Being Tom’s best friend and having a crush on him would include

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  • Realizing you have a crush on him after 13 years of knowing him
  • Not wanting to tell him because you think it would make the friendship that you two have weird
  • Always low key checking him out
  • Harrison knowing about your crush on Tom
  • Harrison encouraging you to tell Tom
  • You saying no time and time again
  • Being in absolute awe when Tom dances
  • Paddy always giggling when the two of you are around each other because he can sense that something is going on
  • The twins jokingly saying you have a crush on Tom all the time
  • Turing a bright red and dismissing it
  • Harrison bringing up the fact that you have a crush on Tom when you’re watching Tom filming for movies
  • Tom always posting pictures about your friendship but low key wanting it to be more
  • People commenting on those pictures asking if the two of you are dating
  • Tom always dismissing it saying the two of you are friends
  • Whenever the two of you are at premieres you always end up staring at him 
  • Blushing when he notices you staring
  • Always getting compliments from Tom on Instagram
  • Your crush on him getting more and more intense
  • Figuring out that you don’t just have a crush on him but that you love him
  • Panicking and telling his mom
  • Getting upset with yourself because you don’t want to lose Tom because of your feelings for him
  • Harrison trying to help
  • Eventually deciding you should tell Tom
  • Telling him and being nervous as heck
  • Finding out his feelings for you are mutual
  • “I was wondering when you were gonna tell me”
  • Blushing a bright red and covering your face
  • “Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?”
  • “Thomas, yes, a million times yes”

P.S. A Big thank you to my best friend @yugenwanderer for helping me out! This hc wouldn’t be good at all without your help ily <3