Tomalgam Headcanons!

•Even though he’s a Tom clone, he has a very sensitive and shy personality. He NEEDS attention from others, but they’re usually scared of his appearance and imposing size. He’s practically akin to Scribble Tom in terms of his mood however. He TRIES to stay positive and happy at his own expense.

•He may seem harsh and crude at times, but it’s his original nature kicking in. He can also become VERY VIOLENT when he feels intimated by a angry or dangerous reject, or if somebody he likes/loves gets injured. It usually damages his mental state when he ‘snaps out of it’, since he hates when this happens and he usually secludes himself in self-loathing.

•The total amount of extra limbs he has is pretty staggering….. 10 eyes, 5 mouths, 8 arms, and 6 legs. No wonder he thinks he’s a monster…..

•He gets mesmerized by shiny and small objects. Just like how Matt loved collectibles, he sometimes collects tiny shiny stones or bits of metal. It’s soothing for him to look into them and feel.

•Eventually he got into slime, plushies, and other types of stim toys that he could manage to find, since it’s so soothing and calm for him in his multiple hands.

• He gets flustered easily when things don’t go his way, and tends to make a larger mess. He TRIES to stay organized, but he’s too chaotic and large, so he tends to bump into things and trip over himself.

•Sometimes he looses control of all of his extra limbs, and they start to move on their own. Sometimes they caress his face gently, stroking the sockets and other facial features, but other times they’re tugging and pulling each other, leaving the Tom clone sobbing and in agony.

• He hates the taste and smell of blood, and has seen enough of it.

• He’s extremely sensitive and tends to react to just about anything. Even the simplest tap on one of his arms will make him recoil in fear. Getting a small cut hurts too much for him, and that’s not even a large scale injury.

•He stutters heavily, mostly in pairs of threes. Tomtomtom, Nonono, Ahahah, Stopstopstop, and Yesyesyes are terms he usually say.

•Since he was made, he’s never drank Smirnoff yet. He misses the taste so much and would do anything for a sip. ANYTHING.

•He can talk out of his ‘normal’ mouth, and one on his face that’s placed low on his left cheek, and one placed on his neck. It’s hard for him to speak out of the one placed on his neck since it mostly just gargles and it tends to drip salvia and blood. The one close to the side of his collarbone and the other being above his right eyebrow ridge can’t speak or eat, but they can open and close. Each mouth has a full set of teeth, while the ones on his neck and shoulder seems to have very SHARP and jagged teeth. They all have tongues somehow, and they sometimes poke out and lick around the mouth.

•He tends to get VERY bad nightmares. Instead of Tomatoredd’s nightmares that usually consists of them melting or being forced fused, in his nightmares, he’s a single individual. However, the deeper he gets in the dream, he GROWS limbs and facial features instead of merging with other Tom clones. It’s very graphic, and the poor clone usually wakes up hyperventilating and sobbing, holding all of his arms together and pawing at his face.

•He misses his Tomee Bear. All of the other Tom clones have this feeling too, but it’s amplified in his case. He thinks that he gets it one day, he’ll sleep better.

•His eye sockets seem to drip black thick tears every once in awhile, making him more eerie looking. He doesn’t know WHY this happens, it just does. Thankfully it isn’t painful.

•Even though he has around 10 eyes, he has very poor vision and each eye tends to look in different directions. Only when he’s focusing on something is when he has eagle-like vision.

•Sometimes he ‘scuttles’. He tends to get tired by walking straight up since there’s SO MUCH UPPER BODY MASS on him, so he goes on 'all-fours’ and pretty much scuttles around. He only does this when he’s alone, since it’s kinda creepy to see him scuttling.