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coletterogers807 asked:

If you could, imagine Steve, Sam and Pietro all running laps together, all of them each saying on your left to each other (if you havent yet)

“Rogers, I’m warning you-!” Sam shouts as he hears Steve run closer and closer. In return, he gets a laugh and, as Steve runs past him,

“On your left!” Sam can’t help but groan, but he doesn’t break pace. Usually they run together at a normal pace, Steve reserving the super soldier pace for when he’s thinking about something, or frustrating, taking his feelings out on the pavement. Sam had thought that was what he was doing when they set out this morning, was thinking of taking Steve to breakfast to get him to open up about whatever’s eating him.

Instead, as Steve passed him for the first time, he’d said ‘on your left’ and Sam had almost tripped over his own feet because he did not.

But Steve did, the first lap and every other time he lapped Sam.

He could hear Steve coming up behind him again, wondered if he could tackle the blond without hurting himself, decided not to risk it. When they were closer to grass, rather than surrounded by concrete.

“On your left!” Steve called, but before Sam could shout at his quickly retreating back, a blur of silver sped past Sam, then Steve, shouting, ‘on your left.’

Then, seconds later, Pietro sped past again, and again, and again. Sam stopped running next to Steve, who’d also stopped, and they listened to Pietro lap them at super speed, laughing.

“That’s cheating.” Steve pretended to whine, pout warring with the smile on his face, and Sam raised an eyebrow at him.

“Oh, that’s cheating. Not being a super soldier?” Steve winked at him, and Sam shook his head. A few seconds later, Pietro came to a stop in front of them.

“Exhausted already?” He teased, and Sam groaned as Steve perked up at the challenge.

“Oh no, I’ve pretty much finished my morning run and I’m secure enough in my masculinity that I don’t need to accept every challenge, Steve. I’m going home and getting breakfast.”

“Pancakes?” Pietro asked, hopefully, and Sam rolled his eyes at the identical puppy dog eyes being shot at him.

“…You’re both chipping in for groceries. And helping with the washing up. I am not feeding your enhanced metabolisms for free.”

“Un poco de ésto, un poco de aquello. 
Como por arte de magia… 
¡Algo fantástico saldrá!”

Yeeeaaah, termine ésto relativamente rápido ;D. Espero que les guste tanto como a mi. Si se preguntan que es lo que esta haciendo Wilson exactamente: improvisando. O como le gusta decir a los científicos, prueba y error.


You can dance, you can jive…