tomy toys


I know I’m not a miniatures blog, but I really really enjoy the hobby. Whenever I’m not in the mood to draw, this is my secondary getaway!

The top picture is probably my most intensive paint job I’ve ever done, middle row is Bloody Barnabas and his shoulder guard boys, and finally I like basing my Takara Tomy Pokemon toys for practice and for fun!


I ended up caving and getting Squiddy Boy at Walmart! I thought the World of Nintendo figs were a little pricey but they were actually only $9.84 there!

It’s made by Jakks Pacific who used to do the Pokemon toys after TOMY (TOMY does them now again)

Inkling Boy has some great details, the ink tank, the little features on the Splattershot and there’s even some stuff on the bottom of his shoes!

It’s actually a really nice figure and has lots of articulation. I’d have loved some more accessories or interchangeable hands but I’ll leave that up to a more premium brand.

Also look at my backyard. It’s cold af and snowy in Cleveland today.

Squid Girl when?


Omnibot 2000. Everything you’ve heard is true.

High technology electronics makes Omnibot 2000 our most versatile and advanced robot. And most personable. A motorized head and flashing headlight-eyes give the 26-inch Omnibot 2000 true charisma.

His fully articulated right arm and grasping hand can lift an object off a table, carry it and set it down. Add his motorized tray and this high-tech humble servant can pour and serve drinks. He has two speeds and can move in every direction over any surface, including shag carpeting.

You can even pre-program Omnibot 2000 for wake-up duty. Just set the day and time on his 7-day, 24-hour timer/tape memory, show him the path to follow and record your morning message. Or put in your favorite standard cassette tape. At the magic moment, he’ll turn himself on and be at your service.

More than just a pretty face, Omnibot 2000 is practical. His multi-function accessory panel makes him a mobile 6-volt power source for appliances like a small television set. Or external speakers for his cassette player-5 inputs in all. He can even be adapted to function as a light timer. He comes with storage space, a rechargeable battery and recharging unit. And carry handles make him easily transportable.

1985 is surely the year of the robot. And Omnibot 2000, the robot of the year.

Pokemon Fighters

Another collection finally complete! All Pokemon that have ever been playable fighters in the Smash Bros series!
D-Arts Charizard and Mewtwo
Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. pose figure Greninja
Subarudo pose figure Lucario
Tomy Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Ivysaur, Pichu and Squirtle