while we’re on the subject of the VMA’s and taking down white women who get praised uncritically 

can we talk about rebel wilson 

i think its interesting that i woke up this morning and saw folks on my social media timelines expressing shock at rebel wilson’s offensive jab at black lives matter and police brutality at the VMA’s last night 

“but usually she’s so funny i don’t know what happened”

uummmm….are we watching the same person here?!

the majority of her roles hinge on her being super offensive to as many marginalized groups as possible in one sitting 

her character in pitch perfect was racist, anti-semitic, so many things to the point where i lost count halfway through the movie

her comedic career, far as the eye can see, has always hinged on her being extremely offensive

she’s been allowed to get away with it because her being a fat white woman in mainstream media is seen as “breaking down barriers” for fat visibility and feminism, and thus more important than the actual means by which its accomplished 

hinging the progress of movements like feminism and fat positivity by continuing to uplift and defend celebrities who are unapologetically antiblack only shows how vested in white supremacy some of y’all really are 

Hey team!!!!

Sam Wilson’s birthday is September 23, we should do an everybody loves Sam event in the fandom. Art, fics, fan mixes, metas, the works…


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Kanye West's full VMA speech Transcript

“Bro. Bro. Listen to the kids. Jeremy, I gotta put it down for a second. It’s beautiful—Jeremy Scott, the designer. First of all, thank you, Taylor, for being so gracious and giving me this award this evening. Thank you. And I often think back to the first day I met you, also. You know, I think about, when I’m in the grocery store with my daughter and I have a really great conversation about fresh juice at—you know. And at the end, they say, ‘Oh, you’re not that bad after all.’ And like, I think about it sometimes—like, it crosses my mind a little when I go to a baseball game and 60,000 people boo me. Crosses my mind a little bit.

"And I think if I had to do it all again, what would I have done? Would I have worn a leather shirt? Would I have drank half a bottle of Hennessy and gave the rest of it to the audience? Y'all know y'all drank that bottle, too. If I had a daughter at that time, would I have went onstage and grabbed the mic from someone else’s?

"You know, this arena, tomorrow, it’s gonna be a completely different setup, some concert, something like that. This stage will be gone. After that night, the stage was gone, but the effect that it had on people remained. The… [long pause] the problem was, the contradiction. The contradiction is, I do fight for artists. But in that fight I somehow was disrespectful to artists. I didn’t know how to say the right thing, the perfect thing. I just—I sat at the Grammys and saw Justin Timberlake and Cee-Lo lose. Gnarls Barkley, and theFutureLove [sic] 'SexyBack’ album—and bro, Justin, I ain’t trying to put you on blast, but I saw that man and tears, bro. You know, and I was thinking like, he deserved to win Album of the Year. And this small box that we are, as the entertainers of the evening, how could you explain that? Sometimes I feel like, you know, all this shit they run about beefs and all that, sometimes I feel like I died for the artist’s opinion. For the artist to be able to have an opinion after they were successful.

"I’m not no politician, bro. And look at that. You know how many times MTV ran that footage again, because it got them more ratings? You know how many times they announced Taylor was going to give me the award? Because it got them more ratings? [long pause]

"Listen to the kids, bro!

"I still don’t understand awards shows. I don’t understand how they get five people who work their entire life, one, sell records, sell concert tickets, to come, stand on a carpet, and for the first time in their life be judged on the chopping block and have the opportunity to be considered a loser. I don’t understand it, bro. I don’t understand when the biggest album or the biggest video—I don’t understand it, bro. I just wanted people to like me more. But fuck it, bro! 2015. I will die for the art, for what I believe in. And the art ain’t always gonna be polite.

“Y'all might be thinking right now, 'I wonder: Did he smoke something before he came out here?’ The answer is yes, I rolled up a little something. I knocked the edge off. [long pause] I don’t know what’s gonna happen tonight. I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, bro. But all I can say to my artists, my fellow artists: Just worry how you feel at the time, man. Just worry about how you feel and don’t never—know what I’m saying? I’m confident. I believe in myself. We are millennials, bro. This is a new—this is a new mentality. We’re not gonna control our kids with brands. We’re not gonna teach low self-esteem and hate to our kids. We’re gonna teach our kids that they can be something. We’re gonna teach our kids they can stand up for themselves. We’re gonna teach our kids to believe in themselves. If my grandfather were here right now, he would not let me back down. I don’t know what I’m gonna lose after this. It don’t matter, though, because it ain’t about me. It’s about ideas, bro. New ideas, people with ideas, people who believe in truth.

"And yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president.”

*drops mic*

I hate the word bitch but that was the *least* problematic thing (hell, it wasn’t even problematic) that happened at the VMAs.

I’m not going to judge Nicki for speaking differently than I do.

If THAT’S what people are going to focus on, they don’t care about important issues happening.

- culturally appropriated Black culture and was praised for it
- made a cissexist joke directed at a cis man who played a Trans woman
- constantly joked about weed when Black people are being thrown in jail for it
- had her nipple pop out and still has a career
- used LGBTQIAP+ people as props
- called a Black man mammy
- disrespected Nicki with “congrats Nicki but I lost and I got over it”
- lied about the media twisting her words
- joked about weed but Kanye said one thing about it and HIS comment was the focus
- was made the victim even though she made Nicki’s discussion of racism her place to silence Nicki

Rebel Wilson used police brutality and the murder of Black lives as a JOKE! She sexualized police brutality when a Black woman recently had her vagina forcibly searched for weed.

So if “feminists” are going to focus on Nicki saying bitch to Miley, you really don’t care about the issues.


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