sunshinebak asked:


1. First impression:

- Hey someone pretty cool—

2. Truth is: 

-oh you hipster. ok no, you’re one of my most important friends ;;;

3. How old do you look: 

-20 you bishounen

4. Have you ever made me laugh:

- yes a lot of times

5. Have you ever made me mad: 

- well yes but that just means we’re close right uvu

6. Best feature: 

- always being there ;;;;

7. Have I ever had a crush on you:

- some kind of sibling like maybe

8. You’re my: 

- chinese friend for now. until you come back from china, then we can talk about naming you something else

9. Name in my phone: 


10. Should you post this too?

-sure if China doesn’t block you