ton petit look


pairing: john laurens x reader

word count: 3000 

warnings: swearing, drunkenness, aaron burr being pretentious, sleepiness, alcohol mention, badly and probably incorrectly translated french

prompt/request: Can I have a John Laurens imagine where you are dating and you guys get drunk with some friends at a party and you see him all over another girl and it gets angsty but then super fluffy? I love your writing BTW 💙💛💜💚” from @cheyenne-dunn-universe

a/n: here’s a funny joke/alternative title if you’ve read one of my other laurens fics, lipstick on his collar: ‘a fic where john says it’s not what it looks like and it truly isn’t’. either way, enjoy!

“How do I look?” John asked, standing in front of the mirror.

He was wearing a black dress shirt and gray jeans, with his hair tied back in a bun. It was a casual night, of course, but Alex had tortured him the last time he showed up to a party in sweats and a t-shirt. You rolled your eyes and stood on your tippy-toes to kiss his scruffy cheek. “How do you think you look?” you questioned, running your thumb over the spot you just had your lips on.

He shrugged, reaching a hand up to smooth out a crease in his shirt.

“Fabulous.” You laughed and grabbed his arms, turning his body to face yours. “Sexy. Handsome. Pretty. Beautiful. Perfect. Like you always do, John.”

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