ton dinozzo

Chapter 11 ISG

A/n : This is so long, bi and fluffy. Also guess who;s back, back again.

Welcome to how Maya copes with emotions.

Today’s segment :  Driving to your workplace at 3:00 am after leaving her dog at your neighbors and spending your night watching Disney channel original films on the office DVD player.

Now this was technically not against the rules and nobody would have ever found out. If of course she hadn’t eaten a bag of powdered donuts and then passed out in her heap of blanket while Halloween-Town.

And if the team hadn’t decided to have an early start at work so they could finish their paperwork before Halloween night closed in. And so they stood around her, snapping pictures and staring at Maya. Who was covered in a Star Trek blanket and still in last nights work clothes.

“We should probably wake her up” Palmer whispered, as Maya let out yet another long snore.

“And miss Gibbs’s reaction? Hush autopsy gremlin don’t be ridiculous” Dinozzo grinned, continuing to film on his phone.

Ziva hissed “Don’t be cruel Tony, she has obviously had a rough night”.

“Yeah, a sleepover for one drains people. She could have at least called us. “ Dinozzo snorted.

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