All my non-coherent scribbles as I watched that episode:
  • Gaahhhhhhh
  • They are very contrasting opening scenes HTMG
  • fuckofftom
  • Barbra Gilbert aren’t you meant to be on call?
  • haaaaaha the brill cream!
  • But when does Delia eat?
  • 👏Round of applause for Trixie 👏
  • [why do I have ‘gaaahh Delia Busby’ written down? Oh “urges”]
  • Phyllis actually-tells-her life-story Craine
  • 🙌🙌GATEWAYS 🙌🙌 (I really did an air punch)
  • So Sr. MJ was right about the mythical beings?
  • but where have the ambulances gone
  • Dammit those hats are designed well
  • “WE KNOW WHERE WE BELONG” yes we do Nurse Mount!
  • 😊This is actually Sr MJ’s face 😊
  • Are there even that many apple trees in Poplar?
  • WOW 🙀🙀vintage lesbian aesthetic 😍😍
  • butnokiss?
  • God he’s back. Piss off Tom

So the space for Delia to become a midwife comes from Sr. Evangelina stopping right? I mean after the phone scene and Kates tweet about wearing a cape at work?

There’s no need  for the hate in this fandom. Clearly Babs & Tom got the screen time tonight than Pats & Deels but guys, we have a canon gay couple on a BBC programme that’s on before the watershed. And we should be happy for that. 

Adventure Tom

So I had a thought. Tom keeps saying that Skull Island isn’t set in the time period we’re used to. What if its modern? What if we get Tom in modern jungle adventurer gear? What if we get him in sweaty long shirts, covered in dirt? Pants with a million pockets? COMBAT BOOTS!? Like… like a Bear Grylls Tom?

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