time high as the kids steal them and place them around the city for Underground Members to use, 13 year olds passing messages along to Underground members, giving false information to the KG soldiers to keep Jak out of their clutches.

Fifteen to seventeen year olds huddling around Jak to give him a ‘hiding in plain sight’ when the KG are after him, talking loudly about school or how much homework they have or the latest video game that’s coming out. (Jak being confused, but going along with it because the KG barely glance over the downtrodden youths of Haven City), 

Teenagers stealing Green Eco packs from where ever they can, giving it to Jak so that he can keep going.

Jak getting support from kids his own age as he struggles to keep in control. Giving him food, opening up their homes for ‘slumber parties’ so that he has a place to sleep at night.

Jak inspiring a generation that’s been told that they couldn’t do anything to stand up and find a voice of their own all without meaning too.

Teenagers inspiring adults to find their backbones and stage large scale protests all around Haven City, disorientating the KG and Baron Praxis so that the Underground can move between Safe Houses safely, blending into a crowd of chanting and signs.

Jak inspiring an entire generation to find their voices and be heard.