i realized earlier today that i’ve never drawn ash, and for good reason!

her facial features are so difficult for me to draw without making her look like a drag queen.

i gave it my best shot.

kinda resembles her, i hope!

(all the skippers out there, please forgive me.)

tomyumyum replied to your post: Fuckin’ ‘shroom burgers bro


 ipetpandas replied to your postFuckin’ 'shroom burgers bro

Thanks. I’m starving now ;_;

Guys. You won’t be able to call yourself burger experts (like I know you want to) until you’ve had this gorgeous mouth experience. Go find them now, or I will be forced to mail you some.
Actually, don’t eat anything until you get some of these. Swear that you’ll do it. Swear to me. That you won’t. Eat.